Rocking dinosaur toys: The 5 best of 2021

Animal Adventure Soft Landing Joyrides Triceratops Dinosaur Rocker

Looking for rocking dinosaur toys with a difference? If your little one is not that much into horses, a traditional rocking horse might not be that welcome.

But if he really loves dinosaurs why not check out the following rocking dinosaurs? These are rocking toys that come in the shape of different dinosaurs. And they can give your little one the ride he always imagined on a dino’s back!

There are different rocking dinosaurs you can choose from as you will be able to see hereunder. Moreover, we have also included some buying tips to help you with this purchase. Let’s go!

Best rocking dinosaur toys: our picks

1. Animal Adventure Soft Landing Joyrides Triceratops Dinosaur Rocker
1. Animal Adventure Soft Landing Joyrides Triceratops Dinosaur Rocker
2. Step2 Dino Rocker
2. Step2 Dino Rocker
3. Qaba Kids Interactive 2-in-1 Plush Ride-On Stroller Rocking Dinosaur
3. Qaba Kids Interactive 2-in-1 Plush Ride-On Stroller Rocking Dinosaur
4. Lucky Tree 2-in-1 Wooden Plush Dinosaur Rocker Ride-On Stroller
4. Lucky Tree 2-in-1 Wooden Plush Dinosaur Rocker Ride-On Stroller
5. Labebe Plush Dinosaur Ride On Toy Rocker
5. Labebe Plush Dinosaur Ride On Toy Rocker

1. Animal Adventure Soft Landing Joyrides Triceratops Dinosaur Rocker

Animal Adventure Soft Landing Joyrides Triceratops Dinosaur Rocker

Up first, we’ve got this beautiful Triceratops dinosaur rocker from Joyrides – part of the brand’s popular Joyrides series, which includes over 21 different themes and styles, featuring all sorts of cute, cuddly creatures, from cats and dogs to whales and unicorns. It also incorporates several soft, embroidered 3D features that are both fun, and add a quality finish to this already well-made, cute dino rocking toy.

Sturdy, well-made, and designed to stand up to everyday use – this classic, wooden dino rocker makes the perfect addition to any dino-themed kid’s bedroom or playroom. Each rocking toy in the Joyrides series is made from soft, polyester fiber fabrics. They feature a durable base that’s designed for maximum safety and built to last, withstand hours upon hours of rocking run. It also benefits from a well-crafted, kid-friendly handle, and a comfortable, dino-themed seat. This toy is suitable for children aged three years and up.

Overall, we’re big fans of this dino rocker. It looks fantastic – featuring a neutral choice of color, which will suit pretty much any room your place it in. As well as this, it’s well-made, being built to last. It also comes pretty well rated, with over 2,766 customer reviews giving it an averaged 4.5-star rating, and is relatively affordable, being priced at just $75. Not bad for such a high-quality rocker toy.

Buy it: From $75,

2. Step2 Dino Rocker

Step2 Dino Rocker

Up next is this cute, bright green character dino rocker from Step2. Part of a set of two different styles – the other a unicorn – this low-cost, sturdy rocker is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a purpose-built rocking toy instead of a convertible 2-in-1 with stroller function. It has a weight limit of 35 lbs – making it ideal for use by children from ages 2-4 years, and perfect as a first rocking toy.

This rocker is sturdy and resistant to tipping and over-rocking. This makes it both safe and robust enough to stand up to all the rough and tumble of playtime. It’s made from durable, EverTough resin – a material that is easy to clean, store, and will last for many years to come. Unlike the other picks on our list, which are mostly made from plush, this one is a much better fit if you intend to use and store it outside, in the backyard. Other great features of this rocker are its easy-grip handles, offering a secure ride for your little one that can also help boost their fine motor skills, and a contoured seat for added safety and comfort.

Overall, this rocker looks fantastic, is functional, and will stand up to whatever your little one can throw at it. Perfect for use inside the home or out in the backyard. This durable rocking toy offers a lot in the way of versatility, despite its lack of a 2-in-1 stroller feature. All-in-all, with a price tag of just $50 and an average rating of 4.5-stars from 488+ verified customer reviews, this rocker from Step2 is a pretty good buy.

Buy it: From $50,

3. Qaba Kids Interactive 2-in-1 Plush Ride-On Stroller Rocking Dinosaur Toy

Qaba Kids Interactive 2-in-1 Plush Ride-On Stroller Rocking Dinosaur

Our list’s next entry is the first 2-in-1 rocking toy we’ve picked. The 2-in-1 plush ride-on stroller rocking dinosaur from Qaba Kids. Unlike the first two picks, this one can convert from static rocking toy to a moveable stroller, adding a further dimension of play to this cute, fun dinosaur ride-on toy. It stands at 20.5″ tall, has a weight capacity of 88lbs, and is recommended for children aged 18 months and up.

Designed to grow with your child as they develop, this dino rocker is the perfect companion as they learn to scoot, push, and then walk their way around the home, making it a great first rocking toy. It also offers basic interactivity, with a simple squeeze on its ear playing one of several child melodies from some of the most popular nursery rhymes. Besides its features and functions, this product has also been certified to meet ASTMF953 and CPSIA safety standards, so you can rest easy knowing that this product is 100% kid-friendly and safe.

Overall this one is pretty good value for money, given its relatively low price point of just $80 and its 2-in-1 action, offering more variety than traditional rocking toys. It both looks great and is well-made, with its construction being of a high enough quality that this one will give plenty of playtime fun for many years to come. As well as this, it also comes reasonably well-rated – scoring an average rating of 4.5-stars from 155+ verified customer reviews, which, in our view, makes this one well worth considering.

