Dinosaur stencils: The 7 best of 2021

Fun Express Dinosaur Stencils for Kids (12pcs)

Stencils are a lot of fun when you love crafts, but have no artistic talent. With the use of a dinosaur stencil, you can create a great project.

I remember at Christmas getting a stencil box. It had so many paper stencils in it. There were letters and numbers, flowers, cats, dogs, monkeys, penguins, and dinosaurs in it. I had so much fun creating so many projects with it. Even though it was not much, it was probably one of my favorite gifts that year.

If you have a child that is into arts and crafts and loves dinosaurs, you will want to keep reading. Here we have compiled a list of reviews for the best dinosaur stencils, along with a buyer’s guide. This will allow you to find the best stencils for your child.

Best dinosaur stencils: our picks

1. Fun Express Dinosaur Stencils for Kids (12pcs)
1. Fun Express Dinosaur Stencils for Kids (12pcs)
2. Karty Large Extra Thick Dinosaur Stencils for Kids
2. Karty Large Extra Thick Dinosaur Stencils for Kids
3. Mike Home Assorted Dinosaur Stencils (6pcs)
3. Mike Home Assorted Dinosaur Stencils (6pcs)
4. Coocamo Store Plastic Kids Dinosaur Stencils (9 pieces)
4. Coocamo Store Plastic Kids Dinosaur Stencils (9 pieces)
5. Melissa & Doug Textured Dinosaur Stencils (4pcs)
5. Melissa & Doug Textured Dinosaur Stencils (4pcs)
6. Ousita Dinosaur Stencil Set (18pcs)
6. Ousita Dinosaur Stencil Set (18pcs)
7. Konsait Reusable Plastic Kids Dinosaur Stencils (12 pack)
7. Konsait Reusable Plastic Kids Dinosaur Stencils (12 pack)

1. Fun Express Dinosaur Stencils for Kids (12pcs)

Fun Express Dinosaur Stencils for Kids (12pcs)

Up first, we’ve got a 12-piece collection of dinosaur stencils from Fun Express – a set that’s perfect for party activities, party favors, playdates, or even just as accessories for your little one’s craft box at home. Fun Express is a brand we’ve covered extensively in our other product reviews and buying guides, with the toymaker offering everything from inflatable dinosaurs to dino balloons.

Each of the 12 stencils a different design, 11 of which are dinosaurs, the other are a set of dino footprints. All of your favorites are here – including Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, and T-Rex, among others. Perfect for younger children, the stencils in this set measure 5” x 5”, making them great for small hands, and are suitable for use with pens, pencils, thin markets, or even paint. Everything in the set is made from non-toxic, BPA-free plastics that are kid-friendly and safe, giving you, as a parent, that all-important peace of mind.

At just $11, this set offers pretty good value for money – with each stencil retailing for just over a buck apiece. They’re also well-made, brightly colored, and come well-rated, with this dinosaur stencil set scoring an average star rating of 4.5 from some 277+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $11, Amazon.com

2. Karty Large Extra Thick Dinosaur Stencils for Kids

Karty Large Extra Thick Dinosaur Stencils for Kids

The next pick on our list is the large, extra-thick dino stencils from Karty – a set of 20 different dinosaur shapes, made to be sturdy and durable, perfect for younger kids. Included in the set are three pieces, each measuring 10” x 14” – adding up to a total of 20 different dinosaur shapes for art play and projects.

One of the main features of these stencils is their thickness – offering maximum strength and durability, making them more than capable of standing up to whatever toddlers and young children can throw at them. In addition, there’s also some educational benefit, as the set ships complete with a beautifully illustrated, brightly colored brochure offering plenty of fun facts and information about all your little one’s favorite dinos.

When it comes to durability, stencils don’t come much better than this offering from Karty. In fact, this product is so durable that the manufacturers offer a no-questions-asked return policy – giving you a good indication of how likely these are to stand up to rough and tumble. All in all, this 4.5-star rated stencil set – a score given from over 267 verified customer ratings – is a great pick, which will offer plenty of fun and value for many years to come.

Buy it: From $14, Amazon.com

3. Mike Home Assorted Dinosaur Stencils (6pcs)

Mike Home Assorted Dinosaur Stencils (6pcs)

Our next set of dinosaurs stencils is from brand Mike Home – a brand
who make all kinds of great stencils for kids, with their range including everything from Christmas, Easter, and other holiday themes, to animals, vehicles, and of course, dinosaurs. This set is recommended for children aged three years and up and is perfect for school projects or arts and craft activities at home, ideal for use with crayons, pencils, or felt tip pens.

