Dinosaur Hot Wheels: The 6 best of 2021

Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Multi-level Garage

When I was growing up, from the time I went to kindergarten until after I graduated high school, my mom did in-home daycare. Those kids were treated just like they were part of the family, and she always thought about them when we were going to garage sales or the store. This meant picking up all sorts of toys, including dinosaur hot wheels toys.

They had a huge toy box full of anything you can think of. Dinosaurs, babies, blocks, cars, and so much more. Hot Wheels were always a welcome addition whenever new toys were added.

Here we have compiled a list of the best dinosaur Hot Wheels cars, along with a buyer’s guide so you know precisely what to look for.

Best dinosaur Hot Wheels: our picks

1. Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Multi-level Garage
1. Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Multi-level Garage
2. Hot Wheels T-Rex Rampage Track Set
2. Hot Wheels T-Rex Rampage Track Set
3. Hot Wheels Smashin’ Triceratops Play Set
3. Hot Wheels Smashin’ Triceratops Play Set
4. Hot Wheels Dino Coaster Attack Playset
4. Hot Wheels Dino Coaster Attack Playset
5. Hot Wheels Jurassic World Cars Complete Set (5 pieces)
5. Hot Wheels Jurassic World Cars Complete Set (5 pieces)
6. Monster Dinosaur Trucks Beasts Dino Bundle
6. Monster Dinosaur Trucks Beasts Dino Bundle

1. Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Multi-level Garage

Hot Wheels City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Multi-level Garage

Up first, we’ve got what is arguably the ultimate, must-have set for any Hot Wheels fan – the City Robo T-Rex Ultimate Multi-level Garage, from toymaker Mattel. At the center of this set, there’s a chomping Robo T-Rex, which your car will need to avoid, and a hand-cranked car elevator to make storing all your Hot Wheels cars super easy. Recommended for kids aged 5-8 years old, this awesome product from Hot Wheels is the perfect gift for any young dino-loving car enthusiast.

This playset is huge! Fully assembled, the set stands at over 3 ft tall and features a vertical tower with parking space for over 100 cars! It includes multiple connection points, making it easy to connect with all of your other Hot Wheels sets, letting you – provided you have the space – to create your very own Hot Wheels City. Included in the set are 2x 1:64 scale Hot Wheels cars, making this set great for those who already have a Hot Wheels collection or for newcomers looking to start building one.

Overall, this playset is great and an absolute must for any Hot Wheels fan who doesn’t yet own it. When it comes to price, this product retails for around $89. Considering what you get, this isn’t that much at all, making this pick pretty good value for money. This toy comes incredibly well-rated, scoring a perfect 5-stars from a whopping 11,601+ verified customer reviews – giving you a good idea of just how great his pick is.

Buy it: From $89, Amazon.com

2. Hot Wheels T-Rex Rampage Track Set

Hot Wheels T-Rex Rampage Track Set

Our next pick is the Hot Wheels T-Rex Rampage Track Set. This set features a bright red, ferocious T-Rex that roars, chomps, swings its tail, and even burps! With this playset, you’ll need to take on the giant T-Rex that’s attacking Hot Wheels City – taking him down with the Hot Wheels car launcher. Like all Hot Wheels sets, this one is compatible with other sets and track pieces, being a perfect addition to build and expand your existing Hot Wheels collection.

To take down the T-Rex, you’ll need to launch a car into his stomach. This will then disable him, stopping his rampage in its tracks. As well as movement, the T-Rex also includes a range of prehistoric sound effects. Thiss adds to the engagement and realism offered by this interactive Hot Wheels dinosaur set. The playset also provides storage for up to 8 Hot Wheels cars, offering more options for organizing, displaying, or just storing your existing car collection.

Overall, this set is pretty nice – making an excellent centerpiece of any Hot Wheels City setup. Price-wise, it’s not bad – retailing for $50 – which, given how much fun and play your little one will get from this one, will prove to be well worth the money over time. In our view, the only thing we’d have liked to have seen is a few cars included – as the set doesn’t come with any – so if this is your little one’s first Hot Wheels toy, be sure to pick a few up separately. The set also comes well-rated, with some 3,144+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $50, Amazon.com

3. Hot Wheels Smashin’ Triceratops Play Set

Hot Wheels Smashin' Triceratops Play Set

Next up, we’ve got another excellent launcher toy – this time, it’s the Hot Wheel Smashin’ Triceratops playset. Like all sets from the brand, this one is compatible with others, being transformed into a Hot Wheels city when used together with other products from the brand. This playset is perfect for little dino fans aged from 4 to 8 years, being a great, affordable gift for any fans of the Hot Wheels toy range to add to their growing car collection.

