Dinosaur keychains: The 7 best of 2021

MUAMAX Dinosaur Key Chain

Dinosaur keychains are a very important little tool.  They have been used by countless people to keep their keys safe.  And when you think of all the keys a person may have, keychains are needed.  There are house keys, car keys, camper keys, office keys, and so many more. 

Keychains used to be just a keychain.  However, in the past several years, they have evolved.  No longer are they just a ring with an image on a piece of metal.  Or the shape of an animal.  Keychains now are a lot of fun and may have useful tools on them. 

Here we will provide you with the best dinosaur keychains. We’ve also included a buying guide for making sure you find the best ones for your wants and needs.

Best dinosaur keychains: our picks

1. MUAMAX Dinosaur Key Chain
1. MUAMAX Dinosaur Key Chain
2. Scentco Dino Dudes Backpack Buddies Scented Plush Brontosaurus
2. Scentco Dino Dudes Backpack Buddies Scented Plush Brontosaurus
3. Factory Entertainment Jurassic World Indominus Rex Sculpted Keychain
3. Factory Entertainment Jurassic World Indominus Rex Sculpted Keychain
4. Alisa Novelty Cute Dinosaur Soft Silica Keychain
4. Alisa Novelty Cute Dinosaur Soft Silica Keychain
5. MUAMAX Metal Dinosaur Keychain Pendant
5. MUAMAX Metal Dinosaur Keychain Pendant
6. Ruzucoda Plush Dinosaur Keychain Stuffed
6. Ruzucoda Plush Dinosaur Keychain Stuffed
7. QTKJ Cute Reversible Mermaid Glitter Pompom Sequins Dinosaur Keychain
7. QTKJ Cute Reversible Mermaid Glitter Pompom Sequins Dinosaur Keychain

1. MUAMAX Dinosaur Key Chain

MUAMAX Dinosaur Key Chain

Up first, we’ve got this super cute, beautiful dinosaur keychain from brand MUAMAX – a company that makes all kinds of great keychains and accessories. This handmade, leather PU dinosaur key chain is available in 3 different colors – grey, blue, and pink – perfect for color coordinating with bags or outfits. Perfect as a gift for loved ones or family, young and hold, this nicely presented, minimalist plated dinosaur keychain is very nice.

This dinosaur keychain stands at 5” tall and is made of a combination of alloy and Leather PU. It features a metal O-ring design and comes equipped with a hanging buckle, making it easier to keep your keys organized. And this one’s not just an excellent option for keys; it’s also perfect as a charm to customize and decorate bags, backpacks, purses, and even mobile phones.

All in all, if you’re looking for a dinosaur charm or keyring to customize or decorate other accessories, then this cute, minimalist leather PU plated dino keychain could well be what you’re looking for. Made from high-quality materials and priced affordably, retailing at just $7 – a bargain price for a keychain of this quality – you can’t go wrong with this pick. And don’t take our word for it; this one comes well-rated, scoring an average 4.5-stars from some 1,645+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $7 Amazon.com

2. Scentco Dino Dudes Backpack Buddies Scented Plush Brontosaurus

Scentco Dino Dudes Backpack Buddies Scented Plush Brontosaurus

Up next, we’ve got this scented dinosaur backpack charm from Scentco, part of the brand’s scented plush Dino Dudes backpack buddies product line. There are four different styles to choose from, each featuring a different dino – these are Brontosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and T-Rex. These backpack charms – which can easily double up as dinosaur keychains – feature an appealing raspberry scent that can last for up to two years, keeping your pack smelling amazing wherever it goes.

This product is an excellent option for anyone looking specifically for a dinosaur plush keychain or backpack charm made from high-quality plush material. Each Dino Dudes Backpack Buddy measures 4” tall and is finished with very nice, quality embroidery, giving a charm that’s both great to look at and feels great to the touch. They also come equipped with a durable plastic clip, which is perfect for attaching the charms to packs and gym bags, dinosaur suitcases, or pretty much anything else.

Overall, the dino buddies range from Scento is pretty lovely – they both look and smell great while being pretty affordable, at just $7 each. They make the perfect gift for anyone shopping for a dino fan on a budget, being great as stocking fillers or small rewards or incentives to keep kid’s motivated throughout the year. As well as this, they come highly-rated, scoring an impressive average 5-star rating from over 717 verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $7 Amazon.com

3. Factory Entertainment Jurassic World Indominus Rex Sculpted Keychain

Factory Entertainment Jurassic World Indominus Rex Sculpted Keychain

Our next pick would make a great gift for the Jurassic Park fan in your life, as it’s the first and only officially licensed Jurassic World keychain on this list – it’s the Indominus Rex sculpted keychain. Featuring a solid, metal construction packed full of amazing detail – this keychain is certainly one to consider as a gift for grown-up fans or collectors of merchandise from the popular movie franchise.

