Dinosaur pool floats: The 5 best of 2021

Swimline T-Rex Giant Ride On

Summer days in a pool are the best, especially when you are a kid.  Or if you are lucky enough to have an indoor pool, a swim after a stressful day is relaxing.  One of the best things as an adult is to see your child smile as you make memories with them in the pool.

Which is the exact reason that you need a dinosaur pool float.  It does not matter if you have an indoor pool or just go swimming in the summer or on vacations.  Dinosaur pool floats are as much fun for children as they are adults.

Here we will provide you with the best dinosaur pool floats, along with a buying guide for making sure you find the best ones for your needs.

Best dinosaur pool floats: our picks

1. Swimline T-Rex Giant Ride On
1. Swimline T-Rex Giant Ride On
2. Jasonwell Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Pool Float
2. Jasonwell Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Pool Float
3. BigMouth Inc Giant Party Dinosaur Pool Float
3. BigMouth Inc Giant Party Dinosaur Pool Float
4. Sol Coastal Jumbo Nessie Dinosaur Pool Float
4. Sol Coastal Jumbo Nessie Dinosaur Pool Float
5. 52″ Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Head Pool Toy
5. 52″ Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Head Pool Toy

1. Swimline T-Rex Giant Ride On

Swimline T-Rex Giant Ride On

First up, we have this awesome giant T-Rex dinosaur ride-on toy for your pool from Swimline is a float that features a cute, dinosaur character design complete with tail, legs, and trademark stumpy T-Rex arms. When we say it’s huge, we mean it! This dino pool float measures 78” and has a wide cushioned seat, big enough to accommodate two swimmers.

This float is made from high-quality, RF welded seam vinyl and features inflatable legs for added stability and reinforced grab handles that are designed to make it easier to get in and out of. As well as this, it also benefits from easy-inflate STEM valves, meaning you can inflate this dino and take it to the pool in no time at all. Be sure to follow the recommended age of 4+ years, and only let children use it under adult supervision.

Overall, we’re big fans of this pool float – it’s great. Huge, fun, and well-made, this $31 T-Rex float is perfect for use in a backyard pool or at the beach. It also comes highly-rated, with a whopping 1,063+ customer reviews giving this one an average 4.5-star rating. If you’re in the market for a massive, dino-themed float, this one is well worth considering.

Buy it: From $31, Amazon.com

2. Jasonwell Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Pool Float

Jasonwell Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Pool Float

Up next, we’ve got another giant T-Rex dinosaur pool float – this time from Jasonwell. This one is even bigger than the last, having an inflated size of 124” x 44” x 41”, making it one of the largest pool floats not only on this list, but anywhere. If you’re looking for an impressive pool inflatable that will make a splash, this mega-sized, blue Jurassic beast could well be it.

Made from thick, premium raft-grade UV resistant material, this float is both soft and durable, making it good enough to stand up to all the pool play you can throw at it. It features a beautiful mat finish, which is a great touch, as well as fast valves, which enable you to inflate this dinosaur toy up to 10 times faster than those with standard valves. This product has also been independently safety tested, ensuring that it’s kid-friendly, being free from toxins and potentially harmful chemicals, and safe to use.

All-in-all, this beast of a dino pool float is a steal at just $30. It’s huge, well-made, and benefits from a great design, all things which combine to make this impressive pool float one of the best around. It also benefits from a 4.5-star rating from some 1,532+ customer ratings, which goes some way to demonstrating the quality of this fantastic product.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

3. BigMouth Inc Giant Party Dinosaur Pool Float

BigMouth Inc Giant Party Dinosaur Pool Float

Our next pick is from BigMouth Inc – a company that makes all sorts of pool floats, including everything from pinatas to dinosaurs. This product is the company’s giant party dinosaur pool float, which features a T-Rex design, complete with tail and the dinosaur’s trademark short arms. It takes a more traditional ring design, thanks primarily to its missing a head, which is a design choice some people will prefer. It’s colored white and green with cartoonish features – making it a fun, playful take on the prehistoric beast.

Over 6 feet in size – or 72” – this inflatable pool ring is pretty large, although it’s designed specifically for use by a single swimmer. It’s excellent for all water activities, whether swimming in a pool, lake, or beach. This product is also easy to inflate and deflate and easy to care for, only needing the occasional wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap before storing it away.

Overall, this dino pool toy is pretty affordable – retailing for just $21 – which, in our view, it’s pretty good value, given the quality and design you get with this one. And we’re not the only ones who think so, with this float scoring an average of 4.5-stars from over 40 verified customer reviews. All-in-all, this pool float is a pretty good deal and worth a buy.

Buy it: From $21, Amazon.com

4. Sol Coastal Jumbo Nessie Dinosaur Pool Float

Sol Coastal Jumbo Nessie Dinosaur Pool Float

Up next, we’ve got this jumbo Nessie dinosaur pool float from Sol Coastal, perfect for dino-enthusiasts who don’t just want yet another T-Rex style float. This monster-sized float features everyone’s favorite Loch Ness monster and measures 60” from head to tail. It features a lovely two-tone blue design, complete with appendages and tail.

