Dinosaur soap dispensers: The 4 best of 2021

SIAU Seven Bubble Auto Cartoon Dinosaur Soap Dispenser

Have you ever watched a kid wash their hands after using the bathroom? Some will not, some stick their hands under the water and are done, and others place a dab of soap in their hands and rinse it off without even scrubbing.

This is 3-year-olds up to teens. They just do not feel that washing hands is important. But if they had a cool soap dispenser to get the soap from, they may think differently.

Here we have compiled a list of the best dinosaur soap dispensers on the market. We’ve also included a handy buying guide, making it easier to find the perfect one for you.

Best dinosaur soap dispensers: our picks

1. SIAU Seven Bubble Auto Cartoon Dinosaur Soap Dispenser
1. SIAU Seven Bubble Auto Cartoon Dinosaur Soap Dispenser
2. GoFika Vinyl Dinosaur Refillable Hand Soap Pump Dispenser
2. GoFika Vinyl Dinosaur Refillable Hand Soap Pump Dispenser
3. CZY Automatic Touchless Dinosaur Soap Dispenser
3. CZY Automatic Touchless Dinosaur Soap Dispenser
4. Isaac Jacobs Green Ceramic Dinosaur Pump Soap Dispenser
4. Isaac Jacobs Green Ceramic Dinosaur Pump Soap Dispenser

1. SIAU Seven Bubble Auto Cartoon Dinosaur Soap Dispenser

SIAU Seven Bubble Auto Cartoon Dinosaur Soap Dispenser

First up is this touchless, battery-operated automatic soap dispenser from SIAU Seven Bubble. Manual soap dispensers can be tricky for young children to operate, making an automatic dispenser like this great to ensure good bathroom hygiene, making it easier for your child to wash their hands properly.

This cute, dinosaur-themed product features an in-built hand sensor with a range of up to 3” and holds up to 9 oz of liquid soap at a time. It requires 3x AA alkaline batteries, which can be purchased separately and turned on/off, using a switch located on the back. Also, and for added peace of mind, this dispenser comes completed with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

We’re big fans of this dispenser. It both looks great with it’s cute, minimalist dino design and is highly functional, providing health benefits by ensuring that your little one’s hands are cleaned properly with each bathroom visit. Retailing for around $30, this 4.5-star rated automatic soap dispenser is a must for any parents looking to promote good hygiene practices that will last a lifetime.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

2. GoFika Vinyl Dinosaur Refillable Hand Soap Pump Dispenser

GoFika Vinyl Dinosaur Refillable Hand Soap Pump Dispenser

Next up is this refillable, vinyl dinosaur-shaped hand soap dispenser from GoFika. Not just soap, this product is excellent for all kinds of liquids, from lotions to shampoo – if it’s a liquid, this dispenser is perfect for it. It’s also small enough to throw in a bag or backpack, making it great as an option for hand sanitizer or other similar liquids you need to take with you while you’re on the go.

This dispenser features a spirally sealed top, which works to prevent leakage. Only a small amount of pressure is required to operate it, making it a good option for smaller, younger children, who may otherwise struggle to use it. This awesome looking mini dino, made from high-quality vinyl, is just at home in your bathroom or kitchen, as it is anywhere around the house. It’s even great as part of your travel luggage, offering a handy way to bring your essentials with you while away.

Overall, this product is pretty good – we certainly think so, and so do the customers on Amazon who gave it an average 4.5-star rating. It’s also pretty cheap, costing just $10, making it both great value and, in fact, the lowest priced pick on our list.

Buy it: From $10, Amazon.com

3. CZY Automatic Touchless Dinosaur Soap Dispenser

CZY Automatic Touchless Dinosaur Soap Dispenser

Next is another excellent touchless, automatic dinosaur foam dispenser, this time from brand CZY. This dispenser couldn’t be cuter – pink, with spikey stegosaurus-like backplates, and even a set of googly eyes – if you live with young children, this product is a must-have addition to your bathroom. This battery-powered dispenser is a loveable, unique item, perfect for your own home or as a gift for friends or loved ones.

Unlike the others we’ve included on our list so far, this one is a foam dispenser – not soap. Foam is considered by many to be a more hygienic option to liquid soap, generally being quicker, cleaner, and water-saving. Made from durable, scratch, and heat resistant ABS plastic, this product is 100% kid-safe, non-toxic, and free from potentially harmful chemicals. It also boasts cutting edge smart infrared motion sensor technology, which can detect hands from a distance of up to 2” away.

All-in-all, this dispenser is excellent. It uses foam, making it more hygienic, and offers a genuinely touch-free hand washing experience through the use of the latest sensor technology. This product is a premium, high-end dispenser at a low-cost price, retailing for just $30, making it a bargain. It also comes highly recommended, with an average 4.5-star rating.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

4. Isaac Jacobs Green Ceramic Dinosaur Pump Soap Dispenser

Isaac Jacobs Green Ceramic Dinosaur Pump Soap Dispenser

Last but not least, is this beautiful, ceramic dinosaur-shaped liquid soap dispenser from Isaac Jacobs. This dispenser – available in either green or white – this attractive, unique dino soap dispenser is a great way to personalize your bathroom, showing guests your interest and love of all things dinosaurs. And if dinosaurs aren’t you’re thing, that’s alright; Isaac Jacobs makes many great dispensers, including everything from cats, dogs, bears, and even unicorns.

