Dinosaur sprinklers: The 6 best of 2021

Neteast Outdoor Dinosaur Sprinkler Splash Pad Toy

With winter well underway, many people are longing for time to get outside and plant flowers, play in the pool or dinosaur sprinkler, work in the garden, and have fun with the kids. All these snow and cold temperatures have been a real downer lately.

But soon it will be warm and we will be able to go outside and play ball, have a campfire, play on the swingset, and run through the sprinkler.

If you have not thought about getting a sprinkler, you should. With the virus still in full force, a sprinkler can help break up your child’s day. With so many great character sprinklers, such as Mickey or Minnie Mouse, and various animal ones like dinosaur sprinklers, now is the time to get them before they are all sold out.

Here we have provided you with the best dinosaur sprinklers for sale, as well as a buyer’s guide.

Best dinosaur sprinklers: our picks

1. Neteast Outdoor Dinosaur Sprinkler Splash Pad Toy
1. Neteast Outdoor Dinosaur Sprinkler Splash Pad Toy
2. Prextex 2 in 1 Inflatable Dinosaur Water Sprinkler and Ring Toss Game
2. Prextex 2 in 1 Inflatable Dinosaur Water Sprinkler and Ring Toss Game
3. BANZAI T-Rex Terror Mondo Sprinkler
3. BANZAI T-Rex Terror Mondo Sprinkler
4. Bestway BW52294 Dinomite Dinosaur Sprinkler
4. Bestway BW52294 Dinomite Dinosaur Sprinkler
5. Andywoo Splash Pad Dinosaur Sprinkler for Kids
5. Andywoo Splash Pad Dinosaur Sprinkler for Kids
6. Mopoq Inflatable Dinosaur Water Play Sprinkler
6. Mopoq Inflatable Dinosaur Water Play Sprinkler

1. Neteast Outdoor Dinosaur Sprinkler Splash Pad Toy

Neteast Outdoor Dinosaur Sprinkler Splash Pad Toy

Our first pick is this fun, dinosaur-themed sprinkler splash pad from Neteast. This one is part of a set of two different styles – the first, dinosaurs, the second, the second, an underwater scene complete with a yellow submarine. This pad is on the large size, measuring 68” in diameter – plenty of size for your little one and all their friends to splash about together in the summer heat – and attaches to any garden hose using a simple, adjustable water pressure valve. It is recommended for children aged two years and up; this product is an excellent alternative for anyone without space or budget for a backyard pool.

Setting this dinosaur sprinkler up is real simple – just take it out of the box, unfold it flat, and connect a garden hose to it using the provided adjustable valve. Everything here is made from high-quality, BPA-free materials and is both 100% leakproof and durable. Your little ones are going to love this well-designed, well-made sprinkler splash pad, giving them hours and hours of fun this summer.

Overall, this pick is a great choice. It’s affordable – retailing for just $20 – and comes with everything you need to set it up, right out of the box. This pick also comes highly-rated, with this product scoring an average of 4.5-stars from a whopping 2,113+ verified customer reviews. If you’re looking for an affordable, durable dinosaur-themed sprinkler splash pad this summer, this one is worth a closer look.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

2. Prextex 2 in 1 Inflatable Dinosaur Water Sprinkler and Ring Toss Game

Prextex 2 in 1 Inflatable Dinosaur Water Sprinkler and Ring Toss Game

Our next pick is great for anyone looking for something a little different in a dinosaur sprinkler – it’s the 2 in 1 inflatable dinosaur water sprinkler and ring toss game from Prextex. This brand makes all kinds of great dinosaur products, from dinosaur truck toys and dinosaur flashcards to dino plush toys and even dinosaur cupcake toppers – many of which we’ve covered in our other buying guides. Not only does this one provide all the fun and functionality of a dino sprinkler, but it also includes additional interactivity by way of a ring toss game, adding a further element of backyard fun this summer.

In the box, you’ll find the inflatable dinosaur itself – which measures 22″ x 42″ – and 8x colorful rings, which you have to try and get around the dinos horns to score points. The sprinkler can shoot water over distances of up to 10 feet and includes an easy-to-adjust water pressure valve, allowing you to control the water pressure from your attached garden hose. Great for children of all ages, this one will provide the whole family with plenty of outdoor fun this summer – while cooling you all off in the process as you frolic in the sun.

