Disney dinosaur toys: The 5 best of 2021

Disney dinosaur toys: The 5 best of 2021

Dinosaurs feature in various popular Disney movies, including The Good Dinosaur, Dinosaur and Toy Story. There are various popular dinos your kid may adore, including Aladar, Kron, Eema, Rex, Arlo, Nash and Ramsey, to mention just a few dinos from Disney! So you will be able to find various Disney dinosaur toys inspired by these movies.

Figures, plush toys, puzzles and games are available for different kids’ ages. So you have a nice variety to choose from. The following are some of the top Disney dinosaur toys. We have also included a buying guide that should be of great help to you as you compare and contrast different toys, and take important factors into consideration.

Best Disney dinosaur toys: Our picks

1. Toy Story 4 Ginormous Plush Rex
1. Toy Story 4 Ginormous Plush Rex
2. Disney Toy Story 12-Inch Talking Rex Action Figure
2. Disney Toy Story 12-Inch Talking Rex Action Figure
3. Disney Rex Medium Plush Toy
3. Disney Rex Medium Plush Toy
4. Disney Pixar Rex Cuddleez Large Plush Toy
4. Disney Pixar Rex Cuddleez Large Plush Toy
5. True Talkers Pixar Toy Story 4 Rex
5. True Talkers Pixar Toy Story 4 Rex

1. Toy Story 4 Ginormous Plush Rex

Toy Story 4 Ginormous Plush Rex

First up on our list is this impressive, officially-licensed Disney dinosaur plush toy from the Toy Story movie franchise. This toy is enormous, standing at 40″ tall, and part of a set of two – the other a ginormous Buzz Lightyear, which can be purchased separately. Your little one will shriek with excitement at the sight of this big dinosaur toy, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a soft, cuddly toy that makes a lasting impression.

Perfect for play or nap time, this giant plush toy is fantastic. It looks just like Rex, from Disney’s beloved Toy Story franchise – a kid favorite, loved by all. This lovable, cute stuff toy features Rex’s trademark toothy grin, will undoubtedly prove to be a stand-out addition to any kid’s toy collection.

This toy is great! Impressively large, well-made, cute, and cuddly – this Rex dino plus is a fantastic toy that any child would love. It’s also pretty reasonably priced at just $50, which, given its colossal size, is a pretty good deal. And not only that, but it also comes highly-rated, scoring an average 5-star rating from 562+ verified customer reviews. This item is a must-have, making it a definite buy.

Buy it: From $50, Amazon.com

2. Disney Toy Story 12-Inch Talking Rex Action Figure

Disney Toy Story 12-Inch Talking Rex Action Figure

Next up is this talking Rex toy from the Disney store. It features a fully articulated neck, jaw, shoulders, hips, and tails, as well as a set of 11+ phrases from the movie that play at the press of a button. With this toy standing at 12” tall, this talking dinosaur toy is impressive and will be one that captivates your little one’s imagination, leading to hours of fun, interactive entertainment, and play.

In addition to its standard phrases, this toy also has several secret ones that it only says when paired with other Woody or Buzz talking toys, sold separately – giving you a good reason to collect the entire set. This toy is recommended for children aged 3+ years and is battery-powered, needing 2x AA batteries – the first set comes in the box.

Overall, if you’re looking for a talking dinosaur featured in one of your little one’s favorite movies, then the Talking Rex Action Figure makes for a great choice. While this toy isn’t the cheapest – there is an alternative talking Rex on this list that retails for half the price – it’s undoubtedly one of the best Rex toys around. All in all, this toy is excellent – it’s well-rated, with a 4.5-star rating from 145+ ratings, reasonably priced, at $30, which is a pretty good deal given the features and functionality it has to offer.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

3. Disney Rex Medium Plush Toy

Disney Rex Medium Plush Toy

If you’re looking for a Rex plush toy, but don’t have the space for the giant, 40” Ginormous Plush Rex, then this product could be a suitable alternative. Standing at 12” tall and 17” long, from head to tail, this soft toy is still big enough to impress. Part of the Disney Collection, this soft, premium plush with highly-detailed, embroidered features is a great pick.

Ideal for young fans of the popular Toy Story movie franchise, this plush toy is part of a collection that includes all your other favorite characters from the movie – if you’re looking for a full-set, the Disney collection is the best place to look. Soft, made from premium plush, kid-friendly, and machine washable, overall, we like this medium-sized cuddly dino toy.

This is a great plush toy. It’s big, but not too big, cute, and super soft – your dinosaur-obsessed little one is going to love it. Not only that, but it’s also affordable and well-rated, with a price tag of just $25 – not bad for an official Disney product – and has a 5-star average rating from over 150 customer reviews. While we’d recommend going for the Ginormous Rex Plush if you can – if you can’t, this is a worthwhile alternative.

