Dinosaur pencil cases: The 7 best of 2021

ZIPIT Dino Pencil Case

Looking back on my childhood when I was in elementary school, I was slightly nerdy. I loved school supplies from Trapper Keepers to pencils and pens. I’d have all sorts of erasers, and every cool kind of pen or pencil.

I remember I had the coolest pencil case. It was used to hold all of my smelly pencils that the teacher gave as rewards. I loved them so much and it made me feel good to have them in a spot that kept them safe.

If your child loves pencils, keep reading. We have compiled a list of the best dinosaur pencil cases. As well as this, we’ve also created a buyer’s guide that will offer the best information around.

Best dinosaur pencil cases: our picks

1. ZIPIT Dino Pencil Case
1. ZIPIT Dino Pencil Case
2. Aiphamy Canvas Dinosaur Pencil Case Holder
2. Aiphamy Canvas Dinosaur Pencil Case Holder
3. AHOOCUSTOM Zipper Pouch T-Rex Dinosaur Pencil Case
3. AHOOCUSTOM Zipper Pouch T-Rex Dinosaur Pencil Case
4. ARGISAA Store High Capacity Embossed Dinosaur Pencil Case
4. ARGISAA Store High Capacity Embossed Dinosaur Pencil Case
5. JeremySport Dinosaur Pencil Case
5. JeremySport Dinosaur Pencil Case
6. Jurassic World Black Pencil Case
6. Jurassic World Black Pencil Case
7. Clara Students Dinosaur Shaped Cartoon Plush Pencil Case
7. Clara Students Dinosaur Shaped Cartoon Plush Pencil Case

1. ZIPIT Dino Pencil Case

ZIPIT Dino Pencil Case

Up first, we’ve got this awesome-looking dino pencil case from ZIPIT. This one is perfect for parents looking for something a little different from the usual, more traditional style cases all the other kids likely have. The ZIPIT brand makes a load of great pencil cases in the same style, with themes including everything from unicorns and dinos to mermaids and other creatures. This means that there’s something in the collection for everyone.

This pencil case measures 8.66” x 0.79” x 3.94” – large enough to hold up to 30 pens and pencils, offering plenty of storage for all your little one’s classroom essentials. It also features an extra-wide, diagonal opening, making it much easier to open the case and find what you’re looking for instead of rummaging around blindly until you hopefully find what you need. Everything here is 100% kid-safe, being made from non-toxic, durable materials that are machine washable, making this case easy to clean and care for.

Overall, this dinosaur pencil case is pretty great – it’s cheap, retailing at just $8 – and is unique, high-quality, and well-made. What’s more, the ZIPIT brand offers a lifetime warranty on their products. This gives you some idea of just how confident the company is of the quality of their products. This one scores an impressive average of 5-stars from over 364 verified customer reviews when it comes to rating.

Buy it: From $8, Amazon.com

2. Aiphamy Canvas Dinosaur Pencil Case Holder

Aiphamy Canvas Dinosaur Pencil Case Holder

Up next, we’ve got a cute, multi-colored dinosaur print canvas pencil case holder from Aiphamy. Large enough to store around 28-35 pens and pencils, this case should provide more than enough space for your child’s school stationery and supplies while being small enough to fit in a standard kid’s backpack.

This pencil case is made from premium, durable canvas. This makes it minimal when it comes to bulk and weight – perfect for packing with all of your little one’s school essentials and throwing them in their backpack. The case measures 8” x 2” x 2.4” – which should offer plenty of storage space for all the pens, pencils, and other stationery supplies your kid will need to get through the day. This pick is on frills, featuring a simple, single compartment design secured with a sturdy zipper – so no messing about with this product.

Overall, this dinosaur pencil case is quite nice. We’re big fans of its multi-colored dinosaur silhouette graphics on a black background is a simple, straightforward design that incorporates everyone’s favorite dinos. Pricewise, it’s pretty good too. Retailing for just $10 – this one firmly in the lower half of picks on this list when it comes to cost, making it a great budget pick. As well as this, it also benefits from a 4.5-star average rating from 210+ customer reviews.

Buy it: From $10, Amazon.com

3. AHOOCUSTOM Zipper Pouch T-Rex Dinosaur Pencil Case

AHOOCUSTOM Zipper Pouch T-Rex Dinosaur Pencil Case

Next, we’ve got the zipper pouch T-Rex pencil case from AHOOCUSTOM – a case made from premium, high-quality PU leather, being a hardwearing, well-made case that’s built to last. It features an adorable, multi-colored design with beautifully illustrated dinosaur characters – this design choice is especially nice, and any young dino fan will appreciate it. The case includes a clip and strap, making it easy to carry or attach to the outside of a backpack. This offers an alternative way to store it than inside a pack for easier access.