Overall, we’re big fans of this one. The dinosaur sprinkler itself looks excellent, and the addition of a ring toss game means that it offers plenty of value over more traditional sprinkler pad options on our list. It’s also pretty reasonably priced, retailing for just $30 – which isn’t bad, considering what you get. When it comes to rating, this one benefits from a 4-star rating from over 186 verified customer reviews, so in terms of quality, you can be sure this product has plenty of it.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

3. BANZAI T-Rex Terror Mondo Sprinkler

BANZAI T-Rex Terror Mondo Sprinkler

Next, we have a cartoon-style, brightly colored green and orange inflatable T-Rex sprinkler from brand BANZAI. Standing at over 78″ inches tall, it’s the largest inflatable dinosaur sprinkler on this list – making it a must-have pick for anyone looking to impress with an enormous, life-size dinosaur in their backyard this summer.

This sprinkler is easy to set up, being compatible with any garden hose, and is designed to be durable and puncture-proof, being made from high-quality, durable PVC – so you can be sure that this product will last you and your family for not just this summer, but many more to come. You’ll need to spend some time pumping this one up, so make sure to pick up an electric pump to make things easier on yourself. While this inflatable dino can stand upright on its own, it’s also worth noting that it doesn’t include anything to weigh it down, so you may want to consider how you’ll do this in the space you intend to use it.

All in all, if you’re looking for something with that wow factor – you won’t find anything better than this giant dino sprinkler, with its colossal size being sure to impress any little dinosaur-obsessed kids. This product also benefits from a reasonably good rating, scoring an average of 4-stars from some 112+ customer ratings. Giant, colorful, and fun – you can’t go wrong with this pick to keep you and your family cool this summer.

Buy it: From $42, Amazon.com

4. Bestway BW52294 Dinomite Dinosaur Sprinkler

Bestway BW52294 Dinomite Dinosaur Sprinkler

The next product on our list is another huge, inflatable dinosaur sprinkler instead of a more traditional sprinkler pad – this one is the Dinomite dinosaur sprinkler from brand Bestway. This one features a much more realistic design, both in terms of design and coloring, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a giant dino sprinkler that’s a little less cartoony than many of the others on the market.

This giant dino stands at just over 48” inches, making it an impressive site for little dinosaur fans, and is compatible with any standard garden hose. While it’s easy to set up, there is obviously a little more work than with a sprinkler pad, as you’ll need to inflate the dinosaur first – using a pump that you’ll need to purchase separately. As you’d expect, there is a heavy-duty repair patch included in the box, just in case you need to repair this big inflatable dinosaur.

While this product isn’t the biggest inflatable dinosaur sprinkler on our list – read on for the biggest, which stands at a whopping 60” inches – it is the cheapest, retailing at around just $32. This makes this sprinkler from Bestway a great bargain pick and one that will last not only this summer, but many summers to come, thanks to its durable, sturdy materials and built quality.

Buy it: From $34, Amazon.com

5. Andywoo Splash Pad Dinosaur Sprinkler for Kids

Andywoo Splash Pad Dinosaur Sprinkler for Kids

Our next pick is much like the first, a more traditional dinosaur sprinkler splash pad, and is from brand Andywoo. This dino sprinkler is part of a range of three distinct colors and styles, a range that features shark designs, in addition to dinosaurs. Perfect for cooling off on those hot afternoons in the back yard, this 68” sprinkler splash pad is large enough for the whole family to enjoy, with ample space for up to 4 people at a time.

This product is incredibly easy to set up and use – simply connect it to any garden hose and turn the water on, adjusting water pressure at the faucet to set the spray height. Everything here is 100% kid-friendly and non-toxic, free from potentially harmful chemicals and phthalates, making it safe for the family and the environment.

At just $20, this pick from Andywoo is a bargain. Easy to use, put away, and fun for all the family; if you’re looking for a way to keep cool this summer, you can’t go wrong with this. The manufacturer also offers a reasonably straightforward refund and replacement policy if there are any issues with this product, such as leaking—All-in-all, not bad for the money, and one well worth considering this summer.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

6. Mopoq Inflatable Dinosaur Water Play Sprinkler

Mopoq Inflatable Dinosaur Water Play Sprinkler

Last but certainly not least is this inflatable dinosaur entry from Mopoq – an absolute monster of a sprinkler, standing at over 60 inches. This impressive, super fun dino sprinkler will look great in any backyard, being the perfect purchase for birthdays or playdates on hot summer days, being a fun way to cool off for everyone, both young and old.

