Robot dinosaur toys: The 5 best of 2021

Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur

Most little boys simply love dinosaurs, especially robot dinosaur toys. The sheer variety of dinos, with their big jaws, long tails, and scaly skin seems to have a particular unparalleled intrigue. Even little George from the popular Peppa Pig series loves his green toy dinosaur right?

However, in this day and age where technology has taken over, toy dinos have taken a whole new and much more modern look. Nowadays there is a wide range of robot dinosaur toys, which make your little boy’s love for dinos get even more intense. These robot dino toy are all the rage these days as they look really realistic, both in terms of their movements, as well as the sounds that they make and the functions that they can perform.

If you are currently trying to make up your mind which robot dino toy to buy for your boy, it is normal to feel rather confused how you are going to choose the best one, as there are so many available. For this reason, we shall be offering you a range of robot dinosaur toys currently available on the market, which we feel are among the best you can opt for.

Best robot dinosaur toys: our picks

1. Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur
1. Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur
2. Sharper Image Robotosaur
2. Sharper Image Robotosaur
3. WowWee Roboraptor
3. WowWee Roboraptor
4. WowWee Miposaur
4. WowWee Miposaur
5. Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino
5. Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino


1. Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur

Fistone RC Robot Dinosaur

The Fistone RC robot dinosaur is arguably the best brand-new dinosaur bots this year. When it comes to features and the ability to program, this robot offers a lot, making it one of the more full-featured, impressive interactive dinosaur toys of this year.

When it comes to features – where to begin, this robot has several different interfaces, including remote control, touch, and voice, giving you near-endless ways of interacting with it. It has both pre-programmed modes, including combat fighting mode, three different dance modes, and a mode for programming and storage for up to 50 programmed actions. It includes a rechargeable 3.7v battery and charger in the box; however, you’ll need to pick up batteries to operate the remote.

Overall, offered at a price of just $66, and with a broad, impressive range of features and functionality, this dinosaur RC robot from Fistone is an excellent buy. It offers a lot in the way of value, will keep your child entertained for hours and hours, and comes highly-rated, with 4.5 stars from over 550 customer reviews.

Buy it: From $66,

2. Sharper Image Robotosaur

Sharper Image Robotosaur

Next up is the Robotosaur, from Sharper Image – a brand new robot toy for this year. This toy is a great way to introduce your child to stem, offering a wide range of possibilities, from programming to play, at an incredibly reasonable price point of just under $65.

It features color-changing eyes and built-in mood sensors, making this dino toy capable of displaying a full range of emotions, making play and interaction more engaging. It also comes equipped with motion and proximity detection sensors and several different game modes, including hunting and guard modes. In the box, you’ll find a 2.4 GHz remote control, with which you can control and program this dino bot. You’ll also find a charger for its 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery.

For the money, this toy packs a punch. It offers a full range of features, is rechargeable as opposed to battery-powered, and looks great. It’s also well-rated, with a 4-star average rating from 460+ verified customer reviews. If you’re looking for a full-featured bargain, this robot dino toy is it.

Buy it: From $65,

3. WowWee Roboraptor

WowWee Roboraptor

The special-edition metallic black Roboraptor X from WowWee builds on the success of the original Roboraptor, released way back in 1999. If you had one and are looking to introduce your little one to this wildly popular dinosaur robot toy, then this Amazon exclusive is worth picking up.

The Roboraptor is big – measuring 32” from nose to tail – and will both impress and captivate your little one. It features movable arms, head, tail, and jaw action. It comes with numerous modes, including free roam, making it an excellent pick for anyone interested in artificial intelligence. Unlike its predecessor, this version features both sonic and touch sensors, offering similar interface options as WowWee’s other dinosaur robot, the MiPosaur. It can also be controlled via remote control or mobile app, making for plenty of play options that will keep your child entertained.

Overall, this robot is a great choice. For any parents lucky enough to have the original Roboraptor first time around, it has nostalgia value, a wealth of modes, features, and functionality, all of which make it one of the best all-around dino robots on the market.

Buy it: From $79,

4. WowWee Miposaur

WowWee Miposaur

An oldie, but a goodie, the Miposaur from WowWee is hands-down the best robot dinosaur toy for anyone looking for something more autonomous. Although not new, being released a few years back, this toy is still one of the best dino bots around. It’s built on the company’s MiP platform – a self-balancing, low-cost robot popular with robotics hobbyists.

One of the more innovative features of this robot is its interface. It features GestureSense technology, enabling you to control it using hand motions. While it works pretty well, it might be tricky for younger children to use. It also includes a trackball with six modes, giving a numerous ways to interact with this robot. In addition to the ways you and your child can interact with it, the Miposaur can also interact with other Miposaurs and MiP robots, making it great if you’ve already got one of the little self-balancing robots.

