Wow! Stuff Announces All-new Jurassic World Product Line After Universal Brands Deal

Wow! Stuff – the company behind many great collectibles, including the immensely popular stackable “swipe to light” Wow! Pods – has announced a new licensing agreement with Universal Brand Development, bringing a range of products from the Jurassic World franchise.

The first product line so far announced as part of the collaboration between these two brands is the new Drop ‘n Pop range – a dinosaur egg toy that, when dropped onto a hard surface, opens to reveal a plush dinosaur inside.

At launch, this range will have two to collect – the first, featuring Bumpy – everyone’s favorite baby dinosaur from Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and a baby T-Rex – both of which can easily be squashed to fit back into their shell like a dinosaur squishy and re-sealed to be dropped again and again.

In addition to the Pop ‘n Drop range, there will also be a new collection of flying toys introduced. The first will include a Pteranadon Jump Rocket, which can fly as high as 50 feet into the air and controlled with an included foot-operated air pad and a jet-powered Dino-glider with a two-feet wingspan.

“Jurassic World has been a fabulous brand to work on with its rich storylines and evergreen status,” says Wow! Stuff’s director of new product development and licensing, Kenny McAndrew.

“It’s one of the biggest and most loved brands in the industry and also the undisputed leader of the dinosaur toys category. We believe the fans are going to love the range we’ve created.”

For fans of the Wow! Pods range, the Jurassic World franchise will be included here – with a load of new, dinosaur-themed pods to collect as part of the licensing deal. These Jurassic World pods will not only light up like others in the range but will also feature sound effects, including a “clap to roar” function.

Wow! Stuff’s Jurassic World product line is scheduled to ship from next month.

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