9 gift ideas for arts and crafts loving kids

Arts and crafts aren’t just fun; they’re also hugely beneficial for early childhood development – being useful for everything from fine motor skills and coordination to creativity, imagination, and problem-solving.

They’re also great for bonding with your children, giving you and your little one a fun little project to work on and enjoy together, bringing you closer with the immense sense of accomplishment when a project is complete. 

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at many of the different types of arts and crafts gifts out there – giving you a rundown of our favorites, along with their benefits, to help you pick out the perfect kit or set to enjoy with your little one. 

9 gift ideas for kids who love to craft

When it comes to arts and crafts, there is no shortage of options. For younger, less experienced kids, there are things like modeling clay and coloring. At the same time, there is everything from baking and gardening to crochet, sewing, and even origami for bigger, more skilled children and teens. 

With arts and crafts, the possibilities and options are near-endless. So, without further ado – here are our picks for some of the best arts and crafts gifts for little dinosaur fans.

1. Modeling clay and play-doh are usually an excellent place to start 

Modeling clay and Play-Doh are staples of childhood and are some of the first crafting experiences any little one will have once they graduate from baby to toddler. Their ease of use, pliability, and range of colors and tools available, making these materials great for creative, craft-play.

There are plenty of excellent dinosaur clay kits to pick from – including all sorts of great accessories, from dinosaur skeleton toys to crafting tools, perfect for use, not just with clay, but for all kinds of other projects too.

While clay is suitable for older kids, it might not be as good for younger kids. This is where dinosaur Play-Doh sets can be a great option – offering a similar experience, albeit one that’s better suited to young children who lack the skill and dexterity to manipulate trickier materials. 

2. Slime, bath bombs, soap, and all sorts of other DIY craft kits

If you’re looking for gooey, slimy, good-fun – especially for younger kids, who lack the motor skills to create anything too detailed or intricate – you might want to consider bath bombs, slime, or soap-making kits.

There are loads of great DIY craft kits out there, with everything from dinosaur slime kits to dinosaur bath bombs and even soap making and candle kits – if it’s a craft, it’s safe to assume that someone makes a gift set or kit for it. 

One thing to bear in mind is who you’re buying the gift for – specifically, if it’s for a child, whether or not it’s your child – as some of these kits can be pretty messy, and this sort of kit could well be the last thing parents want if they’re not into crafts themselves. 

3. Get your kids helping out in the kitchen with baking and basic meal prep

If you’re an avid baker or home cook, getting your little one to take an active interest in your hobby and helping out in the kitchen is a no-brainer, giving you an enjoyable, easy way to bond with your child with little to no effort. 

Thankfully, when it comes to dinosaurs – there are no shortage of great kitchen tools and accessories. With everything from dinosaur cookie cutters and dino cake pans to dinosaur molds – all of which are great for turning your little one’s favorite prehistoric beasts into super cute, yummy treats. 

Getting your little one to take part in the kitchen has a whole host of benefits, and not just the obvious ones like motor skills and hand-eye coordination either. It’s also beneficial at helping to keep them healthy, setting them on the right path when it comes to diet and nutrition, as they’ll have a better idea of what goes into their food and what makes a balanced diet.

4. Coloring books, pages, and supplies

Coloring is a staple of childhood and is likely the first artistic activity that any kid will be introduced to, giving them a way to express themselves creatively. It’s also one of the most accessible and affordable, offering parents a super easy art activity with little to no effort. 

The great thing about coloring is that it’s great whatever your little one is into – with loads of dinosaur coloring books, cars, construction vehicles – pretty much anything you can think of. And it’s not just commercially available books either; there are loads of free coloring pages to be found online – in fact, we’ve even published many in our free dinosaur coloring pages resources. 

One tip with coloring is to keep it fresh by throwing in new coloring mediums, graduating your little one from crayons and pencils to pens, markers, and even paints, as they get older. The same is true of the coloring books and pages themselves, as these come in all sorts of styles, perfect for different age groups – from simplistic, cartoony coloring pages to more details and complex ones, once your little one has developed the skills to match.  

