Dinosaur headphones: The 5 best of 2021

eKids Store Jurassic World 2 Kids Headphones

I remember being a child and looking at all the older kids who had cool headphones. They looked so cool at the time, and I longed for my own set of headphones.

Unfortunately, I never got them. Looking back, I understand why I never had them, because my older sister had a generic pair she passed down to me that I didn’t think were cool at all. I can still remember the pair I had picked out like it was yesterday…

Here we will provide you with the best dinosaur headphones, along with a buying guide for making sure you find the best ones for your needs.

Best dinosaur headphones: our picks

1. eKids Store Jurassic World 2 Kids Headphones
1. eKids Store Jurassic World 2 Kids Headphones
2. Baseman Kids Dinosaur Headphones with Microphone
2. Baseman Kids Dinosaur Headphones with Microphone
3. Charlxee Kids Dinosaur Headphones with Microphone
3. Charlxee Kids Dinosaur Headphones with Microphone
4. Moear Store Dinosaur Headphones for Kids
4. Moear Store Dinosaur Headphones for Kids
5. Graphics and More Novelty T-Rex Dinosaur Headphones
5. Graphics and More Novelty T-Rex Dinosaur Headphones

1. eKids Store Jurassic World 2 Kids Headphones

eKids Store Jurassic World 2 Kids Headphones

Up first is this officially licensed Jurassic World product from eKids Store, the brand’s Jurassic World 2 kid’s headphones. This pair is a must-have item for any young audiophile fans of the movie franchise, offering high-quality audio and feature a great-looking design. With these headphones, your little one will be sure to stand out from the rest of the kids, making them the envy of all their little friends on the playground.

These headphones are compatible with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack and offer comfort and quality, with generously padded, pivoting ear cushions and adjustable headband. In addition to comfort and connectivity, these headphones also feature a parental control function that adjusts and limits volume to ensure a safe, optimal listening experience on either Android or iOS devices with ease. They also benefit from some very nice graphical touches, featuring Jurassic World 2-themed illustrations and artwork combined with a blue camouflage background.

Overall, if you’re looking for a pair of high-quality headphones for the dino fan in your life, this pair from eKids could well be it. Well designed, built, and affordable – at just $20 – this pair of headphones is a worthwhile option, and you don’t have to take our word for it; this product has scored an average 4.5-star rating from a whopping 2,107+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

2. Baseman Kids Dinosaur Headphones with Microphone

Baseman Kids Dinosaur Headphones with Microphone

Up next is this dinosaur headset from baseman, which features an inline microphone, unlike our previous entry. This makes it great not only for watching or listening but also for gaming or calls and messaging, offering a well-rounded portable audio solution for the little dino fan in your life. Available in two distinct styles – the first being this one, blue with dinosaur characters – the other, an orange-colored alternative with a sports theme.

This headset works with any device equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack, making it great for use with most tablets and smart devices, as well as game consoles, computers, and a whole host of other compatible tech. It features a set of dynamic, 40mm audio drivers, which deliver realistic, balanced sound, with deep bass, rich midst, and clear high – offering some of the best audio you can get from a set of kids headphones in this price range. As well as this, there is also volume limitation – a feature that limits volume to 85dB, being the ideal volume for safe listening on young, sensitive ears.

All-in-all, this headset has a lot to offer at a modest price point of just $17 – providing a full-featured, functional kid’s headset perfect for a wide range of different uses. As well as the value and versatility that this pick offers also benefit from a pretty good rating, with 322+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5 stars. Overall, this pair of dinosaur headphones aren’t bad for the money.

Buy it: From $17, Amazon.com

3. Charlxee Kids Dinosaur Headphones with Microphone

Charlxee Kids Dinosaur Headphones with Microphone

Our next entry is from Charlxee, in the form of the brand’s spotted-green colored headphones with decorative Stegosaurus-like plates on the headband – they’re one of the more striking, unique pair of kids over-ear dinosaur headphones on our list. This set is recommended for kids aged 3 to 12 and offers clear, high-quality audio and compatibility with most devices.

This pair of headphones is pretty light, weighing in at just 140g – making them ideal for use on long trips. They’re also extremely comfortable, thanks to an adjustable headband and generously padded ear cups. They’re compatible with most devices, interfacing with a traditional 3.5mm audio jack, and ship complete with a dinosaur sticker sheet, which your little one can use to customize their new headphones.

All-in-all, these are a pretty good pair of dinosaur headphones. They offer clear sound and good bass levels for an overall good quality audio experience and feature one of the most unique, fun design styles of all the sets on our list of picks. When it comes to price, they’re not bad either, retailing for just $20, and come complete with a sheet of stickers for customization. These headphones also benefit from an average 4.5-star rating from some 293+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

4. Moear Store Dinosaur Headphones for Kids

Moear Store Dinosaur Headphones for Kids

Next is this set of brightly colored, green 3.5mm wired dinosaur headphones from Moear. Made with a pair of 40mm drivers, these headphones produce high-quality audio while blocking out background noise – making using this set of headphones a more immersive experience when gaming, watching movies, or just listening to music. There are also a few innovative features with this set, particularly the ability to chain sets of headphones together, perfect if you have a couple of kids watching a movie together being streamed from the same device.

