Dinosaur diaper bags: The 5 best of 2021

MERRYSUGAR Sugar Skull Dinosaur Diaper Bag

Having a baby is an exciting time.  Not only a new member joining your family, but you also get to provide unconditional love to something that is your creation! 

And we can not forget to add how much fun it is to shop for a new baby.  With so many cute outfits, baby dinosaur toys, and other fun stuff for newborns, it can be easy to go overboard. 

One thing that you may have trouble with if you are a first-time parent is a diaper bag.  You will be toting around a lot of things when you are out and about from bottles to outfits to diapers.  So you are going to need a bag that will hold everything comfortably. 

Here we have taken the guesswork out for you.  We’ve created a list of the best dinosaur diaper bags, along with a buyer’s guide to make finding one easier. 

Best dinosaur diaper bags: our picks

1. MERRYSUGAR Sugar Skull Dinosaur Diaper Bag
1. MERRYSUGAR Sugar Skull Dinosaur Diaper Bag
2. SLHFPX Green Animal Dinosaur Diaper Bag
2. SLHFPX Green Animal Dinosaur Diaper Bag
3. BVF-DF Green Dinosaur Diaper Bag
3. BVF-DF Green Dinosaur Diaper Bag
4. TropicalLife Unicorn and Dinosaur Diaper Bag
4. TropicalLife Unicorn and Dinosaur Diaper Bag
5. YYYMMM Hand Drawn Cute Dinosaur Diaper Bag
5. YYYMMM Hand Drawn Cute Dinosaur Diaper Bag

1. MERRYSUGAR Sugar Skull Dinosaur Diaper Bag

MERRYSUGAR Sugar Skull Dinosaur Diaper Bag

First up, we’ve got this super cute grey and blue colored dino diaper bag from MERRYSUGAR, part of a range of bags that includes 11 different designs, including everything from flowers and foxes to cats and even cows. This durable, well-made diaper bag features a modern, stylish design that’s perfect for everyday use.

This bag is made from canvas material and measures 11” x 7.8” x 15” – large enough for all your diapers and changing gear, milk, and other baby essentials. In addition to its large main pocket, this bag also has a front zippered pocket, 2-side picks, and eight smaller-sized shelters – offering plenty of storage capacity and options for properly organizing everything.

Overall, this bag is very nice – with its large capacity, an array of different pockets, and super cute dino design. It also comes well-rated, scoring an average of 4.5-stars from over 139 verified customer reviews – making it a pretty good buy, and a bag that’s built to last, offering loads of value in the long run.

Buy it: From $40, Amazon.com

2. SLHFPX Green Animal Dinosaur Diaper Bag

SLHFPX Green Animal Dinosaur Diaper Bag

Next up, we’ve got this lovely, green animal dino diaper bag from SLHFPX – part of a set of 24 different designs that include not only dinosaurs but all sorts of other options, from other cute, fun animals, to flowers and other patterns. This diaper bag is lightweight, at just 1.78lbs, and has plenty of space, with a size of 11” x 7” x 15.7” – offering loads of storage capacity to take all your daily baby essentials with you wherever you and baby go.

This bag is also multi-functional – meaning that it can be worn as a backpack, carried using its handles, or secured to your pram or stroller – giving you plenty of versatility, wherever you go and what you decide to bring with you. It features a sizeable, large-capacity main compartment, a front zippered pocket, and two side pockets, offering plenty of storage to carry and organize all your little one’s essential items. It’s also durable and built to last, being made from a 290 twill cloth composite material.

In short, we liked this bag. Practical, functional, and beautifully designed – this dino diaper bag is a pretty good option, and at just $34, it’s also a pretty good buy for the money. As well as its affordable price point, this bag is also well-rated – scoring an impressive e 5-stars from over 27 verified customer reviews. It also includes a 90-day money-back guarantee, giving you additional peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that you can return it if you’re not completely satisfied.