This keychain features the figure of a ferocious Indominus Rex – a gigantic hybrid dinosaur, one of two main antagonists from 2015’s Jurassic World film. And for collectors, Factory Entertainment doesn’t just make keychains – they also make a range of other officially licensed Jurassic World products, including license plate frames – a must-have car accessory for fans.

All in all, if you’re shopping for a keychain for fans of the famous Jurassic World film franchise, then this all-metal Indominus Rex collectors keychain is an option worth considering. While it’s not the cheapest option – in fact, at $18, it’s by far the most expensive pick on our list – it’s sure to be worth the money for any die-hard fan of the series. In terms of ratings, this one benefits from an average of 4.5-stars from 56+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $18 Amazon.com

4. Alisa Novelty Cute Dinosaur Soft Silica Keychain

Alisa Novelty Cute Dinosaur Soft Silica Keychain

Another excellent pick for anyone shopping specifically for a super cute and soft keychain is the novelty soft silica dinosaur keychain from Alisa. This one, available in one of three different colors – blue, green, and purple – features a more kawaii style, an aesthetic that’s very in right now.

Made from high-quality, soft and non-toxic PVC material, this cute, cartoon-style dinosaur keychain is perfect not only for keys but also as a charm to customize everything from school bags and purses to suitcases and even mobile phones. It’s not the biggest keychain – measuring just 1.18” x 0.59” x 1.57” – so keep that in mind, as if you’re looking for something a little larger and more noticeable, this pick likely isn’t going to be it.

This keychain is another inexpensive pick, with a price tag of just $8 – and is undoubtedly one of the cutest dinosaur keychains we’ve included. While it isn’t the largest, it’s arguably one of the cutest – something its smaller size certainly adds to – and benefits from being well-rated, with over 112 verified customer ratings giving this one an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $8 Amazon.com

5. MUAMAX Metal Dinosaur Keychain Pendant

MUAMAX Metal Dinosaur Keychain Pendant

Up next, we’ve got another excellent dinosaur keychain from MUAMAX – the second product from this brand on our list. This pick is obviously more for grown-ups than for kids, given its sleek, minimalist look and feel – as opposed to being an overly cute and fluffy cartoonish pick, of which there are several in this list.

This all-metal dinosaur keychain measures 3.5” and has fully articulated arms, legs, and tail – which is a lovely touch. Made from zinc alloy, this keyring is solid and resistant to pulling, making it a great choice for keeping those important keys safe and secure. This dino keychain looks excellent; with its beautiful matte finish, it will go great with pretty much anything – whether a bag, purse, or mobile phone charm.

All in all, this dino keychain is very nice – especially for anyone looking for something a little sleeker and grown-up, rather than cute and cuddly. As well as this, it also comes in pretty cheap – in fact, with a retail price of just $7, it’s one of the cheaper keychains on our list. The combination of quality, style, and price, makes this an incredibly affordable gift for the more mature dino fan in your life. It also comes reasonably well-rated, scoring an average star rating of 4.5 from over 75 verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $7 Amazon.com

6. Ruzucoda Plush Dinosaur Keychain Stuffed

Ruzucoda Plush Dinosaur Keychain Stuffed

Up next, we’ve got another plush dinosaur keychain, this time from brand Ruzucoda, in the form of a super cute, 4” tall mini T-Rex. Ruzucoda offers a ton of super cute, plush animal keychains – with everything from unicorns and pandas to frogs and pigs, not just dinosaurs. This product is perfect as a gift for your child, a friend, or a loved one, as a gift, stocking filler, or as prizes at parties – there are so many ways and uses for this plush keychain.

Made from 100% high-quality plush material, this keychain is super soft and surprisingly easy to care for, being machine washable. Everything here is safe and non-toxic, complying with US toy safety standards – so you can be sure that this product is 100% kid-friendly. This keychain is just as good as a backpack or handbag charm as it is as a keychain – making it a great cute, versatile accessory for kids and adults alike.

All in all, this plush T-Rex keychain is a great little product as a gift or for yourself, being the perfect accessory to customize a bag, pack, or keychain to show the world your love of dinos. It’s also pretty affordable, retailing at just $10 – which isn’t bad, given the size and quality of this one – and is machine washable, which is especially great, given how dirty this could get if you affix it to the outside of a backpack or similar. As well as value, this pick also comes well-rated, with over 35 verified customer ratings giving this one an average of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $10 Amazon.com

7. QTKJ Cute Reversible Mermaid Glitter Pompom Sequins Dinosaur Keychain

QTKJ Cute Reversible Mermaid Glitter Pompom Sequins Dinosaur Keychain

Perhaps the perfect dinosaur keychain for anyone who’s a fan of the TY Flippables dinosaurs range, this reversible, mermaid glitter, pompom sequin keychain from QTKJ is excellent. It’s beautifully made, inexpensive, and perfect, not only as a keychain but also for decorating a backpack, purpose, or handbag.

