7 ideas to promote early learning by making your kid’s bedroom more educational

Kids are like sponges, soaking up and taking in whatever is around them. This is especially true in younger children, who haven’t yet reached school or nursery age – as the world around them is where they get the bulk of their education before reaching the classroom.

This makes it incredibly important to avoid a plain, dull room with uninspiring décor and a lack of educational content and resources – as there’s very little, they’ll soak up from an environment such as this.

In this post, we look at some of our favorite tips and ideas that you can use to help turn your little one’s bedroom into a more educational space that’s conducive to learning. These can help to give them the best possible start to the academic road ahead of them, leading to greater success in later life. 

7 ideas to make your kid’s bedroom more educational

In our list of ideas, we’ll look at everything from making use of wall space, putting up educational content and resources, like posters and charts, to making the room more comfortable and cozy, with furniture and decoration that will help to promote learning.

So, without further ado, here are our picks of 7 of the best, easiest tips and ideas you can use to turn your little one’s bedroom into an educational space, promoting early learning and child development.

1. Decorate with bright, bold colors

Kid’s love bright, bold colors – and this is no more true than in their bedrooms, turning their personal space into a super fun space for both learning and play.

Using such colors and design elements is more inviting for children, which will keep them in their room, and can inspire their creativity and imagination, far more so than safe, dull color options. It also doesn’t hurt to use decals and stickers – there are loads of great options, like dinosaur wall decals, for example.

There are other, more direct benefits of this too – such as color and shape recognition – giving you and your little one an educational reference to test their understanding and knowledge of these, right there on the wall.

2. Keep things well organized and avoid clutter

As we all know as grown-ups, there’s not much that impacts productivity negatively than a messy workspace – learning for kids is no different; the better organized and clutter-free their space is, the more effective they’ll be at learning. 

The main offender when it comes to clutter in kid’s rooms is toys. It’s important to store or give these away, making space for new toys or rotating them so that you only have so many out and about, taking up space in your little one’s bedroom.

And if you’re short on space, don’t worry – there are plenty of innovative storage options to consider. Does your little one have a bunch of plush dinosaurs just laying around but doesn’t have any seating? Great – pick up a dinosaur bean bag cover!

3. Remember to keep it cozy and comfortable

One of the biggest factors necessary for keeping your little one in their room long enough to learn is to make sure that it’s a comfortable, cozy space that they’ll want to spend extended periods in.

Making a room cozy is pretty easy to do – and there are loads of great furniture options and other items that can help, all of which can perfectly match the theme of any kid’s bedroom. Think dinosaur rugs, pillows, dinosaur planters with bright, colorful plants – there are plenty of options here to satisfy any amateur interior designers. You might even want to think of creating a reading nook, creating a super comfy, relaxing space for your little one to read for hours and hours at a time.

If you really want to kick your little one’s learning into high gear, invest in a desk and chair – as no other pieces of furniture will help to ramp up their productivity as these can. Whether they’re drawing, painting, or doing their homework – having a comfortable place to sit and work will go a long way.

4. Use visual elements like posters, hang cards, maps, and other resources 

One of the simplest things any parent can do to make their kid’s bedroom more educational is to make use of the walls, hanging all sorts of posts, cards, maps, and other resources that can help them learn.

If your little one is big on dinosaurs, there are loads of great dinosaur posters and charts with everything from the alphabet, counting to maps, and species of different eras. There are loads of great options to pick from, with posters and charts available on pretty much any topic you can think of.

The great thing about these is that they’re multi-purpose, being just as useful for their educational benefit as they are at decorating and personalizing your little one’s space – helping them to really stamp their interests and personality on their room with minimal effort.

5. Invest in a bookcase or shelf and keep it well-stocked

When it comes to learning, there’s not much better than a bookcase or shelf stuffed full of books – putting a wealth of educational content within easy reach, fostering a love of reading early on.

Another good thing about a well-stocked bookcase is that it can also make excellent room decoration. Books can be an excellent way to customize your little one’s space, as their selection will reflect their interest, adding their stamp.

For instance, if they’re into dinosaurs, they’ll have loads of kid’s dinosaur books on display – adding to the overall dino theme of their bedroom. You could even add a pair of dinosaur bookends, adding a further element of fun and decoration to your little one’s book collection.

6. Stuff their toy box with educational toys

There’s not much that kids love more than playing. And it’s not only great fun, but it can also be incredibly educational – offering a great opportunity for parents to sneak learning into play.

It can be as simple as investing in plenty of educational toys for your kid’s dinosaur toy box – providing them with plenty of variety and options to learn through play.

And remember, that just because a toy is educational, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Think everything from dinosaur toy sets and figures to coding, construction, craft kits, and other toys. These toys pack a punch when it comes to learning and are also a load of fun to play with.

7. Find a place to put schoolwork on display

When their hard work is reflected at them, kids tend to feel an increased sense of responsibility, ownership, and pride – helping to keep them motivated and eager to learn and develop, producing better work as a result.

Finding a place to hang and put their schoolwork on display will help to reinforce these feelings, helping to build confidence, self-esteem, and a strong work ethic that will serve them well in later life.

It’s easy to do – simply pick up a bulletin board or magnet board and put it up on the wall in their bedroom – giving you a great, prominent place to hang all of their work with ease. Make sure to rotate work frequently – and think about other additions, like a star chart, which you can use to further reinforce a sense of pride and accomplishment in your little one.

Final thoughts

Well, there you have it – our round-up of 7 simple, easy ways you can make your little one’s room more educational and conducive to learning.

Learning and education are incredibly important – and things that it’s worth getting your little one interested in as early as possible, helping to set them down the right path, leading to great success later in life.

When it comes to learning – and above all else – it’s essential to make a room comfortable, cozy, and inviting. This will give your little one a space where they can relax and unwind with a good book, or crack open their school books or homework at a comfortable desk, to complete all sorts of educational tasks and projects.

We hope you found this post useful and that you now have a couple of ideas you can implement yourself at home to set your child on the right path early on, developing a keen interest in and fondness for learning.

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