Dinosaur slides: The 4 best of 2021

MaxKare Kids Dinosaur Slide with Basketball Hoop

Are you looking for a dinosaur slide to place in your kid’s playroom, or outdoors in a yard or garden? Then we’ve got you covered with the following enticing selection of playground slides inspired by dinosaurs.

Here you will be able to find some of the most well-made and nicely designed dinosaur slides currently available on the market, as well as some buying tips which should be of great help while you try to make up your mind which slide to pick for your little one. There are in fact several things to consider as you will see hereunder. Let’s slide away to the details!

Best dinosaur slides: our picks

1. MaxKare Kids Dinosaur Slide with Basketball Hoop
1. MaxKare Kids Dinosaur Slide with Basketball Hoop
2. Baby Joy 4-in-1 Slide with Basketball Hoop and Ring Toss Game
2. Baby Joy 4-in-1 Slide with Basketball Hoop and Ring Toss Game
3. WELINK Toddler Folding Slide with Basketball Hoop
3. WELINK Toddler Folding Slide with Basketball Hoop
4. WHITSUNDAY Baby T-Rex Slide with Basketball Hoop
4. WHITSUNDAY Baby T-Rex Slide with Basketball Hoop

1. MaxKare Kids Dinosaur Slide with Basketball Hoop

MaxKare Kids Dinosaur Slide with Basketball Hoop

First up is this gray and baby blue cartoon dinosaur slide from MaxKare. With its triangular structure and large, u-shaped bottom base, this sturdy, stable slide is very safe. This slide uses thickened, high-quality HDPE materials free from harmful substances and odors, making it 100% kid-safe. Suitable for toddlers, ages 1-6 years old, this slide has a maximum weight capacity of 66 lbs – you’ll get a lot of use out of this slide, as your child will be able to use it for several years before they outgrow it.s

Easy to put away, this slide features a foldable design with a removable basketball hoop, which takes no more than 20 minutes to assemble. This slide makes it great for parents short on space who don’t have the room to permanently keep it up. This product’s other features include a unique dinosaur guardrail, comfortable grip and climb for added safety, and dino-patterned squeaky steps with anti-slip, making it both more fun and safer to use.

Overall, this slide is a great choice – which is why we’ve put it first on our list of picks. It’s also very affordable, at just $76, and comes well-rated, with an average 4.5-star rating from over 220 verified customer reviews. For the money, there’s a lot here – safe, sturdy, and easy to put away, this slide has a lot to offer you and your little one.

Buy it: From $76, Amazon.com

2. Baby Joy 4-in-1 Slide with Basketball Hoop and Ring Toss Game

Baby Joy 4-in-1 Slide with Basketball Hoop and Ring Toss Game

Next up is this 4-in-1 dinosaur slide from Baby Joy, which features a climbing ladder, basketball hoop, and ring game, offering a lot in the way of versatility and value. Available in one of two colors – pink and green – this multi-functional slide is an excellent addition to your back yard or child’s playroom. It provides a way for them to exercise, develop hand-eye coordination, and improve both strength and social skills through play.

This slide features a stable, safe structure and is ASTM, HR404, and EN71 certified. It’s made from non-toxic HDEP and PP, free from potentially harmful chemicals and strong over time, preventing it from becoming embrittled and deformed from use. Also easy-to-clean and easily assembled, this cute, fun dinosaur slide is an excellent choice for any parents looking for a way to make the most out of their child’s playtime.

For the money, this slide offers a lot of value. Priced at just $100 and coming complete with a range of games and accessories, this slide and activity center is a great choice. With an average star rating of 4.5-stars from some 62+ verified customer reviews, it also comes highly recommended. All-in-all, given the price and accessories, you’d be hard-pressed to find another that’s as much of a good deal as this one.

Buy it: From $100, Amazon.com

3. WELINK Toddler Folding Slide with Basketball Hoop

WELINK Toddler Folding Slide with Basketball Hoop

Another great option is this slide from WELINK, which is shaped to look like everyone’s favorite long neck, plant-eating dinosaur. This foldable slide is excellent for use indoors or outside and ships complete with a removable basketball hoop, providing your child with a range of activities with this product. It can support up to 120 lbs, making this slide ideal for toddlers and little kids, recommended for those aged 3 to 8 years old.

