Toddler dinosaur onesies: The 5 best of 2021

Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Dinosaur Onesie Romper

From babies and toddlers, to big kids and adults, onesies are great to wear around the home, whether exploring, playing, or just lounging about at home. When it comes to toddlers, they’re an easy, convenient way of adding variety to their wardrobes, offering a safe, fun outfit to throw on for playtime, fancy dress, or just roaming around the house.

You may be surprised to discover that there are quite a few factors to consider before picking out and purchasing a onesie – things like material, size, fit, and above all, comfort. We’ve created this article to help you to navigate these factors, making the process of selecting the right onesie for your child as simple as possible.

Here we look at some of the best toddler dinosaur onesies for toddlers around, ranking them on many of the factors we’ve already mentioned, as well as on overall design, style, look, and feel. So, without any further waiting, let’s get into our picks of the best dinosaur onesies to consider for your little one.

Best toddler dinosaur onesies: our picks

1. Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Dinosaur Onesie Romper
1. Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Dinosaur Onesie Romper
2. Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Hooded Dinosaur Onesie Romper
2. Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Hooded Dinosaur Onesie Romper
3. LOLANTA One Piece Dinosaur Onesie for Toddlers
3. LOLANTA One Piece Dinosaur Onesie for Toddlers
4. IKALI Toddler One-Piece Dinosaur Onesie
4. IKALI Toddler One-Piece Dinosaur Onesie
5. WISWELL Toddler 3D Dinosaur Romper Jumpsuit
5. WISWELL Toddler 3D Dinosaur Romper Jumpsuit

1. Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Dinosaur Onesie Romper

Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Dinosaur Onesie Romper

First up on our list is this unisex dinosaur onesie romper from Tonwhar. This soft, breathable, and comfortable toddle onesie features a thick fleece lining, making it ideal for colder months. In addition to its lining, it’s also hooded and includes both hand covers and booties, further insulating your little one from the cold.

One of a set of 14 different styles and themes, this high-quality, well-made onesie is available as bears, big cats, bugs, among others, making it a decent choice whatever your child’s interest. It’s also available in 6 different sizes, being available for children aged 0+ months to 3 years old. While this onesie is suitable for most children, if your little one has sensitive skin, it may be better to opt for a 100% cotton alternative – don’t worry, we’ve included several in this list, so keep reading.

Overall this onesie is excellent. Cute, fun, and well-made, this low-cost, $20 dinosaur onesie is a perfect choice for anyone looking to make playtime more fun. And don’t take our word for this; this onesie is also highly-rated, with a 4.5-star rating from 1,100+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $20,

2. Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Hooded Dinosaur Onesie Romper

Tonwhar Unisex Toddler Hooded Dinosaur Onesie Romper

Another entry from Tonwhar, the next dinosaur onesie on this list, is made from 100% cotton, making it great for toddlers with sensitive skin, thanks to cottons hypoallergenic properties. Part of 10 different styles and themes includes everything from tigers and unicorns to elephants and even sloths.

This onesie features a 3D cartoon animal hooded design, perfect for keeping your little one warm and comfortable during the colder, windier months. It also has windproof cuffs, which help to insulate your child better, as well as a two-way zipper, making diaper changes easier.

All in all, if you’re looking for a dinosaur onesie on a budget, this is it. Low-cost, retailing at just $16, and perfect for sensitive skin, this cotton onesie from Tonwhar is an excellent choice. It’s also one of the best-rated dino onesies around, scoring an impressive average 5-star rating from over 1,200 customer reviews.

Buy it: From $16,

3. LOLANTA One Piece Dinosaur Onesie for Toddlers

LOLANTA One Piece Dinosaur Onesie for Toddlers

Next up is this one-piece dinosaur toddler onesie from LOLANTA. Part of a set of five – a set that, in addition to dinosaurs, includes sharks and elephants. This onesie is excellent, featuring a cute, fun, and brightly colored design that your little one will love.

It features a two-pocket design, providing a place for your little one to keep items or their hands, keeping them warm. It also has a cute dino face design that includes eyes, teeth, and a nose, as well as a double zipper head, making for easier diaper changes and potty visits without needing to take it off.

While it’s one of the most expensive onesies on this list, priced at $30, it’s probably the nicest design-wise. Despite the cost, this onesie is high-quality, as confirmed by its customer ratings, scoring an average 4.5-star review from 320+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $30,

4. IKALI Toddler One-Piece Dinosaur Onesie

IKALI Toddler One-Piece Dinosaur Onesie

Second to last is this entry from IKALI, another great dinosaur onesie pick worth considering. This one’s design is a lot more intricate than some of the other, bold and bright, albeit more simplistic, onesies on this list. While it might not be to everyone’s taste, this onesie certainly stands out from many of the other options we’ve already covered here.

