Dinosaur bookends: The 6 best of 2021

Artkingdome Cute Prehistoric Kids Dinosaur Bookends

If your child loves to read, they will need to have a place to store their books properly.  There is not any sense in having a library of books if you can not take care of them. This is where dinosaur bookends come into play.  Bookends are extremely helpful in keeping areas organized.

Here we will provide you with the best dinosaur bookends, along with a buying guide for making sure you find the best ones for your needs.

Best dinosaur bookends: our picks

1. Artkingdome Cute Prehistoric Kids Dinosaur Bookends
1. Artkingdome Cute Prehistoric Kids Dinosaur Bookends
2. Mousehouse Gifts Kids Dinosaur Themed Bookends
2. Mousehouse Gifts Kids Dinosaur Themed Bookends
3. VAlinks Adjustable Folding Cartoon Dinosaur Bookends for Kids
3. VAlinks Adjustable Folding Cartoon Dinosaur Bookends for Kids
4. Knob Creek Metal Arts T-Rex Attack Bookends
4. Knob Creek Metal Arts T-Rex Attack Bookends
5. Old Mill Woodcuts Brontosaurus Dinosaur Bookends
5. Old Mill Woodcuts Brontosaurus Dinosaur Bookends
6. Old Mill Woodcuts Triceratops Family Dinosaur Bookends
6. Old Mill Woodcuts Triceratops Family Dinosaur Bookends

1. Artkingdome Cute Prehistoric Kids Dinosaur Bookends

Artkingdome Cute Prehistoric Kids Dinosaur Bookends

First up is this set of cute, prehistoric long neck dinosaur bookends from Artkingdome, giving you a fun, easy way to make your little one’s bookcase or shelf more organized, appealing, and fun. Available in one of six different colors; blue, royal blue, green, light green, pink, and white – these are great, with a color to match whatever your room decor.

Made from painted, polished metal, these bookends stand at just over 5” tall and 6” wide, making them suitable for most standard shelving and bookcases. Not only great for books – this product can also double up as a storage option for all sorts of things, from movies to video games and music CDs.

Cute, fun, and highly-rated, with an average 4.5-star rating from over 270 customer reviews, these affordable kids dino bookends are great. And not just that, they’re cheap too – retailing at only $14 for the pair. This product is a bargain, making it a great buy.

Buy it: From $14, Amazon.com

2. Mousehouse Gifts Kids Dinosaur Themed Bookends

Mousehouse Gifts Kids Dinosaur Themed Bookends

Next up are these beautifully hand-crafted 3D decorative dinosaur bookends from Mousehouse, ideal for use in your child’s nursery or playroom. Brightly colored, charming, and cute, this set of two bookends adds a great finishing touch to your kid’s bookcase, helping to keep them interested in and captivated by the joy of reading.

Set against a tropical scene and featuring a stegosaurus and brontosaurus – these all-wooden, hand-painted bookends are great. In addition to this product, the Mousehouse brand offers a range of other items, such as height charts and coat hooks, which together can complete the look of your little one’s room.

These bookends are reasonably priced, costing just $22. They’re great as a gift for your child or those of friends and family. They also come well-rated, with an average 4.5-star rating from some 122+ customer reviews.

Buy it: From $22, Amazon.com

3. VAlinks Adjustable Folding Cartoon Dinosaur Bookends for Kids

VAlinks Adjustable Folding Cartoon Dinosaur Bookends for Kids

If you’re looking for something slightly different, these adjustable folding cartoon dinosaur bookends from VAlinks could be it. They feature a simple, fashionable design that is strong, durable, and had three vertical compartments. Great for storing books or just for decoration, these bookends can be adjusted for a maximum width of up to 19″ inches – that’s lots of room for books and other shelf items.

A set of nine bookends includes everything from dogs to unicorns, not just dinosaurs, and available in one of three different colors – blue, yellow, and green. Whatever the design of your little one’s room, you can pick out the perfect bookends from this set to match. Well-made, scratch-resistant, and 100% kid-friendly, these bookends are non-toxic, non-rust, and are built to last, with sturdy metal construction.

This product comes highly-rated, with an average 4.5-star rating from some 120+ customer reviews. They’re inexpensive – retailing for just $20 – and are perfect for adding that final touch to your kid’s nursery or playroom, helping to bring their bookshelf or case to life. All-in-all, this is a great option and one you can’t go wrong with.

Buy it: From $20, Amazon.com

4. Knob Creek Metal Arts T-Rex Attack Bookends

Knob Creek Metal Arts T-Rex Attack Bookends

Next up is this all-metal set of bookends from Knob Creek Metal Arts, which features a ferocious T-Rex giving chase to a couple of running humans. Great as an option for older kids or adult dinosaur enthusiast, these bookends make the perfect gift for the person in your life who has it all. Overall, these all-black bookends look great – and they’ll look even better on a shelf or bookcase in any room you decide to put them.

Made from carbon steel and finished in hammered black, these high-quality bookends look great. Standing at 6 ½” tall and 6 ½” wide, these dino bookends are the right size for most standard shelves and bookcases. If you’re looking for an eye-catching, conversation-starting piece for your home or office, this product is a great choice, being sure to attract attention from anyone who passes them by.

While they’re not cheap – they’re, in fact, the second priciest option on our list of picks at $70 for the pair – that said, they’re of exceptional quality, making them well worth the money. If you’re shopping specifically for a set of bookends for a nursery or young kid’s bedroom, these probably won’t be the best option; however, for older kids, adults, or even as a gift to yourself, they’re worth considering parting with your money for.

