Peppa Pig dinosaur toys: The 4 best of 2021

Happy Trees 6.7 inch George Dinosaur Plush

Peppa Pig is widely known among preschool children. She and her cartoon friends have been popular for some time.

While it may be unusual to pair up a dinosaur with a pig, it has been done, and many cool Peppa Pig dinosaur toys have been created.

Use our reviews of these toys, as well as our buyer’s guide to help you determine which ones are best for any children in your life that love this cute little piggie.

Best Peppa Pig dinosaur toys: our picks

1. Happy Trees 6.7″ George Dinosaur Plush
1. Happy Trees 6.7″ George Dinosaur Plush
2. Peppa Pig Tea Time Roleplay Set
2. Peppa Pig Tea Time Roleplay Set
3. Peppa Pig Bath Squirters
3. Peppa Pig Bath Squirters
4. LUCOBE George’s Dinosaur 11″ Plush
4. LUCOBE George’s Dinosaur 11″ Plush

1. Happy Trees 6.7″ George Dinosaur Plush

Happy Trees 6.7 inch George Dinosaur Plush

Buy it: From $11,

2. Peppa Pig Tea Time Roleplay Set

Peppa Pig Tea Time Roleplay Set

Have a tea party with Peppa’s Teddy and George’s Mr. Dinosaur with the Peppa Pig tea time playset. This product comes in very nice, well-presented packing, making it a great choice as an inexpensive gift for the child of a friend or loved one. The set is rated for kids aged from 24 months and up.

This set is made up of 11 pieces – 2x teacups, 2x saucers, 2x teaspoons, 2x cupcakes, a teapot, along with plush teddy and Mr. Dinosaur characters. The teapot is battery-operated, requiring 3x LR44 batteries to operate – the first of which comes included in the set – and says several different phrases, like “Would you like a cup of tea?” at the press of a button, and makes pouring sounds, adding to the realism of this set.

Overall, this tea time playset is pretty nice – it’s well made and comes packed with all the accessories your little one will need to host their very own tea party. We love the addition of two plush toys – one a dinosaur plushie – as these add a lot to the playset. This product also comes incredibly well-rated, scoring a perfect five stars from some 912+ verified customer reviews, giving you an idea of the quality this playset offers.

Buy it: From $32,

3. Peppa Pig Bath Squirters

Peppa Pig Bath Squirters

Next up, we’ve got the perfect dinosaur bath toy for fans of the popular British cartoon – the Peppa Pig bath squirters set from brand Jazwares. This set looks great, is easy to use, and is the perfect addition to water play and bath time fun. The bath toy set is recommended for kids aged 24+ months, making these the ideal gift for young Peppa Pig fans.

This set of squirters includes three pieces – Peppa pig, George pig, and of course, Dino. Each piece of the collection looks great, being highly detailed and well-made, giving them a quality feel that you many of the more generic, cheaper squirter bath toys on the market. As you’d expect, everything here is 100% kid-friendly and safe, being made from non-toxic materials free from any potentially harmful chemicals or plastics.

Overall, this set is an excellent addition to any Peppa Pig fan’s collection of bath toys. While they’re a little pricey – retailing for $13, or just over $4 each – these squirters are some of the highest quality ones we’ve featured in any of our reviews or buying guides. And you don’t just have to take our word for it, as this product scored a perfect 5-star rating from some 378+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $13,

4. LUCOBE George’s Dinosaur 11″ Plush

LUCOBE George's Dinosaur 11 inch Plush

Buy it: From $14,

Buying guide for Peppa Pig dinosaur toys

Peppa Pig and dinosaurs do not exactly roll off the tongue. But they pair up quite nicely in all the toys we have seen.

Your children that love both of these things will be ecstatic to have one of these toys.

Keep reading to find out more about them.

Who is Peppa Pig?

Have you wondered why Peppa Pig and dinosaurs would go together? It is because Peppa’s brother, George, has a stuffed green dinosaur.
Peppa Pig is a cartoon that has been on air since 2004. It is about Peppa, George, and their parents. The British show broadcasts in over 180 countries. Several other animals make families up within their town. Candy Cat, Suzy Sheep, and Rebecca Rabbit are often included in these shows as they are Peppa’s best friends.

The characters in Peppa Pig act like they are human. They drive cars and wear clothes. The kid pigs go to school while the adult pigs go to work.

Each episode of Peppa Pig is about five minutes long. This is great for younger children who can not sit still for more than a few minutes.

Peppa Pig also has many other items available for sale. Besides toys, there are books, movies, coloring books, dinosaur stickers, kid’s clothing, video games, and movies.

Types of Peppa Pig dinosaur toys

There are various types of Peppa Pig dinosaur toys that you can pick from.


Plush toys have always been one of my favorites. They are comforting, can be slept with, and are a lot of fun to play with in the dramatic play corner. Best of all, they are extremely portable.

The plush Peppa Pig dinosaur toys could be of George and his green dinosaur together. Or we have also seen just a plush of the green dinosaur.

Bathtub squirters

One of my favorites growing up was bathtub squirters. These were a blast to fill with water and then squirt the wall. Or we even got to take them outside for water days.

If your child loves bathtub squirters, they make Peppa Pig dinosaur ones.

Teatime sets

Does your child like to have tea parties? If so, the Peppa Pig dinosaur tea set will be perfect for them. A child can enjoy “cupcakes and tea” with a few dinosaur pals from Peppa Pig.


Peppa Pig also has many playsets out that include a dinosaur. One such set is a playground set where the slide’s sides are made from green dinosaurs.


If you have a child that adores Peppa Pig, or her brother George, you can be certain that they will love any of the Peppa Pig toys. If the child also loves dinosaurs, you may wish to find the one with the green dinosaur. These make the perfect gifts for birthdays or holidays.


You should also look at the reviews for these Peppa Pig dinosaur toys. By checking reviews before you purchase a toy, you can find out if they are well made or made from materials that are safe for your child.

It is best to look at reviews that are better detailed than others. Ones that just say the Peppa toy was great are not telling anything about the toy itself. Look for reviews that say why the toy was great, what improvements could be made, and how durable the item is.

Final thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our reviews and buyer’s guide about Peppa Pig dinosaur toys. We would have never thought that these two animals would combine to make toys.

These toys can be a lot of fun for a child to either play with or collect. They make great presents too.

With all of the information we provided above, you will know how to pick the best Peppa Pig dinosaur toy for your child. Of course, you may need to purchase a few because they are such fun toys.
Any dinosaur-loving fanatic or Peppa Pig enthusiast would be thrilled with them!

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