Dinosaur play tents: The 6 best of 2021

ImpiriLux Store Dinosaur Pop Up Play Tent

Play tents were, and still are, as popular as can be with kids. The fact that your little one is provided with his safe haven at home is both comforting as well as intriguing. Its as if they have their own little house, in the shape of a dinosaur tent, where they can play.

In case your child is a dinosaur fan, why not buy him a dinosaur tent? There are many dinosaur themed tents on the market, making it easy to find the perfect one for your child.

Let us discuss some key buying considerations to help you choose one of the best dinosaur tents for your kid.

Best dinosaur tents: our picks

1. ImpiriLux Store Dinosaur Pop Up Play Tent
1. ImpiriLux Store Dinosaur Pop Up Play Tent
2. POCO DIVO Dinosaur Play House
2. POCO DIVO Dinosaur Play House
3. W&O Store Dinosaur Discovery Kids Tent with Roar Button
3. W&O Store Dinosaur Discovery Kids Tent with Roar Button
4. EVERICH TOY Dinosaur Hopper and Play Tent Combo
4. EVERICH TOY Dinosaur Hopper and Play Tent Combo
5. Basic Fun Playhut Stegosaurus Hut Pop-Up Play Tent
5. Basic Fun Playhut Stegosaurus Hut Pop-Up Play Tent
6. Wilwolfer Store Dinosaur Kids Tent with Dinosaur Drawing Book
6. Wilwolfer Store Dinosaur Kids Tent with Dinosaur Drawing Book

1. ImpiriLux Store Dinosaur Pop Up Play Tent

ImpiriLux Store Dinosaur Pop Up Play Tent

First up is this kid’s dinosaur pop up play tent from ImpiriLux, which offers your little one their own Jurassic world, surrounded by 20 fun, vibrate dinosaur illustrations from 12 different species. All your child’s favorites are here, with this tent’s design including Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, T-Rex, and Velociraptor. This lightweight tent is easy to set up and just as easy to put away, folding flat into a compact size is no more than a few minutes, making it perfect for play at home or out, being easy to take with you when traveling or on playdates.

This tent 51″ x 40″ tent is the perfect size for up to 2-3 children at a time and is made from high-quality, premium polyester fabric. All of the artwork is printed using non-toxic, water-resistant ink, helping to prevent fading over time. It also has two mesh windows, perfect for keeping your little one well ventilated and cool when using the tent, either indoors or outside. Included in the box is a handy carry bag, perfect for storage or travel. While it isn’t machine washable, it’s easy to wipe clean using a damp cloth and mild soap after play.

Overall, this play tent is excellent. High-quality, durable, and well-designed, your little one will love dreaming up Jurassic stories during creative play sessions. It’s also affordable – priced at just $33 – and comes highly-rated, with 1,274+ verified customer reviews giving this product an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $33, Amazon.com

2. POCO DIVO Dinosaur Play House

POCO DIVO Dinosaur Play House

Next up, we’ve got this dinosaur playhouse from Poco Divo, which features a green and blue background scene with numerous fun, cartoon dinosaur illustrations – your kids will absolutely love it. Big enough for up to 2-3 kids at a time, this tent measures 37” x 28” x 40”. While it isn’t the largest option on our list, it’s rectangular shape makes it feel more spacious than other circular options and makes it more suitable for parents short on space.

This tent is excellent for all sorts of uses – at home, in the back yard, at the park, birthday parties, or visiting the beach. Lightweight and compact, this tent is easy to set up and folds flat, making it incredibly portable and perfect for traveling with. Included in the box, you’ll find a set of sturdy tent poles, along with an easy-to-follow instruction guide. While this product isn’t machine washable, it is easy to care for using a sponge and mild liquid soap solution, taking no more than a few minutes to wipe down after play before taking it down and putting it away.

