Dinosaur ring holders: The 4 best of 2021

Onlycee Tanystropheus Dinosaur Ring Holder

Ring holders are popular for girls and ladies that want a place to hold their beloved rings. These holders allow your ring to be safe when you are in the pool or hot tub, taking a shower, or cleaning with harsh chemicals. They also work perfectly for those that possess a profession that does not allow them to wear rings, such as a factory worker, medical provider, or other professions.

Even if you do not take off your rings very often, you can still benefit from a ring holder.

Here we have compiled a list of the best dinosaur ring holders and a buyer’s guide so you can find the right ring holder for you.

Best dinosaur ring holders: our picks

1. Onlycee Tanystropheus Dinosaur Ring Holder
1. Onlycee Tanystropheus Dinosaur Ring Holder
2. OYLZ Ceramic Dinosaur Jewelry Ring Holder
2. OYLZ Ceramic Dinosaur Jewelry Ring Holder
3. Onlycee Miniature Ceramic T-Rex Dinosaur Ring Holder
3. Onlycee Miniature Ceramic T-Rex Dinosaur Ring Holder
4. Jojuno Ceramic Dinosaur Ring Holder
4. Jojuno Ceramic Dinosaur Ring Holder

1. Onlycee Tanystropheus Dinosaur Ring Holder

Onlycee Tanystropheus Dinosaur Ring Holder

Buy it: From $14, Amazon.com

2. OYLZ Ceramic Dinosaur Jewelry Ring Holder

OYLZ Ceramic Dinosaur Jewelry Ring Holder

Buy it: From $15, Amazon.com

3. Onlycee Miniature Ceramic T-Rex Dinosaur Ring Holder

Onlycee Miniature Ceramic T-Rex Dinosaur Ring Holder

Our next pick is another great entry on this list from Onlycee – it’s the brand’s miniature ceramic T-Rex dinosaur ring holder, a super cute pick, perfect for anywhere short on a dresser, desk, or bedside table space. If you’re looking for a gift either for yourself or for the female dinosaur fan in your life who has it all – this mini dinosaur ring holder is worth a closer look.

The main appeal of this dinosaur ring holder is its small size – measuring just 2.67” x 1.18”, and weighing in at just 23g – making it the perfect pick for anyone short of space. But don’t let its size fall you; this product is more than capable – being more than suitable for up to 3 rings at a time, from size five and up. It’s made from ceramic, making it hard-wearing and long-lasting, and is beautifully handcrafted, finished with eyes, sharp teeth, and gold spots. This pick is more than just a ring holder – it’s an excellent little bit of desk décor, perfect for showing the world your love and passion for dinosaurs.

All in all, if you’re looking for a ring holder with a small footprint, this pick from Onlycee is it. Perfect as a gift for yourself or for the female dino fan in your life – this affordable, $13 ring holder is a great little accessory that both looks great and will get plenty of use. And it’s not just its size or affordability either – this product scores a perfect 5-stars from some 199+ verified customer reviews, which is pretty good given the quality that this product offers.

Buy it: From $13, Amazon.com

4. Jojuno Ceramic Dinosaur Ring Holder

Jojuno Ceramic Dinosaur Ring Holder

Buy it: From $8, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur ring holders

A ring holder is perfect for anyone that owns rings. These items are generally eye-catching so you will be able to find them on your countertop, dresser, or vanity. They provide a great spot for keeping your rings in one spot.

Even if you do not wear rings or take them off, a ring holder is still a good idea to have. Many people will place one in their spare bathroom or guest room so guests have a safe place to place their rings.

With so many ring holders, there is one for every home, every style, every room. We feel that a person can showcase their personality when they purchase a ring holder.

Keep reading to see things you need to consider when buying a dinosaur ring holder.


Dinosaur ring holders can be made from various materials. Ceramic is a popular material for them. However, do note that many times dinosaur ring holders are hollow, which does not allow for them to hold very much weight.

Metal is another material that some ring holders are made from. This is a durable material that will be sure to keep your rings safe and the holder will last a long time.

We have also seen wooden ring holders. These ring holders have a natural look that is perfect for anyone.

There are also porcelain ring holders, gold ring holders, or silver ring holders.


For some individuals, it is equally as important to look at the brand of the ring holder they will be purchasing. Some people like purchasing items from brands that they trust or have heard of before.

If you are a brand person, be sure to find out what brands make ring holders. Then look at each company to determine how successful they are, how many products they make each year, and how long they have been in business.

Not just for rings

A dinosaur ring holder is not just for rings. While it was made for this purpose, there are other things you can use these for.

Bracelets, dinosaur necklaces, anklets, and watches can work on ring holders. Or you can also use them for ponytail holders or scrunchies.

Or you may wish to keep your dinosaur ring holder on your desk and use it to store rubber bands.


Reviews are so important to check out before you purchase anything. A review can save you from wasting your money. Or it can help to sway your mind if you are on the fence over a few different dinosaur ring holders.

Look for reviews that tell you about the actual product. Did it look as vibrant as it does on the box or online image? Was the size what was expected? Is it durable or will it last a long time?

Reviews that say it was nice or my wife was happy with it do not tell a lot about the ring holder. While you may consider this, a review that is more thorough will be better to go off of.


Of all the dinosaur ring holders we have seen, we feel that they are reasonably priced. The most inexpensive one we found was just under $8. The price continued to rise, but on average a person can expect to pay between $8 and $20 for a dinosaur ring holder.


A dinosaur ring holder makes an excellent gift for children, teenagers, and adults. With various colors and kinds of dinosaurs, anyone that wears jewelry can benefit from using one.

A child that receives a dinosaur ring holder will feel important as they will have a place to store their dress-up or play rings.

Teenagers often like trendy things, and a dinosaur ring holder fits this bill.

And any adult that loves trendy things, dinosaurs, or unique items will appreciate a dinosaur ring holder.

We feel that a ring holder will make the perfect birthday present for any special person in your life. They work great as a gift for a wedding shower, thank you gift, or a Mother’s day present. Babysitters, postal workers, librarians, hair cutters, preschool teachers, daycare providers, and so many other professions will appreciate receiving a ring holder as a token of appreciation.

Final thoughts

We hope you appreciated our reviews and buyer’s guide for dinosaur ring holders.

Ring holders are something that many individuals never think of, but they do come in handy.

And even if a person already has a ring holder, they work great in various spots around the house. By the kitchen sink, in a spare bathroom, on a nightstand, or in a dressing room are all terrific spots of a ring holder.

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