8 Clothing Essentials For Any Toddler’s Winter Wardrobe

Summer is ending. With both the mornings and nights becoming noticeably colder, now is the perfect time to rifle through your toddler’s closet to prepare for winter months ahead.

When picking out winter clothing, it’s important to remember that toddlers can be fussy. They’re challenging to dress at the best of times, and this isn’t going to get any easier when you’re trying to wrap them up in layer after layer of thicker, heavier, and warmer clothing.

The trick to dressing a young child for winter is layering. Sure, there are a few must-haves you can’t do without. Things like a proper winter coat and boots, or hats, gloves, and scarves, but beyond these, you’ll find yourself simply putting on more of the same items you would during summer.

So with that in mind, let’s get into our list of essentials and tips to help you better prepare your child’s winter wardrobe.

8 winter clothing essentials for toddlers

1. Winter coats

Perhaps the most apparent clothing essential on this list, winter coats, is, of course, an absolute must. If you haven’t yet picked one up for your toddler, then go out and get one now, before it gets too cold.

During winter, your young child shouldn’t go anywhere without a proper winter coat. Whether on the journey to daycare or preschool, to the shops, or only playing outside, a good coat is the number one essential item for your child’s winter wardrobe.

So what is a good coat? Think waterproof, well-insulated, and bulkier than the lighter raincoats your child sports in the spring and summer. It also doesn’t hurt to invest with one with a hood, which will, of course, help protect their little heads from the cold.

As parents, we always want to keep our little ones protected – some of us go so far as to be over-protective. But just because it’s cold outside that shouldn’t stop your toddler going out and enjoying the outdoor activities.

Provided you wrap them up well, dressing them in layers that include many of the other essentials given on this list, they’ll be perfectly fine outside enjoying all that winter has to offer. But as we’ve already pointed out, this all starts with a winter coat.

2. Beanies, mittens, gloves, and scarves

Protecting your little one’s extremities from the cold can be one of the more challenging aspects of dressing them during the winter months.

Kids, especially young toddlers, can be reluctant at first to sport hats, gloves, or other winter accessories. But be persistent, and they’ll eventually relent, happily keeping them on. If you’ve got an incredibly strong-willed toddler, mittens are a better choice than gloves, as these can be far more difficult for them to remove. You could also opt for a pair of mittens on strings, making it even harder for your little one to take them off or lose them.

Scarves are another must-have winter essential. They help to protect and adequately insulate their neck from the cold, stopping the windy, wet weather from making its way into your child’s winter coat. As well as beanies, which fit snuggly on your little one’s head, helping to keep their head protected from the elements.  

3. Winter, rain, and snow boots

Boots are a must in winter, as regular, day-to-day footwear that you use during the spring and summer months won’t stand up to the colder weather during winter. When choosing a pair of winter boots for your tot, insulation is critical, ensuring that their little feet are snug and warm throughout the colder months.

It should go without saying, but the winter months can be some of the wettest, as we all know. While you may get away without a pair of dinosaur rain boots for toddlers during the summer, you shouldn’t be without them in winter.

Depending on where you live, you might want to consider a good pair of snow boots. These will keep your toddler’s little feet snug and well protected, even in the harshest of cold climates.

4. Socks and stockings

It can be tempting to buy heavy socks but don’t. Your child isn’t the most confident of walkers at this age, and heavy socks can make walking more difficult, especially it poor weather conditions during winter.

Sure, you want heavier socks than those used in the summer months, but don’t overdo it. Choose medium-weight wool or blended wool socks. These will give plenty of protection and warmth while maintaining your little one’s ability to easily walk.

If you’re stocking a winter wardrobe for your daughter, find some good quality stockings in addition to socks. The same rules for socks apply, buy medium weight stockings made from wool or blended wool.

5. Full-length pants and long sleeve t-shirts

As the season changes, your toddler is likely short on long clothing, notably full-length pants and long sleeve t-shirts. Now’s the time to go and get some, switching out all the shorts and summer tees they’ve been wearing.

In winter, dressing your toddler is all about layering, so make sure to have more pants and t-shirts than you would otherwise use in the spring and summer months. Typically, 2-3 times as many for your winter wardrobe should more plenty.

Remember that although you want your kid to be as snug, and warm as possible, don’t overdo it. Despite the cold weather, your child can still quickly become overheated.

6. Sweaters, hoodies, and jackets

Like long sleeve t-shirts and full-length pants, when coming out of summer and into winter, your child’s wardrobe likely doesn’t have much in the way of sweaters, hoodies, and jackets.

If you’re looking for value, go big on hoodies. Unlike sweaters, which are seasonal, hoodies can be used all year round. It doesn’t hurt to buy hoodies a couple of sizes larger than needed, ensuring that they’ll still be usable come the spring. Another tip is to choose those that feature zippers, as these can be more versatile as they can be worn open during the warmer months.

That said, you’ll obviously want a couple of sweaters for freezing days. However, on the whole, you’ll be ok combining thinner, less heavy hoodies, with a couple of t-shirt layers and a winter coat. When looking for sweaters, pick those made from wool or blended wool. These materials offer maximum warmth, keeping your child snug and comfortable in even the harshest winter weather conditions.

7. Dressing gowns and bathrobes

When it’s freezing cold outside, or worse still, it’s cold, and you get out of the bath, there’s nothing quite like a cozy dressing gown or bathrobe to keep your little one warm and comfortable.

You’ll want to choose a toddler dinosaur bathrobe that’s on the thicker side for the winter months, providing maximum warmth to your child when they wear it around the home.

8. Well-insulated slippers

Just like bathrobes, when it’s cold outside, slipping into a warm, cozy pair of toddler dinosaur slippers will make a massive difference to your child’s comfort around the home. 

When the weather conditions turn cold outside, floors inside the home can be freezing, promoting seasonal colds and flu. This is especially true if your home has hardwood or ceramic flooring, making slippers essential for young children living in such homes.

For winter, it’s all about selecting a pair that provides adequate insulation. The thinner, cotton pair you use throughout the rest of the year won’t provide the levels of comfort and warmth that your child needs during this part of the year.

Final thoughts

The key to dressing your little one for winter is layering. Sure, there are a few bulkier, must-have items, such as winter coats and boots. Still, on the whole, your toddler will be more than comfortable with additional layers as opposed to a whole new wardrobe.

Winter brings both rain and snow, making for weather conditions that can be difficult to prepare for. However, that doesn’t mean that winter shouldn’t be enjoyed. If you dress your toddler correctly for the cold, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be outside, playing, and having fun just like you would in the warmer months.

Hopefully, this article has been helpful as you prepare your child’s wardrobe for winter. We hope you found it useful and that it helps you to better plan and shop for the essential items of clothing your little one will need to over the next months.  

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