Dinosaur race tracks: The 5 best of 2021

WESPREX Dinosaur Track Playset with 360-degree Ferris Wheel (280pcs)

Race tracks are an amazing toy for young children because not only are they fun, but they can teach so much! Children will watch in amazement as cars whizz by.

Here we have compiled the best dinosaur race tracks, as well as a buyer’s guide. We’ve packed our guide with all you’ll need to make an informed decision on which track to pick up.

If you are ready to have a roaring time, keep reading!

Best dinosaur race tracks: our picks

1. WESPREX Dinosaur Track Playset with 360-degree Ferris Wheel (280pcs)
1. WESPREX Dinosaur Track Playset with 360-degree Ferris Wheel (280pcs)
2. Temi Dinosaur Race Track Playset (348pcs)
2. Temi Dinosaur Race Track Playset (348pcs)
3. Toyk Store Dinosaur Track Playset (156pcs)
3. Toyk Store Dinosaur Track Playset (156pcs)
4. KKONES Dinosaur World Flexible Race Track Playset (273pcs)
4. KKONES Dinosaur World Flexible Race Track Playset (273pcs)
5. EpochAir Flexible Dinosaur Race Track Playset (192pcs)
5. EpochAir Flexible Dinosaur Race Track Playset (192pcs)

1. WESPREX Dinosaur Track Playset with 360-degree Ferris Wheel (280pcs)

WESPREX Dinosaur Track Playset with 360-degree Ferris Wheel (280pcs)

Up first, we’ve got this huge dinosaur race track playset from WESPREX – a set that’s made up of a whopping 280-pieces. The main appeal of this set is it’s 360-degree Ferris wheel, which really makes this set stand out from some of the others on this list. As well as this, there are a load of dinosaur figures and battery-operated vehicles to play with, offering plenty of opportunity for creative, imaginative play. This toy is recommended for kids aged three years and up.

In the set, you get 240 flexible track pieces, 12x tunnel tracks, a Ferris wheel with 360-degree rotation, 3x Y-junctions, a rotary U-turn tower, a hanging bridge, 2x race cars, 2x large dinosaur figures, 6x baby dinosaur figures, a double door, 5x trees, 2x slopes, and 4x tires. The whole lot combined gives you a maximum track size of 12 feet – which I think we can all agree is a lot of playset! Everything in the set is 100% kid-safe, made from non-toxic materials that meet or exceed ASTM and US domestic toy safety standards.

Overall, this product is great! In terms of what you get – its size, features, and accessories – this kit really packs a punch. It offers loads of value at a relatively low price point of just $40. One great thing about this product is that the manufacturer offers a 60-day return policy. This means that if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, you can return it. This set also benefits from a good rating, scoring an averaged of 4.5-starts from some 288+ customer ratings.

Buy it: From $40, Amazon.com

2. Temi Dinosaur Race Track Playset (348pcs)

Temi Dinosaur Race Track Playset (348pcs)

Next up, we’ve got an entry from Temi – the company’s 348-piece dinosaur race track playset. This set is huge – in fact, it’s the biggest on this list when it comes to piece count – with over 50 more pieces than the next largest pick on our list. The Temi brand makes loads of great kid’s toys and products. Some of these we’ve covered elsewhere on our site – including RC dinosaurs, robots, and dinosaur play mats. This toy offers plenty of opportunity for play and is recommended for children from ages three years and up.

In the box, you’ll find 300 flexible track pieces, 2x military-style battery-operated card, 6x dinosaur figures, 2x tunnels, a gas station, along with some traffic signs and other accessories that complete the set. Everything is 100% kid-safe, being made from BPA-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic ABS plastic that has passed independent CSPSIA and ASTM963 safety testing, offering you that all-important peace of mind as a parent.