Buy it: From $34, Amazon.com

3. BVF-DF Green Dinosaur Diaper Bag

BVF-DF Green Dinosaur Diaper Bag

The next diaper bag on our list is this super cute, cartoon dinosaurs in earthy tones of teal and grey, set against a clean white background – the design of this one will go with pretty much anything! It’s part of a wider range from brand BVF-DF – a range that has everything from pandas and hedgehogs to other fun, vibrant colors in its collection of 10 distinct themes and styles. This bag is spacious – measuring 10.6” x 7.8” x 14” – being large enough to bring all your baby essentials with you wherever you go.

This bag is made from twill material, which makes it incredibly strong and durable, while at the same time being extremely lightweight and super soft. It’s also waterproof, both inside and out, making it capable of standing up to both wet weather and any unfortunate leaks or spills. When it comes to storage, this dino diaper bag features a large main compartment – along with several other pockets in its multi-pocket design, including a side, zippered pocket to keep any items you need easy access to. It also features a double zipper design – perfect for keeping the contents of your bag safe and sound – as well as an adjustable shoulder strap, making it easier to carry around.

Overall, this bag is great – functional, large, and features a beautiful design – it’s a perfect companion for any moms on the go. The only real drawback of this diaper bag is its price, as at $39, not only is it not cheap – it’s also the most expensive pick on our list. That said, it does benefit from a reasonably good rating of 4.5-stars – so, if your budget can stretch, this one is worthwhile considering.

Buy it: From $39, Amazon.com

4. TropicalLife Unicorn and Dinosaur Diaper Bag

TropicalLife Unicorn and Dinosaur Diaper Bag

The next diaper bag on our list is arguably the cutest entry, being this super colorful, cartoon-style unicorn and dinosaur diaper bag from TropicalLife. This bag is incredibly youthful and stylish, with its multi-colored design being absolutely stunning. As well as this, it’s also pretty large – measuring 11”x 7” x 15.7” – making it more than big enough for all your baby essentials. In short, if you’re looking for an eye-catching bag that will make the envy of all the other mom’s in the park or playground – this is it!

This lightweight bag, made from high-quality jiaji cloth fabric, which makes it incredibly durable. It also offers loads of storage capacity – with a large main compartment, two side pocks, four small interior compartments, and an external front zipper pocket for items that you need easy access to. All of these features combine to make organizing all your little one’s essentials a breeze. It’s also multi-functional, converting from diaper bag to backpack with no more than an adjustment of its shoulder straps, offering plenty of versatility. The interior is also insulated, making it great for added protection from unfortunate spills or leaks, helping to protect both the bag and its contents.

We’re big fans of this one. Multi-functional, water-resistant, and features a fantastic, eye-catching design – this dino diaper bag is one of the best around. It’s also sturdy, durable, and comfortable to wear and comes well-rated, scoring an average customer rating of 5-stars. All-in-all, diaper bags don’t come much better than this.

Buy it: From $45, Amazon.com

5. YYYMMM Hand Drawn Cute Dinosaur Diaper Bag

YYYMMM Hand Drawn Cute Dinosaur Diaper Bag

Last up, we’ve got this super cute, green and yellow dinosaur diaper bag, which features beautiful, hand-drawn dino illustrations in its design – making it one of the nicest looking bags around. This bag is part of a broader set that includes three different styles – the other two featuring sunflowers and turtles – so if dinos aren’t your thing, there are a couple of extra options to pick from. It has a large capacity, has plenty of pockets for organizing, and is multi-functional, being convertible from diaper back to backpack with ease.

Size-wise, this bag is pretty large – measuring 10.6” x 7.8” x 14” – and is incredibly lightweight and durable, being made from 100% twill material. In addition to it’s large main compartment, this bag also has two side pockets, a front zipper pocket, and four smaller interior storage compartments – offering plenty of storage for all your baby’s essential day-to-day items while you’re away from home. It’s also easy to clean – simply wipe clean from time to time.

All-in-all, this dinosaur diaper bag from YYYMMM isn’t bad. It looks great, is multi-functional, and has enough pockets to store and organize all your baby essentials properly. It’s also pretty good when it comes to price, being in the lower half of the picks on this list. As well as this, it also has a 5-star average customer rating, making it a pretty good buy.

