Inflatable dinosaurs: The 6 best of 2021

JOYIN Giant 5ft T-Rex Dinosaur Inflatable

When I was eight years old, I was a huge dinosaur fanatic! I’m not sure how it happened, but I began to love dinosaurs. I had a bunch of dinosaur figures – the bigger the better – and soon wanted an impressive inflatable dinosaur.

That year for Christmas, I got a green inflatable brontosaurus that I named Alex. He was about 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide. I loved him. I thought of him as a pet and he had a special place on the second bed that was in my room.

If your child is into dinosaurs, I highly advise you to keep reading. Inflatable dinosaurs are an amazing way to facilitate your child’s love even further with these extinct lizards. You’ll learn the best inflatable dinosaurs that are available online right now, as well as things to look for in our buyer’s guide.

Best inflatable dinosaurs: our picks

1. JOYIN Giant 5ft T-Rex Dinosaur Inflatable
1. JOYIN Giant 5ft T-Rex Dinosaur Inflatable
2. Fun Express Giant 4ft Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur
2. Fun Express Giant 4ft Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur
3. Fun Express Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs (6pcs)
3. Fun Express Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs (6pcs)
4. ImpiriLux Inflatable 48″T-Rex Dinosaur Kid’s Punching Bag
4. ImpiriLux Inflatable 48″T-Rex Dinosaur Kid’s Punching Bag
5. Jet Creations Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs (3pcs)
5. Jet Creations Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs (3pcs)
6. Jet Creations Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaur Collection (7pcs)
6. Jet Creations Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaur Collection (7pcs)

1. JOYIN Giant 5ft T-Rex Inflatable Dinosaur

JOYIN Giant 5ft T-Rex Dinosaur Inflatable

Up first we’ve got what may well be the ultimate dinosaur inflatable from JOYIN, the popular toy maker’s Giant T-Rex inflatable dino. The JOYIN brand makes loads of great dino products, from dinosaur truck toys and walking dinosaur toys, to dinosaur bubble blowers and clay dinosaur kits. This one stands at an impressive 5 feet fall – which is big enough to impress any little dinosaur fan – making it an excellent product for parties, playdates, or even just room decor.

Made from thick, high-quality vinyl material – this inflatable dinosaur is both waterproof and incredibly durable, being built to last. It’s also wholly freestanding, capable of standing upright on its own legs without additional support once fully inflated. Everything here is made from 100% kid-safe, non-toxic materials and either meets or exceeds ASTM and US toy safety standards.

Overall, this imposing, realistic-looking giant inflatable T-Rex is excellent! It’s huge, well-made, and sure to impress any dino fan. As well as this, it’s also reasonably priced – retailing for just $27 – which we think is a pretty good deal. It also benefits from a good average rating of 4.5-stars from an impressive 1,039+ ratings, so you don’t have to just take our word for how good this pick is.

Buy it: From $27,

2. Fun Express Giant 4ft Inflatable Dinosaur T-Rex

Fun Express Giant 4ft Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur

Up next, we’ve got another great, giant inflatable dinosaur toy, this time from Fun Express – the brand’s giant inflatable T-Rex dinosaur. If you’re looking for a huge dinosaur but want something that is more toddler-friendly and isn’t quite as realistic as our first pick, this product could well be it. Its bright red color and cartoon-look are both lovely and far less likely to scare young dino fans, making it a great pick if you’re hosting a party or playdate for younger children.

This inflatable dino can stand upright on its own and measures just over 4ft tall – big enough to impress any little dinosaur fan. It is great for parties, as decoration, for photos, or even as a dinosaur float if you’re throwing a backyard pool party. Everything here is 100% kid-safe and non-toxic, with this dino being made from high-quality, hard-wearing vinyl, making it strong enough to withstand the usual heavy-handed, rough and tumble of toddler play.

While we prefer the first giant inflatable dinosaur on our list – with its ferocious, realistic look – this one is an excellent substitute if you’re concerned that you might frighten your little party guests if they’re particularly young. This product is also pretty affordable, retailing for just $21, and comes well-rated – scoring an average of 4.5-stars from some 330+ customer reviews. Overall, if you’re looking for a colossal dino inflatable to steal the show at your next toddler birthday party, this product from Fun Express is well-worth considering.

