New Amazon Exclusive War for Cybertron: Kingdom Transformers 2-pack Revealed and Available for Preorder

Hasbro has revealed a brand new, Amazon-exclusive two-pack – subtitled “Battle Across Time”. The exclusive set features new Grimlock and Mirage figures – the first, a dinosaur transformer toy – an essential purchase for any self-respecting transformers collecting dinosaur lover.

Of the two figures, the one we’re most excited about is Grimlock. This one features an all-new head retool, along with a complete redeco of Kingdom Dinobot that pays homage to the Grimlock figure from the Beast Wars: Uprising theme – hence why this toy is listed as “Maximal Grimlock”. The figure converts into an awesome-looking raptor dinosaur toy in 28 steps and stands at 5.5 inches tall.

Mirage – the other figure in this exclusive two-pack – is a retool of his Siege figure, transforming into an Earth-mode race car featuring the same head. This is different from the last Amazon exclusive Mirage figure, which featured a more G1 toy accurate. This figure converts in 20 steps and, like the first, also stands at 5.5 inches tall.

While the set is billed as an Amazon exclusive, there are a limited number available over at Hasbro Pulse – with Pulse Premium members being given first dibs. The set will ship later in the year, scheduled for a November 1st release date.

The set retails at $53 as is available to preorder now on

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