Dinosaur pinatas: The 7 best of 2021

Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex

What’s a party without dinosaur piñatas? Everyone, no matter what age you are, enjoys taking part! Even if you do not take a swing, it is still fun to watch those who are partaking in the fun. And who doesn’t love sneaking a treat or two from the loot!

Pinatas are cool surprises to add to a party. And since they can be filled with a variety of things, you never have to worry about people not being able to find something they will love in the mix.

Here we will provide you with the best dinosaur pinatas, along with a buying guide for making sure you find the best ones for your needs.

Best dinosaur pinatas: Our picks

1. Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex
1. Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex
2. Blue Panda Small T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata
2. Blue Panda Small T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata
3. Pull String T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata
3. Pull String T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata
4. CarsonChase Store Dinosaur Pinata Bundle with a Blindfold and Bat
4. CarsonChase Store Dinosaur Pinata Bundle with a Blindfold and Bat
5. Dale Dale Small Green T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata
5. Dale Dale Small Green T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata
6. WallyE Mini Dinosaur Pinatas (3 Pack)
6. WallyE Mini Dinosaur Pinatas (3 Pack)
7. EMC Dinosaur Pinata with Hanging Loop
7. EMC Dinosaur Pinata with Hanging Loop

1. Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex

Ya Otta Pinata T-Rex

First up is this brightly colored, traditional paper mache T-Rex shaped pinata from Ya Otta. It features a built-in hang loop, easy-access opening to load it up with candy, and can hold up to 2lbs of your favorite sugary treats.

With dimensions of 22” x 7 ½” x 10”, this pinata is one of the largest on this list. Its size makes it a good option for large parties and gatherings, as it can hold more than enough candy for everyone to have a swing at it. Easy to fill – cut the layer of tissue located under the “insert candy here” sticker – and easy to hang, thanks to its build-in loop located at the top of the pinata.

Overall, this is a good pinata. It’s large, easy to set up, and eye-catching, making it great for your next celebration or get together. Although it’s on the pricier side of pinatas we’ve featured, retailing for $19, it comes well-rated, with a review of 4 stars from over 1,260 customer reviews.

Buy it: From $29, Amazon.com

2. Blue Panda Small T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata

Blue Panda Small T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata

Up next is this small T-Rex dino pinata from Blue Panda. This brightly colored, green pinata with cartoon T-Rex is the perfect choice for younger children, offering plenty of candy for smaller kids. If you’re looking for a cute, realistic-colored pinata for your next party or family get-together, then this pick from Blue Panda is well worth a closer look.

As the marketing suggests, this pinata is on the smaller side, measuring just 12” x 15.5” x3”, which makes it a good pick for younger children’s parties. It’s made from a mix of 22GSB tissue paper and 250GSM cardstock, which makes it strong and lightweight, and features an easy-fill opening and marker, which makes filling it up a breeze. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to pick up some string if you don’t already have something similar around the house to attach to its plastic hook to hang it.

Overall, this dinosaur pinata is pretty nice – it’s well-made, features a cute, fun dinosaur illustration, and has plenty of room to stuff enough candy inside it for smaller kids. It also benefits from a pretty good customer rating, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from an impressive 1,428+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $19, Amazon.com

3. Pull String T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata

Pull String T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata

If you’re looking for something a little different from a traditional pinata, then this cute, cartoony dinosaur pinata could be it. Measuring 15.5″ x 15″ and big enough to hold up to 2lbs of your favorite sweets and treats, this pinata is ideal for your next kids birthday party or family gathering.

Unlike the other pinatas on our list of picks, this one has a pull-string action, meaning that pulling on one of 12 different strings will release treats, giving more ways to interact with this pinata than with those strictly traditional. This action makes it a better choice for small, younger children to take part in instead of the usual, forceful swinging that you need with other pinatas.

All in all, we’re big fans of this pinata. It looks great, a better choice for younger kids, and retails for just $18, making it one of our list’s cheaper options. Besides it’s low-cost, it’s also well-rated, scoring an average 4.5-star review from 219+ customer ratings.