If you’re shopping for a dino playhouse on a budget, this is it – with this tent retailing at just $25, making it the most affordable pick on our list. It also comes well-rated, with 744+ verified customer reviews giving this product an average 4.5-star rating. All-in-all, and for the money, you’re not going to find a better deal than this one.

Buy it: From $25, Amazon.com

3. W&O Store Dinosaur Discovery Kids Tent with Roar Button

W&O Store Dinosaur Discovery Kids Tent with Roar Button

Our list’s next entry is the dinosaur discovery kids tent with roar button, from W&O Store. This tent is incredibly roomy – being one of the larger picks on our list, measuring 51″ x 40″, which makes it easily comfortable for groups of 2-3 children at a time. One feature of this play tent that sets it apart from others we’ve included on this list is its ROAR button, which, when pressed, plays one of 6 life-like dinosaur sounds, helping to make imaginative play more engaging and interactive.

Design-wise, this tent is one of the best! It features two very distinctive designs on each side – the first an erupting volcano, the second a waterfall – with each design packed-full of beautifully drawn illustrations of all the most famous dinosaurs. Another great feature of this tent is its poles, which unlike many cheaper options, uses fiberglass, making this tent noticeably lighter compared to many of the other options on the market.

Overall, this tent is excellent. Well-made, well-designed, and complete with unique, innovative functionality and sound effects – this product offers a lot for the money. It’s not cheap – with a price tag of $45, it’s one of the more expensive on this list. That said, given what it has to offer, as well as its 4.5-star average rating from 643+ customer reviews, we think it’s well worth the money.

Buy it: From $45, Amazon.com

4. EVERICH TOY Dinosaur Hopper and Play Tent Combo

EVERICH TOY Dinosaur Hopper and Play Tent Combo

Next, we’ve got this dinosaur play tent and hopper combo from Everich toys – a set that offers your little one hours of fun. This round, tepee style tent features a playful, blue, and green cartoon dinosaur design, which your child will no doubt love the look of. Just as easy to set up as it is to put away, this play tent folds down flat – fitting in a zippered carry bag that is just 17” – making it highly portable, perfect for playdates or visits to the beach.

Included in the box, you’ll find a dinosaur tent, 4x tent poles, a dinosaur hopper, a hand pump, and an easy-carry tote to keep it all in. The whole set is recommended for children aged 2-6 years old, and the tent measures 40” x 40” x 48”, making it large enough to accommodate up to 2-3 kids at a time, making it great for playdates. It’s also easy to set up and put away, taking no more than a few minutes to construct or dismantle before or after play.

Overall, this tent is pretty nice, being both affordable and well made. While it’s not the cheapest pick on this list, it does offer a lot of value. Especially when you factor in the included hand pump and hopper toy. It also benefits from a 4.5-star rating from 392+ verified customer reviews, which demonstrates the quality of this product.

Buy it: From $46, Amazon.com

5. Basic Fun Playhut Stegosaurus Hut Pop-Up Play Tent

Basic Fun Playhut Stegosaurus Hut Pop-Up Play Tent

Our next pick is something very different; a pop-up play tent shaped like a dinosaur. From Basic Fun, this tent is an excellent option if you’re looking for something different. It’s also easy to set-up and put away, like any other pop-up tent. Your child and their friends are going to love this tent on play days and visits to the beach. It’s a real stand-out, cute, and fun play tent that’s worthwhile considering.

This tent features an EZ twist frame, making it possible to put up and take down within seconds – making it effortless for parents. It’s also easy to take with you – lightweight and compact, it’s ideal for throwing into a backpack to take with you on picnics and other family outings. Well-made, high-quality, and durable, this tent can stand up to all the rough and tumble of toddler play.

Overall, we’re big fans of this tent. We love it’s cartoon dinosaur character design, along with it’s finishing touches, such as it’s Stegosaurus backplates. At just $40, it’s also reasonably priced, and benefits from a high 4.5-star average rating from over 160 verified customer reviews, making it a great buy.

