Dinosaur perler beads: The 5 best of 2021

Perler Dinosaur Craft Bead Bucket Activity Kit (5004pcs)

What better way to have your little one sit quietly creating patterns and artistic works of his favorite themes and characters? This is where a set of dinosaur Perler beads can be a great addition to you’re kid’s dinosaur toy box and other arts and crafts activities.

If your child loves dinosaurs, there are many dinosaur Perler bead sets that you can choose from.

You will be able to find some of the top picks hereunder. We have also included buying tips to help you make a good choice.

Best dinosaur perler beads: our picks

1. Perler Dinosaur Craft Bead Bucket Activity Kit (5004pcs)
1. Perler Dinosaur Craft Bead Bucket Activity Kit (5004pcs)
2. Perler Tyrannosaurus Rex Pattern Bag Beads Kit (3500pcs)
2. Perler Tyrannosaurus Rex Pattern Bag Beads Kit (3500pcs)
3. Perler Smithsonian Dinosaurs 3D Beads Kit (2000pcs)
3. Perler Smithsonian Dinosaurs 3D Beads Kit (2000pcs)
4. SES Creative Iron on Beads-Dinos (1800pcs)
4. SES Creative Iron on Beads-Dinos (1800pcs)
5. Hama Beads Dinosaur Kingdom (2000pcs)
5. Hama Beads Dinosaur Kingdom (2000pcs)

1. Perler Dinosaur Craft Bead Bucket Activity Kit (5004pcs)

Perler Dinosaur Craft Bead Bucket Activity Kit (5004pcs)

Looking for the ultimate dinosaur Perler beads set? Then the massive 5004-piece Dinosaur Craft Bead Bucket Activity Kit is it. In addition to its generous number of beads, the kit includes a total of 7 different dinosaur patterns, making it an excellent choice for parties or play dates. Everything you need is right in the bucket, with two pegboards, ironing paper, and easy to follow instructions and pattern sheets.

There are 22 different colors of beads in the bucket, and it has uniquely shaped pegboards – one the shape of a dinosaur, the other an arch. You can follow the kit’s patterns or use your imagination to create your dino patterns. While the kit is suitable for kids aged six years and up, it’s important to remember that the ironing needed to complete any Perler bead project must be done by an adult.

We’re big fans of this pick. The kit is huge, and it’s cheap – retailing from just $10 – making it great value for money. If you’re looking for a fun activity for your kids that will keep them busy for hours and won’t break the bank, then look no further. And you don’t have to take our word for it; the kit 4.5-star rating from over 450 customer ratings.

Buy it: From $10, Amazon.com

2. Perler Tyrannosaurus Rex Pattern Bag Beads Kit (3500pcs)

Perler Tyrannosaurus Rex Pattern Bag Beads Kit (3500pcs)

Create your very own T-Rex with the Tyrannosaurus Rex Pattern Bag Beads Kit from Perler. This set is recommended for ages 12 years and up. This is because it’s somewhat more complicated than some of the other dinosaur Perler bead sets. That said – and as with all kits from the brand – it’s important to remember that an adult should do all ironing.

This kit contains a total of 3,500 beads. It also include a set of tweezers, a full-size pattern sheet with easy to follow instructions, and ironing paper needed to complete the project. The finished pattern is on the larger side, measuring 11”x 11”, giving a unique finished product to display on your bookcase or bedroom shelf.

If you’re looking for a Perler bead set for older kids, this one is worth considering. It’s large, relatively challenging, and will leave you with an impressive completed pattern to display. This set is also reasonably priced, retailing from just $11, and comes highly-rated, with an average 4.5-star rating from 22+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $11, Amazon.com

3. Perler Smithsonian Dinosaurs 3D Beads Kit (2000pcs)

Perler Smithsonian Dinosaurs 3D Beads Kit (2000pcs)

Bring to life the cretaceous period with this 3D dinosaur Perler beads kit from the Smithsonian Museum. It offers a fun, creative way to teach your little one about dinosaurs and help improve their fine-tune motor and other essential development skills.

This kit has everything you’ll need to create a 3D dinosaur scene from the cretaceous period. Included, you’ll find 2,000 Perler beads, a pegboard, a pattern sheet, ironing paper, and a full set of instructions. While the kit is recommended for ages six years and up, an adult must do the ironing part.