Overall, this robot is excellent. It’s innovative, has a ton of different modes, including autonomous free-roam, and comes from a company with a pedigree in robot toys, responsible for the massively popular Robosapien and Roboraptor toys. They are also the same company behind the popular Fingerlings series – a product from which we included in our best dinosaur skeleton toys list. A must buy for anyone interested in robotics looking for a fun way to introduce their little one to STEM.

Buy it: From $150,

5. Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino

Spin Master Krimson Red Zoomer Dino

Last but not least, on our list of dinosaur robot toy picks is the Zoomer Dino from Spin Master – the same brand behind the wildly popular paw patrol dinosaur toys. We’re big fans of the Zoomer range, offering robots in various themes, with everything from dinosaurs to ponies, cats, dogs, and even chimps.

This dinosaur bot from Spin Master features true-balance technology, which keeps it perfectly balanced while it roams around your home in free roam mode. There are numerous ways to interact with this toy; pull its tail to make it angry, teach it to dance, or simply watch it as it chases, chomps and roars as it roams around. The robot is rechargeable using a USB cable; however, you’ll need additional batteries for remote control operation.

While this toy is on the pricier side, retailing at $160, this toy is excellent for anyone interested in artificial intelligence, thanks to its free roam mode and is best suited for big kids. It’s reasonably well-rated, with a 4-star average rating from 40+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $160,

Buying guide for robot dinosaur toys

The various robot dino toys that we have delineated above have their respective pros and cons. However, we would like to give you some guidelines so as to help you make a well-informed buying decision. These are some of the main factors you should consider when choosing your kid’s robot dino:


Your kid will have his preferences when it comes to dinos. So, if he prefers a particular type of dino, you should try to match that preference. You will need to consider the colors too. If your little one is intrigued by a particular dinosaur, they might not like that a robot dino is a bit too colorful. You need to consider this based on your child’s age and preference. Generally, the rule of thumb is to go for the more realistic looking dinos, especially for older children.


One of the most important aspects to consider for a robot dino is what it is capable of doing. Kids have high expectations, and the cooler the robot dino is, the more your little one will love it. Check out the cool functions different dino robot toys are able to perform. There are dino toys which move around and dance, roar when their tail is tucked at, chomp with their big mouths, and even do all sorts of tricks too! The sounds and lights that the robot dino can do make a big difference in how realistic it looks and acts.


Some robot dino toys are more interactive than others, and you may wish to consider this carefully. Many RC dinosaur toys and simple walking dinosaur toys are often marketed as robots, which have limited interactivity and functionality.

There are robot dinos which are programmed to react differently to hand gestures made by your child, or who have the capability of demonstrating different moods.

Some robot dinosaurs can also be programmed to learn and perform tricks. This can make them feel more like a real pet, then a robot toy.


The robot dino is surely going to be subjected to a great deal of wear and tear, so to speak. You may surely imagine how much your little one is going to play with it, and often this will involve a bit of roughness too, especially with little kids. Bumps and falls are going to happen, so choose a robot dinosaur that can withstand these.

Small parts

You will want to place importance on this factor for obvious safety reasons. If your kid is still very young you will be better off opting for a robot dino toy that is as safe as possible, and so there should be no small parts in its structure. Many robot dinosaur toys on the market are not suitable for children under 3 specifically for this reason.

Downloadable App

Most robot dino toys these days are accompanied by a downloadable app which offers additional fun for your little one. Such apps are generally packed with numerous games involving the dino, including the possibility of virtually feeding it and taking care of it. If your little one is very young, you may wish to consider choosing a robot dino that does not come with an app as at the end of the day there will be no use for it. However, if you boy is older than 5 he will surely love this additional perk!


It’s important to remember that robots aren’t baby dinosaur toys. You’ll want to make sure that any toy you’re considering is age-appropriate. Typically, and as is the case with our picks, most robot toys are for children ages eight years and up.

If you’ve got a younger child and will still like a toy that offers similar, albeit more limited, interactivity, then why not consider going for a VTech dinosaur toy. These products are great, providing many of the same benefits, and are suited for children aged 3+ years.

Final thoughts

Dinosaur robots are some of the best dinosaur toys around. It is important that you take the time to compare different robot dino toys before making a purchase. This is not a common toy, as it can become your little one’s best companion and friend.

As such, take the factors we’ve covered into account before making a purchase. This will ensure that the robot dino you choose will excite and entertain your child while playing with it. This will vary from one child to another, and age plays a critical factor.

You will want to get good value for money and choose a robot dino that is fun and entertaining. At the same time, you also want one able to promote interactive and creative play.

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