To take down the Triceratops, you’ll need to load a car into the launcher and slam it down, throwing the card hurtling towards the prehistoric beast in an effort to stop it before it charges down main street. Everything is super easy to set up and reset, offering hours of engaging, interactive fun for your little one and all their friends to enjoy. As part of this playset, you’ll also find a single Hot Wheels car, making this set even better value for money.

In conclusion, this set has a lot to offer in the way of storytelling and creative play. It instantly turning any Hot Wheels city setup into an epic, prehistoric playground. Pricewise, this pick isn’t bad either – retailing for just $29. This makes it a great alternative to some of the newer, more expensive launchers from the Hot Wheels range. This product also benefits from a pretty good customer rating, with over 2,396 verified reviews giving this pick an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $29, Amazon.com

4. Hot Wheels Dino Coaster Attack Playset

Hot Wheels Dino Coaster Attack Playset

This next pick is another Hot Wheels launcher – the Dino Coaster Attack playset – a set featuring an awesome Stegosaurus in its design. With this set, you drive your kid into the ticket booth, launching it around the prehistoric beast – although, be careful! If it’s not launched just right, you’ll be taken out by the dinosaur’s tail, deflecting your car out of play. This pick is recommended for kids aged 4 to 8 years old, making it an excellent pick for younger, school-aged children who are big on dinosaurs and cars.

This set incorporates two things that kids love – dinosaurs and amusement parks. In fact, the stand launcher of this one is even designed to look like an amusement park ticket booth. You’ll also find a 1:64 diecast Hot Wheels car included with the playset. This is a nice bonus, especially given that not all Hot Wheels sets come complete with a car. Like all products from the Hot Wheels series, this set is designed to be compatible with others from the range, combining to create your very own Hot Wheels City – perfect for epic play or simply putting your collection on show, provided you’ve got the space for it.

Overall, this set is pretty nice. It makes a great addition to the Hot Wheels line-up and will be one that any dino-loving Hot Wheels fan will appreciate. When it comes to price – this pick is one of the most affordable playsets in the Hot Wheels range. It retails for just $15, making it hands-down the cheapest playset to make it to our round-up. This Hot Wheels playset also benefits from having a reasonably good customer rating of 4.5-stars, aggregated from some 107+ verified reviews.

Buy it: From $15, Amazon.com

5. Hot Wheels Jurassic World Cars Complete Set (5 pieces)

Our next pick is perfect for the Jurassic World franchise fans – being the complete set of Hot Wheels Jurassic World Character Cars. The set comprises five pieces, bundling each of the released cars in a single, convenient package, letting you pick up the entire collection in a single purchase. These 1:64 scale diecast Hot Wheels dinosaur cars are recommended for kids aged 3+ years and make the perfect gift for any young dino-loving Hot Wheels collector.

The Hot Wheels Jurassic World Character Cars series was first released back in 2018, coinciding with the release of the franchise’s sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The complete set includes all five of the series – including Mosasaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and everyone’s favorite Velociraptor “Blue”. Each of these cars has the same level of quality and attention to detail you’d expect from the Hot Wheels brand and make a great dinosaur-themed addition to any collection.

In conclusion, this 5-pack is great. It offers a way to get the whole Jurassic World Character Collection in a convenient pack at a great price. On the subject of price, this pick isn’t bad. The complete collection retails for $65, or around $13 per car. This is pretty good, considering some of these go for as much as $20 each. This product also comes well-rated, with some 20+ verified reviews giving this pick an average rating of 5-stars.

Buy it: From $65, Amazon.com

6. Monster Dinosaur Trucks Beasts Dino Bundle

Last up, we’ve got the Hot Wheels Monster Dinosaur Trucks Beasts Dino Bundle. This set includes a total of five different tracks, each representing a different dinosaur from the Jurassic World universe. When it comes to value, this one packs a punch – offering some of the best dinosaur-themed toy monster trucks around and a cost that won’t break the bank. These trucks are perfect for kids 3 years and up.

