Biggest LEGO Jurassic Park set so far to retire later this year

Love dinosaurs and LEGO? Well, if that’s you, you’ve probably already got the Jurassic Park: T. Rex Rampage 75936 set – the largest LEGO dinosaur set ever released. If for some reason, you haven’t and have been keeping an eye on it, you’ll want to get a move on, as this epic, must-have Jurassic Park-themed set looks set to retire before the end of this year.

The set – which was released back in 2019 – consists of a massive 3,120 pieces, which means that it’s not only the biggest Jurassic Park set to release so far, it’s also the biggest LEGO dinosaur set. This alone makes this set a must-have for fans of the movies franchise and any dinosaur fan.

Suppose you’re somehow unfamiliar with the set. In that case, it features a huge Jurassic Park gate, a giant T-Rex – the biggest ever from LEGO – and of course, minifigures of everyone’s favorite characters from the classic 1993 movie, including John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Andy Grant, Ray Arnold, and Dennis Nedry. 

Although the set isn’t about to be retired immediately – with there still being time to get one for yourself – you can expect an official announcement on the set’s retirement later in the year. Most likely, this will happen in the run-up to this year’s holiday season, which would be in line with LEGO’s usual schedule.

If you’ve got your eye on this set as a gift for Christmas or a birthday later in the year, you’ll want to act fast, picking up a set before they’re retired and stashing it away well in advance. Otherwise, be prepared to pay considerably more over retail price for it, as you’re buying options will be limited to third-party resellers and scalpers. 

The set is still available to buy on Amazon, being offered from around $250, so if you’re looking to get your hands on it, make sure to head over and get yours now before it’s too late!

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