Dinosaur slime: The 5 best of 2021

Discovery Prehistoric Dinosaur Slime Dig

Two things that kids love are dinosaurs and slime. So when you put the two of them together, you have a really fun afternoon of play!

Lately, slime has been very popular. And for good reason! It is just so much fun to play with that even adults love it.

Here we provide you with the best dinosaur slime on the market. As well as this, we’ve also created a buyer’s guide on what to look for when purchasing slime.

Best dinosaur slime: our picks

1. Discovery Prehistoric Dinosaur Slime Dig
1. Discovery Prehistoric Dinosaur Slime Dig
2. The Thoughts of Fun Co. Dinosaur Slime Kit (38pcs)
2. The Thoughts of Fun Co. Dinosaur Slime Kit (38pcs)
3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Cryptogenic Slime Kit (Set of 12)
3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Cryptogenic Slime Kit (Set of 12)
4. Kicko Dinosaur Slime Toy (6pcs)
4. Kicko Dinosaur Slime Toy (6pcs)
5. Sensory Elements Dinosaur Slime Kit
5. Sensory Elements Dinosaur Slime Kit

1. Discovery Prehistoric Dinosaur Slime Dig

Discovery Prehistoric Dinosaur Slime Dig

Up first is this prehistoric dinosaur slime dig kit from Discovery – part of a broader range of excellent dino dig toy sets, including everything from rock and gem dig kits, to glowing minerals and layers of Earth. We like most about this one because it doesn’t use dinosaur figures, like most of the alternatives on the market – instead, the kit contains a 3D dinosaur fossil puzzle, which you have to excavate from the slime to complete.

We like this one – multifunctional, different, and from a reputable, well-known STEM toy brand – this set certainly offers a lot more in the way of play and educational benefits than many of the alternative picks on this list. In the box, you’ll find 2x slimygloop digs, 1x dinosaur bone puzzle, a digging tray, a dinosaur poster, and a set of easy-to-follow instructions. The kit is intended for children aged eight years and up – so if you’re looking for a dinosaur slime set for younger children, keep reading our list, as this one isn’t it.

Overall, if you’re looking for something a little unusual and out of the ordinary for dinosaur slime toys – this could very well be it. With the inclusion of a 3D skeleton puzzle, comprised of pieces hidden away in the slime, this set offers a lot of value, being a 2-in-1 dino toy that will keep your child entertained for a while. This one also has a pretty good rating – with a whopping 1,926+ customers giving this one an average of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $12, Amazon.com

2. The Thoughts of Fun Co. Dinosaur Slime Kit (38pcs)

The Thoughts of Fun Co. Dinosaur Slime Kit (38pcs)

Our next pick is this huge dinosaur slime kit from The Thoughts of Fun Co. – the perfect creative set for any little ones you love to squeeze, poke and squish slime. This set offers a creative way for science to meet fun, letting your little ones get their creative juices flowing while helping to improve essential, fine motor, and other developmental skills.

This set is massive, and there’s a lot here to keep you and your little one entertained for hours. In the box, you’ll find 12 lots of slime, 12 containers, 12 dinosaur figures, four foam bags, four glitter bottles, three fishbowl beads, two slime eggs, and a set of tools to help you put it all together. Everything that makes up the kit is non-toxic, easy to clean up, and 100% kid-safe.

Overall, if you’re looking for hours of fun on a budget – it doesn’t get much better than this huge, 38-piece dinosaur slime kit from The Thoughts of Fun Co. This one is pretty reasonable in terms of price, retailing for just $25 – meaning there’s a lot here for the money. The kit also comes pretty well-rated, scoring an average star rating of 4.5 from some 607+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $25, Amazon.com

3. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Cryptogenic Slime Kit (Set of 12)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Cryptogenic Slime Kit (Set of 12)

Next is an officially licensed dino slime set from the Jurassic World movie franchise from brand Kangaroo – the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Cryptogenic Slime kit. This one is perfect for any little fans of the series, offering a great looking, low-cost slime set that will get them hours of stretchy, gooey, slime-tastic fun. Great as a gift or as an activity at a birthday party – this great value set is worthwhile taking a closer look at.

The set is enormous – 12 pieces in all – and these aren’t you’re regular, miniature dino slime toys; each bottle contains 5 oz of slime, each in one of three different colors; Indoraptor black, T-Rex lime green, and Velociraptor blue. While there are no dino toys or figures in the slime itself, the beautiful packaging scream dinosaurs – with each bottle depicting awesome illustrations of each of the three different dinosaurs.

When it comes to value, there aren’t many options that can compete with this one. Retailing at just $17 – that’s just over $1.30 per bottle or only 27 cents per oz – you’ll struggle to find dino slime that’s this reasonably priced elsewhere. The set also benefits from an excellent average customer rating, scoring an impressing 5-stars from 141+ verified reviews.

Buy it: From $16, Amazon.com

4. Kicko Dinosaur Slime Toy (6pcs)

Kicko Dinosaur Slime Toy (6pcs)

Our next pick is from brand Kicko – their 6-piece dinosaur slime toy set, providing you plenty of slime to keep your little one entertained for quite some time. This set is recommended for children aged three years and up due to the small dino fossil figures buried within each slime container. 

