Dinosaur watches: The 6 best of 2021

Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Dinosaur Watch

I remember being in grade school when I first started to wear dinosaur watches. Of course, I thought I was so cool. The band was leather, and on the face of the watch, there was a sun and a moon with stars. I loved that watch and wearing it made me feel like I was trendy.

I have also noticed with younger children, when they can wear a watch, they feel pretty special. My nephew had a dinosaur watch when he was in preschool that he adored. It was perfect for him in so many ways. Mostly because at that time dinosaurs were his jam.

Here we have compiled a list of the best dinosaur watches of this year, along with a buyer’s guide to find the best dinosaur watch for your young one in your life.

Best dinosaur watches: our picks

1. Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Dinosaur Watch
1. Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Dinosaur Watch
2. KIDDUS Educational Kids Analog Dinosaur Watch
2. KIDDUS Educational Kids Analog Dinosaur Watch
3. Turn Life Kids Analog Watch with 3D Cartoon Dinosaur Silicone Band
3. Turn Life Kids Analog Watch with 3D Cartoon Dinosaur Silicone Band
4. Jewtme Cute Kids Analog Dinosaur Watch with 3D Silicone Band
4. Jewtme Cute Kids Analog Dinosaur Watch with 3D Silicone Band
5. Ravel Children’s Dinosaur Watch with Easy Fasten Action Strap
5. Ravel Children’s Dinosaur Watch with Easy Fasten Action Strap
6. Dodosky Gifts Dinosaur Kid’s Analog Watch
6. Dodosky Gifts Dinosaur Kid’s Analog Watch

1. Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Dinosaur Watch

Timex Boys Time Machines Analog Elastic Fabric Strap Dinosaur Watch

First up, we’ve got this beautiful kid’s dinosaur watch from Timex, part of the affordable watchmakers Time Machines range. Part of a set of 9 different themes and styles, which, in addition to dinosaur watches, include everything from unicorns and sharks to soccer and floral designs. One thing to note is that while these watches are marketed as being water-resistant up to 30m (100ft) – in general, this means brief exposure to water – they’re not suitable to wear while taking a bath or swimming.

This watch features an easy-to-read 28mm light blue dial with an acrylic lens, as well as clearly labeled hour and minute hands, and an adjustable, elastic fabric strap. These features combine to make this little watch the ideal companion for any kid learning to tell the time. One of the best things about kid’s watches from Timex is that each purchase comes with access to the brand’s award-winning Time Machine app – an app that will help get your little one telling the time in no time at all.

While this watch is more expensive than the others on our list – retailing at $25 – what you’re getting here is a quality watch from a reputable watchmaker and access to one of the best apps to help your little one learn to tell the time on their own. For the money, there’s a lot of value here – and don’t just take our word for it, over 3,295 verified customers agree, giving this watch an average star rating of 4.5 – so you know that you’re getting a quality product with this pick.

Buy it: From $25, Amazon.com

2. KIDDUS Educational Kids Analog Dinosaur Watch

KIDDUS Educational Kids Analog Dinosaur Watch

Up next is this dinosaur watch from KIDDUS, an educational kid’s analog watch that’s available in one of eight different styles, including unicorns, dinosaurs, and several other themes. This watch features a green and orange color combination, with a T-Rex silhouette placed in the center of the watch’s dial. It features an adjustable strap that makes it suitable for children aged from 4 to 12 years old and ships in a beautiful gift box, making it a great choice as a gift for your kids or those of friends or family.

This watch features a Japanese mechanism and long-lasting battery, offering accurate, reliable time-telling. Other features include a shock-resistant case, a nickel-free stainless steel backing, and an adjustable strap with eight holes, making this one a watch that will grow with your child. As well as the watch itself, all watches from KIDDUS include a worksheet packed full of valuable exercises to help your child learn and practice telling the time, making this watch both practical and educational.

Overall, this watch is pretty lovely – well-made, well-designed, and one of a collection, offering plenty of choice and variety, meaning that there’s something for everyone, whatever your child’s interests. It’s also pretty affordable – retailing for just $18 – and ships in a rather nice gift box, making it a pretty good value for money considering the quality of what you get and how it’s presented. It also comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty and comes well-rated, with 3,791+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $18, Amazon.com

3. Turn Life Kids Analog Watch with 3D Cartoon Dinosaur Silicone Band


This next kid’s dinosaur watch is from brand Turn Life and is a 3D cartoon dinosaur watch that features a super cute and fun silicone band. Designed to be easy for kid’s to ready, this watch features a big round dial with big and bold numbers. Its strap is also adjustable, making this dino watch suitable for children ranged from 3 to 10 years old.

