Toddler dinosaur helmets: The 6 best of 2021

Raskullz Mohawk Toddler Dinosaur Helmet

A helmet is the most critical bit of safety gear your child needs. Whether riding a bike, skateboard, a dinosaur ride-on toy, or indeed any other riding sport, protecting from collisions or falls is paramount. Finding the right helmet can be tricky indeed. With so many toddler dinosaur helmets to choose from, it’s challenging for parents, especially those buying their first helmet.

It is vital that your child puts on a helmet, as this could very well save their life. To put this into context, not wearing a helmet increases risk injury up to 14 times. In fact, the CPSC, who certify all bike helmets sold in the US, have said that cycling accidents are more likely to put your child in the emergency room than any other sport.

That said, the best toddler helmet is going to be the helmet that your child wants to wear. This means it is essential to pick a helmet that both meets all safety requirements and appeals to your child’s interests. This ensures that they will happily wear them every time they get on their bike, skateboard, or scooter.

With all the affordable, comfortable, and cute bike helmets to choose from, there’s no excuse not to wear one. We’ve looked at the very best in dinosaur toddler helmets, creating a list to help you choose the right one. We’ve taken into account safety, quality, and of course, price, to give you our picks of the very best toddler dinosaur helmets.

Best toddler dinosaur helmets: Our picks

1. Raskullz Mohawk Toddler Dinosaur Helmet
1. Raskullz Mohawk Toddler Dinosaur Helmet
2. Anharluka Toddler Kids Bike Helmet
2. Anharluka Toddler Kids Bike Helmet
3. Bingggooo Toddler Kids Dinosaur Bike Helmet
3. Bingggooo Toddler Kids Dinosaur Bike Helmet
4. KINGBIKE Kids 3D Toddler Dinosaur Helmet
4. KINGBIKE Kids 3D Toddler Dinosaur Helmet
5. animiles Kids Bike 3D Dinosaur Toddler Helmet
5. animiles Kids Bike 3D Dinosaur Toddler Helmet
6. DuShow Kids Dinosaur Toddler Bike Helmet
6. DuShow Kids Dinosaur Toddler Bike Helmet

1. Raskullz Mohawk Toddler Dinosaur Helmet

Raskullz Mohawk Toddler Dinosaur Helmet

Our first pick is this awesome-looking Mohawk dinosaur helmet from Radkullz – a well-designed, multi-sport helmet that’s part of a set of 14 different styles, a collection that included everything from pirates to zebras, as well as two distinct dino designs. This helmet is designed to fit children aged three years and up, being suitable for heads measuring 48-52cms.

The main appeal of this helmet is its 3D mohawk design – which is both completely bendable and looks great against the printed glow-in-the-dark printed graphics on the helmet’s shock-absorbing EPS exterior shell. This helmet also features an open ventilation system with holes placed throughout it, making it excellent at keeping kids nice and cool on summer days outside. It is made from materials that meet or exceed all US safety standards, being both ASTM certified and US CPSC safety stands compliant.

Overall – this helmet is excellent! Not only is it one of the best-looking kid’s dinosaur helmets, but it’s also one of the cheapest, with a price tag of just $20. The combination of great design, price, and being from a reputable, well-known helmet brand makes this entry from Raskullz hands-down one of the best helmet picks on the market today and worth a buy.

Buy it: From $20,

2. Atphfety Toddler Kids Bike Helmet

Atphfety Toddler Kids Bike Helmet

If you’re looking for a helmet with that wow factor, this 3D dino bike helme from Atphfety is it. It features a fun, playful cartoon dinosaur design with orange spikes; your toddler is sure to fall in love with this super cool bit of safety gear.

This multi-sport toddler helmet is for a head circumference of between 19.6 to 21.3 inches. It’s perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities, from skating and scootering to cycling. This makes it ideal for active toddlers. And it doesn’t just look great; this helmet is built with comfort in mind. It features quick-release buckets, 11 air vents, and removable inner sponge pads.

Safety is also high on the list with this product. It is built with a secure, hard plastic PC (polycarbonate) shell and high-quality, shock-absorbent inner EPS foam core. With an average 4.5-star rating from 300+ customer reviews and priced at $31, you certainly can’t go wrong with this toddler helmet.