Buy it: From $18, Amazon.com

4. CarsonChase Store Dinosaur Pinata Bundle with a Blindfold and Bat

CarsonChase Store Dinosaur Pinata Bundle with a Blindfold and Bat

Next, we’re got this super cute, 3-piece white brachiosaurus-shaped dinosaur pinata set from CarsonChase – this set has everything you’ll need, with a blindfold and a stick. This pinata isn’t the biggest, so keep that in mind if you’re entertaining bigger kids, adults, or have an army of guests turning up for your party or event. That said, despite its size, it looks great and comes with everything you need to enjoy it, making it a pretty good deal.

This dino pinata should be big enough for most kid’s parties, having space for up to 5 lbs of assorted candies – enough candy to satisfy all your little party-goer guests. Measuring 15.7” x 11” x 3.7”, it’s not the biggest pinata in the world – which could be good or bad, depending on the party space you’re working with, the age of your guests, and the sort of impact you’re hoping to make with your pinata. That said, it looks great, and its white color means that this pick will match pretty much any theme, style, or color of party decoration that you choose.

All in all, this dinosaur pinata set is pretty lovely. Looking great and shipping with everything you’ll need to enjoy it on your little one’s big day; simply load it up with candy, and you’re ready to go. When it comes to price, it’s pretty reasonable, retailing for $20. This is fairly typical for most pinatas on the market of this theme and size, making it reasonable for money. As well as this, it benefits from an average rating of 4-stars, from over 177 verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

5. Dale Dale Small Green T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata

Dale Dale Small Green T-Rex Dinosaur Pinata

This next pick is another excellent option for having a dinosaur-themed part for younger children and toddlers – the small green T-Rex dinosaur Pinata from Dale Dale. Perfect for kid’s birthday parties, playdates, or just a bit of summer backyard fun with the kids – this handmade pinata offers plenty of space for enough candy and toys for small groups of children.

As the name implies, this product is on the smaller side – being more of a mini dinosaur pinata, measuring 13.38” x 10.03” x 2.36”. These dimensions make it better for parties with smaller, younger guests; this pinata can hold up to a pound of candy or small toys. Included with this one is a robust and durable rope, made from all-natural, eco-friendly materials – perfect for hanging this one from a tree or pretty much anywhere else.

We’re big fans of this one – with its super cute, smiling cartoon brontosaurus design – it’s definitely one of the nicer pinatas featured in our round-up. When it comes to price, there’s nothing special here – with its $18 price tag, it’s firmly in the mid-range when it comes to cost, being typical of themed-pinatas of this size. As well as this, it benefits from a pretty good average rating of 4-stars from some 170+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $18, Amazon.com

6. WallyE Mini Dinosaur Pinatas (3 Pack)

WallyE Mini Dinosaur Pinatas (3 Pack)

Last but certainly not least is this mini dinosaur pinata three-pack from WallyE. It features two distinct designs – one, a cute, winged dinosaur, the other two are dinosaur eggs. The smaller size of these pinatas makes them ideal for smaller kid’s birthday parties, requiring less force to make them spill their tasty, sugary treats.

While these pinatas don’t shop loaded with candy, they come pre-filled with confetti, which adds a nice, decorative touch to the activity. That said, there is, of course, plenty of room and an opening so that you can stuff it with all your favorite sweets. These pinatas are also environmentally friendly, being manufactured from materials that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

If you’re looking for something smaller that offers a little more in the way of value, then this mini pinata three-pack could well be it. Affordable, retailing at just $14, and ideal for small kids, this well-rated, this 5-star pinata set could be what you’re looking for.

Buy it: From $14, Amazon.com

7. EMC Dinosaur Pinata with Hanging Loop

EMC Dinosaur Pinata with Hanging Loop

Last but not least, we’ve got this funny, bright-red dinosaur pinata with hanging loop from brand EMC. This pinata is handmade from premium materials, being finished with beautiful bright-red tissue paper, making it a real standout pinata – and certainly one of the boldest in our list of picks. It’s perfect for birthday parties, fiesta parties, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, or even for office events – and is not just great to swing at, but also pretty nice as a table centerpiece or other party decoration.