This dinosaur pencil case measures 7.8” x 3.5” x 2.3”, offering plenty of storage space. In fact, this case can hold over 50 pencils or pens. It features a main compartment with a strong velcro chain, making the contents of this case easily accessible while keeping it secure when stored away. While this product is marketed as a pencil case, it can be used for all sorts of things – as a make-up bag or even as a dinosaur purse – this case is pretty multi-functional. It’s also resistant to scratches and dirt and is easy to clean; it simply requires a wipe down to deal with any spills or stains.

All-in-all, this case is pretty nice. It’s the first case made from PU leather on our list, a material that makes this case exceptionally hardwearing and gives it a very nice, smooth feel to the touch. This one also offers a lot of variety and uses, being just as good as a pencil case, as it is as an option for other, more general storage. As well as this, it’s also pretty inexpensive – retailing for just $13. It’s also well-rated, with 140+ customers giving this one an average 4.5-star rating.

Buy it: From $13, Amazon.com

4. ARGISAA Store High Capacity Embossed Dinosaur Pencil Case

ARGISAA Store High Capacity Embossed Dinosaur Pencil Case

Next is the first hard shell dinosaur pencil case on our list. It’s the high-capacity, embossed dino pencil case from brand ARGISAA. This particular pencil case is part of a set set of 8 different dinosaur styles, including everything from dinosaurs playing basketball and riding bikes to robot and music-listening dinos. Hardshell cases are a great option, being far more resistant to damage from dropping than alternative styles.

This pencil case features an EVA hard shell and three separate layers, offering plenty of capacity and organizational options with its multi-compartment design. Inside the case, you’ll find a mesh pocket and elastic pen holder strap, making it possible to place and secure items effectively. The case is also built to be anti-dust and equipped with a strong, double zipper for smooth, easy use. Each case comes with a gift – a cute luggage tap – available in one of three different styles, perfect for customizing a school bag.

Overall, this pencil case is pretty lovely. With its hard shell design, it offers a safe, sturdy way of storing and transporting your pens and pencils to the classroom. Its cute 3D design – along with the number of design variants offered – offers plenty of choices, making it easier to pick out the perfect case for your kid. While it’s not cheap – retailing from $17 – it comes highly rated, with an average 4.5-star rating from 90+ customer reviews. It’s also built to last, offering great value than many alternatives in the long run.

Buy it: From $17, Amazon.com

5. JeremySport Dinosaur Pencil Case

JeremySport Dinosaur Pencil Case

The next pencil case on our list is from brand JeremySport. This case is one of five different dinosaur styles, from cutesy, surfing, and more hyper-realistic dinosaur scenes. While this pick might not be the best choice for younger, school-age children – due to its lack of cute cartoon designs – for older kids and teens with a passion for dinosaurs, this compact pencil case could well be what you’re looking for.

Made from 100% polyester, this pencil case is lightweight and durable. It features a simple single compartment design with a zipper to secure the contents of the case. Depending on what your child needs to bring to school, you might find this case a little small. As measuring 8.7” x 4.4” x 1.8”, it’s one of the smaller picks on this list.

That said, the quality of print and variety you get with this one, given the range of dinosaur designs to choose from, makes this one a pretty good choice, especially for older dino fans. It also benefits from a good rating, with 78+ customer reviews giving this one an aggregated rating of 4.5-stars. Not bad for a case retailing at just $13.

Buy it: From $13, Amazon.com

6. Jurassic World Black Pencil Case

Jurassic World Black Pencil Case

For anyone out there, pencil case shopping for a fan of the popular Jurassic World franchise, then this next pick could well be for you – the officially licensed Jurassic World black pencil case. This case features a three dinosaur design, set against a black background with a red trim. It’s also decorated with the wording “extinction-level event” – making the scene it depicts fairly dramatic and more suited to older kids than younger ones. We’re big fans of this design choice. It’s definitely our go-to pick for anyone looking for a dinosaur case that offers some level of realism, as opposed to cutesy, cartoon dinosaur styling.

This dinosaur pencil case sports a single zipper design and measures 8” x 3” x 2”, offering plenty of space for all your little one’s daily stationery essentials, all of which are easily accessible. As you’d expect with an officially licensed product, the quality of this one – in terms of design, print, and materials – are all relatively high, making this one of the better-quality dinosaur cases currently on the market. As a direct result, this one if durable, strong, and hardwearing. This means it’ll last for many months and years to come, offering plenty of value the long run.