Buy it: From $31,

3. Bingggooo Toddler Kids Dinosaur Bike Helmet

Bingggooo Toddler Kids Dinosaur Bike Helmet

Next up is another cartoon dinosaur toddler helmet, this time from Binggooo. This helmet features an injection-molded, PC (polycarbonate) outset shell, inner EPS foam core and is CE certified. This bike helmet is designed for a head circumference of 18.9 to 20.47 inches and will fit snug on your little one’s head for maximum comfort and safety. It also features an adjustable dial and chin strap for added comfort and safety.

Aesthetically, this helmet is somewhere between a dinosaur and dragon, with its flaming nostrils and pointed teeth. It comes in one of five colors; black, blue, green, red, and yellow, letting you pick out a helmet that matches your child’s favorite color.

One drawback of this helmet is the lack of ventilation – with just six vent holes – which could lead your toddler to overheat if used for long periods. That said, provided your toddler doesn’t overdo it on hot sunny days, you shouldn’t run into many difficulties. Overall, at just $30 and with multiple color options, this toddler helmet is a good buy.

Buy it: From $30,

4. KINGBIKE Kids 3D Toddler Dinosaur Helmet

KINGBIKE Kids 3D Toddler Dinosaur Helmet

We love the aesthetic of this next helmet, from KINGBIKE, a realistically colored, 3D dinosaur character helmet. This lightweight, multi-sport helmet weighs in at just 0.5 lbs. It is also highly adjustable, with an adjust dial located on the back for easy, one-handed adjustment for better fit.

This CPSC certified helmet features a in-mold hardened plastic exterior shell, a shock-absorbing polystyrene inner core, and an 8-hole ventilation system. These work together to keep your child fresh, comfortable, and safe on their bike, skateboard, or scooter.

This dinosaur bicycle helmet is the first on our list of picks to include anti-allergenic padding and a built-in insect net. These offer better protection from bites and allergies. It also has a taillight, essentially adding safety for low-light conditions. Although this helmet is on the higher-end price-wise of list, retailing at $36. However, it offers a lot in the way of value overall, with great design and visual appeal.

Buy it: From $36,

5. animiles Kids Bike 3D Dinosaur Toddler Helmet

animiles Kids Bike 3D Dinosaur Toddler Helmet

This 3D cartoon dinosaur toddler helmet from animiles is one of a range of fun, colorful helmets that includes everything from dinosaurs to sharks, tigers, and even a deer version. The toddler dinosaur bike helmet is available in two colors; blue and black.

Constructed with a smooth, hard exterior PC (polycarbonate) shell and an EPS core, this CE and CPSC certified helmet is on par with the others on this list in terms of safety. In addition, it also features a rear LED light, making it suitable for lower-light conditions.

Suitable for children with a head circumference of 19.3″ to 21.6″, this multi-sport helmet features an adjustable dial for easy adjustment. It also has a quick-release clip to keep it firmly in place when worn and to limit any abrasions or scratches when taking it off. Overall, it’s a reasonable choice, with an average 4.5-star rating on Amazon from 30+ customer reviews.

Buy it: From $33,

6. DuShow Kids Dinosaur Toddler Bike Helmet

DuShow Kids Dinosaur Toddler Bike Helmet

Another good 3D dinosaur helmet on our list, this one from DuShow is excellent aesthetically. It is available in four different colors – the first, and less adventurous of the lot, being black and brown. The other color choices are much more fun and playful, including blue, purple, and yellow variants.

This CPSC and CE certified helmet uses an in-mold unibody construction with a high-quality, durable EPS foam core. This will keep your little one well-protected should they crash or fall. This helmet is designed for a head circumference of 20″ to 21.6″. It is multi-sport, being suitable for everything from cycling to skateboarding, rollerblading, and scootering.

Lightweight, adjustable, and complete with a 12 vent-hole ventilation system, overall this helmet is comfortable, snug , and will prevent overheating. Other features include a rear-tail light, nylon buckle, and an adjustable rear dial for easy fit adjustment.

Buy it: From $30,

Buying guide for toddler dinosaur helmets

Size and Fit

The most critical factor when it comes to toddler dinosaur helmets is size and fit. A poor-fitting bike helmet isn’t going to be as safe or as comfortable to wear, making it your toddler more likely to remove it.

Don’t rely on the age range indicated by the manufacturer. Just because a helmet suggests that it is for 2-year olds, it doesn’t mean it will be the right size for your 2-year old. Because of this, always measure your child’s head circumference before making a helmet purchase.

