Dinosaur lamps: The 7 best of 2021

Idea Nuova Jurassic World Stick Table Lamp

Lamps are a fun way to accent any room. Not only do they provide something interesting to look at, but they also have a function as well. This has never been truer than with dinosaur lamps, which can be a great addition to any room.

Lamps do not need to be just used in living rooms. They can be used wherever you need light, from a bedroom to a playroom or an office – although, you might be better off with a dinosaur night light in a bedroom.

It may be hard for you to decide which lamp would be the best one for your child, especially if they adore dinosaurs.

Here we will provide you with our picks of the best dinosaur lamps, along with a buying guide for making sure you find the best ones for your needs.

Best dinosaur lamps toys: Our picks

1. Idea Nuova Jurassic World Stick Table Lamp
1. Idea Nuova Jurassic World Stick Table Lamp
2. What On Earth T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp
2. What On Earth T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp
3. ArtLights Wood Base Dinosaur Table Lamp
3. ArtLights Wood Base Dinosaur Table Lamp
4. HROOME Kids Dinosaur Table Lamp
4. HROOME Kids Dinosaur Table Lamp
5. Streamline Brontosaurus Dinosaur Table Lamp
5. Streamline Brontosaurus Dinosaur Table Lamp
6. Pillowfort New Dinosaur Table Lamp Green
6. Pillowfort New Dinosaur Table Lamp Green
7. Vency Desk Dinosaur Lamp with USB Charging Port
7. Vency Desk Dinosaur Lamp with USB Charging Port

1. Idea Nuova Jurassic World Stick Table Lamp

Idea Nuova Jurassic World Stick Table Lamp

First up is this officially licensed Jurassic World stick table lamp from Idea Nuova. The ideal gift for fans, young and old, of the popular movie franchise, this lamp is excellent for decorating and customizing a space. It makes a great addition to a bedroom, lounge, or even a desk in the office, helping to show off their love of both dinosaurs and the Jurassic World franchise.

In the box, you’ll find the lamp, a round, high-gloss plastic shade with dinosaur graphics, and a unique pull chain that features a Jurassic World-themed design. This lamp uses a 40w bulb that must be purchased separately and is powered by plugging it into a wall outlet. It provides plenty of light, making it great to read or burn the midnight oil on work or other projects.

We love this lamp. It’s a great addition to the Idea Nuova Jurassic World product range, which includes everything from dinosaur sleeping bags and wall art to dinosaur toy boxes. For an officially licensed product, it’s also well-priced, retailing for just $25. As well as this, it comes highly-rated, with 161+ customer ratings giving this lamp an average of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $25, Amazon.com

2. What On Earth T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp

What On Earth T-Rex Dinosaur Lamp

If you’re looking for a dinosaur bedside lamp that wows, then this impressive T-Rex lamp from What On Earth could be it. Whether looking for a light for a nursery, a man cave, or even as a gift for the dinosaur addict in your life who has everything, this fantastic lamp is worth a closer look.

This dinosaur-shaped, cold cast polyresin lamp stands at 6 1/2″ inches tall and is the percent way to add an accent to a desk or bedside table. It’s light-hearted, impressive, and will no doubt become the focal point in whichever room or on whatever surface you place it. It uses a replaceable single 7-watt bulb, the first of which comes in the box.

Overall, if you want a lamp that’s different, with that added wow factor – this is it. While it’s not cheap, retailing for around $49, it’s certainly worth the money. Kids and grown-ups alike will fall in love with this highly-rated, 4.5-star dinosaur lamp.

Buy it: From $49, Amazon.com

3. ArtLights Wood Base Dinosaur Table Lamp

ArtLights Wood Base Dinosaur Table Lamp

Next, we have this art deco style lamp from ArtLights – it’s a beautiful looking lamp that would add that special finishing touch to any room you decide to put it in. This lamp features a wooden base and comes completed with a dinosaur print translucent shade, printed with non-fade inks, meaning that it will retain its colors better over time.

Compatible with either E25 or E27 sized bulbs, this lamp has a power cord located in its middle that’s 5.4ft in length – long enough to make it easy to put it pretty much anywhere in a room without the need for an extension cable. Perfect for a bedroom, living room, or even a desk at the office, this lamp looks great and wouldn’t be out of place pretty much anywhere you need extra light.

