Toddler dinosaur bedding sets: The 6 best of 2021

Disney Good Dino Arlo & Friends Bed Set

The key to a good night’s sleep as a parent is making your toddler’s bedroom a fun, welcoming place, where they want to be. The more your toddler enjoys being in their bedroom, the easier it will be to get them off to bed. Finding comfortable, colorful, and cozy toddler dinosaur bedding sets is time well spent, as this translates into better sleep for you.

Buying high-quality bedding is essential. Not only for comfort but also health and well-being – as your child will sleep better, it makes them better rested for the busy day of daycare or preschool ahead. Quality bedding sets will also be more durable than cheaper, low-quality ones, making them longer lasting and better value in the long run.

Shopping for bedding sets, rather than individually, can be a great way to save money, offering much better value overall. As you’re shopping online, there are certainly many excellent dinosaur bedding sets to choose from, so let’s jump into our top toddler dinosaur bedding comforter sets picks.

Best toddler dinosaur bedding sets: our picks

1. Disney Good Dino Arlo & Friends Toddler Dinosaur Bed Set
1. Disney Good Dino Arlo & Friends Toddler Dinosaur Bed Set
2. Uozzi Bedding Blue Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
2. Uozzi Bedding Blue Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
3. Joyreap Navy Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
3. Joyreap Navy Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
4. Joyreap White Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
4. Joyreap White Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
5. dream FACTORY Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
5. dream FACTORY Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
6. Sweet Jojo Designs Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set
6. Sweet Jojo Designs Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set

1. Disney Good Dino Arlo & Friends Bed Set – best for movie fans

Disney Good Dino Arlo & Friends Bed Set

If your toddler is anything like mine, they are obsessed with Arlo the Apatosaurus’s from Pixar’s 2015 movie “The Good Dinosaur”. If this is your toddler, then this is the set for you! Any superfan of the movie will love this bedding set from Disney that features the film’s main characters.

With 600+ ratings and an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, this bedding is popular and highly rated, making it one of the best choices around for any little dinosaur enthusiast.

This the good dinosaur bedding set is 4-pieces and includes a fitted bottom sheet, flat top sheet, quilted bedspread, and a reversible dinosaur pillow case. This set is sized to fit a standard toddler mattress and uses durable, stain-resistant microfiber fabrics. It retails for just over $40, making it a pretty good deal for an officially licensed Disney dinosaur product.

Buy it: From $43,

2. Uozzi Bedding Blue Bedding Set – best value toddler dinosaur bedding set

Uozzi Bedding Blue Bedding Set

One of the cheapest entries on our list – retailing at just $19 – this beautiful toddler bedding set from Uozzi is bright, colorful and fun, and features in its design cartoon dinosaur characters your child will love.

This dino toddler bedding set, made from brushed microfiber materials, is soft and breathable, making it great for use all year round. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, which is useful if your child suffers from allergies or has sensitive skin.

This 4-piece set comes complete with a comforter, a pillowcase, and both fitted bottom and top sheets. Overall, this set offers excellent value for money and will look great in any bedroom. It’s our top pick for parents on a budget.

Buy it: From $19,

3. Joyreap Navy Bedding Set

Joyreap Navy Bedding Set

This dinosaur bedding set from Joyreap is 4-pieces. It includes a comforter and pillowcase, both reversible, a flat top sheet, and a fitted bottom sheet. The set fits a standard toddler or cot mattress.

Bright and colorful, this navy blue set features beautifully illustrated, cute dinosaur characters. These will get your little one looking forward to bedtime and keep them there once you’ve put them down for the night.

Soft and comfortable, this dinosaur bed set for toddler bed is made from microfiber material, making it easy on sensitive skin. It’s also machine washable, making for easy cleaning, and at a retail price of just $35, it’s an absolute bargain.

Buy it: From $35,

4. Joyreap White Bedding Set

Joyreap White Bedding Set

Another great toddler bed dinosaur comforter set from Joyreap, this time in a more neutral, white color, this set features gorgeous colorful dinosaur character illustrations that your toddler will love.

Although this set is the cheapest on our list, it’s important to note that it’s just 3 pieces . It includes a reversible pillowcase, flat top sheet and fitted bottom sheet – it doesn’t come with a comforter. Ideal for use during the summer months – if you’re looking for a bedding set for use all year round, this isn’t it.

If you already have a few dinosaur themed comforters and need extra sheets for those night-time accidents, this set is reasonable. The entire bedding set uses 100% microfiber material, which makes it breathable and comfortable for your little one. Additionally, It’s machine washable and sized to fit a standard toddler-sized mattress.

Buy it: From $16,

5. dream FACTORY Bedding Set

dream FACTORY Bedding Set

Bright, fun, and multi-colored, this dinosaur bedding set toddler from dream FACTORY features characters of famous dinosaurs in its design. It will get your little one familiar with the most well-known dinosaurs in no time.

This 4-piece cotton-polyester blend bedding set offers great quality at an affordable price. It includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, comforter, and pillowcase, all of which are machine washable and easy to clean.

Retailing at $61, putting it in the mid-range category of bedding sets on our list. With an average rating of 4 stars on Amazon, this dinosaur bedding set offers excellent value at a reasonable price.

Buy it: From $61,

7. Sweet Jojo Designs Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set

Sweet Jojo Designs Toddler Dinosaur Bedding Set

Last up is this white dinosaur bedding toddler set from Sweet JoJo Designs with multi-colored dinosaur characters in earthy tones. Machine washable and made from brushed microfibers, this set fits a standard toddler cot mattress.