This dinosaur onesie is high-quality and comfortable, made from smooth, soft velour material. It features a center-front zipper, making it easy to get on/off and helping make diaper changes simple without having to take it off. Part of a set of 9 that includes everything from unicorns and lions to reindeer and Santa’s elves, this dinosaur onesie is cute, fun, and will make playtime more engaging for you and your little one.

Overall, this onesie is pretty good. Reasonably priced, comfortable, and featuring a design that’s both cute and fun – you can’t go wrong with this product from IKALI. It’s also somewhat well-rated, benefitting from an average 4.5-star rating from some 390+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $18,

5. WISWELL Toddler 3D Dinosaur Romper Jumpsuit

WISWELL Toddler 3D Dinosaur Romper Jumpsuit

Last but not least, is this 3D dinosaur romper jumpsuit from WISWELL. This cotton blend onesie is comfortable and high-quality, making the perfect gift for either your child or for the little ones of family and friends.

This onesie features a cool, dinosaur horned design running up its back and is available in one of three colors – green, purple, and pink. It is made from a soft, breathable cotton blend and available in one of four sizes; 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and 9-12 months.

While it features a much simpler design than many others on this list – a design that might not be to everyone’s taste – it is the cheapest, retailing from just $11. This low-price point makes it an inexpensive way of keeping your toddler warm and comfortable while making playtime more fun. And with an average 4.5-star rating from 70+ customer reviews, it’s also reasonably well-rated, making it a pretty good buy.

Buy it: From $11,

Buying Guide for Toddler Onesies


Toddlers can be pretty fussy, and if you purchase a onesie that isn’t comfortable, they won’t wear it. For onesies, comfort really comes down to two things – sizing and material.

When it comes to sizing, it’s best to go for a onesie that’s a size or two larger than needed. This will ensure comfort as well as provide better value as it will fit them for longer.

For materials, 100% cotton is the way to going – avoid anything with synthetic materials, such as polyester blends, as they are more likely to irritate the skin. This is true not just for onesies, but also for other kids dino clothing items for use around the house, like toddler dinosaur slippers, dressing gowns, or dinosaur bath robes for toddlers.


Almost all toddler onesies are made from 100% cotton. There is good reason for this choice, cotton is light, breathable and non-allergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

That said, you may come across other materials, such as polyester blends. However, it’s generally best to avoid these, as they can be uncomfortable and may irritate your child’s skin, making them uncomfortable to wear.

Always make sure to check the material before placing an order, as getting one that is comfortable is key. This is both to protect your little one’s skin and to ensure that they’ll happily wear it.

Size and fit

Toddler onesies don’t need to fit as snugly as they do for babies or like other clothing items, such as dinosaur pajamas for toddlers. This makes it perfectly fine to buy one that’s a size or even two sizes larger than your little one’s current size. This is great news for parents, as it means they’ll last longer than other clothing for kids of this age.   

It’s also important to note that with onesies, sizing tends to be less consistent than with other clothing. Some manufacturers option for increments of 6 months like baby clothing, while others offer them in aged sizes.

This can make getting the right size challenging. Be sure to check reviews and comments from verified buyers before parting with your money. This is to ensure that you get one in the right size range for your child.  


As any parent of young children knows, they have a natural knack to attracting mess. Whether it’s paint, colored pens, food, or indeed anything else, little kids are stain magnets. This makes getting a onesie that’s easy to clean essential.

Typically, you’ll find ones of two types of washing instructions – machine and hand washable. It’s best to avoid hand washable onesies, as these will obviously be a lot more work. Machine washable is always the way to go when it comes to cleaning.

Final thoughts

Onesies are a great addition to your toddler’s wardrobe, adding variety and convenience to their selection of clothing. Provided you follow our guide, onesies are comfortable, fun and safe. This makes them great for playtime, fancy dress or just roaming around the house or yard.

When picking one out, stick to cotton – this material is breathable, soft and non-allergenic. These factors combine to ensure that your child is comfortable, safe, and will love putting and keeping it on without fuss.

They also don’t need to cost the earth, as our list demonstrates. There are loads of great toddler dinosaur onesies available at a low-price point, south of $30, offering great value. Also, make sure to purchase one a size or two larger than needed. This ensures you’ll get the most out of a onesie, as they don’t need to be as snug as rompers.

Well there you have it, our buying guide and list of the best dinosaur onesies for toddlers. We hope that you found it useful and that you now know everything you need to pick out one that’s perfect for your little one.

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