Shopping for baby crib bedding? Don’t do anything before reading our top 5 buying tips

Whatever the age of your child, their bed is a place where they spend a lot of their time – this is especially true for babies, who don’t do much else but sleep in their first few months.

In fact, babies spend up to 17 hours per day – that’s around two-thirds of their lives – sleeping. Given how much time they’ll spend asleep in their cribs, it’s imperative to pick out crib bedding that’s soft, comfortable, and breathable, ensuring that they get the best sleep they can.

We’ve taken a look at some of the key considerations to factor in when picking out new bedding for your baby’s crib, giving you a handy 5-point round-up that you can use to help make finding your next bedding set easier. 

5 tips for parents when picking out baby crib bedding

In this article, we cover everything from fabric to correct size and easy cleaning, giving you a simple, 5-point list to think about before parting with your money for a brand-new bedding set for your little one.

So, here is our list of 5 tips and considerations to keep in mind when shopping for new baby crib bedding without further ado.

1. Always choose light, comfortable fabrics

Young children – especially babies – have a hard time self-regulating their body temperature at night, making it essential to opt for bedding made of light, breathable fabrics that won’t lead to them overheating as they sleep.

As well as their inability to adequately regulate body temperature, babies also have especially sensitive, soft skin. This makes it best to opt for cotton or cotton blends over synthetic fibers and wools, which tend to be hypoallergenic and far easier on sensitive skin.

One thing to be especially mindful of bedding sets that are marketed as “easy-care” or “wrinkle-free”. This is because while these have obvious cleaning and care benefits, they’re likely to be made from fabrics that irritate the skin, making these best avoided altogether for younger children and babies.

2. Keep size in mind when shopping. You want well-fitting sheets, not loose ones

Perhaps the single most significant thing to keep in mind when shopping for crib bedding is to get the right size, as ensuring that you pick out a set with a well-fitted sheet is an absolute must for parents.

If sheets aren’t fitted or are too small, they can slip off at the corners – which can not only be irritating, with oversized sheets tending to bunch, they can also be unsafe, as small children can find themselves tangled up in the sheets.

So, parents, do yourself a favor! Save yourself the headache of an ongoing battle of fixing sheets that don’t fit properly by investing in crib bedding that’s the right size. 

3. Make sure to get bedding that’s easy to wash and care for

While at first glance this might seem contradictory, given our earlier comment on “easy-care” or “wrinkle-free” bedding sets, this was due to their often being made from synthetic materials, which irritate soft, sensitive skin.

What we mean in this point is to look specifically for bedding that’s both machine washable and tumble dryer friendly. This is because you want to be able to make washing bedding after accidents as easy as simply popping it in the wash, as you’ll be washing them frequently.

This is important, as your little bundle of joy will get through bedding about as quickly as they get through everything else! You’ll find yourself constantly putting bedding in the wash, so make life easier on yourself by ensuring you only pick out those that are machine washable and dryer friendly.

4. Children’s bedding should be fun! Think bright, bold colors, patterns, and themes

Kid’s rooms should be bright, bold, and colorful, being decorated to reflect themes and interests, whether these are vehicles, robots, or dinosaur crib bedding. This is no different from bedding for babies and big kids alike – so remember to go nuts with your selection, not dull and overly conservative.

This is also one of the best things about shopping for kid’s dinosaur bedding online – as there are just so many to choose from, each decorated with patterns and designs that will pique your little one’s interest, making their crib a place that’s both fun and somewhere they love to be.

The only thing to be mindful of customer reviews. With so many options to choose from, getting good quality bedding when shopping online can be a little trickier than in-person, as you cannot get a good feel for any particular set. But don’t be too worried, provided you know what you’re looking for, and take the time to do your due diligence, you’ll be picking up an amazon new crib bedding set from the comfort of your own home in no time at all.

5. Accidents happen. Stock up on plenty of spares and invest in a mattress protector

As we mentioned in our earlier point, on ease of washing and care – all parents know that accidents are inevitable – meaning you’ll be switching out soiled for fresh bedding more often than you like, especially with very young children and babies.

This makes having plenty of spares on hand a worthwhile investment, making sure that you have enough bedding to tide you over between washes. Obviously, if you’re already a parent, you’re going to be prepared for this – but for first-time parents, you’ll be surprised that you’ll find yourself changing bedding and clothing almost as often as you’ll be changing nappies.

While having spares is a definite must, there’s no need to overdo it – you aren’t going to need enough crib bedding to start your own store – just keep a few sets on hand, making those sometimes multiple night-time bedding switches all the easier.

Final thoughts

Well, there you have it – our round-up of five of the main considerations to both factor and keep in mind when shopping for baby crib bedding.

Sleep is critical – both for baby and parents alike – which makes picking out the right bedding is essential if everyone in your home is going to be at their best and well-rested.

The way to do this is to choose bedding that is light and breathable, soft, and above all, comfortable. You’ll also want to avoid synthetic materials like polyester, which can irritate sensitive baby skin, leading to less comfort and less quality sleep.

That said – it’s not all about these things – it’s also about fun! One of the best things about kid’s bedding is the range of different themes and styles, all in bright, bold colors – so have fun with it, and go nuts when it comes to design!  

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