This set is a pack of 6; each container is filled with green slime – and come in a mini dinosaur container. Everything here is made from high-quality materials that are hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and non-toxic, making this dinosaur slime toy set 100% kid-friendly and safe.

At just $23 – that’s less than $4 per pot – this 6-piece set offers a lot of value. Kid’s love slime, and it’s excellent for helping to build essential fine motor skills – so having a stock of dino slime on hand that’ll last you a few weeks or months is a must-have for any parent. And this set isn’t just highly affordable; it’s also reasonably well-rated, scoring an average rating of 4-stars from over 28 verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $23, Amazon.com

5. Sensory Elements Dinosaur Slime Kit

Sensory Elements Dinosaur Slime Kit

Last up on our list is the Dinosaur Slime Kit from Sensory Elements – an enormous set, perfect for creating your own dino slime concoctions and creations. There’s no pre-prep required – all the slime in this kit comes premade – so it’s ready to stretch, poke, swirl, squish, squeeze, and mix with all the different craft accessories it comes with, right out of the box. The set is recommended for children aged five years and up because it contains small parts that may present a choking hazard to younger kids.

In the box, you’ll find 12x colored slime pots, 12x glow-in-the-dark dino figures, 2x dino eggs, 4x glitter powder bottles, 2x glow-in-the-dark powder, 3x foam bags, 3x bead bags, 2x sugar paper confetti bags, 3x mixing tools, and 2x straws. There’s a lot in this mega set, which will keep you and your little one entertained with hours upon hours of dino slime fun. Everything in the set is safe and non-toxic, meeting or exceed all US toy safety standards, making it 100% kid-friendly and safe.

All-in-all, dino slime making kits don’t come much bigger than this 42-piece set from Sensory Elements. While it isn’t the biggest in terms of slime content – it’s undoubtedly one of the biggest when it comes to accessories and opportunities for varied, creative play. Besides this, it’s also a pretty good deal for the money – being one of the cheapest dino slime products on our list of picks, making it a worthwhile option to consider.

Buy it: From $17, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur slime

Slime is an activity that can be played with at any time of the day. If you have a few minutes, it is fun to get out. Yet if you have a long day inside due to the weather, the slime can also provide a fun outlet.

Slime is just as much fun now as it was ten years ago. Kids love seeing it, touching it and just having a lot of fun with it.

Keep reading for tips on how to find the best dinosaur slime you can.


When your child plays with slime, they are using their senses. They can understand their senses and just how they work.

With their sight, they can see vivid colors and if the dinosaur slime has any sparkle or glitter to it. With their smell, they can tell if the dinosaur slime smells like anything. For some slime, there is not any scent. Others may be scented like raspberries, cotton candy, chocolate, or other delicious treats. Even with the slime that does not smell, a child may think they smell something. You can ask them what they believe it smells like. You may get answers like a dinosaur’s feet, a volcano, or a T-Rex!

Now perhaps you are saying how can a child taste slime? Well if it is normal slime, you would not allow a child to eat it. But there are edible slimes that you can use that may taste like fruit or candies.

Hearing is another thing that some have trouble understanding when it comes to dinosaur slime. But you can make noises with this that are funny for a child to hear. Sometimes the dinosaur slime is loud, and other times it is quiet. If it is loud, a child may say it is a dinosaur farting.

And touch is the obvious sense that a child would use for dinosaur slime. You can ask a child how it feels. For some, it may be cool, while for others they could say it is soft and squishy. Smooth is a word that may also describe it. During this time, it is an excellent way for your child to learn some new words just by using their senses with the dinosaur slime.

Family time

When you crack out the slime, you can make it a family event. Everyone can play with it as there is not an age limit. Mom, dad, big brother, little sister, grandma, grandpa….the list could go on.

When you spend time as a family, you are creating memories. Who knows? Maybe in 30 years, your kids will tell their kids how much fun they had playing slime with the entire family.

Stress relief

When your child, or you for that matter, play with dinosaur slime, you can reduce your stress. Squish the slime in your hands to remove tension. Concentrate on how soft it feels. Watch it ooze between your fingers. You can easily become mesmerized with slime, which can greatly reduce your stress.


When a child or adult plays with slime, it puts them in the moment of now. They can concentrate on what they’re doing without being interrupted by a game, a smartphone, or a movie on TV.

This in turn will assist a child or adult to focus. There are many children, as well as adults, that lack concentration skills. Let’s face it. There are times when it is hard to concentrate. But when you have something fun like slime, concentrating and focusing is a lot easier.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills can be developed when slime is used for a child. Young children can use slime as long as they are supervised. The child will be using their eyes and hands to knead the slime, stretch it, or pull it apart. The dexterity and strength of a child’s fine motor skills can be honed in on when using slime.

Independent or group play

Slime can be an activity that a child can sit quietly by themselves, or play with it in a group. A child should be able to do both. By playing alone with the slime, a child can concentrate and focus on what they are doing. This will allow them to become confident in what they are doing. However, when a child plays with slime with others, they are not only learning to share. They’ll also develop social skills along with language skills.

Final thoughts

Dinosaur slime is a great way for a child to spend free play. It can hone in on all five senses and does an amazing job at developing fine motor skills.

Slime is the perfect toy for days when a child is bored or unable to go outside. It makes a great addition to a birthday gift, Easter basket, or any holiday.

And no matter what, no one is ever too old to play with dinosaur slime!

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