Iconic Jurassic Park Mascot Mr. DNA Getting a Pop Vinyl Collectible

Just when you think Pop Vinyl has done everything they could with the Jurassic Park franchise, the cultural icon surprises you again – this time, it’s the release of an all-new Mr. DNA figure.

Perhaps even more iconic than the dinosaurs of 1993’s classic “Jurassic Park” themselves, Mr. DNA – the park’s mascot – is getting its very own Pop Vinyl release, being the latest Jurassic Park-themed dinosaur Funko Pop collectible.

As fans of the movie will recall, Mr. DNA was the goofy, anthropomorphic DNA helix character with arms, legs, and a face, which explained how InGen recreated dinosaurs to park visitors.

If you need a reminder of who Mr. DNA is, you can watch the scene from the original Jurassic Park movie below:

The collectible vinyl figure is part of Funko’s Pop Movies product range. This range has included all sorts of classic characters, including those from other dinosaur movies and TV shows – including Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, Rex from Toy Story 4, and even the recently re-booted 90s sitcom “Dinosaurs.”

Mr. DNA – which releases Jan 31, 2022 – is being offered as a Target exclusive, retailing for $8.99 and being available to pre-order here.

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