Worlds Revealed for LEGO World Builder Pitch Fest Competition

The worlds selected to proceed to the next stage of LEGO World Builder’s Pitch Fest competition have been revealed.

If you’re unfamiliar, LEGO World Builder is a community of fans and creators that works to bring brick fans together to collaborate and build, bringing their LEGO concepts to life alongside the brand’s creative team, expanding the LEGO universe.

The initiative has already seen one fan-made creation brought to life, in the form of one of the NINJAGO Reimagined shorts, which brings back a pair of villains from the popular theme’s early days. 

Back in June, LEGO World Builder announced Pitch Fest – a competition where builders can win the chance to bring their creations to life as a feature film, theme, or holiday special.

Pitch Fest is made up of multiple phases – the first having completed, selecting 20 entries into the latest phase, which will see 4 winners picked.

Along with the possibility of bringing their creations to life, each winning pitch will receive a prize of $250 to develop their worlds further before pitching them to the LEGO Group.

While there are plenty of fantastic worlds to pick from in the second phase of the competition, however, we at Dinosaur Addicts have a bit of bias towards anything that features our favorite prehistoric creatures and all-things LEGO dinosaurs.

As such, our pick has to be DINO KNIGHTS! Created by user Jerry the Orc – a reference to Brotherhood Workshop’s short “Lego Lord of the Rings: Orcs”

This world has a prehistoric setting with a fantasy twist, as you return to the olden days of yore where knights defend the Kingdom of Prehistoria for bandits and wizards, while of course, riding on the back of ferocious dinos.

The final four worlds will be selected by August 7th, moving on to the final stage of the competition – pitching to the LEGO group. After this, and on September 7th, Pitch Fest will come to a close, and we’ll have a winner.

To find out more about Pitch Fest and the community, visit the LEGO World Builder website.

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