Inflatable dinosaur costumes: The 7 best of 2021

Rubies Child's The Original Inflatable Dinosaur CostumeRubies Child's The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

A huge trend recently has been inflatable dinosaur costumes. I have seen them not only for Halloween but for various activities as well. My friend posted last year on social media her husband shoveling the snow in an inflatable T-rex costume.

In another video, I saw a bride being surprised by a group of T-rexes that was rather comical! It is great that people are using their imaginations with these costumes.

Here you will find reviews on the best inflatable dinosaur costumes, as well as a buyer’s guide to help you decide which one is right for you.

Best inflatable dinosaur costumes: our picks

1. Rubies Child’s The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Rubies Child's The Original Inflatable Dinosaur CostumeRubies Child's The Original Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Buy it: From $42,

2. TOLOCO Kid’s Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Rider Costume

TOLOCO Kid's Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Rider CostumeTOLOCO Kid's Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Rider Costume

Buy it: From $26,

3. Double Couple Kid’s Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Double Couple Kid's Inflatable Dinosaur CostumeDouble Couple Kid's Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

Buy it: From $26,

4. Yunzhenbusiness Kid’s Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton Costume

Yunzhenbusiness Kid's Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton CostumeYunzhenbusiness Kid's Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Skeleton Costume

Buy it: From $50,

5. Hsctek Kid’s Inflatable Ride-on Dinosaur Costume

Hsctek Kid's Inflatable Ride-on Dinosaur CostumeHsctek Kid's Inflatable Ride-on Dinosaur Costume

Buy it: From $38,

6. Spooktacular Creations Kid’s Ride-On Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Spooktacular Creations Kid's Ride-On Inflatable T-Rex CostumeSpooktacular Creations Kid's Ride-On Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Buy it: From $45,

7. One Casa Inflatable Kid’s T-Rex Dinosaur Riding Costume

One Casa Inflatable Kid's T-Rex Dinosaur Riding CostumeOne Casa Inflatable Kid's T-Rex Dinosaur Riding Costume

Buy it: From $45,

Buying guide for inflatable dinosaur costumes

One of the best selling costumes of all time is the inflatable T-rex costume. People are drawn to this costume because it is just something that you do not see on an average day!

I am all for a good laugh. And when I see someone dancing around or doing an ordinary task such as mowing the lawn dressed as a dinosaur, it makes me chuckle.

Keep reading our buyer’s guide for information on how to pick the best inflatable dinosaur costumes.


Some inflatable dinosaur costumes will work for any size. Others may only work for smaller individuals.

When looking for dinosaur inflatable costumes, consider this. If you want to have the costume get lots of use out of it, picking a costume that will fit multiple people is the best idea. This way you can wear it, your teenager can don it, or your neighbor can borrow it. It simply does not make sense to shell out a lot of money if only one person will be able to wear the costume.


When you put on the inflatable costume, you must be able to see through it. If you can not, then it may be best to pick another one. It is not safe for a person to not be able to see through the material. Even if someone is guiding you, it is just better to be able to see

Breathable material

Purchasing an inflatable dinosaur costume that is breathable is a must. If you are going to wear this costume for a while, you want to be able to breathe well. It will make wearing the costume much safer and more enjoyable.

Ease of walking

Ease of walking is a huge thing when it comes to dinosaur inflatable costumes. If it is hard to walk in, you risk falling and getting hurt. A costume that gives you a twisted ankle or a broken bone is not going to be very funny.

Types of inflatable dinosaur costumes

There are a few different kinds of inflatable dinosaur costumes.

Some are ones that cover your entire body. With this type, it looks like you are the actual dinosaur. People will not know who is inside the costume.

With other dinosaur inflatable costumes, it looks like something is riding the dinosaur, such as a caveman. These will have the head cut out so you can breathe and see easily.

Others we have seen are a dinosaur that has a portion cut out for your head. An example of this is a brontosaurus that has an oval shape cut out in the neck for your face to peek through.


When purchasing an inflatable dinosaur costume, make sure you look at the material. Does it feel flimsy? Have others said that it rips easily? If so, keep looking. Your dinosaur costume will not hold up if it is not constructed of durable materials

Family fun

Some companies make children and adult size inflatable dinosaur costumes. This is a really cute idea for trick or treating for a dad and son or even a whole family. It will be a Halloween that you or your children will never forget. Others will think that you are the coolest family for all dressing up as a dinosaur family.


The most popular inflatable dinosaur costume is the T-rex. Perhaps you wonder why? The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a dinosaur that was feared. He was the ruler of the dino world. Not only was he powerful, but other dinosaurs were scared of him. This is most likely why consumers tend to pick t-rex costumes over any others.

Easy inflation

To inflate a dinosaur costume, you will need to lay the costume flat and take off your shoes. Slip your legs into the costume, then place your shoes on after your feet are in the foot slot. Put on the costume, zipping it up.

Place the battery pack around your waist, then hook up the cords. Turn them on and the fans will begin to blow up the costume. Place your head in the head spot and place the hands into the gloves. Then stand in place until you are fully inflated.

Final thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed the reviews on the inflatable dinosaur costumes, along with the buyer’s guide. You will now have the best information on what to look for in these dinosaur costumes.

Inflatable dinosaur costumes do not need to be just for Halloween. Get creative and see where you can use them for funny jokes or a smile. Maybe your teenager and her dance team can use them for a dance performance. Ask the local nursing home if you can visit with the costume on. Or visit a children’s hospital with permission to wear the costume.

Not only will it be fun for you, but it will bring joy to many individuals.

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