Buy it: From $40, Amazon.com

6. Wilwolfer Store Dinosaur Kids Tent with Dinosaur Drawing Book

Wilwolfer Store Dinosaur Kids Tent with Dinosaur Drawing Book

Last up on our list is this dinosaur kids play tent from Wilwolfer. This tentfeatures a bright and colorful dinosaur volcano design that includes all your little one’s favorite dinosaurs, which is something they’ll no doubt love. Easy to set up and easy to put away, this lightweight, well-made fabric tent is an excellent option for anyone on a budget, being one of the cheaper tents in our list of picks.

Perfect for children ages three years and up. This product is a great way to get your little one away from their smart devices and into some creative, imaginative dino play. This tent ships with four fiberglass poles and benefits from reinforced roof and floor pockets, maximizing safety. It also features a pair of mess windows, helping to keep it cool and well ventilated when used either indoor or outside. As well as this, it also ships with a free gift of a dinosaur coloring book, which is a nice added touch.

Overall, with a low price tag of just $36, this play tent is an excellent pick for budget-conscious shoppers. Well-made, high-quality, and complete with a free gift, there’s a lot here for the money. As well as this, it also benefits from an average star rating of 4.5, aggregated from over 183 customer reviews, making this product one that is pretty well-rated and a great buy for the money.

Buy it: From $36, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur tents


One of the most important buying considerations for a play tent is surely the materials that it is made from. Remember that the tent will be subjected to a lot of rough play. They’ll stretch it, pull it, and bump into its sides as they play.

As a result you want to choose a play tent that is made from safe but durable materials.

This includes the poles that hold it up, as well as the fabric or plastic that it is made from. Fibreglass poles are considered to be among the safest and most durable options. Cheap plastic poles will easily break after a while.

The tent itself should be made from a safe and thick material such as high quality polyester. Flimsy plastic tents are a definite no-no.

It is also worth checking that the tent comes with a safety guarantee.


Since you are investing money you want to choose well with regards to size. Your child might be small now, but you don’t want them to outgrow their tent after just a few months. So, it is better to opt for a slightly bigger tent, big enough to least for two to three years.

Having said that, make sure that the tent is not too big. You don’t want to end up with a room that feels too cramped because of it. Be reasonable, and make sure to measure up before setting out to buy the play tent.


A play tent might not initially seem to be conducive to any skill development. However, in reality, it does contribute to creative play and imagination development. Children really love to play in an area which is solely for them. And while they play inside, they’ll have more fun and come up with more imaginative games and role play ideas.

A tent will also help keep your child entertained, keeping them away from the television or tablet.


Needless to say, the more colorful the tent is the more appealing it is going to be for the child. With dinosaur tents, you’ll find a wide range to choose from, as dinosaurs are favorite with many kids.

The illustrations and colors will help your child enter a whole new world where their dinosaurs will come to life. From several dinosaurs scattered all over the tent, to a terrain as a backdrop to make playtime more intriguing. Make sure to choose a tent that will help to inspire your child to have as much fun as possible while playing with his toy dinosaurs or any other toy within the tent.

Setting up the tent

Most tents are really easy to set up. They pop up in place with very little assembly. Take the time to check out the setting up instructions, making it easier to dismantle and put away.

Additional features

Some dinosaur tents come with extra features. A very popular one is a button that makes a dinosaur roaring sound. Some dinosaur tents also come with dinosaur toys with them.

Some tents also include the mat for the base. This may be something you should check as some mats are sturdier than others. Also some dinosaur tents include a play mat which is also dinosaur themed.

Final thoughts

While there are several aspects to consider when shopping for dinosaur tents, the most important aspect remains the material durability. This should be taken into account in relation to the price that you will pay.

It is better to invest in a nicely designed and durable dinosaur tent. This is because it will give you more value in the long run, than a cheap, poorly made one.

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