Dinosaur ice pop molds: The 5 best of 2021

Tovolo Dino Ice Pop Molds with Sticks (Set of 4)

I remember as a child making ice pops and how much fun it was. We used root beer Kool-Aid and mixed it up, then placed it in an ice cube tray. Plastic wrap was added to the top, then it was frozen for a while to be slushy. A toothpick was then inserted, then it was allowed to freeze fully. These were such a simple ice pop but man does it bring back great memories.

Fast forward to ten or so years later, and the ice cube tray became an actual mold, looking like a popsicle. My nieces and nephews loved them. So now, when I see ice pop molds, I often think of the great times I had making popsicles with them.

Today we are providing you with reviews of the best dinosaur ice pop molds, as well as a comprehensive buyer’s guide so you know exactly what to look for in these molds.

Best dinosaur ice pop molds: our picks

1. Tovolo Dino Ice Pop Molds with Sticks (Set of 4)
1. Tovolo Dino Ice Pop Molds with Sticks (Set of 4)
2. Channel V Silicone Dinosaur Ice Pop Molds with Reusable Sticks
2. Channel V Silicone Dinosaur Ice Pop Molds with Reusable Sticks
3. Yummy Gummy Molds Store Silicone Dinosaur Ice Pop Molds with Reusable Sticks
3. Yummy Gummy Molds Store Silicone Dinosaur Ice Pop Molds with Reusable Sticks
4. KAISHANE Silicone Dinosaur Popsicle Molds with Sticks
4. KAISHANE Silicone Dinosaur Popsicle Molds with Sticks
5. Ioffersuper Cartoon Animal Ice Pop Molds with Ice Cream Bags, Sealing Ropes, and Sticks (2 pieces)
5. Ioffersuper Cartoon Animal Ice Pop Molds with Ice Cream Bags, Sealing Ropes, and Sticks (2 pieces)

1. Tovolo Dino Ice Pop Molds with Sticks (Set of 4)

Tovolo Dino Ice Pop Molds with Sticks (Set of 4)

Up first, we’ve got this excellent 4-piece dino ice pop mold set with sticks from homeware brand Tovolo. This set is part of a broader collection of 8 different, super fun ice pop mold shapes – a collection that, in addition to dinosaurs, includes everything from monsters and robots to penguins and even yetis. If you’re looking for an affordable, super-fun way to get your little one into making their own, healthier ice pops at home, then this set from Tovolo is a pretty good option.

Perfect for freezing everything from juice, yogurt, fruit puree, and a whole host of other fun, healthy ingredients – offering plenty of options for experimentation in the kitchen. The set is perfect for families, with space for making four popsicles at a time, and includes reusable handles, making this product more eco-friendly than some of those that require you to use throw-away sticks. The base has been specifically designed to fit the space inside a standard freezer door, making for far easier, compact storage with this set of dino ice pop molds than with some of the alternatives on the market. Everything here is also made from flexible, food-grade silicone, meaning they’re non-toxic, odor-free, and kid-safe.

Overall, this set of dinosaur popsicle molds from Tovolo are great. They make some of the best-looking dinosaur ice pops around, with shapes of all your favorite dinos, including Brontosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and of course, T-Rex. When it comes to price, they’re a little pricey – however, given the quality of both the product itself and the dinosaur-themed popsicles it makes, I think most would agree that they’re not bad for the money. They also benefit from a reasonably good 4.5-star rating, from a whopping 1,487+ verified customer ratings, giving you some idea of the quality of these popsicle molds.

Buy it: From $27, Amazon.com

2. Channel V Silicone Dinosaur Ice Pop Molds with Reusable Sticks

Channel V Silicone Dinosaur Ice Pop Molds with Reusable Sticks

Next, we’ve got this set of super cute dinosaur popsicle mold with reusable sticks – a mold that features three different dino shapes, including Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus. Design-wise, they’re pretty feature – making some of the cutest dino popsicles of any mold on the market – something that young children especially will love. These molds use a unique, innovative concave and convex ice pop stick design, which helps them seal better and more easily remove them, making them far more straightforward to use and incredibly user-friendly.

