Dinosaur toy boxes: The 9 best of 2021

3 Sprouts Kids Dinosaur Toy Chest Storage Trunk

Dinosaur toy boxes are a handy addition in any bedroom or playroom. They come in many decorative options and are a great way to stow away toys.

You can be toss pretty much anything into a toy box. From dress up clothing to dolls to cars and trucks. And once you close the lid down, the room magically looks neat and tidy.

Here we will provide you with our picks of some of the best dinosaur toy boxes around. We’ve also include a buying guide for making sure you find the best ones for your needs.

Best dinosaur toy boxes: our picks

1. 3 Sprouts Kids Dinosaur Toy Chest Storage Trunk
1. 3 Sprouts Kids Dinosaur Toy Chest Storage Trunk
2. ZipBin 160 Dinosaur Collector Toy Box & Play Set
2. ZipBin 160 Dinosaur Collector Toy Box & Play Set
3. HUNRUNG Rectangle Canvas Dinosaur Storage Organizer
3. HUNRUNG Rectangle Canvas Dinosaur Storage Organizer
4. FANKANG Rectangular Fabric Dinosaur Storage Bin
4. FANKANG Rectangular Fabric Dinosaur Storage Bin
5. EESSME Rectangular Fabric Dinosaur Storage Basket with Handles
5. EESSME Rectangular Fabric Dinosaur Storage Basket with Handles
6. Jurassic World Storage Set (4 Pieces)
6. Jurassic World Storage Set (4 Pieces)
7. Jurassic World Storage Bench
7. Jurassic World Storage Bench
8. Sweet Jojo Designs Mod Dinosaur Collection Storage Box
8. Sweet Jojo Designs Mod Dinosaur Collection Storage Box
9. Hey! Play! Collapsible Dinosaur Toy Box
9. Hey! Play! Collapsible Dinosaur Toy Box

1. 3 Sprouts Kids Dinosaur Toy Chest Storage Trunk

3 Sprouts Kids Dinosaur Toy Chest Storage Trunk

First up, we’ve got this beautiful, cute dino toy box from 3 Sprouts – part of a range of 12 different styles and themes that includes everything from elephants and hippos to dinosaurs, rhinos, and big cats. And it’s not just great to look at; it’s also functional and nice to touch, with the dinosaur character on its front being made from a lovely-feeling felt material, which adds an excellent finish.

Made from 100% polyester, this toy box measures 14.5″ x 24″ x 15″, offering plenty of storage space for your little one’s bedroom or nursery. It features a separate lid, which is great for keeping toys out of sight, and cardboard inserts designed to keep the sides of the box stiff. Another great feature is the lid’s lip and pull-tab, making it easier for smaller hands to open and close.

Overall, this toy chest is really nice. Well-made and beautifully designed, this attractive option will look great in any kid’s room. While it’s on the more expensive side of picks on this list – retailing for $30 – what you’re getting for the money is quality in a dino toy box built to last. It’s also reasonably well-rated, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from a whopping 6,365+ customer reviews.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

2. ZipBin 160 Dinosaur Collector Toy Box & Play Set

ZipBin 160 Dinosaur Collector Toy Box & Play Set

Next up is this canvas toy box from ZipBin, and is part of the brand’s Dinosaur collection. Weight just two pounds and featuring sturdy sides and lid – this box is a great storage solution, either on its own or for anyone looking for a stackable option. Its dino theme makes it the perfect addition to any dinosaur-obsessed kid’s play or bedroom, featuring a colorful, vibrant cartoon design that they’re sure to love.

This toy box measures 8″ x 13.5″ x 12″ – or put in other terms, it’s big enough to hold up to 160+ dinosaur plush toys and figures of varying sizes. What’s unique about this toy box is that it’s convertible. It turns into a vibrant, Jurassic-themed dinosaur play mat when it’s not in use, storing toys. When playtime is over, simply zip it together, turning it back into a sturdy, stackable and robust toy box. In addition to this, it also ships with two 5″ dinosaur figures. This gives you loads of value and versatility with this toy storage option.

