Dinosaur snow globes: The 3 best of 2021

Mousehouse Gifts Dinosaur Snow Globe

Remember the first snowfall of the year? How beautiful it looks and how magical it can feel?

If you have never experienced snow, this may be a hard thing to imagine. However, with a snow globe, you can experience it differently.

If you have a child that adores dinosaurs, you should look into dinosaur snow globes. With a huge variety online, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Snow globes can be something that your child can collect for years to come. They will have a blast looking for all different kinds when you go on vacation, are at garage sales, or just looking in shops.

Here we have provided a review on the best dinosaur snow globes, as well as a buyer’s guide to help you determine which one is the best for you.

Best dinosaur snow globes: our picks

1. Mousehouse Gifts Dinosaur Snow Globe
1. Mousehouse Gifts Dinosaur Snow Globe
2. Floss & Rock Mini Dinosaur Shatterproof Snow Globe
2. Floss & Rock Mini Dinosaur Shatterproof Snow Globe
3. Floss & Rock Dinosaur Musical Snow Globe
3. Floss & Rock Dinosaur Musical Snow Globe

1. Mousehouse Gifts Dinosaur Snow Globe

Mousehouse Gifts Dinosaur Snow Globe

Buy it: From $18, Amazon.com

2. Floss & Rock Mini Dinosaur Shatterproof Snow Globe

Floss & Rock Mini Dinosaur Shatterproof Snow Globe

Buy it: From $22, Amazon.com

3. Floss & Rock Dinosaur Musical Snow Globe

Floss & Rock Dinosaur Musical Snow Globe

Buy it: From $57, Amazon.com

Buyer’s guide for dinosaur snow globes

Snow globes are so pretty to look at. I remember grandma having one that I loved to shake for hours on end, watching the magical scene unfold as it snowed. All of her grandchildren loved that snowglobe, so when several of us were there, it was a battle to who got to have it first.

Kids and adults can have an infatuation with snow globes. When you are having an off or sad day, you can shake it and immediately feel better.

Keep reading to find out all about dinosaur snow globes.


Dinosaur snow globes can come in plastic or glass. Both are gorgeous and can make anyone who loves snow globes happy. It is a personal preference on which material you decide to go with.

Some plastic snow globes will look very cheap. However, some on the market are plastic that looks great.

With glass snow globes, you take the chance of them breaking if not handled properly. Teach your children how to hold and shake them properly to avoid this.


With a snow globe, there are many scenes that you can pick from. If you can think of it, there is a good chance that a snow globe that resembles that thought has been made.

We have seen a lot of different scenes on the market. The Eiffel Tower, an old town snow scene, a church, a panther on the prowl, a unicorn jumping over a rainbow, a ballerina dancing in the snow, or a stegosaurus and triceratops battling it out.

The base

The base of your dinosaur snow globe is very important. Some snow globes are made from wood. Others are constructed from plastic. The bases can be one solid color or perhaps they will go with the theme of the snow globe. Perhaps a brachiosaurus snow globe would have dinosaur prints over the base, or a t-rex one will say RAWR all over the base.


Snow globes come in a large variety of sizes. Some are only a few inches tall, while others can be several inches tall.

The snow

You will also want to take a look at what is used for snow. Is it plastic material or does it resemble glitter? Do you feel that it looks good with the scene that is on the globe?

Is there enough snow? Some snow globes have very little snow, which is a huge bummer. Seems like you shake it and within a few seconds, the globe needs to be shaken again!

Does the material all clump together? Or does each piece fall on its own? If the material does clump, this could signal a defective snow globe, or the material or water may have chemicals in it that is causing it to do this.


Newer models of snow globes could contain antifreeze. If this is the cause, be sure to never allow a child to have the snow globe while being unattended. You will want to place the snow globe on a high shelf out of reach of both children and pets.

Make your own

There are many that make your own snow globe kits. These make an excellent birthday, Christmas, Easter, or just because gifts. Children will have a ball making them, creating fun memories. The memories can continue for a long time afterward, each time they shake the globe.

Picture snow globes

There are also picture snow globes where you decide which picture you want in the center of the snow globe. This will be your scene instead of anything else.

The base of these snow globes can be a solid color or it can have a design on it. Perhaps it will have cat paw prints on it or a tie-dye design. There may be an iguanodon pattern on it, or just have a variety of dinosaur shapes on it. You can find so many great patterns that are perfect for others when you give them as a gift!

Final thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our dinosaur snow globe review and buyer’s guide. Hopefully, you now feel comfortable purchasing a dinosaur snow globe.

With a wide variety of snow globes on the market, you can find one that anyone would love.

Snow globes have been around for years. They are small things that can have a huge impact on someone’s life. They can make a person who is sad feel happier, or they can make someone who is sick cheerful. Perhaps this is a reason why you see so many snow globes in a hospital gift shop.

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