Overall, this lamp is lovely. Its art deco style is a great choice, making for a fashionable, stylish light that will look great wherever you decide to use it. At just $30, it’s also pretty good value for money and benefits from an average 4.5-star rating from over 65 customer ratings – all of which combine to make it a good buy.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

4. HROOME Kids Dinosaur Table Lamp

HROOME Kids Dinosaur Table Lamp

If interior design is your thing, and you’re looking for a lamp that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is unique, then this beautiful, wooden robot dinosaur toy lamp from HROOME could be for you. When it comes to design, we love this lamp! It will look fabulous anywhere and is available in two color options; wood – which looks great – and black walnut, which looks even better!

When it comes to features, this lamp doesn’t disappoint. It has 3-way light temperature settings, making it dimmable at the touch of a sensor control switch, and includes a 2700k, 6W LED chip right out of the box – meaning it ships with everything you need to get it up and running. This lamp will look great wherever you put it, whether, in a kids bedroom, office, den, or man cave – this light won’t look out of place.

This lamp is excellent. Its art deco style, unique dinosaur figure design, and beautiful wooden finish make this lamp a great choice either for your own home or as a gift for friends or loved ones. It’s also well-rated, with over 70 customer ratings giving it an average rating of 4.5 stars.

Buy it: From $50, Amazon.com

5. Streamline Brontosaurus Dinosaur Table Lamp

Streamline Brontosaurus Dinosaur Table Lamp

Next is another excellent dinosaur-shaped lamp on this list, this time a Brontosaurus table lamp from Streamline. Perfect for younger children who might be scared by the T-Rex lamp covered earlier in this list, this lamp is just as good in a nursery as a man cave, den, or office.

This lamp is big – standing at over 14” tall – making for an impressive sight on any table or in any room you place it. It is made from polyresin, making it kid-friendly and 100% child-safe, free of potentially hazardous chemicals. It uses a single 7W bulb, which you can replace with ease when required.

This dinosaur lamp is surprisingly affordable, retailing from just $36 – which, in our view, makes it an absolute bargain. It’s also well-rated, with 26+ verified customer reviews giving it an average 4.5-star rating. Overall, this lamp is great and worth considering as an alternative to a more traditional bedside or desk lamp.

Buy it: From $36, Amazon.com

6. Pillowfort New Dinosaur Table Lamp Green

Pillowfort New Dinosaur Table Lamp Green

If you’re looking for a more traditional table lamp with a difference, this T-Rex shaped light from Pillowfort could well be it. Eye-catching and fun, this stand-out lamp will add an element of fun to any room, making it a great addition to a bedroom, office, man cave, or den.

This ceramic, dinosaur-shaped table lamp features a push-thru style switch and comes complete with a tapered drum lamp shade. Perfect for a desk, dresser, or bedside table, this product provides an easy-access light whenever it’s required. The decorative lamp fits a single 13w CFL or 60w incandescent light bulb and is California title 20 compliant.

While this dino lamp isn’t cheap – at $59, it’s the most expensive option we’ve included in our list – it’s certainly unique, making it great as a gift for a dinosaur loving friend or loved one who has it all. And with an average 4-star rating from 10+ customer reviews, it’s also well-rated, making it a decent option for anyone looking for a fun, novelty dinosaur lamp.

Buy it: From $59, Amazon.com

7. Vency Desk Dinosaur Lamp with USB Charging Port

Vency Desk Dinosaur Lamp with USB Charging Port

Last but not least, is this super-cute, dinosaur-shaped desk and bedside LED lamp from Vency. This feature-rich, cheap lamp is packed full of functionality, includes multiple lighting modes, timers, and a USD charging port. It’s also the only lamp here that’s battery-powered, making it a great choice to take with you when you’re traveling away from home.

This lamp is made from soft, 100% kid-safe silicone and is certified as BPA-free. This lamp has several light modes full of features and functionality, making it possible to dim and brighten as required – great as an alternative to a dedicated dinosaur night light. It also has a built-in 45-minute timer, which will automatically shut off the light. Another great feature, and it’s the only dino lamp on our list with this, is a built-in USB charging port, making it a great addition to a bedside table, making it easy to charge your smartphone, tablet, or other rechargeable devices.