The movement of this watch is Japanese-Quartz, which provides precise, accurate timekeeping while being low of power consumption, making it long-lasting on a single battery. It’s also comfortable to wear and kid-safe, being made from environmentally-friendly materials, and lightweight. One stand-out feature of this dinosaur watch over many of the others that make up this list is that it has a water resistance rating of up to 99ft, which protects this watch from rain and direct splashing.

Overall, this watch is a great budget pick – featuring a big, easy-read dial, cute 3D dinosaur design, and a price tag of just $14 – this sort of value for money is difficult to find, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better pick for the money. And don’t just take our word for the quality that this watch has to offer – it comes well-rated, with 1,054+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $14, Amazon.com

4. Jewtme Cute Kids Analog Dinosaur Watch with 3D Silicone Band

Jewtme Cute Kids Analog Dinosaur Watch with 3D Silicone Band

Next, we’ve got this cute, kid’s analog dinosaur watch from Jewtme – part of a collection of 28 different themes and styles – a collection that includes not just dinosaurs but also everything from penguins mermaids to chocolate cake and rainbows. This watch features a soft, silicone strap decorated with 3D, multi-colored dinosaurs and is adjustable, making this watch perfect for children aged from 3 to 8 years old.

This watch uses a reliable, accurate, and energy-efficient Japanese movement, keeping precise time and minimizing battery changes, thanks to its low energy use and included long-lasting battery. This watch’s case and case back are made from steel, making them extremely sturdy, durable, and hardwearing – perfect for withstanding the bumps and knocks that come with daily use. While this watch isn’t waterproof, it is rated to provide some water resistance, particularly to accidental splashes when washing or playing with water.

Overall, if you’re looking for a low-cost first watch for your little dino fan, then you can do far worse than this pick for Jewtme. This inexpensive, $13 kid’s watch is a bargain for water-resistant, accurate, and well-made. It also ships in a lovely gift box, which adds a further element of quality to this inexpensive watch. As well as this, the watch comes well-rated, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from over 694+ verified customer ratings.

Buy it: From $13, Amazon.com

5. Ravel Children’s Dinosaur Watch with Easy Fasten Action Strap

Ravel Children’s Dinosaur Watch with Easy Fasten Action Strap

Our next pick is the children’s dinosaur watch from Ravel – a very nice first watch. It features a robust, hardwearing nylon strap decorated with dinosaurs and rugged construction that’s more than capable of standing up to the usual knocks and bangs you’d expect during use. This watch is recommended for children aged seven years and up and is built to last, offering plenty of value for money for several years to come.

This watch features a high-grade Quartz movement, offering accurate and reliable time-telling. It also benefits from a replaceable, long-lasting battery, which will give your little one plenty of use from this watch before needing to change it – unlike some alternative kid’s watching in this price range. Another key feature of this watch is an easy-fasten quick-release adjustable strap and splash-proof construction, which offers some degree of water resistance.

Overall, this watch is pretty good – it not only looks great but is well-made, benefiting from a sturdy, robust construction that’s built to last. A 2-year manufacturer’s warranty backs this up, so you know you’re getting a good quality watch. And don’t just take our word for it – this pick benefits from a 4.5-star average rating from over 465+ customer reviews, giving you a good indication of the quality you can expect with this one.

Buy it: From $18, Amazon.com

6. Dodosky Gifts Dinosaur Kid’s Analog Watch

USWAT Store Kids Digital Dinosaur Watch with 3D Cartoon Strap

This next dinosaur kid’s watch is from Dodosky. It’s an analog watch with a cartoon dinosaur design – one that dino fans of all ages will enjoy. This watch is an affordable, budget-friendly unisex kid’s watch with a comfortable adjustable strap that makes it the perfect gift for dinosaur-lovers aged from 3 to 12 years old. This watch is also part of a broader collection of 17 different themes and styles from Dodosky. This collection offers everything from dinosaurs and baseball to unicorns and butterflies to choose from.