The keychain is 2.7” x 5.5” in size, weighs just 10g, and adds an element of bling thanks to its sequins, which can add a nice finishing touch to your keys or bag, helping to show the world both your love of dinos and unique style. This product is a great budget gift for a child, friend, or loved one.

We’re big fans of this one. It’s cute, looks great, and costs just $10, making it a great inexpensive gift for a friend or loved one. This keychain also benefits from a good rating, having an average of 5-stars from verified customers on Amazon.

Buy it: From $10 Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur keychains

Maybe you have not really thought about how useful a keychain can be.

Dinosaur keychains are so versatile and can serve a lot of purposes.  Everyone needs a keychain for one reason or another. 

Keep reading for information on how you can pick the best dinosaur keychain. 

Types of keychains

There are various types of keychains on the market.  Some of them may work better for your needs than others.  To others, they do not have a specific need other than to carry their keys.

Standard  ring keychains

A standard ring keychain holds is generally part of every keychain.  This metal circle has an overlapping piece of metal that goes around almost double.  It secures the keys by forming a secured loop.  A key can be threaded onto the ring when it is pulled apart.  Many times this proves to be a difficult task. This is especially true for those that are elderly or have limited strength in their hands.

Many manufacturers use metal keyrings as they will resist corrosion and rust.  While the steel is durable, it is also flexible to pull apart so the key can be threaded through.  This will not change the shape of the keyring. 

Ring keychains come in a variety of sizes.  Some have a single band of stainless steel while others have thicker bands.

Personalized dinosaur keychains

There are many dinosaur keychains on the market that are personalized.  These keychains are perfect because you know exactly who’s keys they are. 

We love personalized keychains because they make a wonderful gift.  Imagine just turning 16 and being given a personalized keychain with your own set of keys.  It is an exciting time because it proves that you are growing up! 

With personalized keychains, there are many materials that can be used to make them.  These include:

Personalized metal keychains – these keychains are very durable and will be the most expensive.  Words or images can be engraved in these.  Various types of metal can be used for these.

Personalized plastic keychains – these keychains come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  Some will be standard shapes with images, while others will be cutouts of a shape, such as a dinosaur keychain.  These are usually the most inexpensive type of keychain there is.

Personalized leather keychains – looking for a great gift?  A personalized leather keychain can be it!  These may contain painted images, such as of dinosaurs, with a personalized message to the recipient. 

Personalized rubber keychains – these keychains are generally inexpensive and have an image painted on them. 

Lanyard dinosaur keychains

Over the past few years, lanyards have become quite popular.  Especially with teenagers.  These can be worn around the neck or wrist, or placed in a dinosaur purse, pocket, or dino diaper bag

Many materials can be used for a lanyard.  These include nylon, polyester, satin, silk, braided leather, and braided paracord.  They come in a variety of colors, and may be solid or have a print on them. 

Lanyards are perfect for children as well.  They can be placed around the neck and tucked into a shirt to secure their keys if they get home from school before the adult, provided they are old enough.  Many who work in offices and hospitals will also wear lanyards to keep their ID tag on them.  They are popular in schools as well. 

Tech keychains

Tech keychains are becoming more and more popular.  These keychains may contain a flashlight, bottle opener, or even a swiss army knife. They come in handy for not only your keys but also when you need a tool.  Some may feature a corkscrew while others could have a pen or a tape measure attached. 

Decorative keychains

Decorative keychains come in a wide variety of subjects, such as hearts, stars, dinosaurs, unicorns, cats, dogs, or cartoon characters.  They can be made out of a variety of materials, from metal to wood.  The prices on these keychains will vary based on what they are made from. 

Plush keychains

This type of keychains can be a great choice. Not only are they cute and fun, but they can also be practical. This is especially true for parents, having a dinosaur plush toy on hand whenever you need to distract your child. They can also double as a backpack charm, adding that extra touch to your kid’s mini dino backpack.  

Toy keychains

Brands like Lego, as well as numerous others brands of dinosaur toys, offer a range of keychains. These make good gifts for collectors who have it all, being great additions to their collection of dinosaur Lego sets.

They make great pinata fillers

If you’re throwing a party and intend on having a dino pinata, keychains can make a great non-traditional filler. They are especially good if you don’t want to overload your party guests on sugary, high calorie treats!

There are plenty of other great, small dino-themed fillers. These can include dinosaur ink stampers, dino sticker sheets, coloring pencils, crayons – pretty much anything small enough to fit.

Final thoughts

We really hope you have enjoyed our review and buyer’s guide for the best dinosaur keychains. You now have the best suggestions on what you should look for when purchasing these keychains. As well as this, you now know the best dinosaur keychains available now.

Keychains are a necessity for anyone that has keys. This generally includes all adults, as even if they don’t drive, they’ll need a key for their home or office. 

Whatever keys you have, a dinosaur keychain can prove to be a fun way to carry them around.

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