In the set, you get the Indoraptor, Triceratops, Indominus Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Velociraptor “Blue” trucks – making the perfect gift for any young dinosaur-loving Hot Wheels fan. Each monster truck is of the usual quality people expect from Hot Wheels diecast cars and are 1:64 scale. Your little one will have plenty of fun with these. The set offering plenty of opportunity for creative, independent play and storytelling. This makes them great additions to any growing Hot Wheels collection.

In conclusion, this set is really nice. These are some of the best Hot Wheels collectibles for fans of the Jurassic World franchise. With a retail price of $73 – or just over $14 per monster truck. This price is pretty good, considering some of these can go for up to $20 each when purchased separately. You can do far worse than this collection of dinosaur monster trucks, making a great pick as a gift for any young Hot Wheels fan.

Buy it: From $73, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels are a brand of die-cast vehicles that nearly every little boy will appreciate. Girls love them as well. These fun cars make a great gift and are pretty cheap, retailing as low as a few dollars.

If your child loves to imagine with cars and other toys, these dinosaur Hot Wheels are for them.

Keep reading to learn more!

Hot Wheels brand

Hot Wheels are a brand of die-cast cars from the Mattel company. These timeless toys were first introduced in 1968 by Elliot Handler, the husband of the lady that made Barbies. He was determined to invent a competitor to the Matchbox brand.

At that time, just 16 castings came out, including a Camaro, Firebird, and Cougar. Since then, their reputation has increased tremendously! Kids love to have fun with them, and both children and adults collect them.

Car factories have licensed Mattel to produce scale replicas of many prestigious cars. Mattel make 519 million Hot Wheels cars each year – that’s 16.5 every second. To date, there are 20,000 variations on the Hot Wheels cars.

New releases launch all the time. Some that will be coming out this year include ’70 Dodge Power Wagon, Toyota Off-Road Truck, Land Rover Defender 90, ’70 Volkswagen Baja Bug, Lancia Delta Integrale 21NM, and ’19 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss LT.

These cars also hold their value very well. Some of the most valuable ones include the 1971 Purple Olds 442, 1968 Custom Volkswagen without a sunroof, 2008 Diamond-Encrusted 40th Anniversary Special Edition, 1969 Pink, Rear-Loading VW Beach Bomb, 1968 white enamel Camaro, 1968 Cheetah base Python, and the 1970 Red Baron with white interior.

Hot Wheels vs. Matchbox

While Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars look similar, they are different on some levels. These two cars are compatible, as Mattel owns them both. Hot Wheels tends to have more fantasy elements than Matchbox cars do. Matchbox cars tend to look more realistic with fewer graphics.

Individual or Group Play

Hot Wheels dinosaur toys are great for individual or group play. If a group is playing with dinosaur Hot Wheels cars, they may decide to play side by side. This is parallel play, with children both playing without interacting with each other.

Older children tend to prefer associative play. When this play occurs, the children will interact with each other and ask questions.

Benefits of playing with Hot Wheels

There are many benefits of playing with Hot Wheels. Both boys and girls alike love this timeless toy.

  1. Playing with any kind of Hot Wheels, from dinosaurs to dragons, will allow children to problem-solve. If they’re using a track, they’ll want to estimate how fast the car is going to jump the ramp. If they are only playing with Hot Wheels cars, they may follow a storyline. Maybe they will run out of gas so they will need to think of a way to acquire more. Or perhaps they will have a flat tire. They’ll need to run the story through their mind to come up with a way to solve the issue.
  2. Children that get Hot Wheels to play with will be capable of discovering quite a few things. These could include weight, density, gravity, balance, and quantities.
  3. Those that play with Hot Wheels will learn how to sort cars by colors, makes and models, years, and more.
  4. Playing with Hot Wheels can support a child with their literacy skills, as well as communication, language, and social skills. Thoughts, concepts, and more will be communicated as toys as they are being played with.
  5. Creativity can easily come from Hot Wheels. Playing with cars, whatever they’re shape, needs imagination and creativity. And when a child practices this, they are working on their creative side. This in turn will allow a child to practice their self-expression and show them how to cope with their feelings.

Final thoughts

We hope that by taking the time to read our reviews and buyer’s guide on dinosaur Hot Wheels that you will be able to find your child some that will knock their socks off. These fun toys merit a good time and they will be a toy that your child can cherish for years.

Aside from these being from a trusted brand, you can rest assured that your child will get the most out of each play adventure.

And there is not a better feeling than that when it comes to purchasing a toy for your child.

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