Buy it: From $25, Amazon.com

4. Disney Pixar Rex Cuddleez Large Plush Toy

Disney Pixar Rex Cuddleez Large Plush Toy

Up next is this large Rex plush toy from Cuddleez. This soft toy features the not-so-terrifying, loveable T-Rex from Disney’s popular Toy Story franchise. It features a cuddly body with embroidered features and doubles up as a dinosaur pillow when laid flat on its stomach – this makes it great both at home or on the road, making it great for long road trips, train rides, or long-haul flights.

Like dinosaur pillow pets, Cuddleez toys are the perfect companion for nap times, providing your little one a cute, cuddly oversized plush to help get them off to sleep. This officially licensed Disney product is high-quality, well-designed, and 100% kid-safe, being made from non-toxic materials, free from any potentially harmful chemicals.

All-in-all, this super cute, beautifully designed sleep buddy is a great toy. It not only looks and feels great but also doubles as a pillow, making it useful for getting your little one to sleep, either at home or traveling. Highly-rated, with an average of 4.5-stars from over 40 customer reviews, and reasonably priced, this $35, officially-licensed Disney plush is an excellent toy and one worth considering parting with your money to have.

Buy it: From $35, Amazon.com

5. True Talkers Pixar Toy Story 4 Rex

True Talkers Pixar Toy Story 4 Rex

Last up is another excellent talking dinosaur toy, this time from famed talking toy brand True Talkers, in the shape of Toy Story’s loveable dinosaur Rex. This toy is part of a set that, purchased separately, has all of your favorite characters from the movie franchise, including Woody and, of course, Buzz Lightyear. This officially licensed Disney toy is an excellent option for anyone looking for a talking toy on a budget.

The toy stands at 7” tall and has a set of 15+ sounds and phrases from the famous movie, including timeless catchphrases like “Were you Scared?”, “This is so much fun”, and “Oh Boy, Playtime!”. Your little one will love this toy, making for a great interactive, engaging play that your child will enjoy for hours at a time. Recommended for ages three years and up, this impressive little toy is made from non-toxic, BPA-free materials, ensuring that it’s not only great but also 100% kid-friendly.

All-in-all, this talking toy from the brand True Talkers is an excellent buy. It’s highly interactive, highly-rated, and inexpensive, making this 4.5-star rated, $28 talking dino a bargain. It’s also nearly half the price of the other talking Rex cover we covered earlier in our list, making it an excellent pick for budget-conscious shoppers.

Buy it: From $28, Amazon.com

Buying guide for Disney dinosaur toys


How realistic does the toy look? Has it been made to resemble the particular dino character featured in the Disney movies? With these toys, you want to pick out characters your children are familiar with.

Always stick with officially licensed Disney dinosaur toys, that are genuine and original. Avoid lower quality toys passed off as being from Disney, as these will be low-quality and will likely disappoint.


Size considerations depend on the type of dino toy. If you choose a dino figure or plush toy size is indeed an important factor. There are small plushies and larger than life plushies. The same applies to dino figures. It’s tempting to buy the biggest dinosaur toy plush. But if it’s too big, your child might struggle to play with or carry it around. So try to opt for something more realistic, while avoiding smallish toys.


With toys, the materials they’re made from is incredibly important. In the case of figures, stay away from non-environmental friendly plastics, or anything that could contain chemicals. Keep an eye on durability too.

In the case of plushies, try to stick to those made from soft, hypoallergenic materials. In addition, make sure that the sewing is resistant and of good quality.

Keep an eye on any small parts which could prove to be hazardous should they come dislodged.

Age considerations

The age of your child should be the decisive factor when you go shopping for toys. You want a toy that is of a suitable level of difficulty or interactivity for your child’s age. This is important in the case of puzzles and dinosaur board games.

Figures and plush dinosaur toys also come with an age recommendation. This will give you some idea of what a toy offers any particular age group. It’s important that your child is fully engaged, and getting developmental and educational benefits during play where possible. So as a general rule of thumb, always start off by checking out the age recommendation on the toy.

Interactivity features

Some dino toys include lights and sounds – like electronic, remote controlled dinosaur toys – or interactive features, like electronic FurReal Friends dinosaurs or educational toys, like VTech dinosaur toys, which further fascinate your little one. Be careful to consider this, particularly if you are looking for something that keeps your child occupied or entertained. This is a very important buying consideration in the case of dino figures for instance.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, you have a nice variety of Disney dinosaur toys to choose from. This is in part due to the number of Disney movies that have features dinosaur character.

Disney is a well-known brand. Kids today love their movies as much as we did decades ago! So buying in a Disney dinosaur toy is practically like an investment!

You can be sure you are buying from a reputable and much loved brand. And if your little one is a keen dino fan, you can’t go wrong with a Disney dinosaur toy, right?!

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