Buy it: From $21,

3. Fun Express Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs (6pcs)

Fun Express Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs (6pcs)

Our next pick is another excellent product from Fun Express; however, this time, it’s in the form of an inflatable dinosaur set instead of a giant dino. In the set, there are a total of six different dinosaurs – T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Microraptor, and Brontosaurus – each of which is between 27” and 30” tall when fully inflated. This product is excellent for playdates or birthday parties, making a great alternative to dinosaur balloons as party decorations.

Each of the dinosaurs is made from high-quality, hard-wearing vinyl, making them incredibly strong, durable, and long-lasting. They also ship with a set of vinyl repair patches – so if any of them get damaged and start to leak air, you can quickly repair them. Everything here is 100% kid-safe, made from non-toxic materials, and recommended for children aged three years and up.

This pick is pretty good and offers plenty of value. These inflatable dinos are excellent for decoration, at a party, or even just for decorating your little one’s playroom or bedroom. And it’s not just decoration either, as this set includes six different types of dinos – making this product just as good as an educational aid. Overall, there’s a lot of value here, with the collection retailing for only $26. As well as value, this product also comes well-rated, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from over 269 verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $26,

4. ImpiriLux 48″T-Rex Inflatable Dinosaur Kid’s Punching Bag

ImpiriLux Inflatable 48

The next pick on our list is from ImpiriLux and is the brand’s 48” T-Rex inflatable dinosaur punching bag for kids. Investing in a punching bag like this one is a great way of keeping your little one fit and active while at the same time helping to build and boost their confidence. It also looks great – featuring a ferocious but fun cartoon dinosaur that your dino fan will love. This product is suitable for children aged 3+ years and makes a great addition to your other backyard activity toys.

Made from thick vinyl fabric and is manufactured using precision welding, meaning that this product is incredibly durable and more than capable of standing up to everything your little one can throw at it. Before inflating it, you’ll need to fill the bottom of this bop bag with either water or sand, helping to keep it sturdy and upright – although all the instructions you’ll need to properly and safely set it up are included in the box. This product is also non-toxic and kid-safe, having been independently verified as being compliant to all US toy safety standards, giving you that all-important peace of mind as a parent.

If you’re looking for a fun way for your child to stay active, build confidence, and relieve stress – this inflatable dinosaur punching bag from ImprirLux is a pretty good solution. It’s also not bad when it comes to price, retailing at $32 – which is pretty good value, given both the quality of this product and how much fun your little one is likely to have with it. As well as value, it also benefits from a reasonably good rating of 4 stars from some 248+ verified customer ratings.

Buy it: From $32,

5. Jet Creations Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs (3pcs)

Jet Creations Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs (3pcs)

Up next, we’ve got another great inflatable dinosaur collection. This time from brand Jet Creations, a company known for their high quality, inflatable products. In this set, you’ll find three different inflatables of everyone’s favorite dinosaurs, including Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and, what collection would be complete without, T-Rex. While these inflatables aren’t the largest on this list, they’re still reasonably sizable – standard at between 23” to 37” inches tall – making them great for parties, either as decorations or prizes, as well as more general use around the home.

Each of the dinos in this set is made from heavy-duty vinyl, making them far more robust than more traditional balloons, making them great props for parties, being more than up to the task of standing up to the rough and tumble of play. They’re also easy to use, with each taking no more than a minute to blow up and each fold flat after being deflated. This makes them easy to pack up and store when they’re not in use.

All in all, this set from Jet Creations offers plenty of value. Each of the inflatable dinosaurs in this collection is well-made, beautifully colored. They’re also manufactured from hard-wearing, durable materials, making them resistant to puncture. While they’re not the cheapest or biggest inflatable dinos out there, they’re not too bad given their quality and price tag, which each dino the set costing just over $10 a piece – or around $33 for the collection. As well as this, this product also benefits from a 4.5-star customer rating from 132+ verified reviews.

Buy it: From $33,

6. Jet Creations Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs Collection (7pcs)

Jet Creations Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaur Collection (7pcs)

Last but not least is another entry from Jet Creations – essentially, it’s merely a larger set of inflatable dinosaurs. This pick builds on our previous one, adding an additional four inflatable dinosaurs to complete this 7-piece set. The extra dinosaurs here include Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Pterodactyl, adding to the T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, and Triceratops included in our last pick.

