RC dinosaurs: 6 ways they can help your child’s growth and development

Toys don’t come much better than RC dinos. Packed full of features, functionality, and – let’s face it – they’re just very, very cool.

Thankfully today, they’re not only cool, but they’re also cheap, with an all-singing and all-dancing (quite literally) costing no more than $60-70.

In this post, we make the case that these dinosaur toys aren’t just about play – although they’re of course amazing for this – they, in fact, offer a range of growth and developmental benefits, making them a worthwhile purchase to help set your child off on the right track.

So, let’s jump right in. Here are six ways in which remote-controlled dinosaur toys can help your child’s development.

Can help build better hand-eye coordination

Perhaps the most obvious developmental benefit, remote-controlled dinosaur toys can help improve your child’s hand-eye coordination.

An essential skill, helping to equip your child with better hand-eye coordination can give them an edge in the real world. It’s been shown that this can make them better at quickly making real-time decisions compared to the average kid.

Using this type of toy to develop such skills is especially true for younger kids, who aren’t yet old enough to appreciate video games, giving them a means of honing their skills before graduating to the game console or PC.

Can help build fine motor skills

Another key development skill, fine motor skills, are the ability to use the small muscles in our hands and wrists to make movements, making us more effective at manipulating small objects and with great accuracy.

Robot or remote-controlled dinosaur toys are great for this, as their accompanying controls demand good fine motor skills to control them, which will, in turn, lead to your child developing and improving them with each play session.

There are plenty of ways to help your little one better their fine motor skills. Dinosaur take-apart toys, arts and craft kits, and even dinosaur play-doh sets – pretty much anything that requires a degree of finger manipulation to use effectively.

Can help make your child more responsible

The first not-so-obvious benefit on our list – RC dinosaur toys can help your child become more responsible. How? Because these toys come in two parts – robot and controller, with one requiring the other.

This means that if they want to use their toy, they’ll need to locate both parts of it, which will prompt them to take better care of and be more responsible with each respective part.

And not just that, given how impressive these toys are, it’s very likely that your little one’s robot dinosaur will be one of, if not their favorite toy – making it likely that they’ll take extra care with it.

Can help them make friends and develop better social skills

If your little one’s got an RC dino, the kid down the street has an RC dino, and that kid in their class has an RC dino…what could be more fun than getting them all together for a play session?

While robo dinosaur toys are great on their own, they’re infinitely better in a crowd. The possibilities for play are near-infinite. Robo battles, stunts, and general carnage – some can even interact with each other and fire projectiles!

And it doesn’t need to stop there. Pick up a couple of extra RC dinos and let the dad’s get in on the action.

Can help promote family bonding

While I can’t speak for all of us – as a dad, there’s not much more I enjoy than picking up the remote control and chasing my little one around the house with their super-cool robot dino toy. Well, besides getting my teeth into an elaborate, gigantic dinosaur Lego set – obviously.

If you struggle to get into regular play and make-believe, a toy like this can be a great option, as you don’t need to be all that imaginative to have an absolute blast with your child.

And as we stated at the start of this post, one of the best things about these toys today is their low cost – so picking up an extra, or better yet, different RC dino, isn’t going to break the bank.

Can help your child develop an interest in robotics

Another great reason – and perhaps the primary reason to pick up a remote-controlled dinosaur, in my case at least – is to help get your child into robotics early.

When I’m not writing blog posts, I like to tinker – both building and programming hobby robots. I’m hoping to pass this interest on, not just so I have an excuse to walk into toy shops as a grown man, but also to continue bonding with my child as they grow older.

And it’s not just robotics and programming either – toys like these are great for introducing your little one to more general STEM subjects early on – helping to give your child an edge over the others in their class once they get to big school.

Final Thoughts

Robot dinosaurs are hands-down the best dino toys you can buy. Cheap, feature-full, and packed full of functionality – these toys are awesome!

Thankfully, it’s not all just frivolous play – as we’ve pointed out in this post – these interactive, electronic toys offer real benefits that will help your child as they grow and develop.

All-in-all, if you don’t own a robot dino, what are you waiting for?! Do yourself a favor and pick one up – neither you nor your child will regret it!

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