You’ll find all your favorite dinosaurs in this set – with each of the six stencils containing a different dino design, including Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, and T-Rex, among others. Each of the stencils in this set is made from environmentally friendly Polypropylene – a sturdy, recyclable plastic that’s 100% kid-safe and non-toxic.

While this isn’t the largest dinosaur stencil set on the market – in fact, at just six pieces, it’s actually the smallest on our list – it’s also the cheapest at just $7, making it a good pick for anyone on a budget. This set also comes highly rated, with 145+ verified customer reviews giving this product an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Buy it: From $7, Amazon.com

4. Coocamo Store Plastic Kids Dinosaur Stencils (9 pieces)

Coocamo Store Plastic Kids Dinosaur Stencils (9 pieces)

The next product on our list is this 9-piece dinosaur stencil set from the Coocamo Store – an affordable, well-made, and well-designed stencil set that your little dinosaur enthusiast will love drawing with. This set features all your favorite dinos, including Apatosaurus, Baryonyx, Corythosaurus, Diplodocus, Pterosaur, Spinosaurus Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Each stencil measures 5.9” x 5.9”, making them perfectly sized for small hands and developing fine motor skills. The set is also made from 100% safe, non-toxic PET plastic, making them durable, sturdy, and reusable, making them a long-lasting addition to any home arts and crafts box. While the set is excellent for use with regular drawing paper, they’re also pretty good when it comes to other surfaces and materials, including wood, walls, glass, or fabric, making them useful for all sorts of crafts and decorating projects around the house.

Overall, this set from Coocamo is reasonably priced and has a lot to offer any young, creative dinosaur enthusiast. They’re also well-made, child-friendly, and useful for all sorts of arts and crafts projects, providing plenty of activities for you and your children to enjoy together. They also come well-rated, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from over 186 verified customer reviews – not bad, considering the set’s price tag of under $10.

Buy it: From $9, Amazon.com

5. Melissa & Doug Textured Dinosaur Stencils (4pcs)

Melissa and Doug Textured Dinosaur Stencils (4pcs)

The next pick on our list is this 4-piece set of textured dinosaur stencils from Melissa & Doug – a set that comes with pencils, non-roll crayons, and an eraser, giving you everything you’ll need right out of the box. Melissa & Doug is a great kid’s product company – and one we’ve covered extensively in our other reviews and buying guides, rating everything from plush dinosaur toys and dinosaur hand puppets to dinosaur puzzles from the popular brand.

Unlike the other stencils on our list – which tend to be smaller – these are A4 sized, making them great for use with standard copy paper commonly found at home. Another key difference is their function as rubbing plates, not just stencils – making for a slightly different, 2-in-1 activity compared to other options we’ve picked out. Finally, this pick is better for slightly older kids than toddlers, making it a good choice for parents of school-aged dino fans.

In all honesty – while these dinosaur stencils are lovely, they’re costly for what they are. This is one of the reasons they’re so far down our list of picks. That said, they do come reasonably well-rated, scoring an average of 4-stars from some 97+ verified customer reviews – so if budget isn’t a problem, these stencils from Melissa & Doug could be worth picking up for your little dino fan’s arts and crafts box at home.

Buy it: From $40, Amazon.com

6. Ousita Dinosaur Stencil Set (18pcs)

Ousita Dinosaur Stencil Set (18pcs)

Last but not least, we’ve got this 18-piece dinosaur stencil set from Ousita. This is a set which, when it comes to value, arguably offers more than many of the other picks on this list. Perfect for arts and craft activities, kid’s parties, or playdates – this stencil set will keep your little one entertained for hours while offering a host of educational and developmental benefits along the way.

Each of the stencils measures 5.12″ x 5.12″ – making them a good size for small hands – and are made from highly durable, eco-friendly PET plastics, which are incredibly lightweight and free from harmful toxins and chemicals. This stencil set packs a punch when it comes to educational value – with each of the 18 stencils featuring a different dinosaur, complete with a stencil of its name. This makes these dinosaur stencils not only good at introducing dinos to your little one but also for letter recognition and spelling.

