Ray Arnold’s Final Jurassic Park Scene Immortalized in all-new Collectible from Mattel

Toymaker Mattel has revealed the latest edition to it’s Jurassic World toy lineup, an exclusive dinosaur toy for next week’s [email protected] virtual event, which kicks off on Wednesday, 21st July.

Comic-Con exclusives are nothing new for the brand, with last year’s exclusive being the “Barbasol Dennis Nedry” figure – another iconic set taken from the original 1993 Jurassic Park movie.

Given the unfortunate end that Nedry meets in the film, what could be more fitting for this year’s exclusive than one including his co-worker John “Ray” Arnold – played by Samuel L. Jackson – who meets a similar end.

Perhaps the most iconic scene from Jurassic Park that never happened – as fans of the series will recall, we never actually see Arnold’s death, just what was left of his arm. This set answers the question of how exactly he met his untimely death at the hands – or rather, teeth – of one of the film’s terrifying, trademark velociraptors.

This one-off special edition Mattel dinosaur toy comes complete in a collector’s box, which features sound effects and lights – making for the ultimate display, and a perfect as a centerpiece in any Jurassic Park collection. In the box, you’ll find a 3.75″ Arnold figure with a removable arm and a Velociraptor, completing the scene.  

The set is expected to retail for $25 and will go on sale on Thursday, 22nd July, being available to purchase from the Mattel Creations website from 9 am (PST).

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