If you’re looking for a gigantic race track set, then this pick from Temi is undoubtedly it! It’s hand-down the biggest on our list, with a total of 348 different pieces. You’ll need to remember to pick up a couple of AA batteries – with each of the included cards requiring 1x AA battery each – as these aren’t included. Overall, while this set is the largest, it’s also the most expensive – retailing for $60. However, this 4.5-star rated product certainly offers plenty of value for money given what it includes.

Buy it: From $60, Amazon.com

3. Toyk Store Dinosaur Track Playset (156pcs)

Toyk Store Dinosaur Track Playset (156pcs)

Our next pick is from Toyk – a brand that makes a wide selection of affordable, low-cost kids toys and accessories. It’s the brand’s 156-piece dinosaur track playset. This playset is not only great for its educational value, helping to introduce your little one to dinos – but it’s also great for child development, providing your little one with plenty of opportunities to use their creativity and imagination. When it comes to age, this pick is for kids age 3-8 years.

This playset is made up of a total of 144 track pieces, 4x trees, 2x realistic dinosaur figures, 2x battery-operated light-up cars, 2x slopes, a door, and a bridge. You’ll need to pick up 2x AA batteries for the vehicles – 1x AA for each car – which you’ll need to purchase separately. The track itself is incredibly flexible. It can twist and bend left or right, making for some pretty interesting possible track layouts, and is strong and durable enough to stand up to plenty of rough play. As you’d expect, everything here is non-toxic, kid-friendly, and safe, being made from high-quality materials that meet or exceed US domestic toy safety standards.

Overall, this playset is pretty nice – it’s affordable, with a price tag of just $30, and comes in a nice box, making it perfect as a gift for a young dinosaur fan. That said, and given its piece count, larger sets around the same price point offer a very similar experience, albeit with more options for play thanks to the increased number of pieces. It also comes pretty well-rated, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from an impressive 10,413+ verified customer ratings. This makes it a pretty good buy, given both the price tag and the quality that this track playset offers.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

4. KKONES Dinosaur World Flexible Race Track Playset (170pcs)

KKONES Dinosaur World Flexible Race Track Playset (273pcs)

Next, we’ve got the 170-piece Dinosaur World flexible racetrack playset from KKONES. This set offers real bang for your buck, given the number of pieces you get at such a low price point. Everything here is kid-friendly and safe, made from non-toxic materials that comply with US toy safety standards, offering you that vital peace of mind as a parent. The set is recommended for kids aged 3+ years and makes an excellent gift for any young dinosaur fan, offering hours upon hours of fun.

The playset comprises 144 flexible track pieces, 4x dinosaur figures, 2x battery-powered toy cards, 8x signs, 4x trees, 4x tires, 2x slopes, a door, and a bridge – offering plenty of opportunities for creative, imaginative storytelling and play. Like many of the other picks on this list, the track pieces in this one are designed to be incredibly flexible, being more than up to withstand all sorts of twists and bends, leading to some pretty creative track configurations. You’ll need to pick up a couple of AA batteries to power the included cars, with each requiring a single battery – as these aren’t included in the box.

All in all, for the money, this playset offers quite a lot of value. This makes it one of the best sets when it comes to cost-per-piece. Everything here is well-made, durable, and comes in high-quality packaging, making it great as a gift for your own kid or that of a friend or loved one. This playset also benefits from a reasonably good customer rating, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from some 5,877+ ratings.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

5. EpochAir Flexible Dinosaur Race Track Playset (226pcs)

EpochAir Flexible Dinosaur Race Track Playset (192pcs)

This next pick is one of the best for anyone shopping on a budget, being a 226-piece dinosaur race track playset from the toy brand EpochAir. The company makes all kinds of great kid’s toys and accessories, offering everything from remote-controlled toys to figures, pull-back cars, and playsets. Recommended for kids aged 3-12 years, this playset is a great, low-cost gift for any young dinosaur fan, offering plenty of opportunities for creative, imaginative play.