This product is excellent – and when it comes to value, it offers some of the best bang for your buck of any entry on this list. Great as a toy box, and just as good for play – this $20, 4.5-star rated toy box is a great choice. It also benefits from being an award-winning product, having won the coveted Oppenheim Gold Seal Award. Overall, and for the money, it doesn’t come much better than this.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

3. HUNRUNG Rectangle Canvas Dinosaur Storage Organizer

HUNRUNG Rectangle Canvas Dinosaur Storage Organizer

Our next pick is from HUNRUNG. It is a beautiful, rectangle-shaped canvas dinosaur storage organizer, perfect not just for toy storage but also for dinosaur clothing, bedding, and other linen – or pretty much anything else you’re looking to store. Part of a set of thirty different themes and designs – including everything from unicorns and pandas to robots – there’s something here for everyone, whatever their interests.

This storage bin is made from 100% natural linen and cotton fabric, and measures 15.74” x 11.02” x 8.66”, which, while it isn’t the largest toy box on our list, should offer plenty of room to meet most people’s needs. Other features of this one are sturdy side handles, perfect for easy toting, and a fully-collapsible design, making for convenient, compact storage. It also features a beautiful, fun, and colorful dino pattern design. A design that will look great in any little dinosaur enthusiast’s bedroom or playroom.

Overall, this one’s pretty nice. It’s also at the cheaper end of the picks on this list, being offered with a price tag of just $15. Not bad for a storage box of this quality. It’s also well-rated, scoring an average 4.5-star rating from some 2,600+ verified customer reviews, so you can be sure that this product is well-made and high-quality, offering lots of value in the long run, as it’s built to last.

Buy it: From $15, Amazon.com

4. FANKANG Rectangular Fabric Dinosaur Storage Bin

FANKANG Rectangular Fabric Dinosaur Storage Bin

Next, we’ve got a fabric dinosaur storage bin from brand FANKANG. This rectangular-shaped toy storage option comes from a collection with 13 different themes and styles, with everything from butterflies and rabbits, along with a few other dino designs – giving you lots of choices, especially for little dinosaur enthusiasts. It features a beautiful, woven Stegosaurus character with the words “Let’s Play”, set against a light blue background – perfect for any little boy’s room or nursery.

This one features a fully-collapsible design, making it easy to fold down and store when it’s not in use, and measures 15.74″ x 11.02″ x 8.66″ when in use – big enough to hold plenty of toys and other kids items. It’s made from a durable, lightweight linen and cotton fabric and is moisture-resistant, having been treated with a waterproof inner PE coating. This storage bin is multi-purpose, not just an excellent option for your kid’s room, but also suitable for storing linen, shoes, and books – just about anything, anywhere in the home.

Another great, inexpensive option – this toy storage bin is a good choice for the budget-conscious. And while it doesn’t have the price tag of a high-end option, it does have the design, look, and feel of a product far beyond its price point, making it a great pick. Not only that, but it also benefits from an average 4.5-star rating from some 1,300+ verified customer reviews, making it a reasonably well-rated option.

Buy it: From $16, Amazon.com

5. EESSME Rectangular Fabric Dinosaur Storage Basket with Handles

EESSME Rectangular Fabric Dinosaur Storage Basket with Handles

If you’re budget conscious, then this option from EESSME could well be for you – being by far the cheapest pick on this list. This fabric dinosaur storage basket – part of a set of 22 different designs – including all sorts of patterns, in a range of beautiful, earthy tones, perfect for matching with similarly colored dinosaur curtains, dino rugs, and other decors in your little one’s room. While it isn’t going to win any awards – for the money, it does what it says. And design-wise, it’s pretty nice.

Made from lightweight, durable linen and cotton fabric, this toy box will stand up to whatever your little one throws it’s way. It also benefits from a waterproof PE inner coating, making it somewhat resistant to unfortunate mishaps and spills. When it comes to size, this one measures 15″ x 9″ x 10″ – which isn’t all that big – but given the price, you could always opt to purchase a couple of these, giving you plenty of storage options and space. It’s also fully collapsible for easy storage and features a set of handles to make it easy to move around.