This float is made from heavy-duty, tough PVC, making it rugged and designed to last. It also benefits from being from a well-known pool float brand, whose floats include everything from unicorns to sharks. Included in the box, you’ll find an emergency patch kit, perfect for repairing this float pool-side or for general wear and tear, as the rough and tumble of water play takes its toll.

All-in-all, while this pool float is pretty nice – we feel it’s a little pricey, in fact, it’s the most expensive pick on our list. That said, if you’re looking for something a bit different from the usual T-Rex floats that flood the market, you could do worse than this jumbo Nessie float. And with an average star rating of 4.5 from 20+ verified customer reviews, it also benefits from being reasonably well-rated.

Buy it: From $40, Amazon.com

5. 52″ Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Head Pool Toy

52″ Inflatable T-Rex Dinosaur Head Pool Toy

Last up is a pool float that’s perfect for anyone looking for something a little different. This inflatable T-Rex dinosaur head pool float will sure to be a hit, featuring a unique, ferocious T-Rex head design with a realistic look – sure to cause a stir at your next pool party or trip to the beach or lake. This pool toy is great fun for all the family, being sized for use by kids, teens, and adults alike, although be sure only to allow young children to use it under direct adult supervision.

Manufactured from rugged, heavy-duty PVC, this product is made to last, being able to stand up to whatever you can throw at it in the pool, while also being resistant to fading over time. Easy to inflate – by mouth or manual pump – this 52” dino pool float is great for yourself or as a gift, for that dinosaur lover in your life who has it all.

We’re big fans of this one – it’s unique and very cool, with a realistic T-Rex head design that will undoubtedly impress other pool-goers. It’s also reasonably priced, retailing for just $27 – not bad for a pool float of this size and quality. This product also benefits from a 4.5-star rating from over 20 customer reviews, giving a good indication of the quality you can expect from this super dino head float.

Buy it: From $27, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur pool floats

Pool floats are so much fun when you are a kid.  But lately, adults have been sharing the love with floats. 

No matter what your age is, you are never too old to have a float.  Sunning yourself on a hot day, with a cool beverage in your hand is great.  Children love this as well. 

If you are uncertain as to what dinosaur pool to purchase, consider taking pointers from our buying guide.  With these tips, you will be sure to find the one that will bring you the most memories.


One of the main considerations when purchasing a dinosaur pool float is the material it’s made from.  Each kind of material has its pros and cons. 

Inflatable pool floats

Inflatable pool floats are very popular among children.  These are made from vinyl and can be purchased from many different outlets.  While they are easy to inflate and deflate, they do not last a long time if they are cheaply made.  These are very easy to clean and are lightweight, thus making them easy to carry.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, perfect for your local pool or next vacation.  You will want to be very careful though so you do not puncture them.

Canvas pool floats

This type of pool float is newer on the market. They look similar to a floating bean bag and are super comfortable.  They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  These can even be used outside of the pool.  But when they get wet, they become heavy.  Canvas pool floats tend to be bulky and may be harder to store.

Foam pool floats

Foam pool floats will be more buoyant if they are thicker.  These require very little maintenance and will even float if they have been punctured. While they are on the pricier side, they will last for several years.  Do take note that these are very hard to store in the off-season.

Types of pool floats

There are various pool floats that you may consider purchasing. 

A single pool float is made for one person.  A person may lay on the float and enjoy sunning themselves.

A two-person pool float is often called side by side pool floats.  These were designed for two individuals.  The people can sit beside each other or can side with their feet facing each other.

A family pool float will hold many people.  These look similar to what you would see white water rafters using, but with extra comfort added.  They are circular and everyone sits so they are facing each other.  Your feet will dangle in the water. These are best for extra-large pools.

Novelty pool floats come in various shapes.  You can find them in dinosaurs, unicorns, princesses, pretzels, pizza shapes, dogs, frogs, Mickey or Minnie, and so much more.  These are a lot of fun for children.  They come in various sizes as well, so there is something for everyone. 


A dinosaur pool float makes an excellent gift.  A child with a birthday that is in the summer will be able to use it right away.  But you can also purchase them and put them up for winter birthdays or Christmas.  Or even for trips that you will be taking that has a pool. This way the child will have something to look forward to once the weather turns nice or you go on a vacation. 

Pool accessory

Perhaps you are the house that hosts lots of pool parties for either kids or adults.  If you are, you will probably want to have a few pool floats on hand so visitors have something to do in your pool.  You can store them in the pool shed or garage or keep them on the deck as long as the weather permits. 

Final thoughts

We really hope you have enjoyed our review and buyer’s guide for the best dinosaur pool floats. You now have the best suggestions on what you should look for when purchasing these pool floats. Along with our picks of the very best dinosaur pool floats of this year. 

With dinosaur pool floats, every age can have fun in the pool.  If you are a child, a dinosaur pool float will allow you to have races with your friends, or jump around and have fun.  But if you are an adult, you can easily spend the afternoon floating while watching your child.  Whatever your age, you will be sure to have a blast.

With the right dinosaur pool float, you can have many afternoons of enjoyment at the pool.

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