Dinosaur bean bag chairs: The 6 best of 2021

Lukeight Stuffed Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover

Bean bags are great. They’re comfortable, versatile, and make the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom. Nowadays, they are available in all sorts of shapes, styles, and themes. From dinosaur bean bag chairs to soccer balls, there are a lot of choices, which can make picking one out tricky.

When searching for the perfect bean bag, it’s key to remember that they’re as much about fun as function. That said, there are, of course, several safety concerns that also need to be factored in. This is especially true when it comes to fire resistance, choice of fabric, and filler material.

You might want to consider them a storage option, giving you a place to store soft toys and linen, rather than opting for more traditional filler material. This option is increasingly popular among parents, tackling the mess and clutter in their little one’s bedroom to maximize space.

This article will cover the many considerations to factor in when buying a bean bag chair. We’ll also provide our list of picks for what are, in our view, the best dinosaur bean bags available today.

Best dinosaur bean bag chairs: our picks

1. Lukeight Stuffed Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover
1. Lukeight Stuffed Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover
2. Soft Landing Children’s Dino Bean Bag Chair
2. Soft Landing Children’s Dino Bean Bag Chair
3. Jorbest Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover
3. Jorbest Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover
4. Stuffums Triceratops Bean Bag Chair Cover
4. Stuffums Triceratops Bean Bag Chair Cover
5. Posh Stuffable Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover
5. Posh Stuffable Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover
6. FANKUTOYS Dinosaur Bean Bag Cover
6. FANKUTOYS Dinosaur Bean Bag Cover

1. Lukeight Stuffed Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover

Lukeight Stuffed Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover

First up on our list is this navy blue dino print bean bag from Lukeight, which features cute, fun cartoon dinosaur illustrations in its design. Part of a set that consists of 17 distinct patterns and themes, bean bags from Lukeight offer a wide range of choice, perfect for your child’s bedroom or nursery, however it’s decorated.

Made from 100% cotton/canvas blend, this bag is soft, durable, and cozy, making it an excellent choice for lounging around, naps or playtime. It’s also enormous, offering plenty of storage space, with this bag having a capacity of 200L – or up to 100+ soft toys of varying sizes. It features a double-stitched, long, child-safe zipper and handle, making it easy to move from room-to-room around the home.

With a 4.5-star product rating from a whopping 2,900+ verified customer reviews, you can’t go wrong with this bean bag from Lukeight. High-quality, extra-large, and affordable, this bag cover retails south of $40, making it one of the best value dinosaur bean bags around.

Buy it: From $40, Amazon.com

2. Soft Landing Children’s Dino Bean Bag Chair

Soft Landing Children’s Dino Bean Bag Chair

Next up is this Triceratops bean bag chair from Soft Landing, part of the brand’s beastie beanbags range – a range that features everything from unicorns, llamas, and even ice cream cone designs. Perfect for rest, play, or just snuggling, this super fun and fluffy bean bag is the ideal addition to any small nursery, playroom, or bedrooms.

Made from super-soft, plush materials, this bean bag is a durable, well-built bean bag cover. It also features removable, washable covers and high-quality, child-safe double zippers. Easy to care for and maintain – empty its contents and throw it in the wash – and provide peace of mind, knowing that this robust and durable cover is both safe and designed to last, offering a lot of value in the long run.

Retailing for just under $70, this 4-star rated character bean bag cover offers a lot. While it may be on the pricier side – being the most expensive cover on this list – it’s undoubtedly one of the best, and hand-down our pick for anyone looking specifically for a dinosaur character bean bag.

Buy it: From $70, Amazon.com

3. Jorbest Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover

Jorbest Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover

Next is this dinosaur print bean bag cover from Jorbest, part of a set of 15 different patterns and styles to choose from. Unlike the other covers on this list, this bean bag is triangular, making it better for lounging and arguably a better choice for big kids than some of the more traditional, round bags on our list.

This premium cotton/canvas blend bean bag from Jorbest features high-quality YKK zippers, advanced sewing technology designed to make it more durable, soft, strong, and resistant to color fade that occurs over time. It’s also huge, offering an impressive amount of soft toy storage with a capacity of up to 200L – or up to 100+ soft toys of varying sizes.  It’s also machine washable, making it easy to care for and maintain.

One of the more popular bean bags, this cover has a 4.5-star rating from over 1,500+ customer reviews on Amazon, as in fact an “Amazon’s Choice” product, so you can rest easy knowing that this product is both high-quality and great value. Offered for just shy of $30, it’s also one of the more affordable options on this list, making it a great buy.

Buy it: From $39, Amazon.com

4. Stuffums Triceratops Bean Bag Chair Cover

Stuffums Triceratops Bean Bag Chair Cover

Another Triceratops bean bag on this list – there are three on this list, with another coming up – this bag cover from Stuffums is a bright and colorful bag that will catch the eye and imagination of your little one. If you’re looking for a way to make your little one’s bedroom or playroom more fun and less cluttered, then this bag from Stuffums is an excellent option.