Like most watches in this price range, it features a Japanese Quartz movement, which provides accurate, energy-efficient time telling. The crystal of this watch is made from highly-clear, resin material – being resistant to both shattering and scratching – while the case and backing are made from steel, which helps make this watch tough and durable. Keep in mind that this watch has no water resistance – so be careful using this around water, and certainly don’t wear it in the pool or shower.

All in all, kid’s watches don’t come much cheaper than this – with a price tag of $12; it’s a great budget pick. This watch’s movement, materials, and construction are all designed to offer maximum value for money. At the same time, its adjustable strap makes it useable by your little one for many years to come. When it comes to customer rating, this watch also does pretty well. This watch scores an average of 4.5-stars from over 211 verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $12, Amazon.com

Buyer’s guide for dinosaur watches

There have been many children’s watches on the market over the years. Many of them are cartoon characters, such as Disney dinosaurs, princesses, or Mickey, or Minnie Mouse, as well as watches from your favorite movie franchises, like Jurassic Park. Others are in the fun and bright colors such as hot pink and neon green.

Most animal watches are for children, with themes like kittens, puppies, and dinosaurs. Dinosaur watches are also a fun choice that is becoming popular.

Keep reading to find the best dinosaur watches for sale today.

Digital or analog

The first choice you’ll need to make is if you want to purchase a digital or analog dinosaur watch. Digital watches have numbers that are visible and clear to read, while analog has hands that move around.

Digital watches may be easier for children to read. This is because they can look down and see the hour and minutes and put them together. Many times these watches are very accurate.

However, it is crucial that a child also knows how to read an analog watch. This is because many towns have a town clock that is set in analog. A child that knows how to read will be able to tell time perfectly wherever they are. Many parents will decide to purchase an analog watch, just like their dinosaur wall clock at home, so that a child can learn how to traditionally tell time first.


There are also multifunctional watches. These watches will not only tell the time but also the date. There may be a stopwatch feature on them, and they could have an alarm.


Children will want to wear a watch that is comfortable for them. If the watchband is itchy or scratchy, they will most likely not wear it.

Nylon and silicone are both materials that are generally very comfortable for children. However, if your child has sensitive skin, you may need to go with a leather watchband. Individuals that are allergic to rubber or plastic may be allergic to silicone. Generally, if a person isn’t able to tolerate silicone, they’ll have a red rash that could be itchy or bumpy. They may develop blisters, have swelling, burning, or tenderness. Severe symptoms may need medical attention.

The face on the watch should be snug but not tight. The watch band should be able to move, but only slightly.


When purchasing dinosaur watches for a child, you will want to make sure that it is water-resistant. Many children forget to take off their watch before they peel back the dinosaur shower curtain, and hop into the shower, or jump through the dinosaur water sprinkler.

But if a child is wearing a water-resistant watch, you will not have to worry about that as much. Nor will you need to worry about when a child washes their hands or even spilling a drink.

Adjustable straps

One critical feature of a dinosaur watch for children is that it has adjustable straps. As young children are growing, adjustable straps will allow the watch to fit the child even longer.


The age of your child may play a role in what dinosaur watch you purchase.

A younger child will be happy with a simple dinosaur watch that allows them to work on telling time. However, an older child may need a watch that is more rugged or durable as they may be rougher with it.

Older children may also prefer to have a watch that has real looking dinosaurs on it as opposed to cartoon looking dinosaurs. This will likely be true of characters too. Older children wanting more mature themes and styles, like Jurassic Park, as opposed to cartoon dinosaur characters and themes.

Benefits of watches

For those that don’t feel a child needs a watch, they should know that they’re important for several reasons. These benefits include:

  • A child that understands time will be able to more effectively plan ahead
  • A watch makes a child aware of time, making them more responsible and organized.
  • With so many styles and themes to choose from, a watch can allow a child to express themselves.

Final thoughts

Dinosaur watches come in a variety of colors from various manufacturers. From younger, cartoon watches, to more mature themes, like Jurassic Park. They may be analog or digital, but no matter what, they must fit the personality of your child to a T.

Our goal of this review and buyer’s guide was to not only show you the best dinosaur watches available today but also suggest the best ways that you can pick a watch for your child.

Don’t waste any more time. You know now how to pick the perfect dinosaur watch, so stomp to it!

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