This pinata measures 16.2″ x 12.2″ x 3.5″, which, while it’s not the biggest pinata on our list, this pick is on the bigger side, being perfect for large parties or bigger kids. It offers a storage capacity of up to 2lbs of candy and small toys – plenty for all your little partygoers. As well as its large capacity, it’s also incredibly easy to fill, simply by removing the opening sticker on the filling port. This pick is also pretty sturdy, being made from rigid, high-quality cardboard, meaning that it’ll need plenty of swings to break open.

All in all, if you’re after a large-capacity pinata for a big kid’s party or adult get-together, then this could be just what you’re after. It’s large, well-made, looks great, and comes complete with a built-in hanging loop. As well as this, it’s also pretty reasonably priced. Costing just $20 – which is pretty good for a pinata of this size. It also comes well-rated, with 82+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur pinatas

Are you ready to party?

Well first, you need to find the perfect dinosaur pinata for your celebration. And we all know that some are created better than others!

And many do not even realize that there are two different kinds of pinatas. It is helpful to know this before making a purchase.

Keep reading to find out the things to look for when purchasing a pinata.

Strength and quality of materials

It is important to check out how well the dinosaur pinata is made. Cheaply made, low-quality pinatas will likely be less fun than one that is made well.

After all, you do not want the pinata to break on the first swing. On the same token, you don’t want to have it be so tough that kids can’t break it at all.

Pick a dinosaur pinata that will easily break after several hits.

Filling your dinosaur pinata

You do not have to fill your dinosaur pinata with candy only. While this is traditional, you can mix it up. Here are some ideas that will be sure to delight.

If you have items that will easily get smashed or broken that you want to include, you could leave those items out and place a note with what prize the child will get. These ideas may include:

Size of pinata

There are several sizes of pinatas on the market. You’ll want to make sure it’s large enough to hold all the goodies you have to place in it. You will also need to make sure that there are ample amounts for all your guests.

Dinosaur pinatas that measure anywhere from 16 to 28 inches can hold about two pounds of candy. This is equal to about 100 pieces of candy. This is a good amount for 8 to 10 children.

If the dinosaur pinata measures 34 inches plus, you can expect it to hold about 150 pieces of candy. This should be enough for 12 to 15 children to enjoy.

Types of dinosaur pinatas

There are a few types and style of dinosaur pinatas to choose from.

The first one is the standard pinata. This is the one where you will hit it to break it open with a bat or stick.

The next one is a pull string pinata. This type of pinata is great for if you have small children or will need to have the party indoors. With this kind of pinata, you simply pull one string at a time to get it to break.

You will find that a string pinata has about 20 strings. This also allow more people to participate before it breaks.

Children that do not like to be the center of attention may also prefer to have a string pinata.

Safety tips for your dinosaur pinata

While pinatas are fun, there are some precautions that you need to take to make sure no one gets hurt.

  1. Only allow one child at a time to take a swing at the pinata. All other children should be several feet away watching so they will not get hit.
  2. Make sure that the pinata is secured tightly with a rope before the first swing takes place.
  3. Using a plastic wiffle ball bat is generally a safe option.
  4. Let those who are the youngest go first in order to be fair.
  5. If using a blindfold, only spin the person around 2 or 3 times. Anymore could cause dizziness or make an injury occur.
  6. Before starting, tell the children they can pick a specific number of prizes.
  7. Tell children that once the pinata breaks, they’re to remain in their spot until an adult tells them it’s safe.

Final thoughts

We truly hope you enjoyed our best dinosaur pinatas review and buying guide. It was a lot of fun creating it for you.

Our hope was to take out the guesswork for you so you know that whatever dinosaur pinata you pick. You’ll have one that will create amazing memories.

Dinosaur pinatas are a fun way to spice up any party. They’re also a fun game to play for not only children, but also teens and adults.

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