This cute, fun dispenser stands at 7” tall and can hold up to 12 fluid oz of not only soap but also lotions, shampoos, or pretty much anything other liquid you need on hand in the bathroom. It features a sleep, chrome hand pump that is easy to use and easy to remove, making refilling the dispenser a breeze. Of course, the main attraction here is the dinosaur itself – being a little T-Rex with short arms and toothy grin, sat at attention beneath its pump. Kids and adults, young and old, will appreciate and love using this quirky soap dispenser, promoting good hygiene habits.

This product appeals for many reasons. Not only does it look and function great, but it’s also reasonably priced, retailing for just $20 – what is a bargain given its high-quality ceramic finish. Great as a gift for yourself or dinosaur-obsessed loved ones, this 4.5-star rated dino soap dispenser is a pretty good option and worth considering.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur soap dispensers

A soap dispenser is a device that will either manually or automatically deposit soap into the hands. These come in many colors, designs, shapes, and sizes.

These can be found in bathrooms or kitchens, and are as important for good hygiene and health as a dinosaur toothbrush is.

If you are ready to find the best soap dispenser for your home, keep reading!

Manual vs. automatic

You may wonder if a manual dinosaur soap dispenser will be better than an automatic dinosaur soap dispenser.

With a manual soap dispenser, it is up to you to push on the pump to have soap come out. A manual soap dispenser can dispense out liquid, powder, or foam type of soap.

Many of the manual soap dispensers are disposable. These are generally made of plastic, and once the soap is finished, you can clean it out and recycle it.

But there are decorative dinosaur soap dispensers that you keep refilling. These often have matching dinosaur toothbrush holders, bar soap holders, bath or dinosaur play mats, and more if they are made for a bathroom.

An automatic soap dispenser allows you to obtain soap without touching anything.

A sensor is activated when your hands get close to the dispenser. The perfect amount of soap is released for you to wash your hands.

Why should children have cool soap dispensers?

It is important that children have really cool soap dispensers that motivate them to wash their hands. Think back to when you were a child. Would you pick a really cool dinosaur soap dispenser or a plain while bottle to get soap from?

Not only does a cool dinosaur soap dispenser help decorate a bathroom or kitchen area – serving a similar purpose to a cool dinosaur shower curtain or dino bath towel – but it makes children want to test it out.

Think of the many times that a child’s hands need to be washed. After using the restroom, after touching an animal, before and after eating, after outdoor play, after messy play, after touching their nose, and after coughing or sneezing into the hands. That is a lot of washing each and every day. Which is a perfect reason why they need a cool soap dispenser.

If they love dinosaurs, they will be in awe of dinosaur soap dispensers that look realistic. Or if they have a humorous side, they may find a cartoon dinosaur soap dispenser to be very funny.

Another idea is to fill the dino soap dispenser with fun smelling soap, like cotton candy or raspberry. Kid’s are more likely to enjoy using these more, leading to more frequent hand washing.

Factors to consider

There are various things you will want to keep in mind when purchasing a dinosaur soap dispenser.

  1. How often will the soap dispenser be used?
  2. Where are you placing the soap dispenser?
  3. How much does the soap dispenser hold?
  4. Does it float? If it does, it could double up as a dinosaur bath toy.

If the soap dispenser will be used frequently, you’ll want one that will hold up. Look for one that is sturdy and will not break if it is accidentally bumped off the counter.

Again, where you place it will determine what type of material the soap dispenser is made from. Children may accidentally knock off the soap dispenser, so, therefore, you want a shatterproof material.

And if the dispenser will get used often, make sure it’s large enough, so that you’re not constantly refilling it.


We like reusable dinosaur soap dispensers. This is important if you are looking out for the environment. We also like this option because you can fill it with your favorite soap.

Good soap dispenser for kids

If you have kids, you need to find a soap dispenser that will work for them. While there are many fancy ones on the market, not all are ideal for young child.

A good soap dispenser for kids should be affordable. Particularly in child’s bathroom, you’ll want something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Save the high priced soap dispensers for the master bath. By not paying a lot, it won’t matter much if the dispenser should crack or start leaking.

You also want to find a soap dispenser that sits steadily on the counter. There are so many that are cute, but they wobble. This is just a disaster waiting to happen in our book!

And finally, you do not want a soap dispenser that leaks. That is just wasting your hard-earned money on soap. And it makes a huge mess.

Final thoughts

It is our hope that you learned a lot from our dinosaur soap dispensers review and buyer’s guide. You should not be able to make an educated decision on which dinosaur soap dispenser is right for your home.

With so many on the market, it can be frustrating to pick the right one.

But with our dino-riffic advice, you will make the right choice.

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