Cheap, ultralight, and battery-powered – this portable, feature-full LED dino lamp is a great choice, and for just $8, it’s also a great bargain, offering a lot of value for money. While this might not be the best option if you’re looking for a more permanent lighting solution, this product is worth considering as a backup or portable option for traveling, with overnight stays away from home.

Buy it: From $8, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur lamps

It’s not every day that you go out and purchase a lamp. Which is why it can be sort of hard to know what to even look for when buying a lamp.

Top that off with adding dinosaurs into the mix and you may think it could become an issue to find the right lamp at a great price.

However, by following our buying guide for dinosaur lamps, you can see which points you should be thinking about.

Dinosaur lamps

There are various types of dinosaur lamps that are available for purchase. Some of these dinosaur lamps will have a lampshade that is decorated with dinosaurs. Others will have a dinosaur on the base of the lamp. Some may even have both!

Desk lamps

Desk lamps are designed to provide extra light when working on important things, such as homework or a special project. Many desks lamps will have adjustable arms or shades that tilt to provide light where you need it the most.

Accent lamps

These lamps do just what their name says- accent. They may be bold in color or design or shape. A dinosaur accent lamp may contain a base that is shaped like your favorite terrible lizard! These lamps are fully functional and could have many characteristics.

Table lamps

Table lamps are very popular today. The ambiance of the room can be greatly affected by a table lamp. Some of these lamps will even come with extras, such as having a USB charger.

Let there be light

You may wonder how much light you need when purchasing a lamp.

If you are purchasing a dinosaur lamp, chances are it will be for a child. For a child ages 5 to 12, you should look into the following watts:

  • Halogen ≤ 20 watts
  • LED 3 to 5 watts
  • Fluorescent ≤ 9 watts
  • Footcandles 25 to 50 FC
  • Incandescent ≤ 40 watts


Dinosaur lamps are a lot of fun for children. This small piece of furniture could be a memory one day when they are older. Perhaps they will reminisce about how they used to do their homework or scribble in a dinosaur coloring book or on a set of printable dinosaur coloring pages at their desk with their T-rex lamp on. Or how they would read in their bed by the light of their triceratops lamp? No matter what dinosaur is on their lamp, these can be super fun pieces of furniture for them.

Even if a lamp is not practical, they are fun to own. They can be a conversational piece in a home. They’re a great addition to the dinosaur bedding, dinosaur bookends, and other items in your child’s bedroom, as a finishing touch to their bedroom decor. And even if they are not practical, they still have a purpose.

Features a lamp may hold

There are different features that a lamp may have

Some have finials on them. A finial will screw into the base to provide an accent to the lamp.

Others will have dimmers. These will allow a manual switch to either brighten or dim the bulb.

Larger lamps may have storage with them. These are generally not very large, and may hold smaller items such as pens or a small notepad.

Terms helpful to know

When purchasing dinosaur lamps, it might be helpful to know the following terms:

  • Lumens- The brightness of the lamp. The more lumens a lamp has, the brighter it will be.
  • Kelvins- The color temperature. The lower the Kelvins are, the warmer the temperature colorwise will be.
  • Wattage- The more watts a lamp has, the energy it will take for the lightbulb to work.
  • Footcandles (FC)- One lumen per square foot. This measures the intensity of light one it falls upon a surface.
  • Beam spread- The measurement of light that shines from a light source in a triangle fashion, which lights up the area around it.


Just as with anything you purchase, there will be maintenance with a dinosaur lamp. Here are
some of the best tips to keep the dinosaur lamp looking its best.

  1. Never touch a hot bulb when cleaning. Wait for it to cool completely, then clean.
  2. Every 6 month, wipe the lamp shade down.
  3. If there are more than one bulb in a lamp, replace all of them at the same time. Not only are you able to save time when you do this, but also money.

Final thoughts

Our number one goal when putting together this list of the best dinosaur lamps review and buying guide was to find the best information to assist you in finding a dinosaur lamp that your child can not live without.

We feel that this guide hits the nail on the head, allowing you to make the best choice possible. You will be able to find the best dinosaur lamps, regardless of who it is for, just by reading our guide!

Now there is no way you will be left in the dark!

Dinosaur Addicts
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