This product is manufactured from high-quality, 0.25mm thick PVC, making it solid, durable, and good in terms of elasticity, meaning that this sprinkler will stand up to the rough and tumble of play. The sprinkler is also incredibly easy to set up and operate, with getting it up and running takes no more than a few minutes – which makes it great for impromptu summer use. Thankfully, it’s just as easy to put away as it is to set up, making post-play pack-up once your visitors have left a breeze.

If you’re looking for something to do this summer in the backyard that is a little out of the ordinary and will impress your children and all their little friends, then this giant dinosaur sprinkler could well be it. While it’s not the cheapest option on our list, it’s undoubtedly the largest, making it an excellent pick for anyone with space and plans to play host to loads of kids over the summer.

Buy it: From $90, Amazon.com

Buyer’s guide for dinosaur sprinklers

With some many different sprinklers on the market, picking the right one can be difficult. You obviously want the best sprinkler for your money. But you also want one that will throw enough water to keep your kids cool in the sweltering heat.

The great thing about dinosaur sprinklers is that they are fun for an inexpensive price. And if taken care of, they can last the whole season long and then some.

Keep reading our buyer’s guide on dinosaur sprinklers for information on how to pick the best ones.

Several sprays

When looking at a dinosaur sprinkler, you will want to see how many sprays there are. One that has several will work much better when several children will be running through it. If you do not want to hear any fighting, look for one that has many sprays.

The spray pattern is important as children will likely become bored if there is just one spray. Some children like to switch back and forth between sprays continuously, while others are content to leave a spray on for a while before switching. Look for dinosaur sprinklers that have tidal waves, wiggle worms, and more spray features.

Water pressure

All children do not like water to be shooting straight into their faces that hurts. A child that has sensory issues may only like a soft or gentle stream of water. Bigger kids may desire a more powerful stream. When picking out your dinosaur sprinkler, be sure to look for one that has variable water pressure toggles.


Sprinklers have evolved in the past several years. They now come in many shapes and sizes.

Some sprinklers are a mat with inflatable rings. On the bottom of the mat, sprinklers allow water to flow up. These tend to be great for younger children. Up to five children can play on a mat that measures 68 inches.

Other times the sprinklers are shaped like an animal, such as a dinosaur. Once the animal inflates fully, they begin to spray water.


While no one is ever too old for a sprinkler, some are too old for young children. Some sprinklers are suited for children that are 18 months to 4 or 5-year-olds. Others are more suited for older children.


When looking for a sprinkler, you will want to make sure that the material used is durable. The tougher a sprinkler is, the longer it will last. A high-quality sprinkler should last all season long.

Rubberized plastic is a common material that is safe. It will easily bend and fold and does well under pressure. As an added benefit, if a child is to fall on it, it will prevent any injuries.


Dimensions will matter if you have a smaller yard. You will want lots of room for your child to be able to move around and run.

Health, social, and education benefits

A sprinkler will provide many health and education benefits. Children will not only be getting exercise by moving around, but they can work on coordination and balance.

And if several children are playing with the sprinkler, your child will learn sharing skills. They will also be able to work on their communication skills.

And if you have a sprinkler mat, many of those come equipped with shapes, numbers, or other learning activities on them. Children can learn while they use the sprinkler!


When you first setup your sprinkler, you’ll want to go over the sprinkler rules with your kids. This will ensure that everyone stays safe. If you don’t go over the rules, you may wind up with an injury.

Good rules to have include:

  1. The sprinkler stays on the ground at all times. No one is allowed to pick it up.
  2. Pushing will not be tolerated.
  3. Children should not be allowed to pick up any other children.

By following these rules, everyone can stay safe and have fun.

Final thoughts

Dinosaur sprinklers are a great addition to any backyard. On a hot summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than running through the sprinkler.

With so many great dinosaur sprinklers on the market, it can be tough to know which ones are the best. But with your reviews and buying guide, you can rest assured that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Your countdown to summer can start soon. It won’t be long and your children will be frolicking around in the water, enjoying the sprinkler.

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