Dinosaur crocs: The 5 best of 2021

Crocs Kid's Fun Lab Toy Story 4 Light Up Clog

I have a cousin that adores crocs – especially dinosaur crocs! She has them in every color and wears them all the time. Even in the winter!

There seems to be a huge fetish with crocs lately. Maybe because they come in so many colors and patterns. Or because they are for men, women, and kids. Any age can wear these trendy shoes.

Here we have completed reviews of the best dinosaur crocs, along with a buyer’s guide. This buyer’s guide will tell you everything you want or need to know about dinosaur crocs.

Best dinosaur crocs: our picks

1. Crocs Kid’s Fun Lab Toy Story 4 Light Up Clog
1. Crocs Kid’s Fun Lab Toy Story 4 Light Up Clog
2. MARITONY Kid’s Dinosaur Clogs Slippers
2. MARITONY Kid’s Dinosaur Clogs Slippers
3. FolHaoth Little Kids Cute Blue Dinosaur Clogs
3. FolHaoth Little Kids Cute Blue Dinosaur Clogs
4. seannel Store Boys Slip-on Navy Blue Dinosaur Clogs
4. seannel Store Boys Slip-on Navy Blue Dinosaur Clogs
5. Kitulandy Boy’s Slip-on Bright Blue Dinosaur Clogs
5. Kitulandy Boy’s Slip-on Bright Blue Dinosaur Clogs

1. Crocs Kid’s Fun Lab Toy Story 4 Light Up Clog

Crocs Kid's Fun Lab Toy Story 4 Light Up Clog

Up first, we’ve got an official pair of dinosaur crocs – the only on our list. This is because – and unfortunately – there aren’t nearly enough dino-themed options from the famous footwear brand. This pair is part of a broader collection of 11 different themes and styles. This collection includes everything from Disney characters to sharks, unicorns, and even everyone’s favorite rescue pups, the Paw Patrol. But it’s not just their popular themes that make this pick stand out; it’s also the fact that they light up – something your little one is sure to love.

These dinosaur shoes are made from 100% Croslite – Crocs patented foam resin material, which is durable, breathable, and lightweight, giving them their trademark comfort we’re all familiar with. They’re available in various sizes, perfect for toddlers and little kids, from 1-8 years old. Great not just for lounging around the house, out in the back yard, or on casual days out and about – these dinosaur crocs are also double up as swim shoes, with their waterproof material making them great for use at the beach or pool.

Overall, if you’re looking for a pair of functional, comfortable shoes from a well-known, reputable brand – then this set of official dinosaur crocs is worth considering. That said, if you’re shopping on a tight budget, you might find their $38 price tag a little pricey. However, if you can afford to spring for these, you’ll find that they offer plenty of value with all the use you’ll get out of them. They also benefit from a pretty good rating, with a whopping 1,602+ verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5-stars.

Buy it: From $38, Amazon.com

2. MARITONY Kid’s Dinosaur Clogs Slippers

MARITONY Kid's Dinosaur Clogs Slippers

Next up, we’ve got this pick from brand MARITONY – their kid’s dinosaur clogs slippers. These clogs are available in one of 14 different themes and styles, including different dino designs and monsters, all of which are bright, bold, and super fun. If you’re shopping for a pair of cute, functional clogs for your child on a budget, this is it – being the most affordable, inexpensive pick that made it into our list. They also come in a variety of different sizes, suitable for toddlers to smaller, school-age kids.

These dinosaur clog slippers are dual-purpose, featuring an adjustable heel strap, making it super easy to switch between slippers and sandals. For added safety, these clogs feature an anti-slip texture on their soles and better drainage performance – both help prevent any unfortunate trips or falls, particularly in wet conditions, like at the beach or pool. They’re made from a soft, non-toxic child-friendly material, and are well-made, breathable, and lightweight – making them incredibly comfortable for little feet.

All-in-all, kid’s clogs don’t come better than this – with its $13 price take making these some of the cheapest, most affordable children’s footwear not just on this list, but frankly anywhere. If you’re shopping on a budget, then this pick from MARITONY is a no-brainer. And you don’t have to take our word for it. This product also boasts a pretty good rating of 4.5-stars, aggregated from an impressing 3,539+ happy verified customers.