This headset has been designed with an emphasis on comfort and safety, featuring well-padded ear cushions and volume control technology that limits volume to a max of 85db, keeping sound output within safe levels for children’s ears. They also benefit from having an adjustable headband, which adds to the comfort and value for money, as this set of headphones can be adjusted as your little one grows. As well as this, they also benefit from a folding design – making them great to travel with, being easy to fold down and store, taking up minimal space.

All in all, these headphones are pretty nice. Their bright, bold, and colorful aesthetic, along with several kid-friendly and innovative features, they’re pretty nice. That said – they’re not cheap – with a price tag of $24, they’re the most expensive pair on our list, although not by a great deal. This product also benefits from a reasonably good rating, with 126+ verified customers giving this one a 4-star rating.

Buy it: From $24, Amazon.com

5. Graphics and More Novelty T-Rex Dinosaur Headphones

Graphics and More Novelty T-Rex Dinosaur Headphones

Last but not least are these dinosaur-styled, on-ear wired headphones from the Graphics and More store. These white, on-ear headphones feature a white plastic design decorated with green vinyl circles and a T-Rex illustration outside each earpiece. Each earpiece is lovely, comfortable, and lightweight, benefiting from more than enough padding, making them perfect for even longer journeys and activities like gaming.

The main negative of these headphones is obviously the lack of wireless connectivity, which will put off quite a few buyers, especially considering the trend of smart devices moving away from the traditional 3.5mm audio jack. That said, the cord this wired headset comes with is just over 4”, which should be more than enough length for most kids to use comfortably.

Overall, if you’re looking for a dinosaur-themed set of wired headphones on a budget, these aren’t bad. These on-ear headphones are lightweight, foldable for easy storage, and comfortable to wear. Given their low, $11 price, these headphones offer pretty good value for the money.

Buy it: From $11, Amazon.com

Buyer’s guide for dinosaur headphones

There are many great dinosaur headphones on the market today. Some are bright in color, while others have a cool dinosaur print all over them. Others just feature one or two dinosaurs.

Whatever type of headphones they are, your child can listen to the music they want at a comfortable level. You will not have to continuously listen to “Baby Shark” ever again!

Keep reading to learn how to pick the best dinosaur headphones for any child in your life.

Volume level

When picking a set of dinosaur headphones out for your child make sure that the volume level is correct. The volume on a pair of children’s headphones should never exceed 80 decibels. Any pair that exceeds 85 decibels can damage the ear over a period or could even cause hearing loss.

There are headphone sets on the market that get up to 120 decibels, and possibly even higher.

Wired or wireless

One question you will be faced with when picking out dinosaur headphones is do you want wired or wireless ones?

As kids are usually very active, it is highly recommended that you purchase your child a pair of wireless ones. This kind of headphone does not have any wires or cords. This means that your child won’t have to worry about tripping over them.

Wireless headphones also work great for travel. The only negative part about them is that there are times when they are harder to hear. This is due to them being further away from the audio device.

Types of headphones

There are five headphone varieties to pick from. These are circumaural, supra-aural, semi-open, closed/sealed, open-air, and earbuds.
Circumaural headphones are likewise called the around-the-ear variety. This model provides amazing audio quality, but unfortunately, not much is done to cancel the background noise. On the other hand, the supra-aural variation is very close to the circumaural type although the first one is lighter and sits on the head of the person sporting them.

Semi-open headphones possess a design that is not fully closed. While it provides decent audio quality, this is generally used for recording and therefore may not be appropriate for kids. There’s also the closed or sealed headphone which has its back sealed off to stop the sound from ‘escaping’, thus making it perfect for loud areas.

The fourth kind is the open-air headphone that likewise has the circumaural style. With its back open it makes the sound escape. The last kind is the earbud earphone which is the most perfect for children because it is portable and lightweight. It also fits perfectly into the ear of the wearer.


Some headphone sets will allow the child to do shareable audio. This may be able to be completed without the use of a splitter. Some headphones have an extra jack so another set can be added in for two children to listen in.


When purchasing a pair of headphones for your child, safety should play an issue. The headphones should be used to ward off premature hearing loss. But you’ll also want to make sure the headphones are safe. This means that they’re made from non-toxic materials and won’t pose any risk of injury.

Perhaps you may be confused about getting a finger injury with a pair of headphones. This relates to those headphones that have ear cups and can be folded down. When you fold these down, fingers can often get pinched.

They do make pinch-free hinges. If your child is accident-prone, or you feel better about getting a pair of these over others, go for it.

Battery life

If your dinosaur headphones are wireless, you will need some batteries. Some headphones offer up to 22 hours of playback on a single charge. This is perfect for those who are going on a long car ride or an airplane trip.

Not all headphones are going to live up to the 22-hour expectation. In fact, most of them will not. Quite a few of the headphones on the market will only stay charged for 4 to 6 hours.


There are many dinosaur headphones on the market that are feature-rich. This could include a pair of headphones that have a microphone built right in.

Or perhaps there will be a set of LED lights on the headband portion of the headphones.

Final thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed reading about dinosaur headphones as much as we enjoyed reviewing them.

There are so many great pairs on the market today. Your dino-loving child will be very pleased to have their own set.

And if they do, you will never have to listen to some of their annoying music again!

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