They’re made from tasteless, odorless, and eco-friendly food-grade silicone, meaning that not only are they reusable and durable, they’re also 100% kid-friendly and safe. This material makes them great for frozen treats and baking – being capable of withstanding temperatures from -40 degrees to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, making them multi-purpose and more versatile than many alternative products on the market. This product includes six reusable popsicle sticks – all of which are also non-toxic and BPA-free, being made from Polypropylene material.

Overall, we like these molds from brand Channel V – they’re versatile, multi-use, and easy to use – making these a pretty good pick, especially for parents with less experience and skill in the kitchen. They’re also reasonably well-priced, retailing for just $13 – not bad, considering their quality – and benefit for a pretty good 4.5-star average rating from 11+ verified customer reviews. You can certainly do far worse than this pick for the money.

Buy it: From $13, Amazon.com

3. Yummy Gummy Molds Store Silicone Dinosaur Ice Pop Molds with Reusable Sticks

Yummy Gummy Molds Store Silicone Dinosaur Ice Pop Molds with Reusable Sticks

Our next pick is from brand Yummy Gummy – a pair of silicone popsicle molds, complete with reusable sticks. There are two different cute dino shapes – one a Triceratops, the other a Stegosaurus – making these molds perfect for parents of younger dinosaur fans. These molds are also great not just for making popsicles, but also for cake pops, candies, gummies – and all sorts of other homemade treats.

In addition to the molds, this product comes with 2x reusable sticks – more eco-friendly than traditional, throw-away sticks, and a silicone lid, to help prevent spills and better protect your culinary creations when they’re in the fridge or freezer. These molds are made from food-grade silicone, being odorless, tasteless, and BPA-free. They’re also microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe – making them highly versatile and easy to clean after use.

All in all, these dinosaur popsicle molds are pretty lovely – featuring a pair of super cute dinosaur molds that offer plenty of utility. This makes them perfect, not just popsicles, but also pretty much anything else you could dream up in the kitchen. They’re also great value for money, retailing for just $7 – making this pick one of the cheapest on our list and an absolute bargain. This pick also benefits from a reasonably good customer rating, with 4+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4 stars – not bad, given the low-price tag.

Buy it: From $7, Amazon.com

4. KAISHANE Silicone Dinosaur Popsicle Molds with Sticks

KAISHANE Silicone Dinosaur Popsicle Molds with Sticks

Next, we’ve got this dinosaur popsicle mold from KAISHANE – a product that features 2x super cute T-Rex molds and is perfect for all sorts of culinary treats, not just popsicles. If you’re looking for different cute, fun shapes to add to your growing collection of dino-themed food molds and kitchen utensils, then this pick from KAISHANE is worth taking a closer look at.

Each dinosaur mold makes treats measuring around 2.87” x 2.8” – being the perfect size for making cake pops, edible dinosaur cake toppers, and all sorts of all yummy treats for sized for children’s hands. The mold itself is soft, flexible, and thicker than many alternatives on the market, making them both more durable and easier to remove treats from once they’re ready. Everything here is made from premium, food-grade silicone – a non-toxic and BPA-free material, healthy, kid-safe, and compliant with all relevant US and EU quality standards.

All in all, this pick isn’t bad – offering a functional, reasonably well-made, and multi-functional silicone mold for use in the kitchen. Pricewise, this product offers exceptional value for money, retailing at just $7 – making this pick one of the cheapest in this product round-up. What’s great about this brand is that they also offer a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you can easily request a refund if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase. This gives that all-important peace of mind and confidence when placing an order for these super cute T-Rex popsicle molds.

Buy it: From $7, Amazon.com

5. Ioffersuper Cartoon Animal Ice Pop Molds with Ice Cream Bags, Sealing Ropes, and Sticks (2 pieces)

Ioffersuper Cartoon Animal Ice Pop Molds with Ice Cream Bags, Sealing Ropes, and Sticks (2 pieces)

Last but not least, we’ve got this set of cartoon animal popsicle molds from Ioffersuper – a set that ships with absolutely everything needed to keep you fully stocked on ice pop supplies for a while to come. Everything here is non-toxic, being made from food-grade silicone – meaning that they’re odor-free and 100% kid-safe, giving parents that all-important peace of mind.

With these popsicle molds, you don’t just get dinosaurs – you also get a set of big cats, including Lion and Leopard designs – offering more variety in the popsicles you can make with this set. Included in the pack – and in addition to the 2x molds, enough for making four popsicles at a time – you also get 2x reusable plastic sticks, 50x disposable popsicle sticks, 100x transparent cover bags, and 100x sealing ties. These molds aren’t just great for dinosaur popsicles – they’re also pretty versatile, being just as good for everything from ice cream, frozen yogurt, and ice to pudding, jello, and even candy.