Buy it: From $13, Amazon.com

3. FolHaoth Little Kids Cute Blue Dinosaur Clogs

FolHaoth Little Kids Cute Blue Dinosaur Clogs

Our next pick is from brand FolHaoth and is from their Little Kid’s clogs collection. This range of footwear includes four different themes and styles, which in addition to dinosaurs, offers construction vehicle, unicorn, and butterfly options. These kid’s dinosaur clogs feature a super cute bright blue design, complete with multiple 3D cartoon dinosaur figures as decoration. They’re super soft, comfortable, and available in various sizes, perfect for children aged from 2 to 9 years old.

These clogs feature adjustable straps, switching between slipper or sandal configurations, a breathable, well-ventilated upper, and a non-slip, EVA sole, helping to avoid any trips and falls. They’re perfect for use at home, in the backyard, or at the pool or beach, with clogs like these being an essential, multi-functional footwear item for any young kid’s wardrobe. As well as their versatility, they’re also straightforward to clean – being suitable for either hand or machine washing – although, for the latter, make sure to avoid hot water cycles, as these can deform and damage these clogs over time.

Overall, these crocs-style kid’s dinosaur clogs are pretty nice. They’re well-constructed, made from high-quality materials, and featuring a super cute design that any young dino fan is sure to love. There are certainly more affordable options – with an $18 price tag making these the second most expensive pair of dinosaur clogs on our list. That said, they benefit from a pretty good rating of 4.5-stars, aggregated from some 1,389+ verified customer reviews.

Buy it: From $18, Amazon.com

4. seannel Store Boys Slip-on Navy Blue Dinosaur Clogs

seannel Store Boys Slip-on Navy Blue Dinosaur Clogs

Next, we’ve got the first of two great value picks – this one, boys dinosaur clogs from brand seannel. This pair of kid’s croc-style footwear come in one of 14 different styles, including unicorns and sharks, and not just dinosaurs. They also come in multiple sizes, perfect for children from toddlers to little kids. Ideal for use in the backyard, at the pool, or on days to the beach – these clogs offer plenty of versatility and quality at an incredibly affordable price.

The design of these clogs is simple and quite lovely, having a two-color, two-dino design, which includes Triceratops and T-Rex illustrations. They feature an adjustable heel strap, letting you switch between clogs and sandals, and are made from injection-molded EVA, which is lightweight, soft, and waterproof. As well as this, the upper part of these clogs includes several holes to allow for fast water drainage and better breathability – making them more comfortable to wear and helping reduce odor and bacteria build-up.

All in all, you’ll struggle to find a more affordable pair of kid’s dino clogs than these – retailing from just $8, an absolute bargain in our view! They also look pretty good – featuring a design that any little dino fan is sure to be fond of – and are just as functional and will prove to be some of the most versatile footwear in your little one’s closet. They also come pretty well-rated, with over 338 verified customer reviews giving this one an average rating of 4.5-stars. Not bad, given how inexpensive these clogs are.

Buy it: From $8, Amazon.com

5. Kitulandy Boy’s Slip-on Bright Blue Dinosaur Clogs

Kitulandy Boy's Slip-on Bright Blue Dinosaur Clogs

Last but not least, we’ve got yet another fantastic budget pick – this time, it’s from brand Kitulandy and their slip-on kid’s dinosaur clogs. These are available in one of five different colors, which, in addition to the blue version shown here, include grey, orange, pink, and yellow. Available in sizes to fit kids up to 10 years old, these super soft, comfortable slip-on clogs are a great addition to any kid’s closet, being perfect for use in the yard, at the pool, or for days at the beach.

Decorated with multi-colored dinosaur silhouette graphics, this pair of croc-style dinosaur shoes features a fun, bright, and colorful design that any little dino fan will love. Like most dinosaur clogs, they feature an adjustable heel strap, letting your child switch between wearing them as clogs or as sandals, making them even more multi-purpose than these highly versatile shoes already are. In addition to the strap also features a non-slip sole designed to prevent any trips and falls, especially in wet conditions. Everything here is 100% kid-friendly and safe, made from non-toxic soft EVA material that is super soft, lightweight, and free from potentially harmful chemicals.