This extra-large bean bag cover offers space for up to 3 cubic feet of stuffing – that’s a lot of storage space for toys, bedding, and other soft items. This bag is made from soft, plush material and features a breathable, mesh bottom, making it gentle and easy on sensitive skin.

All in all, this bean bag cover is a good choice – it’s large, aesthetically pleasing, and retails just under $50, which is not bad for a cover of this quality. With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon from 50+ verified customer reviews, you can’t go wrong with this cover from Stuffums.

Buy it: From $50, Amazon.com

5. Posh Stuffable Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover

Posh Stuffable Kids Dinosaur Bean Bag Chair Cover

The penultimate entry on our list is this dino print kids bean bag from Posh Stuffable. One in a range of bags from the brand – a range that features 31 different designs and styles, featuring everything from giraffes and sharks, to owls, along with many different colors, shape prints, and stripes.

Available in one of three sizes – medium (27″), Large (38″), and extra-large (48″) – this bean bag is ideal, whatever your child’s bedroom size. It’s also made from premium soft fabrics, making it soft and comfortable, and features heavy-duty YKK zippers, a carry handle, and a traditional, round bean bag design.

This product is highly rated, with a 4.5-star average rating from 2,500+ customer reviews – it’s also a best-seller in the “kids bean bag” product category. This bag isn’t higher up this list because while it may be a best-seller, it isn’t the best dinosaur bean bag, with there being many other, better choices on the market for this sub-category. Overall, there’s a lot of value here – highly rated, high-quality, and priced from just $30 – this bag cover is a bargain.

Buy it: From $30, Amazon.com

6. FANKUTOYS Dinosaur Bean Bag Cover

FANKUTOYS Dinosaur Bean Bag Cover

Last up on our list of picks is this super cute, plush dinosaur character bean bag cover from FANKUTOYS. Part of a series of two – the other design being a puppy – this cover is fun, playful, and will undoubtedly appeal to any kid obsessed with dinosaurs.

Soft, comfortable, and made from breathable, delicate materials, making it great for little kids with sensitive skin. This cover is also strong and durable, featuring reinforced double stitching, meaning it will stand up to the rough and tumble of play. Easy to use and child-friendly, with its oversized two-way zipper opening and sturdy handle, this bag features a large capacity – so large it can hold 80+ soft toys and other objects, making it a great solution to clutter.

Overall, this bean bag cover is excellent. Cute, fun, and well-built; this affordable cover has a 4-star rating on Amazon. And with it retailing at just under $18, it offers some of the best value of any dinosaur bean bags included on this list.

Buy it: From $23, Amazon.com

Buying guide for dinosaur bean bag chairs


As parents, safety is always at the top of the list when making any purchase for your little one. While bean bags – and more generally, dinosaur chairs – are very safe, there are just a couple of safety points to take note of.

Perhaps the single most significant safety hazard a bean bag chair poses is its filling material. Suppose this material finds its way outside of the bag. In that case, they’ll present a possible choking hazard, and not all fillers are non-toxic. If you’re concerned about this, consider using a bean bag cover as a storage option. You can fill it with towels, linen, or soft toys, removing this risk altogether.

Fire is another obvious risk. To mitigate this, you could opt for a cover treated to be fire-resistant, although there is some debate on the safety of these treatments. It’s also worth noting that the filler material, and not just the cover play a role here, as the type of filler you choose will impact fire risk. If you’re purchasing a commercially available filler, most of these are designed to shrink and melt due to heat, rather than burst into flames, which makes them a safer bet. If, however, you’re using a bean bag for storage, these items might be flammable, so take adequate fire prevention methods.

Overall, kids bean bags are pretty safe. Like most things, it depends on how you use them, measures taken to prevent safety risks, and proper supervision. If you use a bag as intended and take steps to avoid fire, any safety risk will be incredibly low.

Filler Material

Since dinosaur bean bag chairs are intended for use by children, it’s essential to know the different filler material options. This allows you to make an informed decision on which option is best for your child and their health.

The main types of filler material used for bean bags are polyurethane foam, EPP beads, and EPS beads. Besides these, some parents opt to use soft toys, bedding, or other soft items instead. This doubles up a bean bag as a convenient storage option and is worthwhile considering if you’re short on space.

Polyurethane Foam 

You’re probably familiar with polyurethane foam, as it’s a common material used to fill mattresses. With bean bags, this foam is typically shredded. This creates a firm but soft structure, making a bag more comfortable to sit on. 

This is the most common form of bean bag filler, especially if you purchase a low-cost, cheaper bag. Suppose you’re buying this type of bag. In that case, it’s worth checking for the CertiPUR-US seal, as products from non-certified products and manufacturers can have higher indoor emissions, which can result in a distinct smell.

EPP Beads – Expanded Polypropylene beads are great at keeping you cozy and warm. Beads made from this material are longer lasting than other filler material, taking much longer to break down.

This filler material is robust, water-resistant, and impact resistant. EPP beads are also 100% recyclable, making this filler an excellent choice for an environmentally-friendly option.

EPS Beads – You likely know EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) by it’s other, more common name – styrofoam. Like EPP, this material is strong, lightweight, and soft enough to provide cushioning.  