Buy it: From $70, Amazon.com

5. Old Mill Woodcuts Brontosaurus Dinosaur Bookends

Old Mill Woodcuts Brontosaurus Dinosaur Bookends

Suppose you’re shopping for a set of dino bookends for a nursery or children’s bedroom, and you’re looking for a pair that are cute, high-quality, and finished in a neutral color. In that case, this beautiful set of Brontosaurus family bookends from Old Mill Woodcuts could be it.

These bookends are entirely handmade – hand-cut, hand-painted, and assembled – all in the USA. They feature anti-skid discs on the bottom of each bookend, helping to limit sliding, preventing any unfortunate mishaps or accidents. Designed to fit a standard bookcase or shelf, these beautifully made, charming bookends will look great in your little one’s bedroom, helping to complete the dino-theme look and decor.

These bookends are ideal for use in a child’s bedroom or nursery. Cute, well-made, and beautifully finished, your little one will love these handmade long neck dino family bookends. While they’re not cheap – retailing for $58 – what you’re paying for is quality, which this product from Old Mill Woodcuts certainly offers.

Buy it: From $58, Amazon.com

6. Old Mill Woodcuts Triceratops Family Dinosaur Bookends

Old Mill Woodcuts Triceratops Family Dinosaur Bookends

Up next, we’ve got another great product from Old Mill Woodcuts, this time a set of triceratops family bookends that include mommy and baby triceratops figures. These bookends would make a great addition to any child’s nursery, adding a charming finishing touch to the rest of your dinosaur-themed room decor.

As with all products from Old Mill Woodcuts, these bookends are handmade in the USA. Made from high-quality materials, these navy blue, hand-cut, and hand-painted dino bookends look great. They also include anti-skid discs on the bottom, helping prevent sliding and minimizing the risk of any mishaps or other accidents.

Overall, these bookends are great. Sure, they’re pricier than some – including others we’ve covered here, in this list. However, given their quality, the price tag is, in our view, entirely justified. If you’re looking for cute, handmade wooden dinosaur bookends built to last, then these are worthwhile considering.

Buy it: From $57, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur bookends

If you have ever had a mountain of books before, you know how hard it can be to organize them.

But that is where a set of bookends come into play.  Not only will they hold your books on the shelf, but they will add a stylish element to a room.

Keep reading on how you can pick the best dinosaur bookends for your child. 


Dinosaur bookends are great decorative pieces for your child’s room.  If your child loves dinosaurs, these pieces will be decorative, functional, and go with a dinosaur themed room. Each bookend can also add a lot of character to a room, building on the dinosaur bedding, dinosaur lamp, dinosaur string lights, and the other themed-elements already in your little one’s room.

Not just for books

Dinosaur bookends are not just for storing all your kid’s dinosaur books.  You can also use them for a lot of different things. Dinosaur coloring books and magazines are great to use with bookends.  DVDS work well in them too.  Or sticker books, craft papers, and much more. 

Perfect as a gift

If you know a child that adores dinosaurs and loves to read, dinosaur bookends will make the perfect gift.  They will be excited to put any of their books between the two bookends. 

And you can also make a little dinosaur care package.  You can place dinosaur bookends with some books about dinosaurs, or coloring books about dinosaurs.  Perhaps you will wish to add in a few small dinosaur plush toys or figures.  This gift will look amazing once it is all placed together and your little one will fall in love with it.


If you purchase dinosaur bookends to place in your child’s room, you will show them respect for books.  You as the adult will show the child that books do not get tossed on the floor when you are done reading them.  Rather, they have their own place between the two bookends. 

Easy reach

Most of the time when a person has bookends, they place them in an easy to reach place.  This will be great for your child because they can just reach over and grab whatever it is they wish to read or look at. 


Bookends can be made from various materials.  Each material has its own pros and cons.

Metal bookends

Metal bookends are generally very sturdy and secure on shelves.  Many will have a glazed enamel on them so they will not scratch your shelves.  While these may be on the pricier side, they can hold large or heavy books.

Wood bookends

Wood bookends can add a lot of warmth to a room.  These are sturdy and can be very colorful. 

Plastic bookends

Many bookends are made of plastic.  While these bookends tend to be on the cheaper side, they may also break faster than materials that are heavier or sturdier. 

Stone bookends

We have even seen stone bookends.  These are a unique way to spice up a room.  These add a natural feeling to the room and are a wonderful conversation piece.

Cement bookends

We have also seen cement dinosaur bookends.  These can sometimes be quite heavy. You’ll want to make sure that they are firmly planted on the shelf so they do not fall on your child. 

Paint or create your own bookends

There are also paint your own bookend kits.  These may be made out of wood, cement, or other materials.  Then you can paint them any color you like, or place dinosaur stickers, use dinosaur ink stamps, or cutouts on them with modge podge.  This is a great idea for children that like to express themselves. 

Light up bookends

Light up bookends have lights that accompany them on the opposite side that touches the books.  This is a popular choice as a child has an easier time seeing what book they want to pick, especially if the room is on the dark side.  The light does not have to be super bright, and in some cases, it could be used as a dinosaur night light.

Plant holder bookends

Plant holder bookends are perfect for doubling up on a product.  Use them as bookends, but in the end, there is a cavity where you can place a small plant.  Many choose to plant a succulent there as they are fairly easy to take care of.

Final thoughts

We really hope you have enjoyed our review and buyer’s guide for the best dinosaur bookends. You now have the best suggestions on what you should look for when purchasing these bookends, as well as the best dinosaur bookends that you can purchase this year. 

With dinosaur bookends, you can not only decorate your child’s bedroom but also add a bit of fun and excitement to the room itself.  It doesn’t matter if your child loves dinosaur books or prefers colling books, bookends can be useful for either.  A dinosaur bookend is a surefire way to brighten up any bedroom or playroom.

Dinosaur bookends can be fun for any dinosaur lover, and make a book or dinosaur toy shelf complete.

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