Nerf dinosaur-inspired blasters coming this spring, with DinoSquad collection release

Hasbro – the Nerf brand’s parent company – announced the launch of a new range of blasters, coming this spring.

The range – inspired by dinosaurs – features 3 Nerf blasters and 1 Super Soaker, all of which have been designed to incorporate famous dinosaurs into their look and feel.

While they’re not out yet, you can check out the entire collection below:

Nerf DinoSquad Blaster Collection

Nerf DinoSquad Rex-Rampage Blaster

Nerf DinoSquad Rex-Rampage Blaster

First up is the DinoSquad Rex-Rampage – a motorized blaster that features a very cool T-rex design. Powered by 4x AA batteries, this Nerf gun includes a 10-dart clip that enables you to fire up to 10 darts in a row automatically, with a simple press of its trigger.

The blaster also includes onboard storage of 10-darts – ready to reload – and ships complete with 20 Nerf Elite darts. If you want to give yourself more blasting power, you can purchase additional swappable clips, making for super-fast reloads.  

The DinoSquad Rex-Rampage is the most expensive blaster in the collection, with a recommended retail price of $39. It’s also the only one from the set that’s motorized – so if you’re looking for an automatic option, this is it.

Nerf DinoSquad Tricera-Blast Blaster

Nerf DinoSquad Tricera-Blast Blaster

Next-up is the Triceratops-inspired DinoSquad Tricera-Blast blaster, a manually primed hammer Nerf gun capable of firing a single dart time. There are no swappable clips here – push down the Triceratop’s horn to reveal the dart chamber and load up to three darts at a time.

This blaster has space to store up to 12 darts onboard – located on the gun’s stock – and ships with 12 Nerf Elite darts in the box. 

This one retails at half that of the Rex-Rampage blaster – that’s a price tag of just $19.99.

Nerf DinoSquad Stego-Smash Blaster

Nerf DinoSquad Stego-Smash Blaster

The cheapest of the set, next it’s the DinoSquad Stego-Smash blaster. As the name implies, this Nerf gun features a Stegosaurus-inspired design, as is a single-fire blaster. Super easy to use – load up a dart into the front of the barrel, pull the handle back, and press the trigger to fire.

There’s onboard storage space for up to 4 darts located on the front of the blaster’s grip, and in the box, you’ll find a set of 5 Nerf Elite darts – not bad, given its sub-$10 retail price.

Nerf Super Soaker DinoSquad Dino-Soak

Nerf Super Soaker DinoSquad Dino-Soak

Last up is the DinoSquad Dino-Soak water blaster. The only water blaster in the range – this gun is designed to resemble a Dilophosaurus, featuring a ferocious face, mouthful of teeth, and the dino’s trademark colorful crest. If you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, you’ll recall this dinosaur from the original movie – it’s the one that spits debilitating poison at its prey.

As you’d expect from a Super Soaker, this one is pretty easy to use. Pop the cap, fill the tank, and start pumping the handle to spray.

This one retails just north of the Stego-Smash, priced at $14.99. All-in-all, if you’re shopping for a dino-inspired water blaster on a budget, the DinoSquad Dino-Soak is a pretty good option.

When does the Nerf DinoSquad range come out?

The entire DinoSquad range is scheduled for a US release this spring and will be available from all major dinosaur toy retailers – including Amazon.

For one, I can’t wait to get my hands on these awesome looking dinosaur blasters and will eagerly await getting my hands on them.

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