Overall, this case is pretty good. High-quality, officially licensed, and more than capable of withstanding school year after school year, as it’s thrown, tossed, and dropped into backpacks, onto floors, and generally abused during the school day. It’s also the only Jurassic World case on our list. This makes it the obvious best choice for super fans of the movie franchise – and is surprisingly inexpensive, retailing for just $9. All-in-all, for an officially licensed, 5-star rated pencil case – you can do much worse than this pick.

Buy it: From $9, Amazon.com

7. Clara Students Dinosaur Shaped Cartoon Plush Pencil Case

Clara Students Dinosaur Shaped Cartoon Plush Pencil Case

Last up, but certainly not least, is this super cute, plush dinosaur pencil case from Clara. This case is perfect for anyone looking for something a little out of the ordinary, being very different from the usual cases on the market. It’s available in either blue or green, for anyone who prefers a more realistic color choice.

The case is made from high-quality plush material with a washable PP cotton filler; this makes this pencil case super soft and nice to the touch. That said, it’s important to note that this case should be hand washed, not machine, using clean cold water and flat out hang to dry. Another nice touch is the included clip-hook, which makes it easy to fix this case to a matching dinosaur backpack. This is especially useful for younger children, whose smaller packs may be short of interior space.

All in all, if you’re looking for a super cute dino pencil case, they don’t come much cuter than this. Well-made, soft, and beautifully designed, this case is a real stand-out choice. This makes it one that is sure to be the envy of all your little one’s friends in the classroom. It’s also pretty affordable at just $13 and benefits from a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

Buy it: From $13, Amazon.com

Buyer’s guide for dinosaur pencil cases

Growing up, when I was in elementary school, I hated a messy desk. When the teacher said get out your math book and a notebook, I wanted to be able to quickly find it. I hated being the center of attention and never wanted anyone to have to wait for me. Unlike a few of my classmates who had their crayons all over the place, markers without lids, and a lot of other chaos.

One thing that always allowed me to organize my desk was my pencil case. This held all my pencils so my pens could go in the grove that sat up higher on the desk to hold pens and pencils.

If you want your child to be organized, you need to give them the tools to do it. Keep reading to find out all about dinosaur pencil cases, which will help keep their desk under control.


Dinosaur pencil cases will come in a wide variety of sizes. If your child has a fetish for pens or pencils or likes to put other items in the pencil case, you will most likely want to purchase a larger pencil case.


If you want to protect your pencils that have just been sharpened, you’ll want to look for a pencil case that has hardened exteriors. You could also look for pencil cases that have a flap over them to protect the tips of your pencils.


There are also so many different styles for pencil cases. Some pencil cases are made from plastic and have a hinge-type lid. These pencil cases may be on the deeper and larger side. This makes them perfect for holding a lot of colored pencils or a mixture of pens and pencils.

Other pencil cases roll-up. They sort of resemble a makeup brush set. There are small slots where you stick your pencil, then you simply roll it up and tie it off.

The third option for a pencil case is a rounded book pencil case. These zip up and have several compartments that can hold pens and pencils or cards. This would be perfect for kids that have cards for the library or their lunch car, or even for their school ID card.

Another style is the tin-type pencil case. This is a tin that has a lid that lifts off. It is about as long as a pencil and can hold several pencils at once.

There is also the pencil case that looks like a makeup bag. It has a zipper with one large compartment that will hold several pencils at once.

Other essentials

Besides using your pencil case for pencils, you can also put other essentials in it if it is large enough. These will include a pen, highlighter, large eraser, a ruler, a pencil sharpener, a glue stick, and more. Older children may also need a stapler, tape, staples, and correction tape or fluid.

Another idea for a dinosaur pencil case is turning it into an on-the-go art kit. This works the best with a larger pencil case. You can fill it with various art items to use in the car or for when your family camps. Add colored pencils, markers, watercolor paints, index cards, washi tape, dinosaur stickers, a ruler, glue, glitter, scissors, and more. Your kids will love having a on the go art set to grab as they are walking out the door. And the best part is that you can switch things out or make themed boxes so the child never gets bored.

Customized cases

There are some cases that you can purchase that can be customized with the child’s name.

I know that when I was younger, finding something with your name on it was so cool. For younger children, this is still a huge deal.

If you aren’t able to find something that is personalized, you can always use your Cricut or borrow one. Simply cut out the name of your child to add to their dinosaur pencil cases yourself.

Final thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our dinosaur pencil case review and buyer’s guide. I had a lot of fun looking over all the cool dinosaur pencil cases. And it brought back some pretty great memories of my elementary school years.

You will now have enough information to purchase the best dino pencil case for your terrible lizard lover! Every child deserves the chance to have a desk that is organized so they can learn better.

And dinosaur pencil cases may be just the thing to get them started.

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