Although there are some health concerns about EPS beads, they are generally considered safe. That is provided your child doesn’t get direct access to them or ingest them. This means that if a bag is damaged, it’s important to repair or dispose of it as quickly.

Soft toys, bedding, towels, and other soft items

Another option for bean bag filler is to use soft dinosaur toys, bedding or towels, instead of using traditional bead options. This can be great if you’re short on space or for reducing clutter in your child’s room.  

Keep in mind that not all bean bag chairs are sold complete, with many listings being for the cover only. This makes it incredibly important to properly read through manufacturer descriptions before placing your order.

Size and shape

Kid’s bean bags come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. You can get everything from unicorn, shark, and dinosaur bean bag chairs, to soccer balls, footballs, and everything in between. There are many choices, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag for your little one, whatever their interests.

Our children grow up fast, which means that cute little dinosaur bean bags you buy for them today will be too small for them to use tomorrow, so you’ll need to fork out more cash for a slightly bigger one. To avoid this, you can always big up a big a little larger than you need.

That said, don’t overdo it. You don’t want your toddler struggling to use or get out of a bean bag chair that is clearly too big for them to use safely. Generally, if you’re shopping for a toddler or small child, go for a bean bag that measures less than 30″.


Bean bag covers can be made out of almost anything. You’ll find options on the market that are everything from cotton, canvas, and corduroy, to suede, leather, and even more luxurious materials like lambswool.

Covers for children’s bean bag chairs are typically made from less expensive fabrics, such as cotton or canvas. Materials like suede, leather, and higher-end fabrics are usually used in bean bags marketed for adults.

Perhaps the most crucial consideration when it comes to fabric for a kids bean bag cover is it’s washing instructions. You’ll want to pick out one that is machine washable. This is because it won’t stay free from spills and stains for long.

Lifespan, durability, and quality

A good bean bag chair can last for years. This makes it important to consider your child’s size and how quickly they’re likely to outgrow their bean chair. Although this might not be much of a concern when buying a themed bag, like a dinosaur bean bag, it’s still worthwhile to select one big enough to last them as long as possible.

When it comes to lifespan and durability, it’s, of course, all about quality. Quality usually means a higher price. This means that the more you spend on a dinosaur bean bag chair, the more likely it is to last. Cheaper chairs won’t withstand the rough and tumble of play for very long. They may noticeably lose their shape and begin to tear in no more than 6-12 months.

This doesn’t mean a bean bag should cost the earth, but it might be worth the extra money for a better one. It’s also worth reading customer reviews to see how well the product held up before parting with your cash.

Cleaning, maintenance, and cover options

Kids are messy, especially young kids. It won’t take long for your brand new dinosaur bean bag chair to be covered in sticky stains and mess. This makes it essential to choose bean bags that are easy to clean. You’ll need to clean them regularly to keep them smelling fresh and safeguard against bacteria build-up. 

Most bean bag covers are machine washable, making it incredibly easy to clean and maintain them with little effort. Keep in mind, not all bean bag chairs have removable covers. So make sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications to confirm this before making your purchase.

This filling material isn’t easy to clean, making it a good idea to routinely replace it. This will ensure a bean bag chair is clean and healthy for your child. You can buy bean bag fillers on their own, without a cover, so this is easy enough to do. Generally, aim to replace the filling at least every couple of years.

Comfort and back support

While themed bean bags, like dinosaur bean bags, are great for younger children, they may not great for older children. It may make more sense for older children to opt for a bean back that offers back support. These are more practical if they will use it to read or do homework, providing more comfort for these activities.

Bean bags for storage

If your short on space, double up your bean bag as a place to store soft, plush dinosaur toys. You can do this by switching out the original filler material for these toys. And it’s not just toys, bedding, towels, or anything else soft but also stored in a bean bag cover.

This can be an effective way of dealing with clutter, without needing to throw excess toys into the garbage. Many bean bag chairs are marketed as “soft toy storage”. This is a clear indication that the product is cover only, sold without any filler material.

Bedroom decoration

Dinosaur bean bag chairs are worth considering when decorating your child’s bedroom. They’re both an excellent option for seating and storage, and adding a final touch that completes the look.

Suppose you’ve already invested in dinosaur toddler bedding, a dino play mat or dinosaur play rug, dinosaur wallpaper, and cute dino curtains; a bean bag can help add a cute, fun finishing touch to the room.

Final thoughts

Picking out the right bean bag chair can be tricky. Not because it’s incredibly difficult, but because of the sheer number of different options to choose from on the market. These options, while good, may or may not live up to your selection criteria. This makes it useful to arm yourself with some knowledge before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Bean bag chairs come in all shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes. They’re a great addition to a kid’s room, not only for seating but also for storage. They can help you deal with all the clutter of soft toys, bedding, and other soft items around the home. Comfortable, versatile, and above all else, fun, they’re great for playtime and sleep.

When choosing a bag, key factors are safety, fun, and budget, letting your child have it all without breaking the bank. Now that you have a better idea of what to look for, finding the perfect bean bag should be easy. We hope that this article has helped you make an informed decision before making your purchase. 

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