All in all, this pick is pretty nice. With its super cute animal designs, you’ll be able to make some lovely popsicles that your little one will love. With their $14 price tag, they’re not bad – in fact, they’re pretty good value, given all the extra sticks, bags, and other accessories you get in the back. When it comes to picking out a set of dinosaur popsicles, you can do far worse than this pick from Ioffersuper.

Buy it: From $14, Amazon.com

Buyer’s guide for dinosaur ice pop molds

Most children love popsicles. That is probably why there are so many in the stores.

But many of the store-bought popsicles are so expensive or packed full of sugar. But there is nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold popsicle to cool one down. That is where ice pop molds come in!

Keep reading to find out all about dinosaur ice pop molds, including some delicious recipes to try in yours!


When picking a dinosaur ice pop mold, you will want to look at the materials it is made from. Ideally, you want one that is durable yet releases the popsicle easily. Most popsicle molds sold are constructed from plastic or silicone, but there are also some metal ones too.

Silicone ones are nice because since they are so flexible, they are the easiest to release once fully frozen. These are the hardest ones to place in a freezer. This is because one wrong move, and the liquid can slash or fly out. These molds will need a flat space for freezing.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly ice pop mold, consider looking at plastic ones. However, you do have to be careful with these because once they are cold. This is because they’re susceptible to cracking, especially if you accidentally drop them.

Should you be concerned about plastics leaching harmful chemicals into your ice pops, purchase metal ice pop molds. Stainless steel ones will not only be durable, but they will also be less likely to rust.


You will also want to look at the size of the ice pop mold. Most ice pop molds will come to make 6 at a time. These are generally two to four ounces in size. They do make toddler-sized ice molds that are typically only one ounce in size.


There are various recipes you can use for your dinosaur ice pop molds. Here are some of our favorites.

Pudding Pops

Mix one small package of pudding, any flavor, with two cups of milk. Add in one cup of cool whip, then fill molds. Freeze until frozen, then enjoy!

Dino Pops

Blend one cup of orange juice, one cup of strawberries, and one tablespoon of honey. Pour into molds and freeze for 12 hours.

You may also use Apple juice with this recipe in place of the orange juice. If you do not have any honey, you can use strawberry or vanilla yogurt. Use one half to one full cup of yogurt depending on how thick you want the popsicle to be.

Simple Pops

Place your child’s favorite juice in the molds. Freeze for several hours until frozen through.

The adult popsicle

Popsicles do not need to be just for kids. Adults can enjoy them too! Consider freezing your coffee into a mold for a quick pick me up. Or mix your favorite soda with liquor and freeze. You can also mix rice milk, condensed milk, and cinnamon to make a Horchata treat.

Feel free to experiment with recipes. You can add things into a recipe, or combine different recipes to get a recipe that your children will love. Consider any of the following to use in an ice pop mold:

  • Regular or diet soda
  • Fruit or veggie juice
  • Frozen or fresh fruits
  • Fruit purees
  • Gummy bears, worms, or rings
  • Peanut butter
  • Nutella
  • Yogurt
  • Nuts
  • Chocolate chips
  • Pieces of candy bar
  • Yogurt mixed with fruits and granola
  • Coconut
  • Rice milk
  • Small candies such as skittles
  • Spices
  • Cool whip
  • Ice cream
  • Kool-Aid
  • Mint leaves
  • Almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk


How long does it take an ice pop mold to freeze?

Typically, an ice pop will freeze in 8 hours.

How full do you fill the ice pop molds?

Leave ¼ inch on top of the ice pop mold when filling them. This will allow enough room for when they expand.

Can you layer ice pops?

Yes, you may layer ice pops. You’ll want to pour the first layer into the mold, freeze for a few hours, then add additional layers.

Final thoughts

We hope you have appreciated our reviews and buyer’s guide for dinosaur ice pop molds. These molds are so much fun for a child and will help them make memory after memory using them.

Dinosaur ice pop molds are great for any dino-lover or those who just love popsicles.

These molds help children keep cool on hot summer days and provide them with something to do.

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