LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Re-colored Sets Revealed, Launching Soon

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs (31058) has been on shelves since its release back in 2017 – in that time, becoming a mainstay of the Creator line-up.

For fans of the popular, affordable set, you’ll be pleased to learn that it’s getting not one, but two re-colors – with the launch of a brown (77940) and blue (77941) variant to add to your dinosaur LEGO set collection. 

This news comes in tandem with that of another LEGO Creator set – last year’s Fiat 500 (10271) set, which will get a blue re-color in the summer, with the launch of the new Fiat 500 (77941) set.

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs (77940)

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs (77941)

There’s no official news on when the re-colors of the LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs set might hit stores. That said, its instructions – just like the new Fiat 500 (77941) set – can already be found on Lego’s online instructions portal, which would indicate a similar summer release.

Besides the color and kit numbers, the only other change of any real significance is the age rating, which will be revised from “7-12” to “7+”, removing the upper cap from the recommended age.

There’s also no word on price yet either – although we can expect something similar to the $14.99 price tag the original Might Dinosaurs set retailed for back when it launched in 2017.

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