All-in-all, you’ll struggle to find a much better value than this set has to offer. With its 18 pieces – each a different dinosaur – and each dinosaur’s name as a stencil on each piece – this $11 set has plenty to offer, both in terms of fun and educational benefits. As well as the hard-to-beat value this product offers, it also benefits from a pretty good rating – with 61+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Buy it: From $11, Amazon.com

7. Konsait Reusable Plastic Kids Dinosaur Stencils (12 pack)

Konsait Reusable Plastic Kids Dinosaur Stencils (12 pack)

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is this 12-piece reusable dinosaur stencil set from Konsait. This pick is not just great value price-wise; it also offers plenty of educational value, helping to introduce young children to some of the more popular, well-known dinosaurs. Perfect to craft, create, and decorate – this set offers a wide range of utility. This makes them well-suited for use with a wide range of surface materials and art tools.

Each stencil in this set is made from eco-friendly PET plastic – a material that’s safe, non-toxic, and durable. This makes these stencils hard-wearing and long-lasting, offering plenty of value for money over time. In addition to the stencil, each contains a number and a dinosaur name. These are perfect for helping young children learn to count and teach them how to spell the names of each dinosaur.

All in all, if you’re looking for a barge – this set of dinosaur stencils from Konsait could well be it. With a modest price tag of just $8, you get a lot – with 12 stencils, each a different dinosaur. This makes this set not only our bargain pick but also one of the largest on our list. It also benefits from a pretty good rating, with 30+ verified customers giving this one a 4.5-star rating.

Buy it: From $8, Amazon.com

Buyer’s guide for dinosaur stencils

One thing that I have heard a lot is that stencils are just outlining. While in a sense it is true, there is so much more to stencils! Stencils provide so many great benefits to children that we are glad that many find it an enjoyable activity.

Dinosaur stencils can be used to create so many different projects. Once your child completes one, they will be hooked.

Keep reading to see what dinosaur stencils can help a child with.

Fine motor skills

When a child is in preschool or younger, it is essential to get them to use their fine motor skills. This will assist with writing when they get older. There are many ways that children can do this. From placing pom-poms in jars, to picking up pipe cleaners with tweezers. But stencils are another great way to get children to develop their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills help to develop the muscles in the hand, wrists, and fingers.

When a child uses stencils, they will generally use a pencil or pen to trace the outline of the stencil. Then once the dinosaur stencil has been completed, they may color it in with colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Or they may decide to paint it. All of these will also use fine motor skills.


If I tried to draw a dinosaur right now, I can guarantee you that it wouldn’t look like one! You might be able to make out the three horns, or the four legs, but that would be about it.

Now think about a younger child. They ask you if you like their drawing and you state “yes, your elephant looks amazing”. They may become heartbroken when they tell you that it is not an elephant, but rather a dinosaur.

But what if that same child had dinosaur stencils to use and made the picture. Then you could respond “yes, your dinosaur is fantastic!”. This will give the child a sense of accomplishment and make them feel good about their work. This will then raise their self-esteem.


Dinosaur stencils can also help a child develop patience. This is something that many children struggle with, as when they want something, they want it now! Today, many parents are too willing to drop what they are doing in fear of their child throwing a fit.

Children will see that over time, their designs will look better. If they use paint to color the picture, they will develop patience while they wait for the picture to dry.


When many think of dinosaur stencils for kids, they think that the child just needs paper to use them. While the paper is nice, a child can benefit from having so many other mediums to use. You may wish to have various colors of paper, as well thicker cardstock for different projects on.

You can also invest in some canvases for your child. These come in a variety of sizes, from 2 X 2 inches up. Some are just the panels, which are generally less expensive. Often, you’ll find stencils sets at the dollar store. These tent to have 3 in a pack that measures 3 X 5 inches or 4 X 6 inches.

Wood is also great for children to use. Thin pieces of wood can be painted and then a stencil can be applied. These make great children’s signs for their rooms.

Fun foam is also a great medium for children to use. They can trace a dinosaur stencil onto the fun foam and then cut it out to use in different projects.

A really fun project for children to use with stencils is to make their t-shirts. They can use puff paint to trace the stencil with, then fill in once the outline has been dried.

You can also provide a lot of other materials for the child to use. Scissors, pipe cleaners, glitter, yarn, tissue paper, fabric, colored glue, buttons, wiggly eyes, and dino stickers are just a starting list.

Final thoughts

We hope that you enjoyed our reviews and buyer’s guide for the best dinosaur stencils. You will now know how stencils can benefit a child’s life.

Stencils make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, special days, and just because. They can be used any time of the year, and are perfect for rainy days.

If you do not have a dinosaur stencil kit for your child, you need to invest in one today!

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