If you’re shopping on a tight budget, this $12 storage basket is as good as it gets. It looks nice and won’t look out of place in your little one’s dino-themed room. It also comes reasonably well-rated, with 1,182+ customer reviews giving it an average star rating of 4.5 stars. Overall, while it isn’t the best toy box on this list, it’s undoubtedly the cheapest. And frankly, it’s not bad for the money.

Buy it: From $12, Amazon.com

6. Jurassic World Storage Set (4 Pieces)

Jurassic World Storage Set (4 Pieces)

Next, we have this 4-piece, officially licensed Jurassic World storage set comprised of a toy trunk, 2x storage cubes, and a pop-up hamper. This product is part of a broader collection, including everything from dinosaur sleeping bags and dino lamps to other furnishing and room decor, perfect for any dinosaur-themed nursery or kid’s bedroom. Each item in this set features a carry handle and is fully collapsible, making it easy to store away when not in use.

Perfect as either a temporary or permanent storage solution, this 4-piece set is great for organizing your little one’s room. Perfect for helping to keep their space neat, tidy, and free of clutter. Each item features Jurassic World graphics, with a ferocious dinosaur that your dino-obsessed child will no doubt love.

All-in-all, there’s a lot here. A complete storage set, at an affordable price of $45 – that’s just over $11 per piece. That’s not bad for a high-quality, official Jurassic World product, making this set pretty good value for money. It also comes well-rated, with 75+ customer ratings giving this set an average score of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $45, Amazon.com

7. Jurassic World Storage Bench

Jurassic World Storage Bench

Another excellent option for fans of the Jurassic World franchise, our next pick is this officially licensed storage bench, capable of seating kids weighing up to 81lbs. This toy storage solution is great as it doubles up as a seating option, making it ideal for smaller kid’s bedrooms short on space. It offers loads of storage and is well-cushioned, making it both comfortable and practical. Design-wise, it’s also very nice. Featuring a ferocious dinosaur set against a vibrant, blue background – perfect for any little boy’s room.

Apart from its usefulness as a seating option – something that’s unique among the dino toy boxes we’ve featured so far on this list – it also features a fully collapsible design, folding flat when not in use. The lid is also completely detachable, and the box measures 30″ x 15″ x 15″, providing plenty of storage for all your child’s dinosaur toys.

If you’re looking for the ultimate toy box option for a fan of the popular movie franchise, this is it. Well-design, visually appealing, and multi-functional, with its ability to function as a seat – this option is a pretty good one. While it’s somewhat pricey – retailing for $41. It does feature high build-quality and comes well-rated, scoring an average of 4.5 stars from 118+ customer reviews.

Buy it: From $41, Amazon.com

8. Sweet Jojo Designs Mod Dinosaur Collection Storage Box

Sweet Jojo Designs Mod Dinosaur Collection Storage Box

Next up is this storage box from Sweet JoJo Designs. It’s part of the Mod Dinosaur collection – a collection that includes everything from dinosaur bedding sets to dinosaur curtains and dino rugs, which together complete the look of your little one’s bedroom or nursery.

This toy box features a multi-colored dinosaur design, with navy, turquoise, and green dino illustrations, matching other Mod Dinosaur collection products. This well-made, sturdy fabric chest features a flip lid and reinforced handles, making it easy to carry and move around. Like all products from Sweet JoJo, this one is high-quality, durable, and built to last.

Suppose you’ve already decorated your kid’s room with other products from the brand, then this item is a no-brainer to complete the set. That said, even if you haven’t, this toy storage box is an excellent option for any dino-themed room, being a great-looking, well-designed, and highly rated storage solution, scoring an average 4-star rating from over 20 customer reviews.

Buy it: From $38, Amazon.com

9. Hey! Play! Collapsible Dinosaur Toy Box

Hey! Play! Collapsible Dinosaur Toy Box

Last up, we’ve got this colorful, playful dinosaur toy box from Hey! Play! This one is perfect for a young child or toddler’s room, featuring bright, vibrant colors and a fun cartoon design perfect for little dinosaur fans. This box is entirely collapsible, folding flat for easy storage, and features medium density fiberboard in its construction for added strength and stability. This material will help it keep it’s shape over time, making it a long-lasting toy storage solution that will give good value for money over time.