All in all, this pair of clogs is yet another good pick to finish up our round-up. They offer a functional, durable, and well-made kid’s dinosaur clog that both look and feel great. This pick is another that’s great for anyone shopping on a budget; with this pair starting from just $8 – you can do far worse than these dino clogs from Kitulandy for the money. They also benefit from having a pretty good rating, with 112+ verified customer reviews giving this pick an average rating of 4.5-stars – not bad, considering its super low-price tag.

Buy it: From $8, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur crocs

I honestly think that crocs are so cute on kids. One 3 year old that I know has a pair that has the little interchangeable pieces that go into the holes of the crocs. Her favorite ones to wear are Minnie Mouse ones. But I have seen her with cats in them, and I think ducks as well.

Kids like this kind of stuff because it makes them feel really good when you notice that they have changed the pieces. The other day I commented to Ryan Anne, the girl with crocs, about how I loved the new cat pieces on her shoes. She beamed with happiness and pride because I had noticed. With kids, the smallest things count.

Keep reading to find out more about dinosaur crocs.

What are crocs?

Crocs are shoes that were developed in 2002. Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker, Jr., found an antimicrobial resin foam manufactured by Foam Creations. The two decided to develop a waterproof shoe called The Beach. The shoes were an immediate success and sold 200 pairs at their first show.

Since then, crocs have been up and down in sales. They are extremely popular, yet during the recession, the company reported losing quite a bit of money. Yet they always spring back somehow.

These shoes, which can be described as a cross between a shoe, a clog, and a slipper, are perfect for running errands. Many waitresses find them comfortable as they are waiting tables. They work great for wearing to the pool, are fantastic on the beach, or for just going for a walk. They feature a strap that can be worn behind the heels or you can push it forward before putting it. This turns them from clogs to slip-on sandals.

Crocs are waterproof and breathable so you will not have to worry about stinky feet. And they are super easy to clean so you will never have to worry about them getting very dirty. Simply use a bit of soap and cold water with a washrag and have at it. Hot water can be damaging to your crocs, and it is a huge no-no to use any harsh chemicals. They can remove the patent shine if you decide to use those, including rubbing alcohol. They should also not be placed in the washing machine or the dishwasher.

Exposing them to hot water or hours in the blazing sun can make the dinosaur crocs warp or shrink.

We appreciate how lightweight these shoes are too. They mold to your feet, so you feel like you are walking on a cloud. Plus they are slip-resistant, which is great when walking on wet pavements.

Many kinds of dinosaur crocs

Just like other kids dinosaur shoes and dinosaur slippers, there are so many different kinds of dinosaur crocs available. Your child will be so excited they may have a hard time picking out which one is right for them.

We have seen some dinosaur crocs that are a solid color with a print of dinosaurs on them.

Another kind is the kind that Ryan above had with the dinosaur pieces that can be added or removed.

One that many kids are flipping their lids over is the light-up ones. These are just like the light-up shoes that have been popular with kids for several years now. The base of the shoe lights up when the foot is stomped. Kids will love to wear these dinosaur crocs because they can pretend they are dinosaurs stomping around.

Dinosaur stomp

Like we stated above, kids love to stomp with their light-up dinosaur crocs on. Consider looking on Youtube for some good dinosaur stomping activities. Mother Goose has a pretend play dance party that has a song called “Dinosaur Stomp”.

Or you can teach a child to stomp in their dino crocs using the song below. This would be a cute song to do at preschool graduation or for a daycare program.

Dinosaur Stomp

Dinosaurs have great big feet that stomp stomp stomp.
Dinosaurs have great big teeth that chomp chomp chomp.
Stomp stomp stomp and-a chomp chomp chomp.
Stomp stomp stomp and-a chomp chomp chomp.
Stomp-a-Saurus, stomp stomp.
Chomp-a-Saurus, chomp chomp.
I’m-a-Saurus, stomp stomp.
You’re-a-Saurus, chomp chomp.

Wearing your crocs

So what should you wear your crocs with?

They look great with shorts. Jean shorts, biker shorts, gym shorts…it does not matter because they are casual and comfortable to go with them.

Skirts also work well with crocs.

We have seen them worn with jeans, sweatpants, and joggers. Capris and leggings look decent with the shoe as well.

Final thoughts

We hope you appreciated our reviews and buyer’s guide for dinosaur crocs. These unique shoes are the ultimate in footwear.

We loved all the designs we found on these dinosaur crocs. And we are sure that you or your kids will love them!

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