This dinosaur slide has features built with toddlers in-mind, including easy climb stairs, a standing zone that’s wider and longer than on many other slides, and tall board guards on each side. All of these features help make this slide safer for your little one, helping to avoid unnecessary mishaps during play. For added safety, this product ships with four anti-slip strips in the box, which can be fixed to its bottle to help keep it in place, whether set up on tile or wooden floors, carpet, or grass.

Well-designed and highly-rated, this 4.5-star slide is a great pick and retails for around $110. If you’re looking for a way to get your little one more active, this slide is a good option, giving them a fun, playful way to exercise and stay active. Overall, we love the look of this one – easy to set up and easy to put away, this foldable slide could be the perfect gift for either your child or for that of a loved one or friend.

Buy it: From $110, Amazon.com

4. WHITSUNDAY Baby T-Rex Slide with Basketball Hoop

WHITSUNDAY Baby T-Rex Slide with Basketball Hoop

Last but not least is this super cute dino slide with a basketball hoop and ball from Whitsunday. Available in one of two colors – green or pink – this toddler slide is perfect for use either indoors, in a playroom or living room, or outdoors. Overall, if you’re looking for a fun way to get your little one more active while helping to aid their development and social skills, then a slide and activity center, like this one, could be the way to go.

This slide features textured, non-slip steps, a raised guard baffle to prevent falls, and is made from high-quality non-toxic PE material, making it both kid-safe and environmentally friendly. East to set up and easy to put away, this foldable slide is ideal if you’re short on the space needed to keep it up permanently. Included in the box is additional non-slip adhesive, helping to keep the slide in place wherever you decide to set it up, further preventing unfortunate slips and falls.

While this slide is great, it is the most expensive on this list – priced at $120 – and it’s possible, as our list has shown, to get a slide of similar quality for less. That said, design-wise, with it’s cute, cartoon dinosaur design, it is one of the more aesthetically pleasing, which could sway your buying decision towards this product.

Buy it: From $120, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur slides


One of the most important considerations is of course, the materials the slide is made from. You are looking for a durable and safe slide that will offer peace of mind as well as longevity. Hence you should opt for a slide that is made from robust materials, and which also comprises safety features such as anti-skid pedals, a safety handrail, and preferably a thickened slide way and a widened buffer as it will offer a safer landing.

We recommend opting for dinosaur slides made from certified materials, such as non-toxic HDPE material.


The dimensions are a very important factor as you will need to make sure that the slide is neither too big for the child, nor too small. Hence the dimensions will need to factor in the child’s current age, as well as how long you would like him to slide on it.

You will also need to take into account the space where you shall be placing the slide. If it is going to be indoors, this is an increasingly important factor as you need to make sure it does not take up too much space in the room.

Load capacity

Check the load capacity that the slide can handle. This will need to be in relation to your child’s weight and age. And it will also give you a good idea for how long you will be able to have your child using it in the future.


Safety is as always an important consideration. And with dinosaur slides there are various safety features that could be included. For instance, anti-slip steps are a very important feature. Steps should also be a bit wide and textured, in case your child is still quite young. The platform should also be spacious enough for your little one to feel more confident and it should allow him to turn around should he need to do so. Check the size of the guard baffle. Molded-in handrails are preferred, and you should check that the in case the slide is going to be used indoors it includes anti-skid adhesive.


The slide will need to be set up and assembled. Make sure it is not that difficult to do this and that it comes with detailed instructions.

Moreover, you may wish to check whether it is difficult to dismantle the slide. If you plan to change its location from time to time, opt for a compact and foldable slide. This will make it easier to move, as well as to store in the future.


Since we are focusing on slides that are dinosaur themed you will want to consider the way the dinosaur looks, as well as the colors used to choose one that will be according to your child’s preferences.

Slide length

Last but not least, as it is a factor of critical importance, is the slide length. This needs to be considered in relation to the child’s age as well as the weight capacity. A slide length that is too limited may end up not offering the sliding experience you hoped your child to get. However you will also need to make sure that the slide is not too big to fit in the space you have planned to place it in.

Final thoughts

There are several important factors to consider prior to buying a dinosaur slide. Make sure to take your time to make a good choice as you will be spending a considerable amount of money. Having said that it is better to opt for a good quality slide that offers longevity, safety, durability and peace of mind.

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