Retailing for just $11, this low-priced kid’s craft kid offers a lot of value. Overall, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, fun way to get your little one’s creativity flowing, then this kit could well be it. It also comes highly rated, scoring an average rating of 4.5 stars from 82+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $11, Amazon.com

4. SES Creative Iron on Beads-Dinos (1800pcs)

SES Creative Iron on Beads-Dinos (1800pcs)

While there aren’t many dinosaur-themed Perler bead kits, there are a few products from other similar brands. This next item is one such product – the Iron on Beads-Dinos set from SES Creative. This set includes 1800 pieces and consists of every you need to create several different dinosaur bead patterns right out of the box.

This set includes three patterns – a Brachiosaurus, a T-Rex, and a Triceratops. In addition to the beads and instructions, you’ll also find a small square pegboard, glue, and ironing paper to be used by an adult to complete the project. All the beads in this set are PVC-free and are manufactured to the highest quality, making them free from potentially harmful chemicals and toxins.

Large enough to keep your little one entertained for hours at a time, this set offers a lot of value. It’s also inexpensive, retailing for just $19, and is well-rated, with 22+ customer reviews giving it an average rating of 4 stars. Overall, it’s not bad – there’s enough here to make this kit good value for money.

Buy it: From $19, Amazon.com

5. Hama Beads Dinosaur Kingdom (2000pcs)

Hama Beads Dinosaur Kingdom (2000pcs)

Next up is another product from a Perler alternative – the Dinosaur Kingdom kit, from Hama Beads. This set will take you and your little one back to the Jurassic period, giving them a fun, creative way of learning more about these prehistoric creatures while improving their fine motor skills and feeding their imagination.

Everything needed to complete the kit comes in the box. This includes 2,000 beads, a pegboard, six bead supports, a full-color printed design sheet, easy-to-follow instructions, and ironing paper needed to complete the project. This set is pretty nice, recommended for kids aged 3+ years, and offers enough to keep your child entertained for hours on end.

All in all, kits from Hama Beads are pretty good – and this one is no different. There’s a lot of value here, with the set included a total of 2,000 beads, which translates into hours of creative fun. And with a price tag of just $15, it’s reasonably priced and well-rated, with an average 4.5-star review from over 288 verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $15, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur perler beads

Items included

Most perler bead sets come complete with pattern sheets and hundreds or thousands of colorful perler beads. You will obviously need to consider the amount of perler beads you would like to go for. The more the better of course, but try to be realistic. If your child has never tried perler beads before, they may be a bit difficult at first. So if this is his first try choose a set that does not have too many beads as he may feel overwhelmed. Besides if he is just starting out it is useless to spend money on a very large set when he just uses a few of them. As he grows used to this you can then buy him more sets with more perler beads.

Some sets come with an ironing paper and one or more Perler pegboards too. In the case of dinosaur Perler beads sets, there are some which come with dinosaur-shaped pegborards. These themed boards help your dino lover unleash his creativity even more easily!

Age considerations

Perler beads sets are generally recommended for kids aged 6 and up. This is because the beads are small, presenting a choke hazard to very young child.

Moreover, they require a certain level of precision, attention to detail and the ability to come up with proper color selection. These skills are not easily mastered by a very young child.


As we have just noted, perler beads are very small, so they may pose a safety hazard to young kids. To be safe, its always best to keep your child close while he or she is playing with perler beads. While these playsets are great for creativity, they can be dangerous if your child puts the beads in their mouth or nose.

Artistic skills

There is no denying that perler beads are just great to encourage your little one to be artistic. They are an ideal way to have him ‘paint’ his favorite pictures by sticking the colorful beads together. When it comes to fostering imagination and creativity, perler beads excel.

Other skills

Perler beads also help your child learn how to use different colors in a realistic way. Your child will also be able to indirectly learn the importance of being precise and patient while playing.

Focus and concentration are other skills that can improve significantly when playing with these beads.


It is always best to follow the instructions that come with the Perler beads set. Having said that, there are some sets which come with easy to follow instructions. This means that even a child can manage to understand on his or her own. This an advantage, as you’ll be teaching your child to follow instructions, and that is an important skill in life. It might prove to be a bit challenging at first, but it is highly beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Dinosaur perler beads sets are great in so many aspects. They help your child sit quietly and concentrate on a fun and engaging project that allows him or her to be creative and artistic.

Perler beads are not expensive, and yet they offer your child so many benefits. Moreover, the sense of satisfaction your child will get once he completes a pattern with perler beads is simply great. And you will feel proud too!

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