5. Get them into sewing with a sew-your-own puppets kit

If you’re looking to not just get your little one into crafting, but instead, to teach them a skill that will be useful in later life – you could consider a sewing kit. Our favorite type of sewing kits are puppets – giving your child a set of cute little toys to act out and play with after they’re done.

There are loads of great kits for creating your own dinosaur finger puppets or dino hand puppets, offering a simple, easy way of crafting them from pre-cut pieces. These kits are often very affordable and are available in a range of different skill levels, perfect for craft-lovers of all ages, from kids to grown-ups.

The great thing about this pick is that the creativity doesn’t stop with the craft – puppets are obviously great fun for play and creative storytelling – giving your little one a finished product that they will enjoy for many months and years to come, long after they’ve made them. You could even go one step further, moving on to a puppet theatre project after completing the cast – giving you and your little one another super fun project to collaborate on.

6. Design and make homemade jewelry

While there are plenty of great options out there for ready-made dinosaur necklaces, dinosaur rings, and other prehistoric-themed jewelry – if you’re looking for a fun craft activity to enjoy with your kids, why not make your own?

Homemade jewelry can be made out of all sorts of things – beads, ribbons, and even pasta – you name it, and you probably craft jewelry from it. And better yet, all these items and materials cost next to nothing, making this a very affordable, budget option. 

This craft activity pick is also an excellent option for a girl’s sleepover parties, offering a relatively simple activity that’s both entertaining and low enough on volume that it won’t disturb all the other members of your household. 

7. Get kids interested in gardening with terrariums and planters

For any gardeners out there looking to pass the interest onto their little one – several options make good picks that can help youngsters develop a green thumb. 

Dinosaur planters are a great choice if they’re dino-lovers, helping to combine planting and caring for plants with their interest in all-things prehistoric, giving them their very own plant to tend for and personalize their bed or playroom. 

If you’re looking for a less messy option without the soil, or one that your little one can do independently, customizing and personalizing it with their own touches as they do – a dinosaur terrarium could be a great choice, giving them their first taste without the mess. 

8. Consider crochet or origami for older, more experienced crafters looking for a challenge

As kids get older, they constantly need more challenges – making it essential to keep upping the ante on arts and crafts activities, opting for more difficult ones once they’ve developed the skills for them. 

Things like origami dinosaurs and making crochet dinosaurs can be a great arts and crafts activity, can offer the right level of difficulty to experienced crafters, offering the perfect balance between fun and challenge. 

There are plenty of options here – from off-shelf ready-made craft kits to books and other do-it-yourself resources, many of which can be found for free online. Your only real limit with these activities is yours and your little one’s imaginations and creativity.

9. Stock up their craft box for future projects

If you’re unsure what to pick out or are struggling to decide on any particular arts and crafts gift – you could always just get them a bunch of different things for their craft box. You’ll be letting them decide what and how to use these as they utilize their imagination and creativity for their own projects. 

There are plenty of great options for little dino fans – with everything from dinosaur ink stamps to dinosaur stencils being available, being great for all sorts of future arts and craft projects.

And it’s not just tools that are great for their craft box either; you could get an assortment of pretty much anything – think dinosaur wrapping paper, dinosaur stickers, printed fabric – or indeed whatever else you can dream of. 

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it – our round-up of what are, in our view at least, the very best in arts and craft gifts for little dinosaur fans who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. 

Arts and crafts aren’t just great fun. They also come with a lot of real benefits. From the obvious, like helping to build and improve fine motor skills, to the not-so-obvious, teaching them to follow instructions, cooperating and working together with others, or inspiring creativity and imagination, depending on the type of gift you opt for. 

They’re also one of the best types of activities for encouraging independent play and instilling a sense of self-esteem and confidence in your children, as they feel a sense of accomplishment when overcoming the challenge, completing a new project. 

So, what are you waiting for? There’s not much better when it comes to bonding and having fun with your child than getting to work together on a new arts and crafts kit or project with your little one.

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