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The first thing you’ll notice about this product is its amazing packaging – which looks great, giving it a much more luxurious, high-end feel. This can make this night light a great choice if you’re hunting for a practical baby shower gift on a modest budget that’s sure to impress the parents to be.

Once you get it out of its box, you’ll be greeted by a super cute, kawaii-style chubby dinosaur – an aesthetic and design choice that we absolutely love! It’s also made from non-toxic, kid-friendly silicone, offering that all-important peace of mind when it comes to child safety.

From its light green color with darker grey/green spines to its black dot eyes and blushing red cheeks – from a design perspective, it just works and will look fantastic wherever it’s placed. If we had to describe the look and feel of this night light in two words, we’d go for “cuteness overload”. My little one certainly loved it, treating it more like a dinosaur toy than as purely a night light.

You can easily remove the base from the dino – something that gives this light a minimal pack size, making it a good option to take with you on the road, on holiday, or when visiting friends or relatives across the country. It’s also very lightweight, coming in at a little under a pound – making it just as easy to pack and carry in a dino suitcase as it is a handbag or dinosaur backpack.

Besides its lovely packaging and super cute cartoon dinosaur design – this night light’s best feature is hands-down its simplicity, requiring no more than a tap on its base to cycle through its five color settings; white, red, green, blue, and purple.

This dinosaur night light is rechargeable – featuring a built-in 1200mAH battery – which should give you around 6-8 hours of use on a single charge. To charge it, you’ll need a micro-USB cable (one is included in the box) – which is another feature we like. This is because it offers way more versatility than a wall socket charger, as you can charge it literally anywhere, with anything; a laptop, a phone charger, or in-car cigarette lighter are just a few potentially charging options.

Overall, this dino night light is very nice – it’s well-packaged, super cute, and straightforward to use. It has a look and feels far beyond its modest $19 price tag, making this product an excellent pick for either your own child’s bedroom or as a practical, inexpensive baby shower gift that’ll make a lasting impression.

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Disclaimer: For full disclosure, the product in this review was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review. That said, the opinions and views expressed in this review are entirely our own.

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