Buy it: From $80,

4. Lucky Tree 2-in-1 Wooden Plush Rocking Dinosaur Toy Ride-On Stroller

Lucky Tree 2-in-1 Wooden Plush Dinosaur Rocker Ride-On Stroller

Our next pick is this super cute, wooden 2-in-1 plush dinosaur rocker from Lucky Tree. This rocker is part of a set of 8 distinct themes and styles – a set that includes everything from sheep and rabbits to elephants and even ladybugs – there’s something here for everyone, whatever their interests. Recommended for children between the ages of 1 and 3 years old, this pick from Lucky Tree makes a great first rocker for any dinosaur obsessed toddler.

Made from super soft, comfortable plush fabric, this dino rocker is built on strong, wooden rockers. As well as this, it features a seat-belt in its design for added safety. The best thing about this rocker – as well as most surprising, given it’s low price – is its 2-in-1 design, which enables you to covert it between rocker and stroller, making it more mobile than a traditional, purpose-built rocking toy. At the press of a button, it also plays fun children’s melodies, which requires 2 AA batteries – which you’ll need to purchase separately.

When it comes to value, you’ll struggle to find a better product than this. At just $56, it’s one of the cheapest picks on our list – while also being one of the more functional, good-quality, 2-in-1 rocker toy at a price that won’t be beaten. It also has a pretty good rating, with an average of 4.5-stars from some 136+ ratings – overall, it’s an excellent buy for the money.

Buy it: From $56,

5. Labebe Plush Dinosaur Ride On Toy Rocker

Labebe Plush Dinosaur Ride On Toy Rocker

The next entry on our list is this award-winning dual-use, plush dinosaur rocking toy from Labebe. This gorgeous dino rocker is part of a wide range from Labebe, which includes several different designs and themes, with everything from elephants and giraffes to unicorns and even teddy bears. Hand-crafted for an excellent finished product and manufactured from super soft, plush material. This solid, sturdy rocker is incredibly well-made, being good enough to stand up to whatever your little one can throw at it.

The most significant feature here is this toy’s innovative dual-use design. Position A fixes the rocker, turning it into a more traditional, static rocker, while position B turns it into a stroller by merely removing the Velcro and sliding down the rocker’s wheels into place. It also comes equipped with two musical sound modes – one activated by pressing on the dinosaur’s head, the other in its tail. This one has also been independently certified to comply with ASTM F963 toy safety standards. Ensuring that everything here is completely safe and kid-friendly.

While this one is a little pricey. In fact, at $116, it’s by far the most expensive pick on our list. What you’re getting is an incredibly high-quality product with an award-winning design from a respected, reputable toymaker. This one is also reasonably well-rated, with over 84 verified customer reviews giving this dinosaur rocker from Labebe an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $116,

Buying guide for rocking dinosaur toys


There are rocking dinosaurs made completely from plastic, or wood. While others which look like a large stuffed toy, made from soft plush.

Naturally prices vary considerably depending on the material you choose. If money is no issue, then a stuffed dinosaur rocker might be preferred. These are more comfortable, as well as considerably safer for younger kids. However, you’ll need to take into account the fact that a plush rocker will not be easy to clean. This means that over time it might not look as new as it used to be.

Also, a plastic rocker is more suitable in case you plan to use it outdoors as well.

Make sure to consider any safety standards in relation to the materials used in the rocker toy you buy. Rocking toys that are made from certified materials are preferred. These adhere to toy safety standards and offer you more peace of mind.

So as you may see there are various considerations relating to the material you opt for.


Most dinosaur rocking toys look cute and sweet. They are nicely designed and colorful. A rocking toy is suitable for toddlers, making a cute dinosaur a better choice, rather than a fierce looking one.

Stuffed dinosaur rocking toys are generally made from textured fabric. Sometimes they include tactile features which kids will love to feel and touch. Crinkles, rattles and colorful additions make the dinosaur rocking toy more fun and engaging.


The seat of the rocking toy is another important consideration. Some rocking toys are not suitable for very young kids since they can easily fall off. On the other hand, there are rocking toys that have padded seats which even include a safety belt. This can provide additional safety, keeping your little one is strapped safely as they rock away. Such rocking dinosaur toys are ideal, even for kids aged just months. They’re very safe as well as comfortable as the seat is generally cushioned or padded.

Weight considerations

Most rocking toys, like rocking chairs, have a sturdy structure. You won’t have to worry about how much weight they can hold. Having said that, the ones made from plastic may not be that robust.

While shopping for a rocking toy, you’ll need to think about how long your child will make use of it. Check the maximum weight capacity and consider accordingly. This is of course just as true for toys as it is for rocking chairs.


A rocking dinosaur toy is great to improve your child’s stability as well as balance.

It is also a great toy to promote imaginative play. Your child will imagine they’re riding on the back of a real dinosaur. Making for a fun experience they’ll cherish and appreciate, even as they grow older.

Final thoughts

The opportunity for your child to ride away, is a unique and thrilling experience only a rocking toy can offer. Be careful to take into consideration the child’s age so as to choose a sturdy and suitably designed rocking toy.

A dinosaur rocking toy or rocking chair can be a great addition to your child’s nursery or playroom. These classic, traditional dinosaur toys offer lots of fun and engaging playtime.

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