In the box, you’ll find a total of 192 flexible, race track pieces, three cars – 2x pull back dino cars, and an auto-driving, battery-operated card – 3x dinosaur figures, a bridge, 4x trees, 3x road pillows, a turnout, a turntable, and a themed dino sticker set, to complete it. The track itself is both easy to assemble and dynamic, being flexible enough to be put together in various twists and turns, making it possible to create some really crazy track layouts. Everything here is non-toxic and kid-safe, made from environmentally-friendly abs plastic and conforming with US toy safety standards.

All in all, this race track offers a lot of bang for your buck. It has an impressive 226-pieces for a low price of just $26. This makes it hands-down the best budget pick on our list. While there aren’t any stand-out pieces – there’s no Ferris wheel or 360-degree loop – what you get with this one is a generous piece count, offering plenty of versatility at a low cost. This playset also comes pretty well-rated, with 162+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $26, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur race tracks

Race track toys have been around for many years! I’m sure if you ask your parents what they played with as a child, some may say race tracks. I remember what fun I had as a child with the simple race track I had.

Race tracks provide the same amount of fun for kids today. They offer kids a fun outlet to experiment and learn about cause and effect. They are a great activity for daycares, science camps, preschools, and much more!

Keep reading to learn how to pick the best dinosaur race tracks to use to help improve a child’s day.

Various types of race tracks

When considering what dinosaur race track to purchase for your child, you need to realize there are various types.

Launcher race car

Launcher race car tracks are great for high-speed racing. This modern approach to race tracks appeals to kids that like their cars to do stunts as they are racing.

Manual race car

With this type of race track, you will receive a high-quality track that will provide hours of fun. This track will not have any age limits and is very affordable.

Motorized race car

Tracks with motorized race cars need batteries. Some will even have a remote control. The speed and direction will be able to be controlled with this remote.

Track size

One thing you’ll want to consider is how large the track is before you purchase it. If your track is 20 feet long, will you have enough room for it? If not, you may wish to consider purchasing another track set.

You’ll want to remember that you will want enough room to walk around the track so when setting it up you have plenty of room.


Many dinosaur race tracks are versatile in where you can play with them. Some are only suitable for use indoors. However, others are perfectly fine to use outdoors.


Many race tracks will have an age listed on them. Generally, this is between 3 years and 8 years. But we’re firm believers that if you like something, play with it for as long as you want! Therefore, if your dino loving child is still playing with dinosaur race tracks at 10, let him!


Dinosaur race tracks provide a child with many skills. As these tracks need to be assembled, it’ll teach your child problem solving on what will and will not work.

The child will also have to visualize how the track will look after it is completed. They will need to implement a plan to have all the track pieces fit to create one large track.

Your child will also be working on fine motor skills by picking up the pieces and snapping them together.

And if you have more than one child working on the race track, they will need to learn teamwork. This means skills like communication and socializing.

And once the race track has been completed, a child can use their creativity to pretend they are a race car driver. They may further extend that creativity by adding more pieces to the race track. In the case of dinosaur race tracks, a child may place dinosaurs, volcanoes, rocks, and trees around the track to create a dinosaur utopia.


The price is always something to think about when purchasing any dinosaur toy, with dinosaur race tracks being no exception. Prices can be extremely reasonable, but then can also skyrocket to well over a hundred dollars or more. You must remember that in the case of cheaper race tracks, you will get what you pay for.

Ease of storing

Unless you have a large space that can accommodate your race tracks, you’ll want one that’s easy to store. You may wish to invest in race car storage boxes if your track does not already come with them.

Likewise, you can use a large storage tote and fasten the lid on once the kids are playing. This will assure you that no pieces come up lost or broken.


You’ll want a warranty on your dinosaur race track, especially if you paid a lot of money for it. Many race car tracks will have a warranty of one or two years.

Final thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed our dinosaur race track reviews and buying guide. You’ll now be able to make an educated decision on which dinosaur race track is the best for your child.

Dinosaur race tracks are a lot of fun for children of any age. Even adults have fun building them and racing around the track.

With dinosaur race tracks, you can be certain that it will be time well spent when you play with one.

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