Dinosaur kites: The 5 best of 2021

In the Breeze 30

Do you remember watching people fly kites when you were younger? I loved watching these people, staring at the beautiful amazement floating in the sky. I desired to have a kite of my own every time I saw one flying.

Kites are pretty amazing dino toys when you think about them. They are gorgeous to look at and when they are soaring high, it just brings a peaceful feeling to you.

There are so many types of kites available for sale. Some are very colorful, while others are focused on a design or an animal. I have seen some pretty cool ones, such as a penguin that looked like it was floating in the clouds, a unicorn that flew magically in the sky, and a dinosaur that glided peacefully above everyone.

If you have a child that loves dinosaurs, you will want to keep reading. Here we have compiled a list of reviews for the best dinosaur kites, along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide. This will allow you to find the best kites for your child.

Best dinosaur kites: our picks

1. In the Breeze 30″ Dinosaur Diamond Kite
1. In the Breeze 30″ Dinosaur Diamond Kite
2. Premier Kites Large Easy Flyer T-Rex Dinosaur Kite (46″ x 90″)
2. Premier Kites Large Easy Flyer T-Rex Dinosaur Kite (46″ x 90″)
3. WindNSun Dinosoar Pterodactyl Kite
3. WindNSun Dinosoar Pterodactyl Kite
4. WindNSun T-Rex 67″ Tall Nylon Motion Wiggle Kite
4. WindNSun T-Rex 67″ Tall Nylon Motion Wiggle Kite
5. Premier Kites 30″ T-Rex Diamond Kite
5. Premier Kites 30″ T-Rex Diamond Kite

1. In the Breeze 30″ Dinosaur Diamond Kite

In the Breeze 30

First up, we’ve got this awesome dinosaur diamond kite from In The Breeze – a 30″ kite that’s part of a broader range of 22 unique themes and styles. This range includes everything from peacocks and butterflies to tigers, sharks, and unicorns – so there’s something here for everyone, whatever their interests. This kite measures 30″ wide by 30″ high and includes three 12-foot color-coordinated tails, which make this kite quite the sight to see when it’s soaring high into the sky on windy afternoons in the park.

This kite features durable, lightweight ripstop fabric with a fiberglass rod frame and is rated for a wind range of 6-20 mph. It’s printed using some of the latest digital printing techniques, giving it a high-detailed, beautifully finished print, which looks excellent when it’s flying. Easy to assemble and perfect for newbie kite flyers – this dino kite makes a great choice for your little dinosaur obsessed kid’s first kite.

This kite is excellent. It’s big, easy to set up, and easy to fly – this traditional, diamond-shaped dinosaur kid is a great pick for inexperienced flyers. It’s also very affordable – in fact, at just $15, it’s the cheapest pick on our list, making it a great buy. Besides its low price point, this kite also benefits from a pretty good average star rating of 4.5, from an impressive 522+ verified customer ratings. They don’t come much better for the money than this dino kite pick from brand In The Breeze.

Buy it: From $15, Amazon.com

2. Premier Kites Large Easy Flyer T-Rex Dinosaur Kite (46″ x 90″)

Premier Kites Large Easy Flyer T-Rex Dinosaur Kite (46

Buy it: From $33, Amazon.com

3. WindNSun Dinosoar Pterodactyl Kite

WindNSun Dinosoar Pterodactyl Kite

Buy it: From $22, Amazon.com

4. WindNSun T-Rex 67″ Tall Nylon Motion Wiggle Kite

WindNSun T-Rex 67

Buy it: From $27, Amazon.com

5. Premier Kites 30″ T-Rex Diamond Kite

Premier Kites 30

Buy it: From $26, Amazon.com

Buyer’s guide for dinosaur kites

Kite flying is a beautiful art. Taking a piece of material and being able to raise it in the sky to float in the air is an amazing feat!

While most people probably do not even think about it, there are many benefits to flying a kite. And it makes it that much better when you are flying a kite that you enjoy, such as a dinosaur kite.

Keep reading to see why you and your child should go fly a kite!

Eye stimulation

As I have stated above, kites are beautiful to look at. They are bright and colorful many times, but even if they are black and white, they are glorious to look at floating in the air.

We live in a world where we are constantly looking at our phones, tablets, computer screens, and TVs. Our eyes are often focused on these screens, and whether you realize it or not, they get tired.

When you have something different to focus on, such as a pterodactyl flying high, you can calm your eyes down with a soothing image. This works for children as well as adults. The nerves and eye muscles will be better regulated, which can ward off myopia.

Fresh air

When you fly a kite, you are getting much needed fresh air. Fresh air helps your lungs, promotes better health, and allows you to sleep better. And you also get vitamin D from the sun, which is very important to lead a healthy life.

Stress reliever

If you have stress, it can mess with your health. You may feel uptight, tired, or just have an overall unwell feeling.

Flying a kite is a great way to reduce stress. Not only will you be getting fresh air like stated above, but you will also be able to take your mind off whatever is eating at you. You can focus on the beauty of the kite floating in the sky.

Family fun

Flying a kite is great family fun. It is an activity that anyone in the family can take part in. Young children will be amazed to just look at the kite, while older children may be able to help in flying the kite.

You may even wish to make a day of flying a kite. Go to the park, have a picnic, fly the kite, and then take a break to get some ice cream. Then continue to fly the kite. Or go to the beach or an open field. It doesn’t matter where you go as long as the area is open. Wherever you are with the family, some great memories will be made.

Flying a kite is a right of passage that every child should be able to take part in. No child should be denied this experience. I remember as a child my friend that had never flown a kite. She always saw them at the store and asked her parents for one. They turned her down every time, saying they were a waste of money and they never worked. One day she was at my house and saw the kite sitting in the garage. My parents got it out and we took a drive to the park. She had the best time and was delighted in joy watching it soar while she held on to it.


Many people may not think of flying a kite as exercise, but it is. You can stretch your entire body out which feels amazing.

And you can run with your kite. This will get your heart rate up, pumping blood through your entire body.


When you fly a kite, you can practice mindfulness. This will give you a sense of the here and now. There are so many benefits to this, such as being able to manage pain and decrease your anxiety. Flying a kite can also help with depression.

Final thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed all the information provided about dinosaur kites. While this is often thought of as an old-fashioned activity, it is something that will be around forever.

Flying a kite has many great benefits that will assist in your health. Anyone in your family can partake in it. It is a great exercise that will reduce stress, pain, and more!

Now go fly a kite to take advantage of all these great benefits.

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