Doing so is easy and can be done at home using a soft tape measure. It will give you a fairly accurate estimate of the size range of your child’s head. In addition, a well-fitting helmet should fit across your child’s forehead, sitting two adult finger widths above their eyebrows.  


Toddler’s necks aren’t yet that strong. They have weaker neck muscles, which can make it challenging to support the additional burden of a heavy helmet. Just like dinosaur backpacks for toddlers, the lighter the helmet, the better, as this essentially reduces pressure on your child’s neck and head. Obviously, go for a bike helmet that is lightweight in its construction, minimizing the bulk.

Buckle Type

When it comes to buckling type, there are two options. The first, and more common in toddler helmets, are traditional-style buckles. The second, magnetic buckles, are less likely to pinch your little one’s neck. The main consideration when choosing buckle type should be how fidgety your toddler is. This is because magnetic buckles are much easier to unbuckle.


No two toddlers are the same, and the size and shape of their heads are no different. To ensure that the toddler dinosaur helmet you purchase is a snug fit, be sure to look for those with a range of features that allow it to be adjusted. Such features include a dial-adjust to tighten the inner section of the helmet, an adjustable chin strap, and back base support.

Flat Back

It can be better to opt for a flat back helmet, depending on use. If you primarily intend to use the bike helmet for your child in a trailer or bike seat, this is undoubtedly the case. Flat back helmets prevent your child from being pushed forward as they lean back, reducing discomfort and pressure on their head and neck.


Generally, toddler helmets are notorious for poor ventilation. Consequently, this can result in easy overheating, especially when peddling themselves. Because of this, it’s essential to pick a bike toddler dinosaur helmet with adequate ventilation. When selecting a helmet for your toddler, be sure only to consider those that meet this requirement. Choosing one with plenty of vent holes to ensure that your little one keeps cool and dry.

Design and material

All helmets have an inner Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam core and an outer plastic shell. The EPS used in helmets tends to be of higher quality than the EPS used in other household items. This makes helmets more rigid and lightweight.

There are two different types of helmets; in-mold and hardshell. Bike helmets usually use the in-mold construction method. This method fuses EPS to a thin plastic shell that keeps it from cracking or separating from the main body of the helmet. Multi-sport helmets tend to be hardshell and use much thicker plastic that can’t be fused to EPS. Instead, these helmets use glue to attach the outer shell to an inner foam core.

In-mold helmets are generally much lighter and have more vents. This essentially makes them better suited to use by toddlers and small children, as they’re more comfortable to wear and easier on the head and neck.


There are two main certifications for consumer sports helmets; these are CPSC and ASTM.

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is a US government organization that deals specifically with bike helmets and cycling safety standards. ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an independent, non-profit that tests and certifies helmets designed for multi-sport use.

It is a requirement that all bike helmets sold in the US have CPSC certification. If you’re looking for a multi-sport helmet, check for ASTM certification. These cover helmets for everything from snowboarding and skateboarding, to mountain biking and horseback riding.


Multi-directional Impact Protection System – or MIPS – is a newer safety technology. As a new technology, there aren’t many MIPS toddler helmets available.

Developed in Sweden, MIPS basically reduces stress from rotational impacts on the skull. It does this by cradling the head within a second inner shell attached with elastic bands to the outer helmet shell. This works by absorbing any impact to allow for a controlled head roll in the event of a crash.

Given that it isn’t yet available in most toddler dinosaur helmets, this feature is certainly one to look for in the future, when it’s more affordable.

Final thoughts

Keeping your toddler’s head and neck well-protected is the number one aspect of a bike or multi-sport helmet. If you’ve made it to this far, you’ll have all the knowledge you’ll need to make an informed decision on which toddler dinosaur helmet is best suited to you and your toddler.

Safety is more than just developing excellent skills. Whether cycling, skateboard, or indeed any other sport, the right safety equipment is equally, if not more, crucial. For this reason, it is essential to focus on quality – such as build and materials – as well as durability, ventilation, comfort, and above all else, size and fit.

Don’t rely on manufacturer age ratings. Before parting with your money, be sure to measure your child’s head. This will ensure that you get a well-fitting helmet that is ultimately safer for your little one. In addition, it’s also important to consider which sports your child likes and opting for a helmet with the best protection for these.

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