Buy it: From $39, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur diaper bags

There is a lot to think about when buying a diaper bag.  You probably have concerns about it being large enough to hold everything you will need on a trip or outing.  Many parents have a tendency to overpack, but it is better to be safe than sorry.  Being prepared is a great thing when you are a parent. 

In our buying guide below, we will point out the things that you need to look for.  While some of them may be obvious, others are things that new parents might not ever think of. 

Keep reading to find out what to look for in the best dinosaur diaper bags.

Mommy and baby bag

A diaper bag is really a mommy and baby bag. They’re useful until your child is old enough to carry their own stuff, using their very own mini dino backpack.  Moms used to carry around a diaper bag with their purse, but for some, it’s simply too much to carry.  Which makes sense if you are toting around a baby in your arms or in their car seat.

In the diaper bag, you can carry things that the mom needs.  Look for a compartment that can carry your wallet and keys with their fancy dinosaur keychains, as well as any other things that you may need.  Lip gloss, sunglasses, hand lotion, sanitizer, and the odd dino plush toy to keep your little one entertained. These are just a few things that you might consider tossing in the diaper bag.

And of course, the main reason for a diaper bag is for the baby.  Here are some things that you will need to throw in your dinosaur diaper bag.

  • 3 to 4 diapers, or more depending on how long you will be gone
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Baby lotion
  • Baby powder
  • 1 or 2 bottles
  • Formula
  • Water
  • Nose sucker
  • Changing pad
  • Plastic bags for dirty clothes
  • A receiving dino blanket
  • An extra outfit
  • A dinosaur toy
  • Pacifiers
  • A hat
  • A few burp rags
  • A bib
  • Any medication your baby is on


It is important to look at all the styles that diaper bags come in.  There are options that look like traditional diaper bags, but there are also ones that look more like a dinosaur purse.  You will need to find a diaper bag that you feel is stylish and feel comfortable carrying around.

Some bags have shoulder straps that allow you to carry the weight evenly.  These bags are similar to a backpack.  They keep the bag out of the way so you can carry your baby in front of you.

Other bags have messenger style straps that allow you to put the bag around you.  These bags are very trendy and generally have several compartments.

Dinosaur diaper bags

The great thing about dinosaur diaper bags is that they’re perfect for boys and girls. Years ago, if you had a baby boy, you would purchase a blue or green bag while little girls usually had pink or purple bags. Most dinosaur bags are unisex.


You will need to determine how large you desire your dinosaur diaper bag to be.  While you certainly don’t want to be carrying around a dinosaur suitcase everywhere you go, you also do not want to pick a tiny one that will not fit what your baby needs. 

Some diaper bags expand really well.  Others do not.  Consider things before purchasing a dinosaur bag.


Fabric is another consideration when picking out a dinosaur diaper bag.  The fabric you pick should be easy to clean.  The easiest ones to clean are ones that you can just wipe down.   

And it should be something that you like how it feels.  Keep in mind that some fabrics are heavier than others, so this will add to the weight of the bag. 

The fabric should also be very durable.  If you have a lot shoved into the diaper bag, you want something that is not going to rip easily. 


Another consideration is insulation. This can help keep any snacks, drinks, or milk cool and prevent any spills or mishaps.

Ideally, and just like a dinosaur lunch bag, you’ll want a fully insulated diaper bag. Doing so will give you peace of mind when carrying around a dinosaur water bottle, milk, or other liquids in containers.

This will prevent any leaking when unavoidable accidents and spills occur, making for easier clean-up. You’ll also find most Insulated bags are made from materials that can be wiped clean.

Final thoughts

We really hope you have enjoyed our review and buyer’s guide for the best dinosaur diaper bags. You now know what to look for with diaper bags, as well as which are the best of this year. 

Buying a diaper bag is something to look forward to.  Don’t leave the task of finding a diaper bag for last.  This bag will become very important to you and your baby for years to come. 

With the right diaper bag, you can be sure that every trip will go as smoothly as possible.

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