Dinosaur cookie cutters: 7 ways to use them that isn’t baking cookies

Who doesn’t love whipping up a batch of cookies? And what’s better than to make these in a fun assortment of different shapes, using cookie cutters?

The answer is not much – but why end there? Cookie cutters are arguably the most versatile bit of kitchen kit, useful for all sorts of fun activities and crafts. This versatility makes them just as great for bakers as for makers.

In this post, we’ll cover a few alternative ways you can put your dinosaur cookie cutters to good use, giving you a bunch of fun DIY projects that you and your little one can work on together at home.

7 alternative uses for dinosaur cookie cutters

1. Use as dinosaur sandwich cutters

We’ll start this list off with what is perhaps the most obvious one – use them as dinosaur sandwich cutters. Simply make a sandwich as you usually would, then place the cutter on top and press down, removing the excess to reveal a dino-shaped mini sandwich.

Your little one will absolutely love these, and they’re sure to impress all their little friends at preschool during lunchtime. The only thing to be mindful of is what you fill your sandwich with, as you need to match up the height of your sandwich to that of the cookie-cutter; otherwise, it won’t work that well.

And it’s not just sandwiches. You can use cookie cutters to shape all kinds of different foods, from watermelon slices to meat patties – they’re an incredibly versatile accessory in the kitchen, which can make all sorts of food items more fun.

2. Create dinosaur cake decorations

Another great food-related use, you can use cookie cutters to decorate the perfect dino cake. You don’t always have to use a dinosaur cake pan – you could instead use cookie cutters, making dino-shaped decorations that turn any cake into an impressive dino cake.

This one is really easy to do, and is great either instead of or in addition to a dinosaur cake topper. Simply roll out some fondant and star cutting, placing the edible dinosaurs on your cake to add a super-cute finishing touch.

You could also use the cutters to make shapes in frosting, lightly pressing after frosting your cake, or even just place the cutter on the cake and pour in sprinkles, then remove – there are plenty of ways to apply them here; you just need to get creative.

3. Use as dinosaur Play-Doh tools

Play-Doh is great. Fun and easy to use, kids love it – and us parents were all raised on it, with it being a dino toy box staple for decades.

The one drawback with Play-Doh for dinosaur-loving kids is that there aren’t enough good dinosaur Play-Doh tool sets on the market. This is where a dino-themed cookie cutter set can come in handing, giving your little one a much wider range of dinosaur tools.

You’ll be better off opting for plastic cutters over metal ones for this purpose, as these will be easier on little hands and minimize any possibility – albeit incredibly remote – of any play-related injuries.  

4. Make dinosaur-shaped crayons

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got crayons. And if you’ve got crayons, you’ll definitely have an assortment of broken crayon stubs knocking around the house that could be given a new lease of life.

Simply collect all the crayon nubs and stubs you’ve got laying around, sort them by color, remove the paper labels and chop into small pieces, then place them in a pan and heat up on the stove until they melt. Once melted, place your dinosaur cookie cutters on a pan and pour.

And you don’t have to wait for used crayons – you could instead pick up a fresh pack if you don’t want to wait around. They’re pretty cheap, especially if you avoid Crayola and go for a lesser-known brand, with a box of 1,000 multi-colored crayons costing no more than $30 – which should keep you in dinosaur-shaped crayons for a good while.

5. Make dinosaur sponge stamps

Kids love to paint, and while they’re young, they lack the motor skills to come up with much freehand. This makes tools like paint sponges an essential bit of kit for their art box, giving them a way of creating all the shapes they aren’t yet able to make themselves.

This one couldn’t be easier. Simply pick up a few multi-use compressed sponges – you can find these in all sorts of colors in packs for a few bucks – then place the cutter and lightly press to cut out, similar to how you would use the cutter on rolled-out cookie dough.

Similar to dinosaur ink stamps and stampers, these dino-shaped sponges are perfect for younger children and toddlers who haven’t quite got the skills yet to draw or paint a dinosaur themselves.

6. Make homemade dinosaur-shaped soaps

With some children, getting them to bathe can be a challenge. This makes it key to look for ways to make this essential activity more fun – whether it’s dinosaur bath toys or fun and unique dino soap dispensers and soaps.

But you don’t have to fork out for expensive novelty-shaped soaps – you can just as easily make these at home yourself, creating a fun arts and crafts activity for you and your little one to enjoy together, for only a few bucks.

There are plenty of ways to make soap; however, hands-down, the easiest way is to pick up pre-made melt and pour soap base blocks. You simply heat these up on the stove to melt, add your own fragrance and coloring, then pour and wait for it to set. It’s that simple.

7. Make homemade dinosaur-shaped candles

Last up – and another great DIY arts and crafts use for cookie cutters – you could make dinosaur-shaped candles. The easiest way to do this is to pick up a few beeswax sheets, melting them, and pouring the melted wax into the cookie cutter to shape.

Beeswax sheets are very affordable – costing no more than a few bucks per sheet – and are available in all sorts of colors, allowing you to be pretty creative. You’ll also need to remember to get candle wicks, which are super cheap – with 100 wicks setting you back about $5.  

You might also want to consider scenting your candles, which is done by adding essential oils to melted wax before pouring. These can make great decorative additions around the home or as gifts.

Final thoughts

Cookie cutters are great. They’re an incredibly versatile bit of kitchenware, offering a wide range of possible use and application – as we hope your list has helped to illustrate.

Whether you’re into arts and crafts, baking, or just looking for a way to make mealtimes more fun, they’re a great bit of inexpensive kit that every parent should think about investing in.

Well, there you have it, our picks for some of the best alternative cookie cutter uses. So now it’s over to you – pick up a dino cookie cutter set and get creative!

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