Kids dinosaur backpacks: The 6 best of 2021

Have you ever asked a child to say backpack? If not, you need to hear them. Many of the children that I have encountered, which is quite a few every day, say pack back instead of backpack. I find this to be the cutest thing ever.

In case you are not familiar with buying a child’s backpack, it is not as simple as just picking one out. A child needs to have one that fits properly and will be durable and comfortable for them to wear.

Here we have reviewed the best kids dinosaur backpacks and provided a buyer’s guide so you know what to look for when purchasing one.

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1. Wildkin 15″ Kids Dinomite Dinosaurs Backpack

Buy it: From $35,

2. VASCHY Kids Dinosaur Pattern Backpack

Buy it: From $30,

3. Senya School Skateboard Dinosaur Kid’s Backpack

Buy it: From $29,

4. VEEWOW 16″ Kid’s Dinosaur Backpack

Buy it: From $20,

5. YCGRE Kid’s Dinosaur School Backpack

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6. Jurassic World Boys Dinosaur Backpack

Buy it: From $25,

Buying guide for robot dinosaur toys

Every year, all of my sisters and I got a new backpack for the school year. It was so much fun to pick out one every year. With so many designs, you would think that all of my sisters and I would have different ones. But most of the time, we picked the same ones!

I still remember my favorite backpack like it was yesterday. It is so amazing how something so little can stay with you all of your life.

If you want your child to have this feeling, keep reading. You will learn all about how to pick out the best kids dinosaur backpacks for your children.

Features for kids dinosaur backpacks

The following features should be included when purchasing a dinosaur backpack for kids:

  • Durable– Any child’s backpack needs to be durable. You do not want to have books or important papers fall out and get lost. Make sure the material the backpack is constructed from is strong enough to hold anything your child will be carrying. Many backpacks could have a weight limit. Be sure to follow this if it does.
  • Zippers– The zipper on a child’s backpack needs to be easy enough for them to use. Sometimes, zippers are finicky, and if this is the case, your child will not enjoy using their kid’s dinosaur backpack.
  • Comfort– Comfort is another element that should be looked at when purchasing a dinosaur backpack. You want to be positive that the backpack is comfortable for your child. And you will want to check to be assured it is large enough. The straps should fit well on the child’s shoulders and the backpack needs to be comfortable when it is on, filled up with books and papers. If it does not feel right, contemplate looking further for another one.
  • Convenience– The backpack should be easy for your child to get on and off. Other conveniences you may want to look for include pockets for water bottles, pens, and pencils, lip glosses, or anything else your child will need.
  • Waterproof materials– If your child will be walking to or from school, or standing outside waiting for a bus, you may wish to invest in a backpack that is waterproof.
  • Reflective material– This type of material is a great idea so you can be certain that your child will be seen when crossing intersections and roads.
  • Ease of cleaning– When buying a backpack for a child, be certain to look for one that is easy to clean. We all know how easy it is to toss markers into a backpack without lids or how it seems easier for a child to throw in their lunch box without closing any of the lids. Many backpacks will be tossed into the washing machine. Just be certain you follow all cleaning and care instructions to keep the backpack looking new.
  • Warranty– If you plan on spending a lot on your child’s backpack, you might consider looking at one that has a warranty on it. No sense in purchasing a backpack that costs a lot of it is not going to be protected.


The price of a kid’s dinosaur backpack will depend upon what materials the backpack is made from, how many pockets or accessories it has with it, and who manufactured it. Price can also be dependent on if there are characters on the backpack, as many times popular character backpacks will be pricer than say a plain backpack.

Generally, a school backpack will range anywhere from $15 to $60. Sometimes, you are able to find coupons or deals to find them even cheaper.

Backpack weight

A standard rule when it comes to backpacks for any child, regardless if they are 5 or 15, is to never allow them to carry more than 10 to 15% of their weight in the backpack.

Therefore, if your child weighs 50 pounds, their backpack should not weigh any more than 5 to 7.5 pounds. If your child weighs 100 pounds, their backpack should never weigh more than 15 pounds.

If your child is coming home with a heavy backpack, see if they can leave some things at school or if things are necessary to have in the backpack.

Final thoughts

We hope you appreciated and enjoyed our review and buyer’s guide on kid’s dinosaur backpacks.

Backpacks are an important part of a child’s school career. But they are helpful in so much more. You can take them on trips, pack them full of clothes or toys, or use them for books.

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