Like all inflatable products from Jet Creations, this set of dinosaurs is perfect for birthday parties, pool parties, or even as room decoration or a gift for the dinosaur enthusiast in your life. Each of the inflatable dinosaurs in this set measures between 37” and 57” inches, making them big enough to impress and some of the largest found in any affordable, low-cost set on the market.

While the pack isn’t exactly cheap – which is the primary reason why this pick is so low down on our list – at around $65 for the set, they’re not too bad, retailing at just under $10 per piece. This set from Jet Creations also benefits from a pretty good customer rating, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from over 130 verified customer reviews, making it a reasonably well-rated choice.

Buy it: From $65,

Buyer’s guide for inflatable dinosaurs

As I have stated above, inflatable dinosaurs are a great toy for children to have. They are fun and unique.

If you have a dino lover in your house, consider purchasing them one as a gift. They will bring much joy to either a boy or a girl.

Keep reading to find out more.

Pool fun

Inflatable dinosaurs are the perfect addition to a pool party. Toss one in the pool and everyone will have a ball with it. If you have smaller inflatable dinosaurs, you can toss all of them in.

You may even use the dinosaurs as a way to jazz up your backyard. Create an oasis using the dinosaurs around your pool. Hang up a pterodactyl, or place a T-rex on your fence, peering over. Hide a stegosaurus in the bushes. Kids will love this!


If you are having a dinosaur themed party, consider using a few inflatable dinosaurs as decorations. These decorations will double as a toy once the party is over.

If you purchase smaller ones, these can be given as party favors. Children will be excited to take one home with them.

Photo Booth

Photo booths are a great addition to any occasion. Birthday parties are no different.

The bad thing about these booths though is that they are rather expensive. But you can easily make your photo booth using materials you already have incorporated with a few extras.

Consider adding an inflatable dinosaur or two to a photo space. To create this space, drape a sheet over a wall. Add some balloons and dinosaur-shaped lights, or some dinosaur footprints. Then add in a few signs, such as “Beware of Dinosaurs”, “Dino-Mite”, or “Roar” for individuals to hold. Props are a great idea too, such as an explorer’s hat, sunglasses, dinosaur masks, dinosaur tails, and more.

Dinosaur hunt

If you find smaller dinosaur inflatables, you can do a dinosaur hunt with them. This is a lot of fun for younger children. Hide the dinosaurs in various places, such in a shorter tree, behind a bush, or on top of a large rock.

Dinosaur games

You can also play a variety of dinosaur games with smaller inflatables. These may include:

  • Dynamite dinosaur– Children sit in a circle and pass the dinosaur while the music is playing. Once the music stops, the child holding the dinosaur must leave the circle. Keep playing until one player is left, who is the winner.
  • Dinosaur relay races– Line children up in two lines. Children each have an inflatable dinosaur. One at a time, they race down to the “dinosaur pit” and place their dinosaur in the pit. They run back, tag the next person in line on their team, and that child does the same thing. The team to have all their dinosaurs land in the pit first wins.

Things to look for

When purchasing inflatable dinosaurs, there are some things you will want to take into consideration.


Look for an inflatable dinosaur that is very durable. Some children aren’t gentle with their dinosaur toys, so if they tend to be rough, they can pop the dinosaur.

Your inflatable dinosaur should have strong seams that can not be pulled apart easily. The material should be tough so punctures are difficult.


Take note of the size when you purchase an inflatable dinosaur. While some are only a few inches tall, some can be four or five feet tall or wide. You will want to make sure that you have a place to store the dinosaur.


Some inflatables are worth their price tag. Price is something that you will want to think about. What will you be using the dinosaur for? Will your child want to play with the dinosaur? Do you expect the dinosaur to

last a long time?

If the dinosaur is made from higher-quality material, it’ll last longer than if it is made from cheap materials.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this review on inflatable dinosaurs and the buyer’s guide. With this information, you will be able to pick the best inflatable dinosaurs for your child.

Dinosaur inflatables are perfect because they are something different. Children will love being able to have their very own dinosaur “pet”. Especially if the dinosaur is a rather large one.

If your child loves dinosaurs and you want a toy that they have most likely never experienced before, consider purchasing an inflatable dinosaur for them.

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