Perfect for keeping bedrooms neat and tidy, this high-quality toy box is covered with a smooth, wrinkle-resistant vinyl material, which wraps the box all the way around, giving it a seamless finish. This box can also double up as a seat, featuring a cushioned top lid – although be aware that it’s only capable of supporting small children’s weight. The whole thing is easy to set up, taking no more than a few moments to put it together from flat and measures 23.75″ x 12″ x 14″, offering ample space for plenty of dino toys.

This one is ideal for younger children, especially for any parents short on space. Its versatility as toy storage and seating makes it great for smaller bedrooms. Overall, it’s pretty good – it looks great, is well-made, and comes highly-rated, scoring an average rating of 4 stars. While it’s not the cheapest, at $26, it’s well worth the investment, given the quality that it offers.

Buy it: From $26, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur toy boxes

There are many things to consider when looking at all the dinosaur toy boxes that are on the market.

Many of these things most people will not think about. But they are important aspects to ensure that you get the toy box that you really want.

Once you have read the buying guide below, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the exact dinosaur toy box for your needs.


Any materials used for a dinosaur toy boxes must be safe. All materials need to be of high-quality and extremely durable.

Heavy duty toy boxes are the best kind to get. You want to find one that is sturdy and will not fall over on the child.

You will also want to examine the wood. Look for cracking or signs of splinters.

Educational value

Have you ever thought about dinosaur toy boxes having an educational value?

If you say no, don’t worry because most people do not.

With the help of a toy box, you child can learn to organize – an essential life skill. And it also helps teach one how to be responsible and take care of their belongings.

Design of the toy box

Design plays a huge role when it comes to dinosaur toy boxes. You must pick one that will appeal to your child. Look for colors that your child loves. If they hate green, then steer away from an all green toy box.

Ventilation holes

It is important to look for dinosaur toy boxes that has ventilation holes. Children are often fascinated with things that are not meant for them to sit or lay in. Other children like to hide and might feel that a toy box would be the perfect spot to hide in. But if they are not strong enough to open the lid, it would be pretty scary for them to be laying there with no fresh air coming in.


You may wish to consider a toy box with wheels. This will come in handy if you need to move the toy box. Say you have a toy room, but your children like to play in the living room or their bedroom. It could be very beneficial to have this option.


You should also look for a toy box that has fingerhole cutouts. This will prevent any child from getting their fingers slammed into the toy box.

Toy box vs. toy organizer

A toy organizer is not the same thing as a toy box. Here is how you can tell them apart.

  • A toy box has one purpose- to hold any and all toys that your child has. Dolls and plush toys can be tossed in with race cars and blocks. Sometimes toy boxes will have a lid on them and others will not have a lid. It is very easy to teach a child how to pick up by just tossing the toys into the box.
  • You’ll also find toy boxes that you can personalize with your child’s name.
  • A toy organizer will have various compartments for organizing the toys. Instead of simply being throw in a box, each toy has its own spot. If you don’t put away properly, you’ll soon run out of space. Toy organizers are perfect for small toys, such as Lego men. Dinosaur coloring books, markers and crayons, and matchbox cars would all fit perfectly into a toy organizer.
    Tips for choosing a dinosaur toy box
    It is important to have a toy box that will meet and exceed your expectations. Some tips for picking the best toy box include:
  • Pick one that matches the theme of your room. If your toddler’s room is dinosaurs, a dinosaur toy box would fit accordingly. If there is not a theme to a room, but instead, a color combination. Find a toy box that matches this scheme.
  • Find a toy box that will suit your size. If your child has lots of toys, or two or more children will be sharing a toy box, consider purchasing a large one.
  • Do not expect all toys boxes to come assembled. Most will require assembly.
  • Look for safety hinges on the toy box to make sure that small fingers will not get pinched.

Final thoughts

We hope you enjoyed reading about the best dinosaur toy boxes. We had a lot of fun putting this review together.

Our aim was to provide you with the best information possible. Helping you to make an educated decision on which dinosaur toy box to buy.

We believe that by reading the reviews and having a buying guide will help. And hopefully, you’ll find it easier the right one for you.

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