This dinosaur bedding for kids set has a very cool design. We love the multi-colored dino characters illustration style, which will make it look great in any nursery. To complete the look, there is a range of matching accessories available, including dino wall decals, dinosaur curtains, and more.

This bedding set is on the pricier side, retailing at $99, which is why it comes in toward the bottom of our list. Unlike other sets we’ve listed, this is a five-piece. It includes a comforter, sham, pillowcase, and both flat and fitted sheets.

Buy it: From $99,

Buying guide for toddler dinosaur bedding Sets

Once your little tot is big enough to move from a crib to a big bed, it’s time to do away with the dinosaur crib bedding and invest in something new. It’s important to remember a bed is the focal point of a kid’s bedroom, and somewhere you’ll want them to spend a lot of time as they begin to sleep right through the night. It’s essential to make it appealing, helping to keep your toddler in bed throughout the night.

Don’t worry too much about properly co-ordinating your kid’s bedding with the rest of their room; it doesn’t really matter, and your little one isn’t going to care much. Instead, go for bright, vibrant colors and themes that reflect their interest, as these will appeal most, helping to make both bedtime and their bedroom somewhere they like to be.

Suppose your little one has a strong interest. This could be animals, dinosaurs, or even their favorite cartoon characters; incorporating this interest with a themed bedding set is an inexpensive way to indulge in this interest. Children’s themed bedding tends to be affordable, with a comforter, fitted sheet, and pillowcase within most parents’ price range.

At this age, you can also think about including your toddler in your buying decisions, involving them in the process of picking out a bedding set for their room. This can be useful in helping to give them a greater sense of independence, something that is essential to their development.


The secret to good sleep with toddlers is making their bed a place that they want to be. Bedding is a great way to do this, with a bright, colorful set featuring their favorite characters – like dinosaurs.

There are no shortage of themes to choose from. Whatever your child is in to, whether unicorns, dinosaurs, or just characters from their favorite movies, there is a bedding set for every child.

One thing to bear in mind with themed bedding is that it can somethings be overpowering, especially if your child’s bedroom is on the smaller side. They tend to be bold, bright, and colorful, which can often clash with other items and accessories already in the room, such as dinosaur rugs, dinosaur wallpaper and other wall art, and dinosaur lamps.

Of course, this is more likely to be a problem for parents, as your little one probably won’t mind much. Still, if interior design is your thing, you might want to switch out some of these items for better room co-ordination. Thankfully, with a theme like dinosaurs, there are plenty of room accessories, making it pretty easy to replace a wall art or dino night light with a themed one.

Lighter Fabrics

It’s best to go for light fabrics. They better regulate your child’s body temperature, stopping them from getting too hot, something that can prevent a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to bedding fabric, cotton is the most popular choice. This is for good reason, as cotton is breathable, easy to care for, durable, soft, and affordable. There are many different types of cotton, with most named to refer to their origin, like Egyptian or Pima cotton. However, for toddlers and other kid’s bedding, cotton blends are most common.

There are numerous options to choose from with cotton blends, the most popular of which are cotton/bamboo, cotton/rayon, and cotton/polyester. Of these, cotton/polyester blends are the most common choice for toddler bedding. This blend is durable, inexpensive, and wrinkle-resistant, making it hands down the best for affordable, good value kids bedding.

Keep in mind that some children are allergic to polyester, making this popular blend unsuitable. If your child is indeed allergic, you’ll want to pick a different cotton blend or 100% cotton.


Your child’s skin is sensitive. This makes it essential to select bedding that is breathable to keep them comfortable, like those made from cotton. If buying linen made from wool or synthetic fibers, check that your toddler isn’t allergic before making your purchase.

This is true for other products such as sleepwear, like dinosaur pajamas for toddlers, or toddler dinosaur bath robes and dressing gowns, where it’s best to opt for cotton over synthetic materials for comfort, breathability, and it’s non-allergenic properties.

To maximize warmth and comfort during the winter months, you might get a pair of cute dinosaur toddler slippers. Again, select warm, soft cotton ones over those made from synthetic materials. You may also want to consider investing in a dinosaur toddler quilt for use during colder months.

Correct size

With bedding, it must obviously fit perfectly. You don’t want sheets slipping off corners because they’re too small, or lots of bunching because they’re too large. Toddler bed mattresses are the same size as a standard crib mattress (28” x 52”), so shop for this size.


Toddlers naturally attract mess. They bring everything from finger paints and pens, to food into bed – making ease of cleaning a priority.

Always go for machine washable and avoid bedding with specific cleaning requirements like dry cleaning. This is true not only for bedding, but for any clothing items. Whether shopping for toddler dinosaur onesies, sleepwear, or other general clothing – machine washable is always best.

Bedding sets

Buying bedding sets can be a great way to save money. Bedding sets will also prevent any mismatch in sizes, as different brands have varying “standard” sizes. You’ll change bedding frequently at this age, so saving money on each set will lead to significant savings.

Final thoughts

Buying a bedding set guarantees that your child has matching bedding and will certainly offer better value for money.

Getting value is obviously important for young children. They will surely outgrow their current bed in no time, making it unwise indeed to invest in high-end bedding.

It’s important to note the difference bedding can have on your toddler’s willingness to sleep through the night. Choosing bright, colorful bedding featuring their favorite characters, such as dinosaurs, will without doubt make bedtime something they enjoy.

Our picks take these factors into account, making it easier to choose bedding your child will love.

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